Lacoste Jeans vs Tommy Hilfiger: Comparison

The major difference between Lacoste jeans and Tommy Hilfiger is in their target audience, Lacoste targets both the young and the old, those within the ages of 18- 44.

While Tommy Hilfiger is a brand that targets mostly the older ones who are 25 – 44 years old. Lacoste targets a wider range of audiences, what this means is that they will definitely reach a wider audience and sell more, while Tommy Hilfiger sells mostly to older people.

Tommy Hilfiger is a classic brand that sells a casual style of cl that a lot of people love. Lacoste is also a high-quality brand that has become so popular around the globe.

What is the Lacoste jean brand?

Lacoste is a French brand that was founded in the year 1933 by two people, René Lacoste who was a tennis player, and André Gillier who was an entrepreneur.

This brand sells leather items, clothing, footwear, etc and it has a crocodile logo that has become so popular around the globe.

Lacoste is a brand that targets both young and old people, the way this brand targets a wider range of people, has brought them more customers around the world and they have also become so popular.

The type of clothes that this brand makes are clothes with different colors, designs, and prints that will suit both the young and the old.

One thing that makes this brand a really unique brand that is loved by many people is the fact that it was built with piqué knit. The type of clothing that you will find this piqué clothing is majorly in their polos.

They also have other clothes like t-shirts, jersey knits, etc, that are built with almost 100% cotton material. This material is also very durable and will last long for you.


  • Lacoste targets a wide range of audience
  • They are a durable clothing brand
  • Lacoste polos are made from piqué knit
  • Lacoste is value for money


  • They do not offer a free return policy

What is the Tommy Hilfiger brand?

Tommy Hilfiger is a brand that was founded by a man named Thomas Jacob Hilfiger. The name of the brand was coined from his name “Thomas Hilfiger”, which was later called “Tommy Hilfiger”.

The Tommy Hilfiger brand is known worldwide for its classic and casual style of clothing that is targeted specifically at older people who are within the ages of 25 – 40.

This is one major reason why you may not be able to see Tommy Hilfiger clothing that is made for young people, except you go for Tommy jeans that are majorly for young people.

Tommy Hilfiger’s brand of clothing does something that still attracts older people, since older people are not so conversant with shopping online, they usually prefer the physical shopping experience.

That is what Tommy Hilfiger made available so that the customers can always keep coming back for more. Younger ones shop online more frequently than older ones.

That is why Tommy Hilfiger rebranded Hilfiger denim jeans to Tommy jeans so that it can serve the younger ones that love to shop online. Tommy Hilfiger still offers clothing with the best classic American style of clothes like Chinos, polos, blazers, etc.

Tommy Hilfiger is quite expensive, but those who buy it do so because of the quality it has and the value it offers for the price it comes with. If you are an older person that loves classic casual design, Tommy Hilfiger is the best option for you.


  • Tommy Hilfiger is durable
  • They offer a classic casual style
  • Tommy Hilfiger is value for money
  • Tommy Hilfiger has a wide range of casual outfit


  • It is expensive

What are the similarities that Lacoste and Tommy Hilfiger have

These are two brands that have some similarities that they both share. I will share these similarities with you in this segment of the article.

  • They are both expensive and high quality
  • They both offer a wide range of styles that fit your need
  • They are both durable clothing

They are both expensive and high quality

This is one thing you will notice from brands that offer high quality, they are usually expensive not just for the sake of being expensive, but because the brand was made from a good quality material that is not cheaply available.

Because these materials are not cheap to get, when they are used to make clothing, it increases the price of the clothing making it expensive. This is so you will notice the Lacoste brand especially when you first visit the store to purchase one.

The good thing about it is that the price is actually worth the value of the cloth you will be getting. When you spend such an amount on clothing you should expect value and longevity in return.

They both offer a wide range of styles that fit your need

One thing that customers around the world usually seek when they want to buy clothing is that they always want different types of styles that will fit whatever event they want to go for with the clothes.

Lacoste and Tommy Hilfiger brands have done really well when it comes to the styles that are available. You can get different styles of Polos, t-shirts, chinos, blazers and many more.

If you like to shop as many styles as you want, you can go ahead to check any of the Lacoste or Tommy jeans brands, they have a wide range of styles of clothes that will fit exactly what you need them for.

When a clothing brand offers different styles of clothing it gives the customers many options so that they can choose exactly what they need.

They are both durable clothing

The first thing you will expect from this type of clothing brand that is expensive is that the clothes are durable and will last so well for you.

Lacoste polos in particular are made with piqué knit, this is a really durable material that will definitely last long for you and you do not have to bother about having to change or get new clothes at every given point in time. The same is applicable to Tommy Hilfiger.

The cotton build is known to be a very durable material that does not deteriorate easily. You can make use of it for a long time and it will continue to serve you well.

You can always depend on these brands to give you durable and long-lasting clothing that you will enjoy using.

Comparison between Lacoste Jeans and Tommy Hilfiger

Lacoste Jeans vs Tommy Hilfiger: First glance

When you compare the two brands of clothes side by side, if you look closely and use your hands to feel the texture of the clothing, you will be able to notice the piqué knit that Lacoste polos have.

This material is applicable to the majority of the polos, while the other styles of clothes like Chinos, t-shirts, etc which has made from almost a 100% cotton material.

While Tommy Hilfiger is made from 100% organic cotton and recycled polyester. When you compare the material of Lacoste jeans to that of  Tommy Hilfiger you will see clearly that the piqué knit of the Lacoste is better and a choice of many people out there.

Winner: Lacoste

Lacoste Jeans vs Tommy Hilfiger: Overall quality

It is very easy to tell the difference in the quality of the two brands. Just like I have mentioned earlier in this article, Lactose has a unique material build which is known as the Piqué knit material which is not so common out there, that is what makes it a unique one.

This material tends to be stronger and even serves you better. Compared to the cotton mixed with recycled polyester that Tommy Hilfiger has.

This is not to say that this cotton and polyester material is not strong or does not have a good quality, they actually do, however, when you compare this material to that of piqué knit, the latter would be the better one.

Winner: Lacoste

Lacoste Jeans vs Tommy Hilfiger: Design

One thing that the Lacoste brand has done well is that they have been able to make available a wide range of styles and designs for their clothing and jeans.

What this does is that it gives buyers a range of options to choose from when they want to pick a design they like. This is what customers want and the fact that Lacoste keeps doing it is what makes them among the best so far.

Tommy Hilfiger is not left out when it comes to amazing designs of their clothing, they also make available a good range of design options for t-shirts, polos, chinos, blazers, etc.

As a buyer going to buy one you will be happy because you have a wide range of design options for you to pick from. In this design category, it would definitely be a tie.

Winner: Tie

Lacoste Jeans vs Tommy Hilfiger: Fit

Fitting is another determining factor if someone will go for a particular brand of cloth. Lactose jeans and clothing usually run small.

This means that if you purchase your active size the Jean will end up being smaller than you because it runs small, what you need to do is that you should go one size up especially if you are a skinny person.

Going one size up makes it easier for the Jean to be your size. The opposite is the case for Tommy Hilfiger.

Tommy Hilfiger is actually true to size, this means that whatever size of clothing you choose to buy ends up being the exact size and it will fit you well.

With the Tommy Hilfiger, you do not need to size up or down, just pick your exact size and it will suit you well.

Lacoste Jeans vs Tommy Hilfiger: Target audience

Lacoste and Tommy Hilfiger are two big brands that target two different sets of people. lactose targets both the young and the older people which gives them an edge because they will be able to reach a wider range of audiences who would love their cloth items.

The downside of the choice of Lacoste target audience is that the younger ones may not be able to afford the expensive jeans and clothing that Lacoste sells, even if they can.

It will be a small number. Tommy Hilfiger understands that their clothing is expensive and those who are more capable to afford it are the older people, that is why they target their clothing to the older ones. This has led to sales as well and more popularity of the brand.

Winner: Tie

Lacoste Jeans vs Tommy Hilfiger: Price

Pricing is usually the final say when someone wants to purchase either the Lacoste brand of jeans or Tommy Hilfiger. Because Lacoste is a high-quality brand, the price of the jeans is usually high. This makes it an expensive brand.

Those who do not have the funds may not be able to go for it, however, those who go for it usually love the quality it gives, it is actually real value for money. Tommy Hilfiger is also an expensive brand.

They target the older people who love to wear classic casual style clothes. The quality you get for an expensive Tommy Hilfiger cloth is a really good one.

Winner: Tie


Lacoste and Tommy Hilfiger are two great brands that offer so much value and quality at a good price.

Though some may consider it expensive, if you look at it from the perspective of the high-quality material and value they give, it is actually worth it.

Before you choose which one you want to go for you need to ask yourself what exactly do you need it for?

If what you need is more classic and casual-looking clothing that you can wear to social gatherings etc, then Tommy Hilfiger is a good option for you.

If you need something so strong and flashy with lots of stylish design options for you to choose from, then Lacoste is a good option for you.

You also need to know that these brands are expensive, you should have enough funds to be able to purchase any of them.


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