KanCan Shorts Sizing: What You Should Know In 2023

Most KanCan shorts run true to size. Some KanCan shorts may not run true to size if you do not follow the sizing instructions.

KanCan brand, being one of the most popular and quality jeans brands is known to produce jeans that are loved by their customers. KanCan shorts is not an exemption.

Customers have repeatedly said how they loved KanCan shorts. I’m sure you might want to find out about the sizing of KanCan shorts before you purchase yours. This article is going to guide you on what to do.

KanCan shorts are available in high rise and mid-rise. Most women especially prefer high-rise jeans in order to have a better fitting. So, KanCan shorts can be found in the high-rise and mid-rise categories.

This is where you need to be careful when purchasing your KanCan shorts. Check for the description and ensure you are getting the high rise type if that is what you want. This way, you can confirm that KanCan jeans mostly run true to size.

Also, KanCan shorts are of normal length. There are not too long and they are not too short. This is why they are not baggy on you. Regardless of these, some customer reviews show that some KanCan jeans are baggy on them.

While this might be true, a bigger part of why this is so is because they do not order the right size. In some shop stores like Amazon, a sizing instruction is given whether to size up or down while purchasing a particular KanCan short.

Some KanCan shorts have a big opening in the leg region. While this is fitting for most customers, some customers complain about the wideness of the legs.

The wide opening in the leg region is most fitting for women with large hips. But, generally, this does not contribute to many issues on the sizing.

KanCan shorts are available in small sizes, medium sizes,  and large sizes. You only need to know what size you wear and choose from the size chart. This way, the short will run true to size on you.

Most times, you might not really know if the shorts you are ordering will run true to size. In some cases, customers have ordered the right size for them but then the shorts still either run big or became too tight.

If this happens, you can always return and order another one. But, generally, KanCan shorts have the perfect fitting.

So, all you basically need to do to get the right size for you is to know your size, check the sizing instruction when purchasing, and make your purchase while picking your size from the size chart.

KanCan Shorts Size Guide/Chart

KanCan shorts are available in extra small, small, medium, large, and extra-large. They are duly represented by letters.

Check the chart below to ascertain which category your size is and how to order the right size of KanCan shorts.

Size Waist size
xS 24
S 25
M 26-27
L 28
xL 29


Now, here’s how it works. The xL is extra-large, the S is small, the M is medium, and the L is large. The waist size is meter size for your waist. If your waist size is 25, that means you have to purchase the small size shorts.

If your waist size is 28, the large size is for you. And if you normally wear an inch above size 28, then order for the extra-large size. These are all the available sizes of KanCan shorts.

And if you are between 26 and 27, you should order the medium size. Always lookout for the sizing before you order any KanCan shorts.

What you will find on the store website is letter sizing and numeric waist sizing. Know which tape size falls under which size so you can accurately order your true size.

Do KanCan Shorts Stretch?

Yes, KanCan shorts are stretchy in nature. Just like KanCan jeans, KanCan shorts are made with a percentage of spandex and this spandex enables the shorts to be stretchy.

This is why some customers still retain their shorts even when they run tight on them. The shorts must have stretched and become so fitting that they get comfortable after a few wears.

Stretchy jeans are what KanCan brand basically produces and that is the same with shorts. If you are purchasing KanCan shorts because of their stretchy nature, then you are right.

KanCan shorts are made with either 1% of spandex or 2% spandex. Sometimes, it may be a lower percentage, sometimes higher. The stretchy nature of KanCan shorts is another reason KanCan shorts run true to size.

Because, what size you run out of, the shorts will stretch to fill in that space. Sometimes, the stretch can be over and the shorts may become baggy on you.

This happens if you do not take proper care of your shorts and the amount of spandex used for the shorts determines how stretchy the shorts will be. So, while ordering your KanCan shorts, check for the percentage of spandex in the description.

Do KanCan Shorts Shrink?

Yes, KanCan shorts shrink because they also stretch. If KanCan shorts do not stretch, they would not shrink.

Because there is the presence of a stretchy material, spandex, KanCan shorts also shrinks. But, there are ways to prevent your shorts from shrinking.

So, you should not be afraid of your KanCan shorts shrinking, you should rather check out measures to prevent it from shrinking and then apply those measures.

Your KanCan jeans may shrink and get damaged easily if you do not take care of it. To prevent this, you can always check the wash instructions of the shorts you purchase.

Should You Size Up And Down In KanCan Shorts?

You should size down when trying to purchase your KanCan shorts. Sometimes, you might need to size up to get the right size.

This is necessary if you are in between sizes, you can either size up or down. In most shorts, you will be instructed whether to size down or up. Because KanCan shorts are stretchy, they always advise that you size down in order to get the right size.

For instance, if you wear a size 7/28, you should order for a size 5/26. Most customers size down to get the right size. But, I have seen customers who size up and still get the right size.

You just need to know your experiences with other shorts and apply it here. If you are ordering KanCan shorts for the first time, it is advisable that you size down.


In order to know the right size of shorts to purchase from KanCan shorts collection, there is a size chart available to guide you. You may not really understand this if you do not know your actual size.

So, find out what size you normally wear and pick your right size. Basically, you might need to size down when purchasing KanCan shorts as they are stretchy and may run big on you if you purchase your normal size.

If at any point, you purchase the wrong size, you can always return the shorts to be changed. And when you are re-ordering, change the sizing. Better still, size down.

Even as KanCan shorts may shrink, that should not scare you aware from purchasing KanCan shorts. All shorts that stretch will shrink and you can always prevent your shorts from shrinking.

If you are confused at any moment when trying to order your shorts, always refer back to the size chart above and check the guide. Don’t forget that most KanCan shorts run true to size.


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