Kancan Shorts Size Chart (in 2023)

When going to purchase a jean, sizing is one of the crucial things to put in mind. In KanCan shorts, there is a size chart that explains all the sizing options available in the shorts.

A lot of people do not really know how the sizing works. I am here to explain everything about the KanCan shorts size chart to you.

Below is the size chart.

Size Waist
XS 1/24
S 3/25
M 5/26 – 7/27
L 9/28
XL 11/29

From the chart above, you can see that KanCan shorts are available in extra small size(XS), small size(S), medium size(M), large size(L), and extra-large size(XL). And there is an equivalent waist size for all the sizes.

The XS size is the extra small size. It has a waist size of 1/24. This is the smallest size of KanCan shorts you can find available. And this is because this happens to be the smallest waist size possible generally.

This may actually be for some models who might be with a very small waist. KanCan shorts has ensured you look nice regardless of the size of your waist.

If you fall into this category, all you need to do is order an extra small size of KanCan shorts and you will be given size 1/24.

You don’t have to worry, KanCan shorts are really fitting. You will find one that will fit you well.

If you do not fall into the first category of sizing, there’s the S size which is the small size. The small size is where a good number of American women fall into, especially the young ones

The small size has a waist size of 3/25. So, if you do not have an extremely small waist, but it is small, then I think your waist size is the S size for shorts.

This is one thing with KanCan shorts, they have everyone in mind, any size you might be, one of the reasons they are popular today.

Before you can conclude that you actually wear a small size, you need to confirm first so you wouldn’t assume and order the wrong size.

Know your height, waist size, and the size of clothes you wear generally. When it comes to KanCan shorts, you might be advised to size down for a fitting size.

The L size is a large size. This is after the medium size. This is for those who have a large butt and waist.

When considering KanCan shorts, you should not bother about hip sizing, KanCan shorts are made to size your hip according to the waist size you wear.

The large size is what you should go for if you are a little above medium size. The large size has a waist size of 9/28.

If you are not too sure if you fall into the large size, maybe your shorts are not always in the Large size, then you can purchase the medium size instead.

Many KanCan customers who have purchased KanCan shorts in a large size have something good to say about the sizing. The large size will definitely be fitting for you if you always wear large.

What is the size Medium in KanCan Shorts?

I had to put this in a separate heading in order to buttress how important this size category is. This is where most women fall into.

The medium size is between waist size 5/26 to 7/27. With this, you do not have to bother if you are just 26, the shorts will still be fitting on you.

Even if you are only 27, this is the best size to choose. For most women who are 26, because of the stretchy nature of KanCan shorts, it is advisable they choose the small size.

This is the same with some women whose general size is 28, that’s the large size, if you want a better fitting, then choose the medium size.

Like I have said earlier, KanCan shorts are really fitting and when you make the right choice in sizing, you can never go wrong.

What is size XL in KanCan shorts?

This is another part I had to separately talk about because this tends to fall into the plus-size category of women.

The XL is the extra-large size and it has a waist size of 11/29. Inasmuch as this is not the plus-size KanCan shorts, Plus size women tend to be comfortable in this.

This is so because of the stretchy nature of KanCan shorts. Most times, the extra largeness is on the butt and most plus size women are plus size on the butt.

So, if you are a little plus size and you love wearing shorts, then purchase KanCan extra-large shorts and allow them to stretch. You might enjoy wearing it.


In all the sizing, just know that your height is put into consideration while these shorts were being made. You will still find KanCan shorts fitting regardless of the length of jeans you usually wear.

This chart is to ensure you have no stress picking a size for your KanCan shorts. This may be applicable to other shorts, but this is what you should go with when purchasing KanCan shorts.

If you are confused about the size to order. Let’s say, the majority of your shorts are a small size and you’ve had some shorts in the medium size. They all size you so well. You can decide to go for the small size in KanCan shorts.

Do not forget to size down if you are bothered about your shorts stretching. KanCan shorts will surely stretch and except you prevent that, your shorts might be damaged.

So, let this size chart guide you and you will surely get the best size for you. Do not also forget that when you get it right in the size of the KanCan shorts you purchase, you will mostly feel comfortable in them and purchase more.

You might want to go right away purchasing your KanCan shorts. Best of luck!


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