Kancan Jeans vs Judy Blues: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Kancan jeans and Judy Blues is that Kancan jeans are soft, they form to your body and they are also stretchy jeans that have a bigger rise than other types of jeans.

The rise is the distance between the top waistband and the bottom crotch area. While that of the Judy Blues Jeans is body-hugging jeans that are also comfortable to wear all day long.

This is the major difference between the two jean types. It is obvious already and with this, you can easily tell what the difference is. Let us go deeper into the comparison of the two jean brands.

History of Kancan jeans?

 The name “Kancan” was actually coined from a popular dance called cancan, which was popularized in the 1800s.

The Jean brand was first established in 2003. It was established by a man named Song who was a Korean Immigrant.

With his experience as a designer for brands like Guess and Perry Ellis, he was able to create his own brand which happened to be Kancan.

He did a really great job and Kancan became a really successful brand that is now popularly known around the world. Kancan Jeans are jeans that you can wear for a casual outing and they will look good and also fit you so well.

Kancan jeans are popularly known for their stretchy type of jeans that also have a bigger rise than major jeans.

The rise gives room for freedom and it helps to reduce the risk of any form of bulging at the waistband of the jeans as you wear them.

Kancan jeans have become one of the most sought-after jeans around the world. There are also some pros and cons I will share about this brand.


  • They are comfortable jeans
  • They are stretchy
  • They have a bigger rise
  • They are able to form for the body
  • They are affordable


  • They are not the best for parties and special outing

History of Judy Blues Jeans?

Judy Blues jeans was established in 1999. It was founded by Judy Choi, the brand is named after its founder. Judy Blues jeans have a major purpose which is to please all those who love denim jeans so much.

Judy Blues jeans are built in such a way that it is body-hugging. This is a unique type of fitting that not many other jean brands out there have.

Not only are the jeans body-hugging, they also have a good quality that ensures that the Jean would last so long for you. If you are the type that loves to wear body-hugging jeans, then just blue is the one that you can go for.

Another good thing about this brand of Jean is that they always pay attention to what is trending, this helps them be relevant in order to meet the needs of their customers.

Brands that are always up to date on the latest trends tend to sell better and reach a wider range of audience, fashion trends are dynamic, if you do not pay attention to how fast the trends are going, you may be left out.

Judy Blues has done a really good job at staying up to date on trends.


  • They are body-hugging
  • They are good quality jeans
  • They are comfortable
  • They are soft
  • They are durable


  • They run big

What similarities do Kancan and Judy Blues jeans share?

When you compare these two brands and place them side by side you will notice that these brands may be different, but there are some ways that they are similar.

That is exactly what I will share in this segment of this article. Take a look at some of the similarities between these two brands.

  • They are both durable
  • They both stretch
  • They are worn mostly by women
  • They are both soft and comfortable
  • They are both affordable

They are both durable

This is one of the most obvious similarities between the two brands. When customers buy jeans they always want to buy something that will last long for them, in other words, they want to buy something that is very durable.

The good thing is that both Kancan jeans and Judy Blues jeans are durable. You will be able to purchase them both and get ready to use them for long without even thinking about changing it.

Buying durable jeans helps you to save some money to an extent. It saves you from having to buy a new pair of jeans too often.

Once a brand of jeans has high quality and durable jeans, it will attract more people and they will definitely always come back for more leading to more popularity of the brand.

They both stretch

Kancan jeans are also popular for their ability to stretch. This has already been established. They are not just jeans that stretch, when they stretch they are still very durable and they will still come back to their normal shape making them able to adjust to your body shape.

However, Judy Blues jeans are body-hugging, but it was not spelled out that they stretch. The truth is that they actually do.

From experience so far Judy Blues jeans stretch and that is what makes it able to be body-hugging. Jeans that do not stretch will not be able to stick to your body or be body-hugging. Naturally, clothing

They are both worn mostly by women

This is not debatable at all, women love to wear clothes that hug their bodies, especially jeans. That is one reason why Kancan stretch jeans and other Kancan styles of jeans are mostly worn by women.

This does not mean that they are not Unisex, they are actually unisex but most times you get to find more women wearing Kancan and Judy Blues jeans.

As for the Judy Blues jeans, since they are jeans that are body-hugging, you get to find them among women mostly because this is a fashion style that women rock the most.

They are both soft and comfortable

They are both soft and comfortable jeans that you would definitely love. When jeans like these are worn by those who purchase them, they will always love how comfortable it is, they will also love how soft the jeans are.

Features like these are what make people like the brand and always come back to buy more. When you get hold of these two brands of jeans you will be able to notice how soft and comfortable they are.

They are both affordable

One feature that determines how much a brand of jeans sells us is how they are priced. Kancan jeans and Judy Blues jeans are a very affordable set of jeans that you can buy without you having to break the bank or spend too much.

That the jeans are affordable does not mean that they are low quality. They are affordable but still of good quality.

Since Judy Blues jeans want to make denim more accessible and affordable for a large number of people they decided to cut down on the price to make it affordable for a wide range of customers.

This has been working and it is one of the major reasons why the Judy Blues and Kancan jeans have spread across the world.

Kancan Jeans vs Judy Blues: Comparison

First glance

When you compare these two jeans side by side, what you notice at first glance is that the Kancan jeans have a bigger rise than that of the Judy Blues.

The rise is the distance between the upper waistband and the crotch and the bottom. That is a notable difference when you compare the two brands.

You will also notice that the Judy Blues jeans are more body-hugging jeans, meaning that they will fit you tighter and stick to your body.

Overall quality

When it comes to comparing the quality of the jeans, Judy Blues jeans are made from 100% cotton, however, there are some blends that come with polyester.

The majority of the jeans sold are those made of cotton because that is what customers love and what they consider durable and high quality.

The same thing is applicable to Kancan jeans, Kancan jeans are also made from cotton and some other varieties are a mixture of Polyester.

I cannot conclude that the Kancan jeans have a better quality than that of the Judy Blues, they have the same quality of material, hence, it is a tie.

Winner: Tie


Both are fashionable casual jeans that do not come with so flashy designs. Unlike other popular brands out there that are fashionable and best for parties, special outings, etc, these ones usually have better designs.

Kancan jeans and Judy Blues jeans are not the best when it comes to design. Jeans that are not beat for parties, outings, and other social gatherings are not usually the best when it comes to design.

Kancan and Judy Blues jeans are more of a casual type of jeans. For this category of comparison, It is a clear tie.

Winner: Tie


When you want to make a decision on what size of Kancan jeans you want to buy, it is always best for you to go one size down, this is because Kancan jeans run large.

Jeans that run large will always be bigger than your actual size. For the jeans to be able to size you, you have to go one size down.

The same thing is applicable to Judy Blues jeans, they run large as well and this means you will have to go one size down when you want to purchase one for yourself. If you are a size 30, you may have to go one size down by choosing a size 29.

Winner: Tie


No one material is better than the other, both Kancan jeans and Judy Blues are made from cotton. There are also other styles that are a mixture of Polyester. I cannot completely say that the cotton on the Kancan jeans is better than that of the Judy Blues.

The good thing is that both materials are actually very durable and long-lasting, they are also comfortable enough that you will be able to wear them for so long.

They both come with the same material that is to say there is no clear winner in this category of comparison.


This is one way that Kancan jeans and Judy Blues jeans have been able to get more customers across the world.

These two brands want to make denim jeans affordable and accessible to lots of people, due to that they had to cut down on the price so that more people will be able to get the jeans.

Kancan jeans are so affordable, the same is applicable to Judy Blues jeans. They are both affordable and you can buy both of them without having to spend so much or even break the bank.


These two brands of jeans I compared in this article are actually very good brands that customers have trusted for years and they always deliver in terms of quality, durability, looks, and comfort.

These are the major needs of customers and once you are able to meet these needs you will win the heart of a lot of customers. The choice on which one exactly you are to go for depends on what you need.

If you need casual jeans that are stretchy enough but not body-hugging, then you should go for Kancan jeans. If you are specifically looking for body-hugging jeans that are also comfortable and soft for you, then the Judy Blues jean is there for you.

You are not spending so much to buy these, so you can always get one for yourself and best treat assured that it will last long and serve you well.

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