KanCan Jeans Short Length! What Should You Know

There are four basic length styles of KanCan short jeans. There is the ultra-high style, the high rise style, the mid-rise style, and the low rise style.

These styles are available in different lengths that are almost the same. These styles are what differentiate KanCan shorts.

To add to that list, there is also the KanCan plus size high rise style. This very style is made for plus-sized women and it is basically in a high rise.

This is done so that the waist rise will be high enough to fit their plus-size tummy and still make them look chic in KanCan shorts.

There are roughly 5 KanCan shorts styles for the length. In this article, I will review the different length styles with samples on which to buy and why you should buy them. 

KanCan Shorts Styles And Lengths

KanCan shorts Lengths are measured by the length of the waist rise.

They can be ultra high rise, high rise, mid rise, low rise, or plus size high rise which is longer than all of them. The table below shows the different rise styles and their length measured in inches. 

KanCan Shorts Style Length
Ultra High Rise 11.5 inches
High Rise 9.5 – 11 inches
Mid Rise 8.5 – 9 inches
Low Rise 8 inches
Plus Size High Rise 12.5 inches 


KanCan Ultra High Rise Shorts

This is supposed to be the longest length among all the rise styles, but the plus size high rise has taken that position.

The ultra-high style is basically a higher version of the high-rise style. This style is 11.5 inches. KanCan Ultra High Rise Short is the longest shorts for regular jean shorts.

These shorts can be worn with crop tops or tank tops. They are most preferred by tall girls who do not want to have their back waist exposed when they bend.

Women wear ultra high rise style for the fashion of it. Some women like it that they could wear shorts, and have the whole of their tummy covered. Let’s check out this example.

KanCan Frayed Hem Shorts – KC7366

This KanCan short has 3 inches inseam. It is made of cotton, polyester, and spandex. The waistband carries the extra high rise style.

This short is made in the 5 pockets styling pattern. The closure type is a zipper and double button closure. I am sure that you might want to try this style on.

The hem of the shorts is frayed just to make it a unique design. If you love the frayed hem design plus the extra high rise of the shorts, then you should go ahead and purchase it. It is affordable and you can find it online.

The High Rise Shorts Style

The high rise style is the most popular of all the styles. Most ladies will go for the high rise style because it meets their need in shorts – comfort and fit. I, in particular, prefer the high rise style.

Some people do not even know about the ultra high rise because the difference is hardly seen unless you’re told. The high rise styles vary in inches. You will find the high rise style between 9.5 inches to 11 inches.

If you want to get the high rise style that’s almost like the ultra high rise, then you should get the one that is 11 inches. Let’s check out these samples.

KanCan Women’s High Rise Frayed Hem Shorts

This very KanCan high rise shorts is in 9.75 inches. It is made of cotton and spandex. It has an inseam of 4.5 inches. You can find the model size in the S size. This short is made in the 5 pockets styling pattern.

The closure type is the zipper and button closure. This short is in the frayed hem design and it is a design you will like. You can equally wear this short with a tank top to that party or evening outing.

You can get this at an affordable price. It is sold for $57 on Amazon store. You can find it in your size, especially if you belong to the regular size category. 


KanCan Women’s High Rise Distressed Hem Shorts

This distressed KanCan shorts is made of 100% cotton. The rise is 11 inches and the inseam is 2.5 inches. This is the kind of style you should add to your wardrobe.

It is also made in the 5 pocket styling pattern with a distressed design at the hem of the shorts. This is the kind of shorts you can wear comfortably to anywhere.

I’m sure college students will love this. The fact that it is in high rise style even makes it more stylish. This short is available in XS size to XL size. It is very fitting and comfortable to wear.

I like the distressed design on this shorts. You can go ahead to purchase a pair now for yourself or your friend. 

KanCan Mid Rise Style

The mid rise style is the intermediate length between high rise and low rise. The mid rise style basically rests a little below the tummy button.

Many people believe that that’s the normal place for jeans to rest on the waistband. To some, they feel comfortable having their jeans in mid rise style. The mid rise style has a length of 8.5 to 9 inches. The mid rise style is a balanced style to all other styles.

Some people might not feel very covered in the mid rise style, especially when they bend. But, mid rise length is very fitting depending on your lengh and shape. Let’s check out these examples.

KanCan Women’s Mid Rise Hem Details Bermuda Short

This KanCan mid rise short has a rise of 8 inches long and an inseam of 9 inches. It is made of cotton, rayon, spandex and polyester materials. The model size is 3/25. The short is made in the 5 pockets styling pattern.

The closure pattern of the short is zipper and button. It has waistband loops for belt in order to enhance a better fit. The hem of the shorts is folded for design effect. The leg length is longer and skinny.

The short has little distressed detail on it. It is very affordable as it is sold for $55 online. This skinny short can be worn with a t-shirt and sneakers to any outdoor occasion. 


KanCan Women’s Mid Rise Distressed Denim Shorts

This is another KanCan mid rise short that is in distressed design. It is made of cotton and polyester materials. The rise length is 8.5 inches and the inseam is 2.5 inches.

This short is made in the 5 pockets styling design. The closure type is button closure. The buttons on the short is not for closure but, also for design. The distressed detail on the short is very obvious and nice.

There is also a frayed hem detail on this short and this makes it more stylish. The short is fitting and comfortable to wear. You can get it online between $40 – $52. That’s quite affordable. If you like this mid rise style, you can get yours now. 

KanCan Low Rise Style 

This is the lowest waist style of KanCan shorts. This short lies just on your waist bone. Low rise style is very relaxing and comfortable, because, you wouldn’t have any fabric press hard against you tummy.

The length of the low rise style is 8 inches. The only reason you might not like low rise style is that your panties may be exposed when you bend to do anything.

You can wear a long shirt to avoid that. Some people might not like low rise style because they are not used to wearing low rise jeans. There’s always a first time to everything, right? Let’s check out this example.

KanCan Women’s Low Rise Denim Shorts

I am so in love with this KanCan low rise short. The design is so unique and cute. Every college student who loves shorts will want to get this. The wash detail on the thighs and also the hem detail are so stylish.

The short is comfortable and very fitting. You only have to order the right size. It is designed in the 5 pockets styling pattern and it has waistband loops for belt. It also has button and zipper closure type.

Even if you do not want low rise shorts, you should love the design of this shorts. Much attention to details must have been paid to the process of making this short.

KanCan Plus Size High Rise Style

This is a special design of short for plus size women. The highest size of the regular shorts may not be fitting on average plus size women, so the need to make different plus size shorts for women.

KanCan plus size short is from 12 to 12.5 inches. It has the highest rise length among all KanCan shorts.

This is a way of making plus size women not miss out on the present day fashion that regular size women are enjoying.

It is mostly in high rise style so that the rise can comfortably accommodate the big tummy of most plus size women. Here is an example to check for.

KanCan Women’s Plus Size High Rise Bermuda Short

This short has almost all the details of other KanCan shorts. But, this very style is for plus size women. It is made of cotton, polyester, and spandex fabrics. Because there is an addition of spandex, there is stretch in the short to enhance comfort and fit.

The rise length is 12.5 inches and the inseam is 7.5 inches. You can find the model size in XL. This plus size short has raw hem Bermuda details. It is made in the 5 pockets styling pattern.

This short has a button closure type. The buttons also serve as style and design for the shorts. There are also minimal distressed details on this short.

Why You Should Buy KanCan Shorts

I have recommended some KanCan shorts you should buy according to their length style. Some of you who were already seeking for KanCan shorts recommendations will opt into any of my options and get one.

For those still contemplating, this is why you should buy KanCan shorts.

They are fashionable and stylish

College students are the majority of people that wear shorts and I’m sure that fashion and style is what they like. All the KanCan shorts I have recommended are very stylish and you can get any of them if you love the style. 

They are affordable

To some people, these shorts are expensive. But, many people will find KanCan shorts affordable. If you want to purchase shorts with a budget in mind, then you should buy KanCan jeans because they are not up to a hundred dollars for one. You can use $100 to get two KanCan shorts.

They are comfortable

Comfort is the basic thing people look out for when getting any clothing. KanCan shorts are not only fashionable, but they are also very much comfortable to wear.

Most of them are made with stretch and that enhances the comfort of KanCan shorts. 

They are true to size

All these various shorts are available for you to pick a perfect style for your shape. KanCan shorts are fitting on the body.

That is why they made a different style for plus-size women so that they can have a more fitting style to wear. You can now go ahead and purchase any of KanCan shorts that you like. 


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