KanCan Jeans Plus Size Chart & Guide (in 2023)

KanCan has succeeded in becoming very popular in the fashion industry, especially in jeans making.

In this article, we are going to look at how KanCan plus size jeans fit, the plus-size chart with a guide, why they are called KanCan jeans, and why KanCan jeans have become so popular.

How do KanCan Plus Size Fit?

KanCan plus size jeans fit just as well as KanCan regular size jeans. KanCan jeans are one of the best fitting jeans available and their plus-size collections are not left out in this.

There are things to consider when looking at how plus-size jeans fit. These are the waist fit, the hip fit, the length, and the overall sizing of the jeans.

KanCan plus size jeans are fitting when it comes to the waist region. KanCan has a reputation for making high-rise pattern for their jeans.

This is the same in KanCan plus-size jeans. They are made in a high rise styling and this aids the waist sizing.

Even the ones available in mid-rise styling conform to the tummy level and provide the best fitting for the waist. So, when it comes to the waist fitting, KanCan plus size jeans are fitting enough for their customers.

Also, KanCan plus size jeans are fitting on the hip region. This is another important region that demands the perfect fitting for comfortability. Plus size women are mostly plus size in the hip region and so demand the jeans to have enough space for the hip.

This is basically why they are called plus-size jeans. KanCan plus size jeans make available the sizing for the hip. So, you can’t get it wrong when it comes to hip fitting.

All you need to do is know how you size on the hip and check the chart for the size that aligns with your hip and waist size. KanCan plus jeans are intentional about every curve of your body.

Moreso, plus-size jeans need a considerable fitting on the length as the hip may take up some inches and it may run short if not well designed.

KanCan plus size jeans are designed to meet up the length of the body even while conforming to other parts of your body. So, when it comes to the length of the jeans, KanCan plus size jeans are fitting enough.

If you are trying to find out how fitting KanCan plus size jeans are before purchasing, check the size chart below to see the sizing plan they have for plus size jeans.

KanCan Plus Size Full Chart With Guide

Size 16W(1XL) 18W(2XL) 20W(3XL) 22W(4XL)
Waist 36 inches 38 inches 40 inches 42 inches
Hip 43 inches 45 inches 47 inches 49 inches


KanCan plus size jeans are available in 16W(1XL), 18W(2XL), 20W(3XL), and 22W(4XL).

The XL there means extra large and those are the different extra large sizes available. For each of the extra-large size, there is the appropriate waist and hip size available.

The waist size are 36 inches, 38 inches, 40 inches, and 42 inches. The hip sizes are in 43 inches, 45 inches, 47 inches, and 49 inches.

For every size you choose, you must choose the equivalent waist and hip size. KanCan jeans are made to fit your waist and your hip.

Let’s say you are 18W(2XL), your waist size will be 38 inches and your hip size will be 45 inches. You are advised to size down if you are in-between sizes.

You should note that KanCan jeans are stretchy and may run big if you are not careful with the size you pick. But, be rest assured, you will most likely be comfortable when you make your best pick.

The table above means that if you are 4 times extra-large, your waist size should be 42″ and your hip size should be 49″.

If you are just a little plus size, that’s 1 time extra-large, your waist size will be 36 inches and your hip size will be 43 inches.

Before making your choice, be certain of your size, and then check the size chart to pick your equivalent waist and hip sizes.

Why are the jeans called KanCan?

The name “KanCan is already sounding musical and you must be wondering why Mr. Song who invented KanCan jeans named it so.

Mr. Song started his own jeans company in 2003 after he had worked for other brands for some years. It is said that he named his company after the dance called cancan which was a popular dance in the late nineteenth century.

The reason for doing so is that cancan dance is very active and vigorous. So, Mr. Song aims to produce jeans that will be comfortable and most sort after by even the most active people in the world. What a phenomenon to get a name from.

This seems to be working for Mr. Song as his jeans company has become so popular around the world and almost all kinds of people are wearing his jeans.

From 2003 till today, KanCan has succeeded in being one of the most active jeans in America and beyond.

While some complain about the quality, so many are delighted about the existence of KanCan jeans. This is why KanCan jeans are named as such.

Maybe you should try taking a lesson from this: Name your brand according to what you expect to see from it in the nearest future. With that in mind, you will work towards making that a reality.

Why are KanCan Jeans so Popular?

One thing with producing a good product is that when one person uses it, he tells another and that another tells another and it goes on and on. This has been the case with KanCan jeans.

What exactly has made them become this popular? Kancan are the best-fit jeans. KanCan jeans happen to have a different sizing chart for their jackets, shorts, denim, and plus-size jeans.

They have every size of everyone in mind. And this is one of the reasons they are so popular. While some brand focuses on manufacturing only plus size or regular size, KanCan jeans are available in all sizes and they fit as well.

Also, KanCan jeans are available in many styles as possible. Have you been in that situation where you find what you imagined would be best for your body? That’s just what KanCan jeans provide.

There are a variety of styles available in their shorts, denim pants, jackets, and even plus-size jeans.

So, even while you wear what fits you, you wear style as well. People can almost predict that you are wearing KanCan jeans because of the styles they have available.

KanCan jeans are designed with a high rise and this makes them flattering on your front and back.

As you may know, high-rise jeans are the best jeans to have, and KanCan jeans are particularly made to be high-rise.

With this, your butt will be flattering and your curves will be well pronounced. This gives you more confidence in your body when you dress. There’s nothing like gaining confidence from what you wear regardless of the price.

It should interest you to know that KanCan jeans have the best prices. With all of these qualities, they are very affordable. They are made available to the masses with ease. You don’t have to break a bank to wear KanCan jeans.

The most important reason KanCan jeans are so popular is that they are super stretchy, comfortable, and soft. Stretchy jeans are the most comfortable jeans as they constitute the best fit.

As a result of a little amount of spandex used in KanCan jeans, they afford to be stretchy and that makes them easy to pull on. They are also soft on the body and they give the best comfortable feeling.

With all of these, you will agree with me why KanCan jeans have become so popular. They do not just provide comfort, they are affordable and you can afford to get tons of them when you need to.


KanCan jeans have become one of the big competition to Levi’s jeans. They have the best fitting and they offer a variety of styles to choose from.

So many customer reviews have shown that KanCan plus-size jeans are super fitting and comfortable.

The size chart above has gone a long way to explain how that is possible. There is the sizing for your waist and hip regardless of the level of plus-size you are.

Mr. Song has also shown us a model of naming a brand and sticking to the meaning of that name. Because right now, KanCan jeans reflect the meaning of what they were named.

If you are looking to shop for a plus size KanCan jeans, identify what size you are, then check the size chart above to know the equivalent waist and hip size you should choose. I wish you good luck as you go ahead to shop for your plus-size KanCan jeans.


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