Jeans Tight Around Thighs And Loose Around Waist: What To Do?

You won’t be a lover of jeans till you find the perfect fit on your legs. It is very much easy to like jeans when you see them on the perfect flattering legs.

You probably wonder how it feels hugging every curve on the wearer’s body but you know that great look and you want it. Everyone wants a great look.

However, going for flattering jeans can have pros and cons. There are so many factors that determine whether your pair of jeans will fit as you want them.

Sometimes, your jeans will blow your mind with the comfort and the look. Sometimes, your jeans make you look like a half bag of beans.

It’s very disappointing when the jeans fit tightly around the hips and turn out loose on your waist.

Major reasons why jeans are tight around the thighs and loose around the waist

Have you ever ordered a pair of jeans and realized it feels tight around the hips and loosens up around the waist? It happens and there are various reasons for this to happen.

  • Weight gain
  • Stretched out waistband
  • Curvy shape
  • Wrong size

Weight Gain

You can find your new jeans perfectly fine when they are just ordered. The hips fit well and the waist is snug. It’s not too tight and neither is it loose enough to require a belt.

This is the case where you ordered the right size and you initially had no complaints about the jeans. If your jeans stop fitting well later, there are some possible causes we already know of.

It could be the fabric’s low quality and durability. If it has lasted long enough for normal Jeans, it could be the end of their lifespan. It could also be a change in size. This happens.

There can be a change in size when you grow extra weight or lost some weight. However, in the case of tight hips and a loose waist, in the jeans that used to fit perfectly well, you must have gained some muscles in your thighs. Building your hips while your waist remains slim will require you to wear curvy jeans.

In short, if your regular style of jeans is the skinny style and you experience this, you will have to get curvy jeans that are built to accommodate your thighs and still fit perfectly on your slim waist.

Stretched Out Waistband

You have probably worn jeans for so many years so you already have the experience of jeans loosening up and wearing out.

They say if you wear tight jeans for a while, it loosens up. Sometimes, it happens during the process of washing and sometimes, the washing process makes it shrink and fit smaller.

A stretched-out waistband doesn’t explain the tight fit on the hips but it explains why the waist on your jeans is no longer snug. It can be funny how the jeans that used to fit perfectly suddenly start gaping.

The entire fabric of the jeans usually stretches out as a whole but nothing stops the waistband from stretching out first. This can happen if your jeans are not handled well or if the elastic fiber in your jeans is of low quality.

Considering a tight fit on the hips, washing can cause the fabric to shrink. However, the shrink effect cannot undo your loosened waistband. The shrink can cause the tight fit on the hips while the waist remains loose.

Curvy Shape

It is nice to have a curvy shape. Virtually every lady wants a slim waist and a big bum, and nice curvy hips. It is beautiful to have all of that but your jeans might not be ready to hug that shape.

Your old jeans may not fit perfectly well anymore if you grow a bigger bum or thicker hips today so you might have to get new ones.

Getting new jeans can be hard, especially if you have to do it online. If you get jeans that are not stretchy enough, you might end up picking the “right” size for your waist but it would fit tightly on your hips.

If your hips are too big, you might even find it impossible to wear. If you get to wear that pair, your bum can cause the waistband to loosen up quickly because the fabric wasn’t built to stretch that much.

If you consider your hips instead of your waist, you might end up picking the right fit for your hips and you’d need a belt to keep the jeans on your waist.

This also has to do with styles. Straight-cut jeans should be loose around the hips and slim around the waist. If your hips are too big, the waist will be expanded automatically and temporarily so it will feel loose.

Wrong Size

This is a summary of all the possible causes. Every one of them has to do with the size and the style. If it’s not the size of the jeans, then it is the size of your bum.

If you are wearing the wrong size of jeans, a tight fit on the hips is inevitable. This can lead to the fabric loosening up and causing the waist to sag.

Are Jeans Supposed To Be Loose Around The Waist?

You might wonder why your jeans have belt loops. Some jeans have no belt loops and they are doing just fine. Why? How? That is because there is an elastic waistband that keeps the waist up in every pair of jeans.

Your jeans are not supposed to be loose, they are supposed to fit you snugly without a use of a belt.

Belts are often considered to give a formal look and there are some pants (and some jeans) that require the use of belts to stay up. Those pants are not made to be tight around the waist.

However, your jeans, or most jeans, should be tight around the waist. When your jeans start loosening up or you lose weight, you can utilize the added belt loops to keep the waist up.

What To Do If Your Jeans Are Loose Around The Waist?

Most people don’t like when jeans are loose around the waist so they either change them or find a way to fix the problem.

Some jeans, however, were meant to be loose around the waist so we can say the first solution is to buy jeans that are “not supposed to be loose around the waist” and when they turn out loose, you can blame the brand for getting the sizing wrong.

When you find yourself in a situation where no one will fix it for your, you’d better be able to fix it yourself. There are temporary and permanent solutions.

Temporary fix to tightening jeans around the waist

  • Apply belt
  • Try shrinking
  • Safety Pins

Permanent fix to tightening jeans around the waist

  • Tailoring

Apply Belt

This is one of the simplest, quickest, and most known fixes for your gaping waistband. Not everyone likes to use belts but you might need them in cases where you have no alternative. You surely don’t walk around with your jeans sagging.

Sagging is considered a crazy and “badass” style but there is nothing attractive about a gaping waistband. It never looks cool so you can endure the “pain” of utilizing the belt loops on your jeans by wearing a belt. You can even get designer belts that look great on you.

When choosing a belt, it’s more advisable to go for an elastic belt. When your waistband sags, especially at the back, you have to be careful with bending down, even if you are wearing a belt, or the gap will escape the hold of the belt.

It is a lot more common with low-quality leather belts so you can choose an elastic belt to be on the safer side.

If you have a leather belt that is wide enough to contain the width of the belt holes, that might be a good idea too.

Try Shrinking

This is another temporary way to have your waistband tight again. It is also one of the most untrustworthy ways of doing it. While there are many complaints and negative reviews about the level at which some jeans shrink, all jeans shrink.

Although all jeans shrink at different levels depending on the fibers they are made of, they all shrink.

It’s funny that some people complain about this while some others intentionally shrink their jeans to fit them better. When the waist of your jeans starts to fail you, you can apply this method.

You can shrink your jeans by washing and using a dryer. This doesn’t work for all jeans. Some jeans require a lot of time in the dryer before the shrink is noticeable.

Some other jeans are not tolerant of the heat at all and will only get destroyed. However, you can get the information about your jeans from the care instructions.

This method is temporary and untrusted because it loosens after wearing it for a while. Sometimes, it takes a while for it to return to the usual size but you can’t be sure how long it will stay tight on your waist.

Safety Pins

Applying safety pins is similar to the application of belts. This is not more comfortable but you may find it better if you don’t like belts. All you have to do is hold both sides of the waist with one safety pin each. Apply it from the inside to avoid looking awkward.

After holding the sides with safety pins, you can make the pins lie flat so you are not discomforted by the contact with your waist. Also, make sure you apply it by the sides, along the line of the seams.


This is the only way you can achieve a permanent fix. You either tailor your jeans yourself or you get someone to do it.

There are many ways your tailor can have your jeans fixed. Your tailor can even have your jeans re-created. The following are possible ways you can have your tailor adjust the waist on your jeans;

  1. Your tailor can add darts to the back of your jeans. With the added darts, the gaping part of your waistband is reinforced and will lay on your back instead of gaping awkwardly.
  2. Your tailor can adjust the sides of the waist from the seams after taking your measurement. This is a better option than the first one. With this option, you can adjust virtually any jeans.
  3. Your tailor can sew an elastic band on your waistband. This will make the waist of the jeans contract a little and you can easily pull them wider to fit around your waist. You can do this yourself with a safety pin. With two safety pins, you will pin both sides of the elastic band to two far spots at the back of the jeans. Once this is done, it will contract.

Recommended Jeans That Are True To Size

Levi’s Curvy Skinny Jeans

Levi is one of the most recognized brands in Fashion today and that is for a reason. The brand is tagged with quality, durability, and great fit. You can emphasize the “great fit” since that is the point.

If you are a lover of skinny jeans, you have it here. If you are curvy and you want the perfect fit, Levi has many options, even though they are not very popular.

The Levi brand has virtually every style you can think of so you rest assured with the brand. This pair of jeans are true to size so you don’t have to worry about tight hips and a loose waist. Comfort is guaranteed.

Price: $70


Moda Xpress High-waisted Jeans

Honestly, virtually anyone would pick this pair over the Levi skinny jeans. Not the brand but the jeans. The Moda Xpress is one underrated brand with really nice styles.

The brand has its pros and cons but the styles you get can outweigh what you get from the top brands.

When it comes to curvy jeans, the Moda Xpress does better than even your Good American brand. This pair of jeans has a very high waistband and a curvy shape to flatter your legs and your curves.

The fabric is highly stretchy so, no matter how big your hips are, the waist will fit perfectly well.

In addition to all of its great features, it is true to size. You don’t have to size down or size up. Just go on ordering.

Price: $50


Good American Good Curve Jeans

The Good American brand is one you can trust with curvy jeans so if that is what you are looking for, you don’t have to look further. Just scroll down and buy.

Although, I wouldn’t pick this ahead of the Moda Xpress jeans.

If you have heard of the “Always Fits” denim, it is a peculiar feature of the Good American jeans.

Not only does this pair of jeans create space for your curvy hips but it has a level of stretch that is ready to accommodate any future growth in your curves. In terms of stretch, Good American remains undefeated.

Price: $170



Your jeans should not be tight around the thighs and loose around your waist. It is utter disrespect to your curves.

Fortunately, now, we can both fix that problem. It is much better to save ourselves the embarrassment by going for the right size when choosing the best jeans from the best brands. So say “No” to wrong fits. Curvy hips matter.


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