Jeans Tight in Front And Loose in Back: What to Do?

If you are here, you probably have this issue or not. You might wonder if this actually happens but it happens. You can order a pair of pants and slip them on just to find out it fits weirdly.

That can make you wonder if you ordered the wrong size of pants. You could blame the brand for wrong sizing when you realize you chose your correct size or you could even wonder if you are wearing it wrongly. It could be one of the reasons mentioned above or it could be a different reason.

As abnormal as it seems for an elastic waistband to fit tightly at the front and gape at the back, it happens often. Now, we will take a look at why this happens and we might fix it.

Reasons why your Jeans are tight at the front and loose in back

Ordering jeans or most pieces of clothing can be scary. The fear goes beyond size. Some clothes were built to fit in a way that might not sit well with you so there is usually the urge to test out clothes first before buying.

Unfortunately, you don’t always get the chance to do that online so you have to take the risk. One of the weird fits is the issue of a gaping waistband at the back while the front is tight.

The blame may not be entirely on the brand so before we point fingers we should look at the most common reasons:

  • Bad Posture
  • Wrong size of Jeans
  • Fabric quality is bad
  • Size of bum and hips
  • Style, cut, and rise

Bad Posture

Your posture can affect the pants you are putting on. While a gaping waistband at the back sounds unusual, the complaints increase regularly and it is becoming a common feature with jeans.

Most of the reviewers who complain of the tightness at the front and the gap at the back have a drooping posture. We can assume this to be one of the reasons before blaming the brand.

However, the complaints are not directed to a single brand. Even some top brands, including Riders by Lee, have received complaints about this.

Unfortunately, the brand cannot work on YOUR posture.

When you wear jeans that should be high-rise and curvy, you pull them up to the level they should be.

If you turn out to have a big stomach and a flat bum, you will find the waistband pressing on your belly while the space that should accommodate your bum has nothing to accommodate.

Wrong Size of Jeans

This is much more common and can definitely cause a weird fit on your pants. When you buy a smaller size of jeans, it’s either you find it too tight or impossible to wear.

The kinds of jeans that allow you to wear a smaller size are usually high in elasticity. Wearing a smaller size means giving the elastic band more work to do to fit you and this will only cause the elastic band to stretch out.

The process usually happens slowly and, when one side starts to sag, you will need to wear a belt to keep the waist up.

Wearing a bigger size of jeans is worse. The waistband was built for bigger waists so there will be a gap when you wear it.

When you wear a belt to keep the waist up, you would still have to be careful to prevent the gap from evading the hold of your belt.

When the jean is not the size of your waist, this happens. You are probably a victim of having to size up just so your hips can fit well.

Fabric Quality is low

Sometimes, you are right to blame your brand. Some jeans are just not sewn well so a perfect fit will require some tailoring.

Speaking of quality, some jeans start off well with your legs and your waist. They feel fine and you have no complaints.

However, after the first few rounds of wearing and washing, the gap sets in. Sometimes, it’s a cheap elastic fiber, allowing one side of the waist to stretch out while the other parts of the waist stay intact.

Irregular Size of Bum and Hips

The size of your bum and your hips can also cause this. Some skinny jeans were made for thick hips and slim waists.

While some other skinny jeans don’t accommodate the same level of hips and waists, your hips and waist may be a lot curvier than the jeans were designed to hold.

Usually, the Levanta Cola jeans fix this. There are cases where you have to pick a bigger size to accommodate your hips so the waist will have to be held up by a belt. In this case, the gap cannot be avoided.

Sometimes you choose the basic size for you but it takes a level of stretch to accommodate your hips. A big round bum, in this case, will push against the seating area and if your waist is thinner than the waist on the jeans, the waistband will gap.

Style, Cut, and Rise

Some jean styles are not built for your kind of body. You have to note the styles that give you this issue. Is it the straight-cut style? Or the skinny style? Or the boyfriend style?

As mentioned earlier, some jeans were cut to accommodate bigger waists or smaller hips. This might leave some space on your waist that needs to be covered with a belt. When you bend, the space gets exposed again.

The rise also matters. You are probably wearing your jeans the wrong way. If the waist of a pair of jeans was built to sit higher than the waist, it should have a thinner waistband.

If the jeans were built to sit lower than the waist, pulling them higher will not only cause some gap but an uncomfortable feeling on the crotch. This can be mistaken for wrong sizing but it’s not. You’re just wearing it wrongly.

What Does It Mean If Your Jeans Gape At The Back?

We have looked at the various reasons for your jeans to gape at the back. It is not always the fault of the makers. Sometimes, it is your fault.

You have probably handled the waistband wrongly, making a part of the elastic fiber stretch out at the back while the elasticity remains intact in the front.

If you are in the right posture and you haven’t mishandled your jeans, then the bottom line is the pair of jeans you are wearing is not your size.

Note; some people don’t have a size. If your bum and hips are too big for the skinny jeans to shape, the look of the waistband on your waist will surely be affected.

The style of the jeans might be wrong too. As mentioned earlier about curvy hips and waists, straight jeans may not work for you. When the hips and bum take the space, the waist will gape, and using a belt will not always work to keep the gap away.

How To Make Sure Your Jeans Does Not Gape At The Back

It is totally embarrassing to have a gaping waistband. You can imagine wearing fitted pants and compliments following you around, even though it’s not the trending style of jeans you are putting on.

Unless you are a celebrity who can easily create fashion from a stupid style, it’s horrible if you are wearing the trending style of jeans and it’s fitting weirdly.

You have probably tried to apply the use of a belt to keep the gap closed but when you bend, the gap escapes and it looks totally childish.

It makes you look like you are not conscious of your appearance and fixing that in public is embarrassing.

That is the last thing you want to feel, even in the latest and curviest pants of the Levi brand. There are ways you can put an end to the annoying gap on your waistband;

  • Pick the right size and style
  • Get it tailored
  • Elastic belt
  • Add trouser darts

Pick Your Right Size And Style

This has been stated earlier. Some pants can fit you perfectly well, even if they are a bit bigger or smaller. This doesn’t apply to every pant and neither does it apply to every person.

Some people have a pretty weird shape which makes some style of jeans look awkward on their bodies. If you are built straight, opting for curvy jeans will definitely be a bad idea.

This is because, while the waist of the jeans makes for the bum, you don’t have a big bum. This may make the waist look too big for you. However, picking the right size should be able to fix that.

When the size is right, the waist should be fitted. This doesn’t prevent every case of a gaping waistband but not doing this will cause a gaping waistband.

Instead of going ahead to blame the brand, you can check yourself quickly and make sure the fault is not with you.

Get It Tailored

While the previous one is a preventive measure, this is the case of having the gaping waistband fixed.

Sometimes, you have ordered the wrong size of pants and you have no idea how to return the jeans and get the right size. You can get a tailor to do some magic and have your jeans fit perfectly for your body.

Some people say “No to Tailoring” but that might be necessary in this case. Well, there is an option of getting the right size of jeans so you wouldn’t have to go to the Tailor, right?

However, there are cases where your hip and bum are too big for your “right size” of jeans, and ordering a bigger size will only cause the gaping waistband. Then, you would need a tailor to get your jeans fixed or you will have to find other options on your own.

You order a bigger size to accommodate your hips and your bum, then you visit a tailor to have the waist adjusted to your size. Simple and easy!

Elastic Belt

An ordinary leather belt will not be able to hold the gap down but an elastic band should work. There are cases when the waist of the jeans is actually your size but there is a gap at the back while the front feels tight.

With the elastic band, you can close the gap and the space is spread to the front. Simultaneously, the tightness is reduced and the gap is closed.

Add Trouser Darts

Darts are usually found in trousers but you can also add them to your jeans. If you send your jeans to your tailor to fix the gap, the waist can either be reduced from the sides or darts will be added to make the gap close up.

Once the darts are added at the back of the jeans, the waistband will curve and lay on your back.

How Tight Should Jeans Be When You Buy Them

Your Jeans must fit without the need of a belt. If your jeans need a belt, then it’s too baggy. Your jeans should be slightly tight but not too tight to button up.

Your jeans can hug your seat area and you must feel comfortable enough to move in them. If the crotch feels too low for you to move in them, it’s too big.

If you feel tight enough that you fear it’ll rip when you lift or move your legs, then it is too tight.

Your jeans can hug your legs if they are skinny but if you are unable to pinch and pull the fabric. They are too tight. If you have to sweat just to get your jeans off your legs (usually at the ankle), then it is too tight.

Are Jeans Supposed To Be Tight At First?

Although jeans loosen up with time, your jeans should be fitted, as long as they are the right size. The right size of jeans doesn’t have to feel constricting, even if it’s the skinny style.

Some might want to keep the stretch in mind when they buy jeans so they pick a smaller size in hope that when the jeans loosen, they would still fit well.

This might make your jeans sag a lot faster which makes it a bad idea to choose a smaller size. As long as the jeans are your right size, they should be tight enough to stay up.

Why Do My Jeans Sag In The Back?

We have looked at many possible reasons for the gap that happens at the back of the jeans and you might want to look out for all of these reasons. Some of them can’t be prevented but they can be fixed at least.

  • Picking the wrong size
  • Bad fabric quality
  • Mishandling of waistband
  • Bad posture
  • Size of your hips and bum


You can consider this one of the most absurd ways your pants can look on you. Our jeans seem to be rebelling against us and there are new complaints, every day.

However, these issues don’t just spring out of the thin air.

Every complaint has to do with mismanagement, miscalculations, changes, or just being cheap. These are the factors that lead to the weird fit in your jeans.

Once you note them, you can either prevent the sag or fix it when it happens.


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