10 Jeans That Fits Like Diesel (in 2023)

Undisputable! That is the best word for the growth and status of  Diesel Jeans.

The Italian retail company which also doubles as a denim producer is a brainer in the business of manufacturing jeans.

This premium brand has made jeans that thrill jeans lovers, and they are still in the field with much vigor and design.

But we can all agree that they are not the only premium jeans in the store, as there are others which compete with the jeans.

And in this context, I will discuss in-length about jeans that fit just like the ones made by Diesel.

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  • Calvin Klein
  • Levi
  • Lee
  • G-star Raw
  • PRPS
  • Naked and Famous
  • True Religion
  • 7 For All Mankind
  • AG Jeans
  • Wrangler

The General Fitting of Diesel Jeans

Diesel Jeans are one of those jeans that you will have to your expenditure for the week before you think of buying them.

This is because they are expensive and considered one of the best high-end brands to come out from Italy in the business of denim production.

But right now, it is longer about their presence or price rather it is about their fitting.

After a survey that I conducted just before I started this article, most of the response I received was what built the basis of this article coupled with my humble observation.

Jeans That Fits Like Diesel

The survey recorded at least a 70% score rate signaling that most diesel jeans come up a little bit. Yes, they run fairly big, not too baggy.

But even at that a lot of people make the mistake of ordering these jeans in their true size, forgetting that they might end up having what looks like oversized jeans, shipped to them. 

This is why my suggestion as a fashion enthusiast and denim lover, is that you should try out some in-person buying.

If you can, visit a department store, and test the diesel jeans you want to buy before handing over your card over the counter for debit.

If you are too busy for that, size down whenever you intend to buy diesel jeans from any e-commerce site.

Diesel Jeans Size Chart

For Men:

Diesel Size Waist Size
XXS 27
XS 28-29
S 30-31
M 32-33
L 34-35
XL 36-37
XXL 38-39
XXXL 40-41

For Women:

Diesel Size Jeans Size Waist Size Hip Size (inches)
Amazon XXS 22-23 34 ½ 
2 XS 24-25 35 ½ 
4 S 26-27 36 ½ 
6 M 28-29 37 ½ 
8 L 30-31 38 ½ 

Diesel Inseam Length   

Category Inseam Length
Short 3o inch 76cm
Regular 31 ½ inch 80cm
Tall 35 ½ inch 90cm

The above size chart serves as a reference for you in deciding which size of the Diesel Jeans fits you well. But I will give some interpretation, just in case you are new to the size chart of jeans. 

For the men’s chart, the X means extra, S for small, M for medium, and L for large. So if you fall into any of these groups of fitting, which you should; find the corresponding size range for the jeans and order in them.

But make sure you know your size numbers and categorization before making any purchases. The same rule foes to the women’s chart.

The only difference is the American sizing style which is at the right corner of the chart, but regardless the chart is valid and should be followed accordingly.

10 Jeans That Fit Like Diesel

Calvin Klein

Jeans That Fits Like Diesel

A lot of denim die-hard fans will think Levi’s will be going first, but they are not. And also a good number of them will agree with me on this selection.

Calvin Klein jeans fit just their diesel counterpart. My reason is tied to their use of synthetic fiber in jeans production, which often needs a little bit of sizing down for you to get the fitting size. 

The difference between these two jeans may lie in their mold quality, but the truth remains that most Calvin Klein jeans run a tad more and is the same thing as Diesel’s brand of jeans.

Diesel mostly uses raw denim and sometimes cotton blend in the production of jeans, and I think you already know what happens to most raw as regards no-shrinkage.

So if these jeans hardly shrink, they will also fit like the Calvin Klein jeans which shrink and henceforth need more addition of materials to make them come up in size. 


Jeans That Fits Like Diesel

The moment you all have been waiting for is here finally, and it is not looking as fly as always.

This is because you probably didn’t know that Levi’s fits like Diesel, or you already know. If you fall in the second grouping then you are stepping up your denim taste.

However, the type of jeans offered by the Diesel retailing company, as their signature product has the same fitting as Levi’s.

Levi’s is also the signature brand of jeans which is under the greater Levi Strauss and Co. Clothing company. 

I know some Levi’s lovers would beg to differ, but it is just as the reality gives. Both Levi’s and Diesel are premium jeans brands and they are also in the business of producing raw denim jeans.

Raw denim jeans refer to jeans that are made from unwashed, untreated, and unshredded denim material.

The state of things after washing raw denim is what prompts Levi’s jeans to come up a bit, just in case any shrinkage happens.

By the way, shrinkage is the state by which raw denim jeans reduce in size, due to the cohesion of its fiber as a result of intense heat.


Jeans That Fits Like Diesel

This would not be me speaking on behalf of all denim lovers, but in my sincere opinion, I think the Lee jeans brand can come up with the Diesel brand of jeans. And this is why Lee uses raw denim too.

Yes, they do. In as much as most of their products are made with synthetics like spandex and polyester; they have raw denim jeans.

Their focus on fashion is what prompted the need for raw denim and the brand needed to match up to the competition, hence the production of raw denim. 

These jeans are not essentially the icons of the Lee brand because they run a tad big, but they are still raw denim. So they fit like Diesel, especially with their high-rise structure which is similar to that seen in Diesel jeans.

G-Star Raw

Jeans That Fits Like Diesel

The name of these jeans gives it off, as a potential fitting mate with Diesel. G-star raw is one of the few brands that make raw denim jeans, in the vast circle of denim producers.

Their jeans have the same fitting as the Diesel and it lies in the fitting in the thighs. For Diesel jeans, the much distressing and stitching pattern makes it have more space on the thighs, just like the Diesel jeans.

Plus, the inseam length of G-star raw jeans is also synonymous with the one made by Diesel. The only difference between these two brands is that some G-star raw jeans get snug at the knee just below the space in the thigh region.


Jeans That Fits Like Diesel

In continuation with the raw types of denim that fit like Diesel jeans, I present to you the PRPS Jeans brand.

PRPS stands for ‘Purpose’, just as it was named by t founder Donwan Harrell. These jeans are mostly raw types of denim too and are prone to shrinkage no matter how little it is.

Because of this, the manufacturers of these jeans added more fabric by the side on the crotch to contain the impact of the shrinkage which is inevitable.

The clear message which PRPS passes through their jeans is that they do not make slim-fit jeans. Their jeans are either true to size or a tad big, which is the same thing with Diesel as they are also into making relaxed jeans.

Naked and Famous

Jeans That Fits Like Diesel

I have heard the thing about Naked and Famous jeans running small, or having a slimmer contour and I intend to match it up with a style of Diesel Jeans which is no different from it. 

Looking from the angle of a neutral observer, I would say that different styles fit differently and that’s the case of the Diesel Men’s D-Struckt Jeans.

This style of jeans does not fit the usual description of the Diesel brand of jeans, but then it is a style of its own and has its fitting. 

Therefore, for the sake of this observatory article, I will be sampling the Diesel Men’s D-Struckt jeans alongside the Naked and Famous most sold style.

Just by looking at the jeans, you will notice a striking resemblance around the ankle. Yes, they are tapered legs and the fit would be the same. Another similarity is the space around the thigh region.

This also makes these jeans fit in well around your crotch, so you don’t need to worry about them hugging your thighs or splitting from squatting.

True Religion

Jeans That Fits Like Diesel

There is a relation between True Religion jeans and vintage appeal, and the same vibe runs in the Diesel Jeans.

Owing to their Italian origin, the Diesel jeans do not engage in the game of the moment, as I will call what most denim brands do.

They infuse the Italian heritage in every jeans they make, and it comes out as superb. The fitting of these resultant jeans is likened to that of True Religion jeans, which have a rise that puts the rise on the waistline or slightly below it.

The hem of most Diesel jeans makes them look bad when it is rolled up, due to the selvage used inside as it is probably raw denim.

The same thing is present in the True Religion jeans because I have one of them that doesn’t look that great when I roll up the hem into a cuff.

7 For All Mankind

Jeans That Fits Like Diesel

It is usually not common for non-raw denim jeans to run big, but that is the case with the jeans from 7 For All Mankind.

These jeans run bigger than your normal size, which is also the case with most jeans from Diesel. Similarly, the fitting of the Diesel jeans becomes synonymous with those from 7 For All Mankind, especially the Diesel Jogg Jeans.

This is because the jeans tend to stretch out after two or three times of washing them. It is one of the jeans made by Diesel that has a stretch factor like spandex in the fabric.

AG Jeans

Jeans That Fits Like Diesel

The fitting around the thighs is very comfy for a person with a larger thigh but fits big on a slimmer person.

This is because AG Jeans focuses more on comfy jeans than the stylish skinny high-rise jeans that have saturated the market already.

And I believe Diesel jeans stand for the same cause, coming from the denim lab f Italians who are obsessed with quality and convenience.


Jeans That Fits Like Diesel

Wrangler jeans come up a little bit, with a fitting that molds out the silhouette of your body without having to fit in snug on your body.

The fitting of the jeans is likely to that of the Diesel jeans. The high-rise structure, stretching from the crotch up to the waist makes the jeans come closer to the waist without being too tight.

Similarly, the inseam length of the Wrangler jeans fits the same as the Diesel, as it often goes down further below the ankle.

This type of fitting makes for more relaxed, straight, and convenient jeans, which I believe is offered by these two jeans.


The concluding part of this article features a tip on how to get well-fitted Diesel jeans, which I direct this tip are right in your size.

I directed this tip towards the measurement of your sizes before thinking of purchasing the Diesel jeans.

Whether you are buying from an e-commerce shop online or a physical shop, which is quite easy, make sure you have your real size in mind. It will save you from a lot of hassle that comes with wrong sizing.


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