10 Jeans Similar To Topshop Jamie (in 2023)

The Jamie Jeans stormed the market with their dazzling appearance, under the Topshop brand, having similar features to the Joni’s but with front pockets and belt loops.

One of the many features that all Topshop jeans have in common is they run about one size smaller.

The jeans are stretchy so they are bound to hold well on your waist. The elasticity however lasts so your waistband doesn’t end up with a gape.

Speaking of the Jamie, they are not the type of Jeans you want to part with after trying them out. Choosing the right size for your Jamie’s might seem like a task, as they run small. They come in different lengths for Petite, Medium and Tall.

The Jamie Jeans also come in two different styles: the skinny and the flare. Both styles are high-waisted and ankle-grazing so if these are your favorite features, you might just want to check out the jeans below.

Top Picks

  • Best bum-lifting jeans: Molly Jeans
  • Best non-skinny jeans: American Apparel High-waist Mom Jeans
  • Best Skinny Jeans: Momokrom High-waisted Skinny Jeans
  • Best High-waisted Jeans: Democracy Women’s Vintage Skinny Jeans
  • Best Flared Jeans: Paley Mid Rise Bootcut Pull-on Jeans

10 Topshop Jamie Skinny Jeans Alternatives

Molly Jeans

This is one of the softest jeans available on the River Island website. They are skinny and they have an elastic band around the waist, available in both high-rise and mid-rise.

The Molly Jeans are reviewed to provide a flattering look to your legs, as the soft fabric leans perfectly on your skin like some actual leggings.

In addition to Molly’s features is its bum sculpting technology. This actually has to do with the yoke of the jeans, also called ‘Riser’.

If you are wondering what the yoke means, it’s the V shape you see when you stare at the back of the jeans. When you look in your jeans, you can see the fabric that runs under your crotch.

The deeper the ‘V’ appears, the better your bum curve will look. This is one of the features that are definitely omitted in the boys’ jeans, as it makes you look like you have a bigger bum. Yes, it’ll be pretty awkward.

The Molly Jeans will be a pretty nice replacement for your Topshop Jamie Jeans, and you might end up preferring these ones.


  • Bum sculpting
  • Jegging feel
  • Belt loops


  • More of a mid-rise style
  • Inconsistent sizing

American Apparel High-waist Mom Jeans

This is one great piece of work from American Apparel. You are probably already aware of this Brand’s existence.

While many might have assumed a closedown of the American Apparel clothing company due to the sex scandal its founder got caught up in, operations are still going and American Apparel is doing pretty fine.

Thanks to the new managers; Gildan, another activewear company. There have not been many changes with the clothing but that isn’t a bad thing, is it?

Considering the fact that American Apparel was one of the worshipped brands in its early days, you might have to do some more worshipping now.

Now, they might have put some work into the sizing of this one, as American Apparel jeans are known to run small. However, this one doesn’t come true to size either.

American Apparel now offers plus sizes which are definitely new and the fit of their jeans is not as small as it used to be.

Now, you just might have to go up by one size only.  I wouldn’t call this a perfect replacement for your Jamie Jeans but this is definitely better than your regular mom jeans.

They are not super skinny, or skinny at all, but they come in a very slim fit, more like a carrot fit that don’t lay on your legs (since the hems are rolled).

The much-loved high-rise feature of the Jamie Jeans is not omitted here. It sits well on your waist with no elasticity. Being composed of a hundred percent cotton denim.

One edge the American Apparel High-waist Mom Jeans has over your Jamie’s is they last longer and won’t stretch out like elastic jeans will.

Once again, they run one size smaller like your Jamie’s. It has a zip fly and a button closure, like your Jamie’s, with four pockets


  • Great quality
  • High-waisted
  • Belt loops
  • Low risks of stretch-out


  • Slim but not skinny
  • Runs smaller
  • No stretch

Momokrom New Ladies High-waisted Skinny Jeans

This is one brand you might not know. I didn’t know this brand either, and I still don’t know the brand…. But I know this pair of jeans and, trust me, this pair might turn out to the best your favorite on this list.

If you have heard of Tube Jeans, then you know what this is about. If not, you now have an opportunity to know.

As long as you can find your actual size in the list of available pieces, count yourself lucky! I mean that. This pair comes true to size so there is no stress in finding one that fits.

These Momokrom New Ladies Skinny Jeans are skinny (in the pencil style, down to the ankles) and high-waisted- just as the name implies- with belt loops, a zip fly, and a button closure.

When it comes to quality, this unpopular pair beats your Jamie Jeans.


  • Belt loops
  • High quality
  • High-waisted
  • True to size


  • Ankle might be loose

Democracy Women’s Vintage Skinny Jeans

If you are a lover of the classic skinny fit, then you shouldn’t go without checking out this pair.

The Democracy brand is pretty new to us, considering how far back most of our popular brands started. If you are after some beautiful casual fashion, Democracy might be the best to turn to… but this pair goes beyond casual.

This is one of their ‘Ab Solution’ series, with high-rise waistbands that cover a part of the belly so you don’t get a ‘German Goiter’ from the tightness. In terms of quality, Democracy jeans are reviewed to last long.

At least, longer than your Topshop Jamie. Then you get a nice flattering look on your legs, as a topping. Just so you know, this is not the type of jeans that flatten the look of your bum.

It comes in the beautiful vintage style but its high yoke keeps your bum well-shaped and highly lifted up! It has the regular five pocket design, with a zip fly fastener and a metal button closure.

This pair has belt loops, just in case you want to add some designer belts to your fashion combo. To top it all up, the jeans come true to size.


  • Classic skinny fit
  • Vintage style
  • Stretchy fabric
  • Belt loops
  • True to size


  • High risk of stretch-out

Paley Mid Rise Bootcut Pull-on Jeans

Hey, it’s a product from JAG. From the look above, you probably consider that pair a Jegging… or maybe you don’t yet. The missing closure and fly will cause confusion.

I bet you already know what Jeggings are. I hear some people think it’s awkward but, not to worry, this is not a pair of Jeggings. In fact, the product is 94 percent made of cotton, 5 percent polyester, and there’s just one percent of elastane.

You don’t mind its pull-on style. While the stretch is just enough for easy wear, you get a taste of the age-old denim feels on your legs.

The Paley Bootcut jeans come with a mid-rise waistband, not as high as your Topshop Joni. It has a no-fly and no closure, as mentioned earlier.

It doesn’t have belt loops but what’s the use? The waistband is stretchy enough and actually retains its stretch long enough.

The pair is skinny from the waist to the hips and down to the knees. From the knees to the rest of the leg, there is a smooth flare, providing a sexy look to your curvy body.

I will actually rate this as the best skinny flared jeans with the appearance and somehow better than the Topshop Jamie Flared jeans.

Not just with the look, Paley Bootcut jeans are true to size so you have no problem with that. Even if there were a sizing problem, it would be worth your while, to replace your Topshop Jamie jeans with this beautiful flared pair.


  • Super skinny fit and flare
  • Stretchy waistband.
  • True to size
  • Affordable


  • Fluctuating quality
  • No fly
  • No belt loops

Mossimo Women’s High-Rise Skinny Jeans

Mossimo makes it to the list with its killer jeans! I will assume we all know Mossimo as one of the biggest fashion brands in the United States.

This pair is made with the special Power Stretch fabric which, asides from its extreme stretchability, is said to allow comfortable movement on your legs.

Also, the Power Stretch goes beyond elasticity, with its shape recovery ability. The jeans are high-waisted, like your Jamie’s and their elasticity will keep it up on your waist, much longer than your Topshop Jamie jeans will.

There is no doubt you appear beautiful in these jeans, with it’s exposed zipper pockets adding beauty to the appearance.

Mossimo might not be ranked high at the moment but these jeans might change your mind.


  • Super high waist
  • Belt loops
  • Extremely stretchy
  • Affordable


  • Runs small

VIPONES Women High Waist Flare Stretch Jeans

The VIPONES Women High Waist Flare is one great denim product. No jean lover can claim to have escaped the special feel of traditional denim.

It’s that surreal organic cotton feel that leaves you wanting more. This pair is available in both mid-rise and high-rise so you get to choose. The waistband is elastic and will stay up without having to strap a belt around you.

The jean is slim through the hips and thighs, while the flare starts from the knees. It is styled as distressed jeans, with rips at the thighs and knees. The exposed 4-button fly tops up the beauty.

There are not enough reviews to judge how this pair actually fits but the stress might just be worth it, as the fabric comes in premium quality and you can get it for just $45… or even less!.


  • Elastic waistband
  • Premium quality
  • Denim feel
  • Costs less
  • Distressed jeans


  • Costs more
  • Only mid-rise waist

Maria (23002) High Rise Flared Super Stretch

You hardly find flare jeans with a stretch and recovery feature. Looks like you just found this one easy.

This is a product from J Brand, another fashion retail brand which I’ll describe as ‘fairly popular’.

I mean you’ve definitely heard of J Brand Jeans. This is one of their great female wears. The tall girls don’t want to miss this.

Just like the flared Jeans mentioned earlier, the Maria 23002 pair comes thin from the waist down to the knees (but not as skinny as Paley) and the flare comes after.

It has a high waistband, fastened with four exposed buttons which give a beautiful touch to its look. This particular pair is coated black, making it appear a lot smoother and more attractive than your normal black jeans.

It has belt loops, just in case you want to support the elastic waistband… or you have some nice designer belt to rock. These jeans come as bootcut so some people may find them long.

Note: the jeans have more Viscose than cotton, with the addition of Lyocell and elastane. While the viscose and Lyocell make the fabric light and breathable, they may not be as durable as jeans with higher cotton concentration.


  • High rise waist
  • Slim hips, flared legs
  • Belt loops


  • Might be long
  • Low durability

Lace Up Mid Rise Flared Jeans Butt Lifting

These superb jeans have their parent brand as Generic. It’s not a popular brand either but you can check it out after this.

This pair combines the thin hip and wide-leg features of your regular flared jeans and adds a butt lifter to its ingredients

It has a slim high-rise waist and a thin straight fit from the hips to the knees, with a barely wide flare. The flare is designed in a special way with a knotted lace on both legs.

The pair is soft, stretchy, and comfortable. It is also available in many sizes… for everyone.


  • High rise
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Butt Lifting


  • Less quality fabric

F_Gotal bell bottom Jeggings

This is a nice pair, produced by an activewear brand. I won’t call this a perfect replacement for your Jamie Flared Jeans since it is a pair of Jeggings but it has every other part matching Topshop Jamie.

It has a high waist, similar to your Jamie’s, a zip fly, and a button closure.

It has belt loops. It has a high amount of stretch to keep the waistband on your waist. Just like the Lace-Up jeans, this pair also has a knotted lace by the legs, adding to its beauty.


  • Durable stretch
  • Bum lifting
  • High rise waist
  • Belt loops


  • Runs small


While the beauty and feel of the Topshop Jamie Jeans might seem unrivaled and its predictably short lifespan breaks your heart, we just picked out the perfect rivals for Topshop.

Hopefully, Topshop will step up on quality… but before then, check these out.


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