10 Jeans Similar to Rock Revival (Reviewed in 2023)

Jeans are worn by almost everyone, either to stay in style or to stay warm and comfortable. This denim clothing is not only a trendy fashion, it will also last you for years especially if you go for good quality.

Among the brands of denim clothing, Rock revival is one of the top tiers on the market. They make quality jeans for men and women that come in different styles; from skinny, boot cut, and straight stretch to a slim fit and many more.

Their materials are of excellent durability, assuring you the best of comfort in them.

Do you love the Rock Revival jeans and you are in search of brands like them? We will be reviewing brands similar to Rock revival. These brands make jeans with different options available for men and women.

They are made with quality cotton with suitable materials like polyester, elastane, and rayon to enhance durability and comfort.

10 Jeans Similar To Rock Revival

Jeans Unique features Review
G-star Raw 5-pocket construction 4.4/5
Levi’s They are good quality and durable 4.3/5
Wrangler They do not easily stretch 4.5/5
True religion Can be washed in the machine 4.3/5
34 Heritage They have belt loops 4.0/5
NYDJ They fit true to size 4.0/5
Mother Denim They are made of cotton 3.0/5
Paige They have zippers and buttons as closure 3.5/5
Duer They are comfortable 4.4/5
Lee They are made of elastane 4.7/5

G-Star Raw

G-star Raw is a unique denim brand that started in 1989, many years after the popular brands Levi and Wrangler were established.

This Dutch designer clothing company focuses on making unwashed and untreated denim. In 1996, raw denim jeans were introduced.

They were untreated and made directly in the factory.

G- Star focuses on making jeans that are not only comfortable but also environmentally friendly. They are made with 100% organic cotton and mixed with 1 or 2% of elastane to make them soft and stretch with the body.

With their new line of jeans, fewer chemicals are used and renewable and recycled materials are used enhancing sustainability. Rivets and zippers were replaced with Eco-friendly metallic buttons so they can be recycled.

The materials used are of better quality and long-lasting. These denim jeans will get better with each wear, giving you lasting comfort. They are machine washable, but should not be washed frequently.

Their style and fitting are superb, each Jean molding to your body and following your movement. They have the 5-pocket construction.

They are a great alternative to Rock revival. Different designs are available: from straight cut, slim fit, boyfriend, shape high to skinny trousers e.t.c. Unisex Jean tops are also available.


When it comes to history and experience, Levi jeans are top in the game. These jeans are the first ever made. Levi started in 1853 and sold the first pair of jeans in 1873.

This brand explores different styles and continues to stay on-trend. They offer varieties; from skinny jeans to the original sturdy 501 that first hit the market.

They were the first to introduce jeans with loops for belts. They advanced from button fly to zipper fly and continuously developed different styles that fit different body shapes and activities.

Levi also went further to opt for materials that are eco-friendly while maintaining durability and comfort.

They make use of softer cotton that easily adapts to the shape of your body, they are smooth and stretch with time. They are designed to wear in fade patterns.

They will fade in time as the white begins to show more through the blue and gives it a unique appearance on the skin. Elastane and polyester are added in making some of their jeans.

While Elastane makes them stretchy, polyester enhances durability and its resistance to wear. They can be washed in the machine.

Their jean trousers feature a 5-pockets construction. The Levi jeans are of good quality, designed for your utmost comfort all day.


One of the oldest brands in denim clothing, Wrangler makes one of the top-quality and very durable Jean wear.

They were originally intended for cowboys, ranchers, and rodeos, but these days can be worn as everyday casual and even to the office.

They are very unique in their style as they remained in following the same pattern for their jeans. Their jeans are very sturdy and have a more loose-fitting with the seams not rubbing against the skin.

They also have pockets that sit higher, suitable on horseback. Wrangler also strives toward sustainability by making use of plant-based dye and decreasing the use of water in production.

Wrangler jeans are made with heavy cotton fibers and also use a mixture of polyester and elastane. They are usually heavier than most jeans and do not easily stretch with wear.

They have a high waist and their trousers have a 5-pocket construction. While these jeans usually come in loose-fitting, they have a fit guide that gives you the option to choose the best fit for you.

These jeans are comfortable and a must-have. They come at a very affordable price. They are good for all-day work. You can also machine-wash these jeans.

True Religion

True religion is a classic and luxury denim brand that kicked off in 2002. They soon became popular for their unique design that features the Super T stitch.

This brand makes use of quality materials for their jeans with careful detailing made to stand out and grab attention. They are made with quality cotton that is breathable and soft.

This brand combines polyester and elastane in the making of its jeans. They also design jeans with Rayon to make them very soft. All these are aimed to ensure lasting comfort and durability.

True religion jeans usually come in a  loose fit, but they also have a wide range of slimmer fits. Their style comes in skinny, slim, and loose with different sizes available for all body sizes.

With a zipper and button closure, you are sure of a more suitable and comfortable fit. Their jeans are machine-washable and good for an everyday casual look and even a day in the office.

34 Heritage

The 34 Heritage started in 2011 and deals in premium denim that suits every occasion.

This Toronto-based company designs jeans in a modern and classic style that will match anything from business casual to a casual hangout with friends. They are made with materials of undisputed quality for ultra comfort.

The soft ring-spun cotton and the stretch technology with the hand finishing is the perfect blend that brings these jeans to life.

This rich denim will stretch and conform to the shape of your most as you sit, stand, or walk.

34 Heritage fits just right. The 34 Heritage Charisma is a mid-rise fit with an 11.5 inches front rise and 17 inches back rise for extra comfort.

The 34 Heritage Courage is mid-rise with a slightly narrowed leg from the knee, a good fit for those who love straight legs.

34 Heritage jeans should be washed on cold and dry on low. The fabric’s color will fade with time, so minimize frequent washing.


Named Not Your Daughter Jeans, this brand stands out in making jeans for women to make them feel good about their bodies.

The jeans give the right fit on all sides with a figure-flattering panel at the tummy.

It lifts your behind with the Lift Tuck® Technology and accentuates your curves properly. NYDJ comes in 66 different sizes between its regular, plus, petite, tall, and maternity lines. They have everything for every woman.

The NYDJ jeans are made with quality materials to bring the best of comfort all day.

From premium denim, colored denim, and Bi-stretch to chambray and other top-notch fabrics, NYDJ jeans offer the best and are a must-have for all women. They fit true to size.

Mother Denim

These jeans are highly expensive but offer good quality that will make you go for them. Made in the USA, these jeans come in classic styles that appeal to women.

The Mother denim makes use of materials that enhance the right fit and comfort all day, you won’t be too quick to get them off your body.

They are soft, stretchy, and very comfortable. They have the right blend of cotton, polyester, and elastane.

The Mother denim is also worn by men and will also provide comfort all day. These jeans come true to size and can be washed in the machine.

If you want a good pair of jeans and do not mind spending the extra bucks, then the Mother denim is the right pair for you.


This is another very pricey luxury brand. Paige designs quality jeans that offer maximum comfort all day.

They are made with TRANSCEND fiber technology, a soft and flexible fabric that molds to your body’s shape.

They feature a combination of cotton, rayon, polyester, and elastane. These materials are lightweight, breathable, and durable.

The Paige jeans provide a vintage look, giving you a worn-in feel without compromising comfort.

The Paige jeans fit true to size. They don’t take time to break in. They come in varieties of washes, fits, rises, and styles to suit all body shapes and sizes. You can wash your jeans with a machine on cold.


The Duer is the perfect travel jeans that provide maximum comfort for travelers. They are made with quality materials that give enough stretch and flexibility that makes them suitable for riding a bike.

These jeans will also fit perfectly for a date or any casual event. The Duer performance denim is made with 70% cotton, 28% Coolmax, and 2% Lycra.

This combination gives this Duer flagship product a very good stretch for extra comfort.

Duer jeans have gussets at the crotch to enhance comfort. It is a triangle area of flexible material. This enhances the performance of these jeans.

You don’t need to worry about wearing jeans that are too tight at the crotch. Duer has eliminated this by providing the gusset. The CoolMax helps to keep you cool during summers and warm during winters.

They also make jeans lined with fleece for an extra layer of warmth. The Duer is also long-lasting. They have triple-stitched inseams and double-layered back pockets that enhance the strength of these jeans.

These jeans come in varieties of colors and styles from slim, relaxed to skinny. They fit true to size.


Lee is another famous brand that started in the late 80s and makes authentic and comfortable jeans for both men and women.

They are affordable and provide a wide range of styles and designs to meet your preferences.

They use the right blend of cotton, spandex, and polyester to make jeans that will provide comfort all day. They also make use of recycled fabrics for some of their jeans, making them stretchy and comfortable.

Their waistband is flexible and stretches out well. They have the Lazy S stitching on the back pockets.

Lee makes jeans with different designs and styles. They have slim, skinny, and straight legs. Lee jeans come true to size.

However, the raw (unwashed) denim shrinks about 1- ½ size when washed, so you should order a size up for their raw denim jeans for better comfort.

These jeans can be washed in the machine, but these should be minimized. Spot cleaning is much better.


Wearing the right pair of jeans is very important for your comfort. Your jeans should fit right and should allow you to move in them.

These reviewed brands will offer you a wide variety to choose from. They range in different styles, sizes, and prices so you can find whatever you are looking for.

They will serve as a good alternative to Rock revival. So relax and make your choice from any of them.


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