10 Jeans Similar to Mugsy (in 2023)

It is funny that I didn’t know Mugsy until a while ago. Among the 5000 ranked fastest-growing companies in the United States, Mugsy reportedly takes the 69th position. Not knowing the unique denim brand is definitely my fault.

The Mugsy brand turns out to be a no-joke, taking a 4.2 rating out of 5 on Knoji. The brand recognition is pretty high so if you don’t recognize this brand, it’s your fault too. Mugsy makes use of cotton and different synthetic fibers, technically mixed for the comfort of their customers.

While it seems like I am marketing, the Mugsy brand doesn’t need me as it is obviously one of the top brands in the market today.

The Mugsy jeans have been tagged ‘super comfortable and soft’. Unfortunately for the pockets of many, Mugsy jeans are pretty hefty in price.

There is no doubt you never want to let go of the feel but can you let go of the price? Let’s check out alternatives.

Top Picks

  1. Best Casual Styled Jeans: Zaxarra Pencil Jeans
  2. Best Rugged Jeans: Wotega Sweatpants Jeans
  3. Best Fashionable Jeans: G-Star Raw 5620 Zip-knee Jeans
  4. Best Comfortable Jeans: DU/ER L2X Performance Slim Fit Jeans
  5. Best Quality Jeans: Levi’s 514 Slim Straight Jeans

10 best Mugsy Alternatives 

Zaxarra Pencil Jeans

Don’t get tired of the many small brands on this list. If they weren’t the closest to your best, then they just might not be here.

Zaxarra has been in the fashion industry for over ten years and, even though they are still not well recognized, they deserve some recognition.

They are making really good clothing for men, women, and kids. This one is proof after all.

While Mugsy boasts of superb fit, Zaxarra is doing a great job on a low. Asides from the extremely comfortable fit, the exact pair above appear like your Joggers with many pockets.

You don’t have to admit it but those pockets add some sauce to your look. It has an extremely casual appearance.

That might be considered a downside by many but, if you are one of those seeking smart-casual jeans, this one is for you.

Speaking of quality, the fabric is composed of cotton, polyester, and elastane. From the reviews, you can tell the material is high quality and well-appreciated by users.

If this particular pair wasn’t appearing too casual, I would call it a better replacement for your Mugsy jeans but let’s settle for ‘fair’.

Zaxarra has their jeans in distressed styles too and gym pants style, which appears even better. You’ll be missing out on a lot if you don’t check them out.


  • Fair replacement for your Mugsy jeans
  • Super Stretch
  • Very Cheap
  • Skinny jeans
  • Many pockets
  • Durable and breathable
  • Comfortable feel


  • Casual
  • Low brand recognition

Wotega Sweatpants Jeans

Mugsy is one of those big jean brands that have a specialty and put it in each of their products, unlike the leading companies like Levi’s.

As mentioned earlier, the fast-growing brand has been tagged a producer of soft and comfortable jeans. I’m guessing it’s rare when it comes to men’s jeans.

I found a much lower brand with a similar offer. Do you know how women have Jeggings; getting the same comfort they feel in leggings while keeping up the smart look of regular skinny jeans.

It is the same with the Wotega Sweatpants in Jeans. If you are one in need of that comfortable feel that the Mugsy jeans offer, search no more. It is right here staring back at you.

It is not totally straight and fitted like most of your Mugsy jeans but if you like the rugged Mugsy styles, you should like this one.

It can be easily pulled on, having a drawstring closure that enables to widen and tighten the waist at will. The tightness is totally determined by you, as the jeans are highly elastic.

It has a slimmer fit along the legs, like pencil jeans, but it has more space for your ankle and legs to feel totally comfortable. I would say the ‘soft and comfortable’ tag also applies to this pair of Jeans.


  • Easy pull-on
  • Comfortable feel
  • Affordable
  • Stretchy
  • Fair replacement of Mugsy jeans


  • Casual
  • Low brand recognition
  • Not enough durability

G-Star Raw 5620 Zip-knee Jeans

If we had to talk about the safest jeans, the G-Star Raw Jeans will definitely top the list…. But I don’t think it is any different in this case.

While G-Star Raw is reportedly better than Levi’s in terms of quality, they are also reviewed to be plain and ugly.

That seems to be a review of the past, after all, now that G-Star Raw has stormed out the world with a superb pair of jeans, great with the fit and great with the look.

The pair of jeans has kneepads and zips across. They might seem needless but they add to the beauty.

This pair of jeans fits greatly and comfortably. For lovers of snug-fit jeans, you will get that feature here too.

In summary, this one seems to have it all and I will call it a fair replacement for your Mugsy jeans. Just ‘Fair’ because it is fashionable and necessarily casual, due to the zip on the knees.

The G-Star Raw brand currently has a 3.9 rating out of 5 on Knoji. You should check it out.


  • Extremely Durable
  • Superb fit
  • Fashionable
  • Fair replacement for your Mugsy jeans
  • Kneepads
  • Trendy brand


  • Extremely Expensive!
  • Casual

DU/ER L2X Performance Slim Fit Jeans

This is one of the best jeans on this list… or probably the best. Asides from the look, the feel is just the perfect one and it might just beat your favorite Mugsy jeans.

The DU/ER brand was founded in 2013 with a creative idea of a fabric that breaches the gap between athletic pants and regular denim jeans. According to the founder, it’s neither of the two. Rather, it is a new type of fabric… And it is.

If you are a factory worker or an athletic person, this is it. You can decide to throw your left leg to the north and the other leg to the south and this pair of jeans will remain intact.

It has a high stretch (2% Elastane) that even the Mugsy jeans will not be able to compete with. From my point of view, this is the better option to fill the space of your Mugsy jeans.

The Coolmax fiber in its composition makes it stand out. Coolmax is a type of polyester that is better than polyester itself. It is softer, lighter, and a lot more breathable than polyester and even natural cotton.

The CoolMax fiber also has moisture-wicking properties which dry up your sweat quickly and keep you comfortable. It has the regular five pockets of normal jeans, a zip fly, and a closure button.

DU/ER has a total rating of 4.2 out of 5 on Knoji. You should check out the brand.


  • Trendy brand
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Super Stretchy
  • Better replacement for Mugsy jeans
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Durable
  • Lightweight


  • Casual
  • Expensive

Levi’s 514 Slim Straight Jeans

If I say anything about Levi’s, I bet you would just complete it. Levi’s is well-known. They are the fashion retail brand with the highest rating in today’s modern world.

This fact may change sometimes later but, for now, they are still the best… and I found one of their pairs similar to the Mugsy jeans.

This pair of jeans can be compared to your tactical pants, like the 5.11 mentioned above, but I won’t call it a perfect replacement for Mugsy jeans. Rather, I will call it fair.

The Levi jeans use an expensive synthetic fiber so expect to spend some money. Consequentially, Levi’s fabric has a more durable fabric; more breathable, long-lasting, and slower wear-out process.


  • More durable
  • Comfortable fit
  • Light stretch
  • Trendy brand
  • Slim fit


  • Not a perfect replacement for your Mugsy jeans
  • Reacts to heat.
  • Expensive

G-72 Slim Fit Jeans

G-72 is another small fashion set-up with fair brand recognition. Being a small brand, the cost of the jeans is pretty low. If you want the exact look of your Mugsy skinny jeans, this is it.

Have you ever heard of loose skinny jeans? I made it up but you should understand. This pair of jeans lay on your skin without being too tight, just like your Mugsy jeans, but I won’t call this a perfect replacement.

While Mugsy jeans seem to have their secret of keeping these perfectly comfy skinny jeans on your waist, you might need to go one size smaller when picking the G-72 jeans.

The elasticity of the band on the waist doesn’t prevent it from rolling down but a smaller size should. However, it has belt loops to hold it up so I wouldn’t call this a downside. The belt loops can’t just sit around. They have to work too.

But there is a downside, after all. There have been recurring reviews about loose threads, although only on the insides. There are also reviews on the weak texture of the fabric.

If you want the perfect look of your Mugsy jeans, you will surely get it here, even at a low price. As long as you can manage your pants, you are good to go. G-72, like the Wotega brand, doesn’t have a rating on Knoji but you can check out other jeans too.


  • Super stretch
  • Comfortable feel
  • Very affordable


  • Low-quality fabric
  • Low brand recognition

Gingtto Skinny Jeans

The basic supernatural stretch that makes Mugsy jeans special might not be so ‘special’, after all. Don’t mind me using another ‘unknown’ brand here but I will feel pretty guilty if I don’t share this one.

Just so you know, Gingtto might be a small brand but it’s not totally unknown. It has a rating on Knoji, though only as few as three people have lent a hand.

Back to the jeans above, it has a stretch similar to the Mugsy jeans, or even the ‘Always Fit’ denim of the Good American.

Without the added rips on it, it would be good for a non-casual occasion but there are rips. I will consider that the only downside here.

It is totally comfortable and lets your legs move freely. The elastane has your back. You can also consider the non-distressed version of this pair. You should check out the Gingtto brand.


  • Fairly durable
  • Affordable
  • Super Stretch
  • Comfortable fit


  • Casual
  • Low brand recognition

5.11 Tactical Defender-flex Jeans

This is another top-rated jean. You can smile now. This is the kind of jeans you were at a factory.

They are literally tactical pants so that is what you should expect.

Speaking of the fit, they are definitely comfortable and they fit well. They are just not as slim fitting as your Mugsy jeans.

For this reason, I won’t call this a perfect replacement but the ‘soft and comfortable’ tag is not left out in this pair of jeans.

They are rugged looking. They’d give a better appearance to a weightlifter, a soldier, or a cop… but that doesn’t stop you from enjoying the comfort. It’s just not too fortunate that the 5.11 tactical jeans are not so cheap.

They are not actually cheap in any way so you might want to get your pockets ready if you will get this.

Speaking of quality, this pair gets ahead of your Mugsy jeans. It is the thickest pair on the list, the strongest, and consequently, the heaviest.


  • Most durable fabric
  • Comfortable fit
  • Trendy brand
  • Light stretch


  • Heavyweight

Enzo Men’s Skinny Fit Jeans

This is no small brand, in case you are wondering where this one is from. The Ze Enzo brand is not one of the top-rated brands and it is not rated in Knoji but that doesn’t make the rated ones any better. This pair of jeans will prove it to you.

This is the type of jeans that pulls you before you even get them on. I bet you have pulled already. This one comes in the skinny fit, as the name implies.

The high stretch level takes effect as it hugs your legs smoothly. It might feel tight and you might consider that a downside but you won’t be letting go of this one. You won’t let go of the comfort and the great look it gives you.

It has a strong and thick fabric. This guarantees you high durability so you don’t have to worry about how long it’ll last.

Lucky for me and you, it costs a lot less than your Mugsy. If I am asked, it is worth more than the price tag.


  • High Durability
  • High stretch
  • Skinny Fit
  • Pretty Affordable
  • Comfortable fit


  • Snug-fitting at ankle
  • Requires careful washing

Jack And Jones Jeans

Jack and Jones is a top brand. I bet you know this one already. I would call it one of the closest to the Levi brand in terms of rating.

This Jean comes in a perfect fit, as long as you’ve picked the right size, and it is extremely comfortable. It has the look of regular jeans but it is brighter.

It has the straight-fit appearance of your Mugsy jeans but it is not as stretchy. Every other feature is like the regular denim jeans; five pockets, belt loops, zip fly fastening, and button closure.

However, this brand might have no rival, after all, when it comes to quality. It seems to make use of Cotton, polyester, and elastane in a better way that produces extremely durable jeans like this one.

You would be missing out if you don’t check this one. I mean Jack and Jones has a 4.3 rating out of 5 on Knoji. You have to find out why!


  • High durability
  • Trendy brand
  • Comfortable fit
  • True to size
  • Fair replacement for your Mugsy jeans


  • Low Stretch


If the G-Star Jeans weren’t expensive to an extent of making you scream, I would pick them over the Mugsy jeans.

The Mugsy jeans are great but you should check these ones out if you don’t want Mugsy’s alone. Have good luck shopping!… And more luck for your pockets!


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