10 Jeans Similar to Kut From The Kloth (Best Alternatives in 2023)

It’s Kut From The Kloth! I have to admit we will spend a fortune on these jeans but do we really want to spend that much on anything at all. Don’t mind me.

I’m being hyperbolic. Kut from the Kloth is only fairly expensive, considering what they offer in return.

Kut from the Kloth is one of the new-age fashion brands and has succeeded in swimming to the top of the ratings in fifteen years, among older brands.

Despite the high quality the brand offers in its clothing, the prices remain under a hundred dollars, unlike other top brands that cost as much as two hundred dollars while even sacrificing fabric durability. There is no doubt Kut From The Kloth stands out.

I have compiled a list of ten jeans similar to Kut From The Kloth products; the stretch, the feel, and everything you’ve ever loved in your favorite pair of jeans.

Top Picks

  1. Best Skinny Jeans: Democracy Ab Solution Jegging
  2. Best Flared Jeans: Maria (23002) High Rise Flared
  3. Best Boyfriend Jeans: Riders by Lee Fringed Boyfriend Jeans
  4. Best Baggy jeans: Genleck High-rise Baggy Jeans
  5. Best Comfortable Jeans: Tapata Stretch Denim Joggers

Best 10 Kut from the Kloth Alternatives

Democracy Ab Solution Jegging

Lovers of the classic skinny jeans won’t be able to take their eyes off this one after checking it out, even as a guy.

This is what I call a combination of all you want. I consider the Democracy brand a new setup, compared to many of the top brands of today. However, the Brand’s interesting innovation has brought them this far.

If you seek some nice casual clothing, Democracy is one of the best brands to go to… but this pair goes beyond casual, anyway. The AB solution series is great in a surreal way. They come with high waists.

The waistband is as high as your abdomen, covering that part of the belly. Consequentially, you get the perfect look from your super skinny jeans. The waistband prevents you from getting a ‘German Goiter’ from the tightness.

When it comes to quality, you have no need to worry. The Democracy jeans are reviewed to last long if not longer than your Kut From The Kloth jeans.

The nice flattering legs you get are a bonus. In addition to all of that, the jeans work wonders on your bum, unlike other pants that flatter your bum and hide your curves.

It might appear like a modernized and slim-fitted vintage jean but the butt-sculpting feature overthrows your new-age fashion.

The high yoke keeps your bum well-shaped and highly lifted up.


  • Classic skinny fit
  • Vintage style
  • Stretchy fabric
  • Belt loops
  • True to size


  • High risk of stretch-out
  • Fair match for Kut From The Kloth skinny jeans

Maria (23002) High Rise Flared

I never thought there were flared skinny jeans but there was Kut From The Kloth’s Ana Mid-rise Flared Jeans.. I just had to find more. It looks really great, even though the curve you get might be a façade. I’ll say kudos to J-Brand.

J Brand is another fairly popular fashion retail brand and they are doing pretty great. This is one of their great female wears made especially for tall girls.

The Maria 23002 pair comes thin (skinnier than Kut From The Kloth’s ‘Ana mid-rise flare’) from the waist down to the knees and the flare comes from there down.

It has a higher waistband than the Ana mid-rise flare. It has an exposed fly of four buttons adding a beautiful touch to its look. This pair has a black coating, making it appear as smooth as leather pants and a lot more attractive than your normal black jeans.

It has belt loops, just in case you have some nice designer belts to rock. These jeans come as bootcut so you may find it long, which is why I said it’s for the tall ladies.

The jeans are concentrated with more of Viscose than cotton, with the addition of Lyocell and elastane. The composition explains the fabric’s lightweight feel and breathability.

However, the Maria flared jeans may not be as durable as jeans that are more concentrated with cotton.


  • High rise waist
  • Slim hips, flared legs
  • Belt loops


  • Might be long
  • Low durability
  • Fair match for Kut From The Kloth flared jeans

Riders by Lee Fringed Boyfriend Jeans

Riders by Lee is another known brand with mixed reviews but I have high hopes for this one. I am matching this one to that Catherine Fringe Boyfriend Jeans (by Kut From The Kloth) only because of the rolled hems. They are both boyfriend jeans and probably similar in every way.

The rolled hems are dope on any kind of jeans except the flare. Yes, it’d be horrible to have flared jeans with rolled hems.

I would call this a perfect replacement for your Catherine Fringe Boyfriend jeans. Asides from the rolled hems in both, there is slight distress on the hips.

It also comes in a curvy shape, with an elastic waistband that holds the jeans up without gaping, unlike the Just Love Jeggings mentioned earlier.

Everyone hates the stress of ordering the wrong size. When it’s not your fault, then the brand should be blamed for the imperfect sizing of clothes.

There is that fear in trying out a new brand but there is nothing to worry about once you order a size down.

There is never a need to return the product unless you don’t get the right size. Once you do, there’s no regret. I will be giving the Lee brand 4.5 out of 5 for this.


  • Durable fabric
  • Stretchy
  • Skinny
  • Perfect replacement for Catherine Boyfriend jeans


  • Runs smaller

Genleck High-rise Baggy Jeans

Asides from the flared ones, Kut From The Kloth barely has any bootcut jeans… but I found one; Natalie Fellowship Bootcut Jeans (by Kut From The Kloth).

It’s not a great style for me, as I am not a fan of bootcut jeans but I found something else; bootcut jeans that I LIKE!

This is not about me so you can make your decision. The Genleck High-rise Baggy Jeans is not a perfect replacement but it’s pretty great. Unlike the Natalie pair, the Genleck is pretty loose and actually ‘baggy’, although the room is not as much as you’d expect.

The Genleck jean holds your hips tight and goes straight down to your feet. Rather than falling straight, the fabric is slant and wide, giving it a curvier appearance. The waistband is elastic and high-rise.

The two jeans have that in common, in addition to the bootcut. If I will choose, I will pick this over the Natalie jeans but, really, it’s not close.


  • Perfect fit
  • Affordable
  • Bootcut


  • Not a perfect replacement for Natalie
  • Cheap material

Tapata Stretch Denim Joggers

Right from my first glance at it, the Chris Utility Jogger (by Kut From The Kloth) blew my mind out of my head. It took some time to find it but no worries. I took some extra time to find a copy of that.

I personally pick joggers over jeans, any day and any time. Unfortunately, the offices might not do that. The Tapata brand and Kut From The Kloth seem to have found a way to merge the two.

Now, we have sweatpants in jeans. Everything you love in sweatpants is waiting for you right here. Only you can tell the secret. No one knows!

Just like the Jeggings, you get the perfect feel of your joggers, even the pockets, while it looks like regular jeans on the outside.

With the Tapata Denim Joggers, you are assured of the perfect fit and the perfect feel. I will give this a hundred out of a hundred.


  • Adjustable drawstring
  • Denim jean look
  • Comfortable feel
  • True to size
  • Affordable
  • Perfect replacement for Chris Utility Joggers


  • Easy wrinkling

Good American Good Legs

Everyone loves Good American. I would go for a pair of running boots if they were made by Usain Bolt himself. That probably explains why the ladies are rushing to this brand; Kardashian!.

You could blame the name of the founder for all the hype but the products are worth it. The jeans are worth the hype and the price too. It’s pretty expensive but you wouldn’t mind when you see what you get in return.

I will be comparing the Good American Good Legs pair to the Carlo Ankle Crop Skinny Jeans (by Kut From The Kloth).

The particular attached pair of Good Legs is cropped at the ankle and fits snugly. I’d say the two jeans have that in common but you’re not here for that. I’d rate the Good Leg jeans higher.

With Good American’s special ‘Always Fits’ denim, you can stretch your jeans up to four sizes higher, while the waistband is reportedly gape-proof. Despite all that stretch!

With this, you are assured the fit is always perfect, even if you pick a lower size.

If you are looking to switch from a trendy fashion brand to a more trendy one, Good American is for you. There are still mixed reviews on the brand, like every other brand, but I’m assuring you of this particular pair of jeans. You’ll go on ordering for more!


  • True to size
  • High durability
  • Super Skinny
  • High stretch level
  • Trendy brand
  • Perfect replacement for Carlo Ankle Crop Jeans


  • Bad return policy
  • No refunds
  • Expensive

Just Love Denim Jeggings

Let’s put the awkwardness outside. The comfort you get from your leggings can never be compared to that of your jeans.

The feeling is definitely different; from the stretch to the softness, down to the not-tight skintight fit.

I will be comparing this to the Donna High-rise Skinny Jeans Reinstated (by Kut From The Kloth). Before the decision is made, I find beauty in the button closure and even an exposed fly. If you are like that too, it might be a downside here.

Being a kind of legging pair, it comes in form of a pull-on so there is no fastener and no closure. Though, I see that as a bonus feature.

The stress of buttoning up can be something so wearing this one is totally easy.

The Just Love Denim Jegging is as high-waisted as your Donna Reinstated jeans, in case you love that feature.

If you are wondering what people think of a jean and legging hybrid, no one’s ever going to know. The secret lies in the perfect feel that’s exclusive to you.

On the outside, people can only see a pair of regular skinny jeans. It has a snug fit if you love that part.

It also comes true to size. I mean there is no point in striving to find the perfect fit. Just know your size and go for it.


  • Snug-fitting
  • Easy pull-on
  • Soft and stretchy feel
  • True to size
  • Cheap


  • No belt loops (Gaping waist can’t be fixed)
  • No closure
  • Not perfect replacement for Donna Reinstated jeans

Paige Denim Transcend Hoxton

Paige is another big brand on the block. There’s no need for the introduction since you already know them.

The Transcend Hoxton is one of the most discussed jeans under the Paige brand and, trust me if you haven’t tested this one out, you might want to throw Kut From The Kloth aside.

I will be comparing this to the Diana Rational Skinny Jeans (By Kut From The Kloth), only because the two are not ankle-grazing, and neither are they snug at the ankle. However, the Transcend Hoxton surpasses this in virtually everything including price.

It’s pretty unfortunate that you’ll want to try out every of the Transcend Hoxton style but the high prices might scare you away. My favorite is the coated version but I am using plain Transcend Hoxton jeans to make the comparison a lot fairer.

Asides from the high price, another downside is it runs large so you might have to size down…. But, even if you add two more downsides to this, the PAIGE Transcend Hoxton will still defeat your favorite jeans in the stretch, fit, and durability.


  • Varieties of styles
  • Very comfortable
  • Skinny
  • Stretchy
  • Durable fabric
  • Better replacement for Diana Rational Skinny Jeans


  • Runs large
  • Expensive

Topshop Moto Jamie Corset Legs

This is one of my favorites on this list. It looks more like ripped jeans but it obviously isn’t so I will compare it to another nice pair under Kut From The Kloth; Connie Ripped Exposed Button Ankle Jeans.

The two pairs are similar with the opening on the thighs, the ankle-grazing hems, and the skinny fit. Speaking of quality, Topshop is totally defeated. The Topshop jeans are reviewed to have less durability, despite the $100 dollar price tags.

However, when it comes to the beauty and the fit, the Topshop jeans are unrivaled. I would rate the Topshop Jamie jeans higher in that part. The corset laces on the hips and the legs make it more attractive than the rips on the Connie Jeans.

This is not a perfect replacement due to the high price and the low durability but, honestly, I would go for the Topshop Jamie Jeans always…. Like most ladies out there.


  • Attractive fit.
  • Comfortable feel
  • Skinny
  • High stretch level


  • Not a perfect replacement for Connie Skinny Jeans
  • Runs small
  • Less durability

Emmie Ultra Skinny Jeans

Now, this is my favorite pair of jeans on the list, intentionally added last. I will be comparing it to Jennifer Ultra Skinny Jeans (by Kut From The Kloth) because YOU ALREADY KNOW WHY!

The two jeans are super skinny. That is a fact. Now, is PAIGE’s Emmie Ultra Skinny Jeans a good replacement for Kut From The Kloth’s Jennifer? I’d say it’s even better.

I have seen too many stretchy and skinny jeans to find that special anymore. The Emmie jeans have exposed button flies and more exposed buttons in the pockets.

It might sound like a lot of stress buttoning up but that is until you see some lady rocking the perfect Emmie jeans.

As I mentioned earlier about PAIGE jeans in general, this pair comes in varieties of styles that get you too excited to pick calmly while worrying about your pocket.

It runs small but once you find your size, you’ve found perfection.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Super Skinny
  • Button design
  • Varieties of styles
  • Better replacement for Jennifer Ultra Skinny Jeans


  • Runs small


All jeans seem to have their downsides after all. As much as I’d defend Kut From The Kloth, there are real humans raining negative reviews on every rating site.

Not everyone is pleased the same way so I’d check out a pair of jeans I love and turn a blind eye to the reviews sometimes. Even Levi’s has bad reviews.

Go on ordering your jeans and you just might not think of returning any.


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