10 Jeans Similar to The Good American (in 2023)

In some way, every lady wants to look sexy, even to herself. I would say the best fashion advice is gotten from people who actually work and walk with it…

Definitely, a reason for any lady to rush into the Good American Jeans. It’s not such a bad idea, knowing it was co-founded by a fashion model; the great Khloe Kardashian herself, and a co-founder who I’ll just skip out.

There is a secret to the Good American; some ingredients concocted in their jeans to seduce our innocent interests. The irresistibility you can barely get anywhere else.

This is found in their unrivaled ‘Always Fits’ denim; the secret to a perfect fit. This even makes it easier to find your size without having to measure!

Now, let’s talk about similar jeans to Good American.

Top Picks

  1. Most Similar Fabric Feel: G-Star Raw High-waist Skinny Jeans
  2. Best Flared Jeans Like Good American: Zenthace Embroidered Stretchy Flared Jeans
  3. Best Gap-proof waistband jeans: YMI Mid-rise Gap-proof Skinny Jeans
  4. Best Boyfriend Jeans: Mavi Luna Balloon Jeans
  5. Best Bum sculpting skinny Jeans: Levanta Cola High Waist Skinny Jeans

10 Jeans Like Your Good American

3301 High-waist Skinny Jeans

Many or all of us are aware of Good American’s new style of jeans that ‘Always Fits’…. Now, that is mesmerizing, as many have reviewed this to be true.

The new stretchy products of Good American, ranging from the Good Legs to the Good Waist, are able to stretch up to four sizes and adjust to your body type.

The Good American also promises this feature in their jeans without the Jegging feel which might not be pleasing to some. Now, this means you can get to enjoy something like rigid denim feel while having some super stretchy and comfortable pair of jeans on.

If there is any other brand that can give you that combo, it’s the great G-Star Raw. The 3301 jeans are a product of G-Star and you know any G-Star product should last longer than any of its counterparts.

G-Star won a gold certification from Cradle-to-Cradle for their special fabric. That’s proof.

G-Star’s 3301 comes with a super-stretchy fit and a High-rise waist. They are not as stretchy as your Always Fits Good American but everything from the flattering look of your legs to the extremely comfortable feel is just perfect… everything except the quality, and that is in a good way.

G-Star provides a better quality fabric and it just might take forever for the jeans to prove themselves to you. I bet you will forget the date of purchase before you think of leaving a review.


  • Best quality fabric
  • Stretchy
  • True to size
  • Long-lasting


  • Minor stretch-out

Zenthace Embroidered Stretchy Flared Jeans

If you are a big fan of Good American Good Flare, then I bet you’ll love this. Zenthace is another Asian clothing brand on the block and they have stormed the industry with some really nice outfits.

This is a bell bottom flare jeans (i.e. wider flare), with some supernatural stretch level even your Good Flare jeans cannot compete with.

This pair is slim fit through the hips and knees. It hugs tightly and comfortably, making your beautiful curves appear more pronouncedly.

Can your Good Flare jeans do any better than this? From the knee down, there is the flare covering your ankle.

The transition from the slim-fit knee to the extremely wide flare creates a curvy look, not to mention the curvy look on the stretchy high-rise waistband.

Concerning the warning given earlier on Chinese sizing, it’s quite the opposite here. The manufacturers probably realized their ‘small’ flaws and decided to add a ‘plus’ to this one, putting up a ‘true to size’.

Unfortunately, it’s more of a ‘multiplication’ than a ‘plus’. You are advised to choose a smaller size. Once you find the perfect fit, you won’t regret it. The reviews confirm that.


  • Belt loops
  • Frayed hems
  • Stretch
  • Very cheap


  • Runs extremely large
  • Thin denim

YMI Mid-rise Gap-proof Skinny Jeans

You know how you look at clothing retailers when they claim their fabric will never stretch out or wear out or fade.

I am looking at the YMI this way but I am also looking at the ‘Always Fits’ denim, the same way.

I will be giving kudos to the quite popular brand, YMI, for this brilliant product. It’s fair to say they are still on top of their game after 22 years in the fashion industry.

 This YMI pair of Jeans is slightly high in the waist and claims its elastic waistband is limitless… To focus on the facts, YMI is a brand that often gets a five-star rating and this pair of jeans is not getting less than that.

The same way your Good American jeans will last, this pair will last just as long on your waist without stretching out. It has a high level of stretch and it is made specially to show off your curves.

Aside from the sizing which runs small, there is nothing to worry about. Which other pair can stand toe to toe with the Good American like this?


  • Very cheap
  • Low risks of stretch-out
  • Distressed detailing
  • Stretchy and comfortable
  • Butt Lifting


  • Runs small
  • Minor shrink

Mavi Luna’s High-rise Balloon Jeans

This is another pair of jeans identical to your favorite Good American boyfriend jeans. The Mavi brand is popular for its contemporary style of Jeans and is reviewed to be worth every dollar spent on it.

They know their customers, supply the trends and keep their products affordable.

This Luna balloon jeans come in a straight fit like the boyfriend jeans you know but with a slight curvy twist in the waist.

Their product is 100% cotton denim with no bit of stretch. That gives you the rigid denim feel you’ve longed for in your Good American Good Straight Jeans.

With this, you get the optimum denim comfort, the perfect curvy look, and a stretchy waistband to keep up your dazzling appearance.

Mavi jeans, like G-Star, are generally made to last long in quality so that shouldn’t be a problem. They also come affordable, as I said earlier.

These are the best and most identical replacements you can ever get for your Good American Good Boy jeans. You get the same look, the same rigid denim feel, and virtually everything except the unneeded stretch.

Due to the unadded stretch, there are fewer risks of a stretch-out. However, the Mavi jeans, like every other cotton denim, loosen up but this can be corrected by washing since washing leads to a minor shrink. All in all, Mavi Luna balloon jeans last longer.


  • Long-lasting
  • Quality fabric
  • Belt loops
  • Denim feel
  • Affordable


  • Minor Shrink
  • Minor Stretch-out
  • Runs a bit small

Levanta Cola High Waist Skinny Jeans

This is a ‘killer’ product from a pretty small brand called Fashion2love. I need not beg you to show some love. This pair of jeans will make you.

The ‘Levanta Cola’ (a name for Colombian butt-lifting jeans) was created to give your bum surreal sculpting. Looks like the Colombian curvy appearance might have a secret after all.

Do you know how fascinating the Good American Good Curve is on your waist and your bum? That sculpting feature must have seemed like a secret ingredient to Good American’s products but Colombia seems to do it better.

Aside from the deep yoke and the high-rise waistband that put some emphasis on your sexy curve, the rest of your body is clung to by some skinny elasticity. It has four pockets and three closure buttons on the waistband.

While the jeans are actually true to size, they are not very tight around the hips and waist but, if you want a good replacement for your Good American Good Curve, nothing gets curvier than this.


  • Bum sculpting
  • Skinny and stretchy
  • Belt loops
  • True to size


  • Loose hips

SHEIN High-waisted Baggy Jeans

If you are new to SHEIN, which is very unlikely due to its fast-growing rate at the present moment, Well, SHEIN is a venerable Asian online fashion retailer. They are known for their inexpensive fashion products. You know what that means.

If you ever want to go for this pair of jeans, you have no need to worry about your pocket, as they cost far less than the Good American Good Boy.

The SHEIN brand is said to have their cheaper version of all the great styles you glare at from bigger brands.

Yes! This is a very similar jeans to the Good American Good Boy. You know boyfriend jeans and how they sit on the low waist to look baggy.

The SHEIN High-waisted Baggy Jeans come with a high-rise waistband that hugs your waist and hangs there, while the rest of the jeans flows loosely from your thighs down to your legs.

The idea was actually gotten from girls that borrow their boyfriend’s straight-cut jeans. It is an 85% denim product with no stretch features, unlike the Good American Good Boy, but it gives you just the perfect look, accentuating your waist curve.

In addition to the Good American appearance, you get to have the age-old hunky-dory denim feel without sacrificing beauty.

If you are looking for some replacement for your Good American Good Boy jeans, then this is just it. This pair has rips on the knees, by the way.


  • Denim feel
  • Belt loops
  • Comfortable fit through the thighs
  • Inexpensive


  • Inconsistent sizing
  • No stretch
  • Lower quality

Dunacifa Curvy High-waisted Baggy Jeans

This one is capped ‘Vintage Streetwear’. Before you get thrown off by the extremely low price and the literally unknown brand, remember you are the curvy type who wants a replacement for Good American Good Straight.

As long as you remember that person is you, you might have no choice but to order. Dunacifa is a Chinese brand, which explains why the price of their products is low.

Hold on! Don’t get thrown off by that either. You might have heard rumors about Chinese products being of poor quality but that is no longer through. China has improved over the last few years.

Although there are no reviews on this particular jeans to back it up, it wouldn’t hurt to spend 12 times less than you spend on Good American just to test out this beautiful product.

Concerning the sizing, it is said to run smaller so you are advised to order one or two sizes up. Don’t judge yet. This is because the label shows the Asian size which is apparently smaller than the rest of the world.

Asides from the straight leg feature, the jean also lifts the hips and sculpts your bum so you might not be missing anything out from your Good Straight Jeans.

If you are a lover of High-waisted jeans, you will get them here. If you want something elastic but with a denim feel, this is it. If you want that Good American Good Straight look on you, this nice pair is sure to provide it.

If you want bootcut jeans with a vintage look, then you have found it.


  • Curvy Waist
  • Extraordinarily cheap
  • Denim feel
  • Belt loops
  • Elastic waistband


  • Runs small
  • Unpredictable quality

Nora Mid-rise Skinny Fits

This is a product of the Australian clothing company, JAG. JAG sells men’s and women’s clothing online and in physical stores.

The Nora skinny jeans come in a nice denim quality. The fabric is thick, soft and stretchy… and skinny so I’ll compare this pair to the Good American Good Legs.

They are not a perfect replacement for your Good Legs but they are not jeans you can just walk past. The feel of the soft fabric on your legs is super comfortable.

It is made in an easy pull-on style. There are no belt loops, no-fly (zip or button), and no closure at all. You can easily pull the jeans on and off.

They are also very stretchy. I won’t compare them to the ‘Always Fits’ as they may not be as stretchy as that, but they are stretchy enough to stay up on your waist without needing belt loops or closure at all.

However, this pair is reviewed to be pretty inconsistent with the sizing which might make it hard for you to find the size that fits you.

The Nora Mid-rise Skinny Jeans have five pockets if you are a pocket lover.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Stretchy
  • Easy pull-on
  • Five pockets


  • Inconsistent sizing
  • No belt loops

Genevieve High-waist Wide Leg Jeans

The Genevieve wide-leg jeans have a pronounced flare beneath the knees, as wide as the Good American Good Flare. They are extremely soft and comfortable on your legs…. And pretty luxurious too.

Paige jeans are known to be pretty expensive, anyway, but the truth is they are worth every penny. The quality you get back for the money you give is just superb. Once you get this pair of Genevieve jeans, the optimum quality is assured.

Are you a lover of high waists? This pair has got you covered. Are you a lover of stretchy fabric? This pair has you covered… Or are you just a lover of flared jeans? This one comes with perks.


  • Stretchy fabric
  • Premium quality
  • Bum lifting


  • Runs large
  • May stretch out

Democracy Ab Solution Jegging

This is technically the idea of Good American and I can’t say which brand is doing better. The democracy brand released this pair of skinny Jeggings that stomps its counterparts in the market.

There is a surfeit of reasons anyone would pick this over the Good American jeans. Wait for it.

This pair of jeans is reviewed to have a perfect fit. Do you know how laundering affects your jeans? Well, the Democracy Jeggings are said to be capable of withstanding those effects.

When you get this pair of jeans, expect them to be skinny, High-waisted, stretchy, comfortable, and bum sculpting. The bum lifting feature of this Jean is highly praised so you might want to check it out first.

Its elastic waistband is pretty tight and works as an ‘Ab solution’. Its high-rise feature reaches up to your abdomen to prevent the appearance of a beer gut.


  • Bum sculpting
  • Super high rise
  • Belt loops
  • Anti-fading
  • Long-lasting
  • Inexpensive


  • Minor Shrink


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