10 Jeans Similar to Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein jeans is one that people usually go to when they need a new pair of jeans.

They might be skinny or boot cut, but these pairs will make you feel like you can take the world.

Now, what if you don’t want to spend money on Calvin Klein? What if Calvin Klein is no longer in production? Will you stop buying jeans?

Which brand will you find a replacement for? This article will give answers to these questions.

We’ve rounded up 10 jeans that are similar to your trusty old Calvin Klein, from Levi’s to Louis Vuitton, these are some of the best options for those who love wearing CK jeans.

  1. Levi’s
  2. Guess
  3. Armani
  4. G-star
  5. Versace
  6. Gucci
  7. Tommy Hilfiger
  8. Hugo boss
  9. Louis Vuitton
  10. DKNY (Donna Karan New York)


Jeans Similar to Calvin Klein

Levi’s is one of the most popular known brands in the world.

It is a clothing brand that specializes in producing denim for men and women you can purchase these jeans in different varieties like slim fit, straight cut, boot cut, and skinny fit.

It is also a great substitute for Calvin Klein jeans. The reason why Levi’s jeans are similar to Calvin Klein jeans is in how Levi’s designs their denim; they have a very similar style to that of CK jeans.

Levi’s 501 jeans have some of the features that you will also find in Calvin Klein.

Denim styles

The jeans are a low rise, one of the features that many people love about Calvin Klein jeans is the low rise, this makes them much more comfortable and better for anyone with a big stomach.

The jeans in Levi’s 501 collections also have this feature which is also suitable for people with a big stomach size.


Both brands have a variety of washes. From light wash to dark wash. Levi’s 501 comes in two washes.


There are lots of lengths options you can choose from both Levi’s and CK jeans


Another feature that many people love about Calvin Klein jeans is the slim-fit waistband.

This also makes them much more comfortable for anyone with a big stomach, Levi’s 501 also has a slim-fit waistband which is very comfortable for people with small hips.

And also, this particular Levi’s 501 is designed to shrink to your body, making it a better alternative to Calvin Klein jeans as they are true to size, you just have to buy your true waist size.

Color options

The color options on Calvin Klein are limited to only black, dark indigo, and light indigo-colored denim, one reason why these colors are popular is that they match well with almost any casual outfit you might wear.

You can also find this feature in Levi’s 501 as the brand makes its jeans in varieties of colors.


Levi’s jeans are made of 100% cotton, just as Calvin Klein also make their jeans of


Jeans Similar to Calvin Klein

Jeans are a wardrobe staple. There are many different styles, brands, and fits for jeans to choose from and most of them are quite expensive – However, there are some pricey options that still offer high-quality denim, like guess and CK jeans.

Guess can be an inexpensive alternative to Calvin Klein jeans. The store offers most of what Calvin Klein specializes in.

It is highly recommended for their excellently comfy designer jeans.

Guess and Calvin Klein jeans are quite similar because both offer denim in a variety of styles including skinny straight and boot cut.

They also have a variety of washes available such as dark wash or light wash. Both brands also offer jeans in various lengths including regular length and a short length.

Finally, the two brands are also similar in price points. Here are some of the features of Guess men’s boot cut jeans that are the same as Calvin Klein jeans.

Denim styles

The jeans come in a boot-cut leg style. Both Guess jeans and Calvin Klein offer their customers skinny, straight, or boot cut denim options.


Both Guess and Calvin Klein jeans come in dark indigo color and other varieties of color.


There is a wide range of washes from a dark wash to a light wash offered by the two brands to satisfy just about every style preference.


Several lengths are available including regular length or short length jeans

Price point

While pricing will vary depending on the style or wash selected, most guess jeans cost the same price range as CK jeans $50-$80


These two brands offer the same fits for everyone who wants to patronize them


Armani is an Italian luxury brand that deals in producing, designing, and marketing denim jeans as well as other products.

The Armani jeans are also a great choice for those looking to buy a similar pair of jeans like Calvin Klein, from their denim styles to their washes.

The only difference is that Armani jeans are much more affordable compared to Calvin Klein jeans. Armani jeans are the perfect alternative if you cannot afford Calvin Klein’s prices.

Armani exchange jeans have the same features that Calvin Klein have, they include;

Denim styles

Armani jeans and Calvin Klein jeans have a five pockets styling, which is a signature of these brands.


The fabric used in making their jeans is also very comparable to one another, with both brands using 99% cotton and 1% elastane

Color options

Armani exchange jeans come in indigo color and other different colors just like Calvin Klein jeans


Both brands have different fits available, from slim fit to straight fit. The Armani exchange jeans are slim-fitted.


Armani jeans have different washes just as Calvin Klein jeans


G-star is a luxury brand that produces denim jeans for all. Their jeans are a close match to Calvin Klein jeans.

If you are in the market for a new pair of jeans, or you want to buy something different, then you should take a look at G-star jeans. Some of their similarities include;

Denim styles

The jeans are featured in a tampered style with a 5-pocket construction; CK jeans have this featured too.

The jeans also have a signature stitch on the back pockets that makes them look more luxe, which Calvin Klein jeans are also known for.


The fabric of G-star jeans is similar to that of Calvin Klein jeans. They use a cotton and Elastane blend which offers a silky and luxurious feel.


The jeans have great fittings, and like CK jeans, their jeans are true to size

Color options

Both brands of jeans offer a variety of colors. The most popular color for both brands is black because it’s easy to wear with anything and goes with any style.

You can find colors like navy blue or light denim options at both brands

Price point

The price range is also comparable to Calvin Klein jeans.


Versace is a lifestyle fashion brand that deals in manufacturing designer jeans. Versace jeans are a great choice if you are looking for a new pair of jeans.

You don’t have to worry about the quality or if they are long-lasting because Versace denim jeans share the same similarities as Calvin Klein jeans. The features include;


They are made of high-quality material to give a more worn-in look and feel, this means that they won’t come out of the dryer with wrinkles or creases in them.


Calvin Klein jeans are also known to be durable and long-lasting, Versace jeans also have this feature

Washes and styles

Versace jeans come in a variety of styles and washes, just like Calvin Klein jeans

Price point

Their price point is also comparable with Calvin Klein


Jeans Similar to Calvin Klein

Gucci jeans have taken the highest positions in the jeans industry, it is a well-known brand that deals in producing luxury jeans.

Although Gucci jeans are more expensive than Calvin Klein. For these reasons, Gucci jeans are a decent substitute for Calvin Klein jeans because of the similarity they share in denim styles and quality.

Check out Gucci Men’s regular fit; the similarities include:

Denim styles

Both brands’ jeans have a higher rise and low rise that’s suitable for both fat and slim person and their zippers are on the front of the jeans instead of the side. This makes it very easy to be pulled up and down.


They are made with better material and stitching


They come in a variety of washes including high contract washes


They have a nice slim fit that is flattering to most body type


Tommy Hilfiger is a premium brand that specializes in designer jeans and other clothing, Tommy Hilfiger jeans are very good jeans that you can buy in place of Calvin Klein jeans.

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s jeans have the same similarities with that of Calvin Klein, they include:

Denim styles

Tommy Hilfiger jeans have classic five-pocket styling, and they are very stylish and always on-trend, just like Calvin Klein


The material used in making Tommy Hilfiger jeans has high quality which makes the jeans won’t get dirty or ripped up after use, which does happen to many other designer brands out there on the market today.


Another similar feature between CK and Tommy Hilfiger jeans is that both jeans last longer and won’t get ruined after one wash, unlike other brands out there.


Tommy Hilfiger jeans have a really nice fit that CK jeans have, the fit makes you look slim, you can never go wrong with nice fitting pants you know. They make your body looks slimmer and more attractive.


Hugo Boss is a popular German luxury brand that manufactures high-quality fashion clothes, especially jeans.

The brand is an expert in high-end denim jeans, the only difference is that they are quite cheaper than Calvin Klein but their jeans have similar features with that of CK jeans in terms of denim styles, design, quality, and durability.

Denim styles

Both brands have high-quality stitching that won’t come out easily with hard-wearing


They both are amazing quality denim


They both have a perfect fit; their jeans are true to size


Their jeans are made of durable, high-quality fabrics


Both CK jeans and Hugo boss jeans have the same design and feel so you can wear them interchangeably without any problem.


Jeans Similar to Calvin Klein

Louis Vuitton is just that perfect clothing brand you can trust, although LV jeans are more expensive than Calvin Klein, they have the same quality and uniqueness, you can never go wrong with Louis Vuitton.

Many people argue that Louis Vuitton and Calvin Klein jeans are identical. Here are some similarities between Louis Vuitton jeans and Calvin Klein jeans

Price point

Both brands are known for their high prices, the main reason for the high price is that these brands use real quality materials in their designs as well as expert craftsmanship to make sure they last

Denim styles

Louis Vuitton jeans and Calvin Klein jeans styles are fashionable

Color options

Both brands of jeans are available in different colors


Their jeans come in different varieties of washes

Both brands have a logo on the front of their jeans leg, Louis Vuitton jeans carry the logo “LV” on them, Calvin Klein’s has the word “CK”

DKNY (Donna Karan New York)

DKNY jeans are quite similar to Calvin Klein. DKNY is an American fashion brand that manufactures stylish and trendy clothing for men and women.

The brand is known for producing unique styles at affordable prices. DKNY Men’s jeans can be your go-to jean if you don’t want to spend too much or if you’re on a tight budget.

Some of the similarities between DKNY and Calvin Klein jeans include:

Denim styles

Zara jeans and Calvin Klein jeans have a lot of styles


Both brands also use the same fabric in manufacturing their jeans. Their main fabric includes cotton and elastane.

Price point

The price range of Zara jeans are the same as Calvin Klein jeans


Calvin Klein jeans are made of high-quality material, Zara jeans also have this feature.

DKNY jeans and Calvin Klein jeans are both designer jeans.


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