10 Jeans Like True Religion but Cheaper

Who doesn’t appreciate a decent pair of jeans? Jeans have been the world’s most popular form of pants for several decades.

This clothing is really versatile. It is appropriate for any situation and helps you feel cool and comfortable.

Many major fashion houses make jeans, and certain renowned firms have built a fortune by concentrating solely on this sort of clothes.

True Religion Jeans are one of them. It is a distinguished brand that has genuine quality jeans, but there is a downside to True Religion Jeans – True Religion Jeans are not always affordable and this leads to people looking for cheaper alternatives to True Religion Jeans.

Are you looking for jeans brands like True Religion but cheaper? Then, you are in the right place.

We’ve researched 10 top cheaper alternatives to True Religion and summarized the best options here in this article.

So let’s get down to it.

Alternative Jeans to True Religion Jeans

S/N True Religion Alternatives
Unique Features
True Religion Jeans they look like
1. AG Adriano Ankle Jeans Classic Five-Pocket Design True Religion Halle Super Jeans
2. Paige Federal Jeans Transcend Denim Material (Encourages comfortable fit and premium stretch for everyday wear) True Religion Ricky Big T Jeans
3. Mother Chew Jeans Chewed-Up Step Hem Detail and Semi-rigid denim. True Religion Billie Jeans
4. Mavi Edera Denim Jeans Slimming fit with streamlining the silhouette True Religion Keira Jeans
5. Levi’s 720 Super Skinny Jeans Customizable Inseam True Religion Jennie Big T Curvy Jeans
6. EOM Waist Jeans Finished with pewter hardware True Religion Halle Jeans
7. ZOULEE Denim Pull-On Jeans Lightweight strength True Religion Men’s Geno Slim Fit Jeans
8. Mugsy Lake Shores Jeans Super-flexible Mugsy Denim Material True Religion Ricky Straight Leg Jeans
9. Agolde Merrel Jeans Low-Stretch Denim True Religion Women’s Becca Jeans
10. PRPS Warlock Backsise Jeans Tapered Skinny Stretch True Religion Men’s Ricky Jeans


AG Adriano Ankle Jeans


The AG Adriano Jeans are slender women’s jeans with a dark wash and modest highs and lows for a worn-in look. It is a contemporary ankle-length with clean hems and a sleek shape that conforms the body from hip to hem.

This is a less expensive option than True Religion Halle Super Skinny Crop Jean since it, too, features a traditional five-pocket design and is finished with a zip-fly and button closure. The jeans have just enough stretch for a pleasing and comfortable fit.

Features of AG Adriano Jeans:

  • Authentic 10-year medium wash
  • Contours the body from hip to hem
  • Modern cropped ankle length fits with clean trims
  • Lightweight Super-Stretch Denim Fabric

Paige Federal Jeans

This is a basic slim jeans in a dark hue that matches anything in your closet. Paige’s characteristic slim fit fits through the thigh and tapers from the knee to the leg opening.

Its Inkwell wash is a continuous dark blue indigo with no whiskering or fading.

This pair is made from Transcend denim, which ensures a comfortable fit with excellent flexibility and recovery for everyday use, making it a fantastic, somewhat less expensive alternative to True Religion Ricky Big T Stitch Straight Jean.

Features of Paige Federal Jeans:

  • 54% rayon
  • 23% cotton
  • 22% polyester
  • 1% spandex
  • Zipper closure
  • Soft stretch denim fabric
  • Button closure and zip fly
  • 5-pocket styling

Mother Chew Jeans

These Mother jeans, with their loose style and elastic waistband, are a simple alternative for your sweatpants. For a laid-back style, pair them with a graphic shirt or bulky jumper and shoes.

Cut from semi-rigid denim, this jeans is a light blue wash with subtle whiskering, Just like True Religion Billie Straight Jeans.

Features of Mother Chew Jeans:

  • 98% cotton
  • 2% elastane
  • Cold Wash
  • Mid-weight low stretch denim fabric
  • High-rise silhouette

Mavi Edera Denim Jeans

This brilliant white denim overall connects old-school cool with current flare, with the rips and detailing of a vintage favorite and the color and streamlined fit of a trendy new addition.

These overalls are a closet essential for any woman searching for a trendy design they can slap on and go that always feels comfortable to wear.

They’re constructed of fine denim in a light wash that looks like old, authentic denim, but with added stretch for optimal comfort.

It is a slimming fit that streamlines the silhouette and flatters from every angle, just like the True Religion Women’s Keira Short Fray jeans.

The Mavi Edera White Ripped & Fringe Denim Overalls Jeans has the same quality material as the True Religion Women’s Keira Short Fray jeans, and of course, it is cheaper than the True Religion jeans. So, you can go look classy and cool.

Features of the Mavi Edera Denim Jeans:

  • 97% Cotton
  • 3% Elastane
  • Streamlined fit
  • Flatters from every angle
  • Denim fabric
  • Button closure
  • Machine Wash

Levi’s 720 Super Skinny Jeans

The Levi’s Women’s 720 High Rise Super Skinny Jeans is a flattering fit with a high rise design that draws attention to the waist and a customized seat that molds the back.

It incorporates a DIY Hem Bar that tacks together to produce the ideal personalized inseam.

The Levi’s Women’s 720 Super Skinny Jeans has increased elasticity for comfort and there is also complete coverage for the skin when you wear this great wardrobe staple.

Because of its high-rise skinny fit, The Levi’s Women’s 720 High Rise Super Skinny Jeans are similar to True Religion’s Jennie Big T Curvy Skinny Short.

Features of Levi’s 720 Super Skinny Jeans:

  • 61% Cotton Material
  • 19% Polyester
  • 19% Lyocell
  • 1% Elastane
  • Zipper Closure Type
  • Full coverage

EOM Waist Jeans

The EOM Women’s Pull-On Waist Jeans are cool and stylish pants that can really boost your fashion style at any time and place you wish to express yourself.

The EOM Women’s Pull-On Waist Jeans is a great alternative to The True Religion’s Halle High Rise Super Skinny Jeans because these jeans are also very flattering and unique in the waist area.

Features of EOM Waist Jeans:

  • Cotton Blend Materials
  • Machine Washable
  • Pull-On Closure Type
  • True-To-Size
  • Elastic Waist Jeans Pants Style

ZOULEE Denim Pull-On Jeans

Men can really enjoy wearing and flexing The Zoulee Men’s Full-Elastic Denim Pull-On Jeans today because of their high functionality and cool effectiveness.

The Zoulee Men’s Full-Elastic Denim Pull-On Jeans are going to give you the comfort and flexibility that you really need for your stylish pants now.

These pants are like The True Religion Men’s Geno Slim Fit Jeans today because they are stylish and fashionable for several male body types all over the world.

Features of Zoulee Denim Jeans:

  • True-To-Size Fit
  • 100% Cotton Material
  • Fully-Elastic Waist Area
  • Zipper or Belt Loops
  • Elastic Closure Type
  • Two Front Slash Pockets
  • Two Back Pockets
  • Hand Wash (Preferably)

Mugsy Lake Shores Jeans

This is without a doubt the second-best Fulton of all time (behind Fulton Reed). These dark blue jeans have natural fading and whiskering and are constructed from our patented Mugsy Denim, so you know they’re soft with a ton of flexibility.

It gives you extreme comfort, a stylish feat, and it’s great for work and play. It’s made from stretchy, flexible materials which give you good vibes when you wear these jeans, and it also feels like you are wearing sweatpants. Wow!!!

It gives you a casual fit – a Mugsy fit making you look cool in your leisure time, even though you are not bothering to look good.

It features natural fading and whiskering and is constructed from the incredibly stretchy Mugsy Denim, which is equally soft and comfy.

True Religion Men’s Ricky Straight Leg Jean has the same features as this jean, and that is why Mugsy Jeans – Lake Shores Jeans can as a cheap alternative to it.

Features of Mugsy Lake Shoere Jeans:

  • Extreme comfort
  • Mase with stretchy and flexible materials
  • Stylish fit
  • Feels Like Sweatpants

Agolde Merrel Jeans

Many clothing, from your basic tee shirt, and all footwear, from beautiful heels and trendy boots to your beloved flats, look wonderful with this!

This high-rise jean provides you the midsection confidence you desire and the adaptability you need in any outfit, making it ideal for wearing to work, classes, or spending time with friends and family.

This feature pars this jean with True Religion Women’s Becca Mid Rise Bootcut Jean as a cheaper alternative.

Features Agolde Merrel Jeans:

  • Zip fly
  • 99% Organic Cotton and 1% Recycled Lycra
  • Cold wash
  • Slim-straight leg
  • Ankle grazing inseam
  • Crafted from low-stretch denim

PRPS Warlock Backsise Jeans

Prps is a worldwide lifestyle brand founded on the mission to provide the best denim available. Prps stands for “purpose” since everything you do in life should have a reason – which means that wearing Prps jeans like WarlockBacksise may give your fashion or clothing style a purpose.

This paint-splattered denim is a perennial best-seller. The Windsor Jeans include delicate brushed-paint accents throughout, as well as rust and bleach stains.

These jeans are immediate favorites in a light wash, yet with a distinct Prps twist.

It features a slim stretch and a highly comfortable zipper fly. It’s constructed of high-quality cotton and spandex. It is a less expensive alternative to the True Religion Men’s Ricky Straight Leg Jean.

Features of Prps Jeans:

  • Skinny stretch
  • Zipper fly
  • 99% cotton
  • 1% spandex


If you really like True Religion jeans, but you somehow can’t afford their jeans, then reading through this article, you have realized that all hope is not lost.

There are genuine and very good quality jeans out there that are like True Religion jeans, but cheaper.

It may even surprise that among the cheaper alternatives to True Religion jeans that have been listed in this article that they are some jeans although cheaper than True Religion jeans are more of good quality than True Religion jeans. Isn’t that great?!

Well, you know what to do now. So stop window shopping, and go out there and get yourself some very good quality cheaper alternative jeans to True Religion jeans, and then look cool and chic wearing them.


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