J Brand vs Joe’s Jeans: Which Is Better?

Jeans are clothing items that are almost seen in everybody’s closet. People adopted it because of its versatility, ease to wear, and comfort they provide.

Both J Brand and Joe’s Jeans are essentially nice brands and names to reckon with in the denim production scene.

These brands have their separate uniqueness and I will be looking into that in this article. On that note, this article will treat the comparison of J Brand and Joe’s Jeans.

Differences between J Brand and Joe’s Jeans

The major difference existing between the J Brand and Joe’s brand of jeans is linked to their price.

While these two brands of jeans are regarded as high-end brands, one of them is priced over the other.

Based on that, my findings show that the Joe’s Jeans brand has a higher market cost or value over the J Brand Jeans.

Just as expected from most brands in the denim production niches, there are always notable differences that distinguish one brand from the other.

These differences are what the brands seek or capitalize on to draw out their uniqueness and then stand out in the industry. 

Similarly, the build and material quality of the J Brand makes it stretch less than Joe’s brand; which has a lot of stretches even with minimal washing.

This in turn affects the durability of these jeans, as less stretch equals more durable jeans. Also, I will likely choose the J Brand over Joe’s Jeans because of their difference in customer outreach.

For Joe’s Jeans, it has always been the traditional way which is conducting sales through department stores and other forms of intermediaries.

But things have been switched up a little bit for the J Brand jeans as their parent company introduced the direct-to-customer marketing strategy as recent as 2021.

Brief History of J Brand 

J Brand is a denim producing company founded in 2004, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

They are the makers of J Brand jeans, a denim line that was co-founded by Jeff Rudes and Susie Crippen.

From the onset, J Brand was known as a women’s only made brand of jeans, as it focused mostly on the production of women’s jeans from its early days in the industry. 

The brand is renowned for being the first to make the very first ‘True Skinny Jeans’, which is still popular and gracing the closet of many women all around the world.

The company has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California; where most of the production and administrational tasks are overseen.

J Brand vs Joe’s Jeans: Which Is Better?

J Brand jeans starred as the Hot Lips Houlihan in M.A.S.H ( Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) and were originally perceived as a unique piece of clothing, a factor that led to its massive sale of 300,000 pairs just after the project was eclipsing.

However, in 2012, the company was taken over by Fast Retailing Co., Ltd, which is also the parent company of giant retail store Uniqlo. Consequently, after the company was bought for a total of $290 million, Jeff Rudes left in 2014.

The new company went ahead to restructure the J Brand jeans, which was formerly credited with the production of the first true skinny jeans, leather jeans, and photo-ready jeans. 

J Brand jeans are a result of collaborations with several creatives who helped shape their quality in the denim market, with persons like Karl Templar and Craig MoDean on the frontline.

Some of the best J Brand jeans include skinny jeans, 835s, Selena, Alana, and Maria; and they are mostly women’s jeans made from a cotton blend ( spandex/lycra).

Their men’s collection of jeans was introduced in 2008 but does not have more ground than the women’s.


  • Form-fitting.
  • Brilliant marketing strategy by brand.
  • Great designs and cuts.
  • Made with preshrunk types of denim.
  • Less stretch.
  • Durable.
  • Fit true to size.


  • One-sided gender production.
  • A tad more expensive.
  • Longer inseam length.

Brief History of Joe’s Jeans

Joe’s Jeans was established in 2001 by Joe Dahan, a creative director after whom Joe’s brand was named after.

The brand itself began the production, sale, and distribution of denim jeans in Los Angeles, California, shortly after the jeans were unveiled.

Joe’s Jeans is a type of jeans that is a pragmatic representation of modernized fashion, which caters initially mostly to women who believe in body confidence.

These jeans are made with the intent of eroticism and pursuit of the forefront position in the production of jeans that reflects sexiness in women.

J Brand vs Joe’s Jeans: Which Is Better?

The brand started sales of its jeans over the shores of the US from 2003-2004, becoming recognized international merchandise.

In 2005 and 2006, Joe’s brand of jeans added to their lines the Men’s and Kid’s jeans, respectively, and further expanded their territory.

Even with the expansion of the products offered by them, Joe’s still had the women’s brand as its frontline collection. 

Most women adopted and even started acting in a cult-like manner following the wearing of Joe’s Jeans.

Their motto was either Joe’s Jeans or nothing, and I clearly understand their perception.

Who wouldn’t get all fancy over a pair of jeans that makes her stand out, look gorgeous and even feel the charisma that she is wearing high-end denim jeans? I think nobody.

This is simply because Joe’s Jeans fostered the ideology of producing unique fits for different kinds of body builds, shapes, and forms.

And they set out to make this a reality with some of their perfect silhouettes which are branded names like The Luna, The Hi Honey, and The Twiggy

However, Joe’s Jeans are popular for their customized JD logo stitched to the back pocket along with the tiny needle stitching which made the work more profound. 

In recent times, the brand Joe’s Jeans experienced a downturn and was sold to Sequential Brands Group Inc in 2015.

One of my friends even joined this phenomenal cult of ‘Joe’s Jeans Lovers’ and her favorite styles Joe’s Jeans Brixton and Joe’s Jeans classic, which are all comfy due to their stretch feature.


  • Stylish designs and cuts.
  • Molds into your body’s silhouette perfectly, just within months of wearing.
  • Good and soft denim material.
  • Comfortable fitting.


  • Falls out easily, due to too much stretch.
  • Too expensive for jeans of their quality.
  • Most of their products do not support morality, as they tend to show the body shape of a woman in a very explicit manner.

Head-to-Head Comparison between J Brand and Joe’s Jeans

J Brand vs Joe’s Jeans: Which Is Better?

Most high-end jeans, like J Brand and Joe’s Jeans, are always in the line of competition with other brands of jeans seeking validation from denim lovers.

Thus, to stand out as a denim brand, you have to be innovative and I know you agree with me on that.

The inventory employed is what makes a denim brand either a success or just regular jeans seen on the racks of a clothing store.

To this end, I will be comparing these two jeans to see which comes up the best in quality and which of them that is not worth the hype and price. This exercise is based on the following factors, which I carefully thought out;

  • Price.
  • Material.
  • Design and style.
  • Fitting and sizing.
  • Build quality.
  • Durability.


Isn’t it natural that the first factor that I am going into in this comparison is the price? Well, if you don’t think so, I do. The market value placed n these jeans individually is a great point to draw a comparison.

This is because there is not much difference in price between these two brands. While they usually price J Brand at least $120-$140, Joe’s Jeans occupies a high position at $150 for its least price. 

Joe’s Jeans are priced as high as $200, as they substantiate their position as a luxury brand that does not fall short of dishing out premium jeans to the members of its iconic ‘Joe’s Jeans Cult’.

This shows that in terms of market value, Joe’s has an upper hand above J Brand jeans. Although, they are tagged as luxury jeans brands.


I have come across a lot of jeans that were designed for women and I can tell you for sure; They made these jeans with the convenience of most women in mind.

Due to that, it is no coincidence that both the J Brand and Joe’s Jean’s use pieces of denim that has a reasonable amount of stretch in the production of their jeans.

Instead of the use of pure cotton, the resolve to cotton blends, especially lycra and spandex, to infuse that comfy feature in jeans.

However, complaints and reviews from most of the customers I spoke with showed that Joe’s Jeans have more stretch than J Brand.

And this accounts for why they easily fall out and get bagged on your body. Asides from that, the materials used in the production of these jeans are well-treated, washed, and cut-out pieces of denim.

Design and Style

You cannot talk about jeans, especially luxury jeans, without talking about their design. The designs and styles of these jeans add up to what makes them ‘luxury’ jeans in that sense.

They laced the design of J Brand jeans with an inventory and pioneered the production of jeans that are perfect for always being on the road.

The jeans have some of their styles in straight leg, bootcut, and skinnies, which are the best sellers. The brand logo at the back pocket is a bold identification statement, which further adds excellence to the design. 

J Brand vs Joe’s Jeans: Which Is Better?

On the other hand, Joe’s Jeans deal a lot more in jeans, which is what I call ‘high-end body-shaping jeans’.

And this is because the silhouette that they aim to create molds the body of the person wearing it; whether a man or woman.

Since most of their products run in the women’s category, suffice it to say that they are mostly ‘Feminine’.

This is because their designs suggest sensuality and appeal in most of the women who wear them. Take a look at their famous Luna and Twiggy

Fitting and Sizing

J Brand jeans are made to mark out a nice contour of your body and give you that picture-perfect look. Most of their jeans take the same form of fitting, just like the skinny jeans which have a form-fitting appearance on yours.

As for the sizing, J Brand jeans are true to size while some of their products run a tad small, which means you will have to size up just a little to get a perfect size.

In like manner, Joe’s Jeans embrace the form-fitting structure; but they are more pronounced in sensuality than the J Brand jeans.

This is why it became a cult for most women, who didn’t see anything wrong with showing off their bodies, all in the name of body confidence.

The sizing tip for Joe’s Jeans is to size up, and the reason is that Joe’s Jeans are very stretchy and tend to fall out very easily.

To avoid having regrets, you will have to size up so that when they eventually do, the impact won’t be much.

Build Quality

The 5-pocket detailing in Joe’s Jeans sends a message of a quality build process because this style of pocket structure is only reflective of a well-thought designer who knows the essence of having good pockets to go.

However, Joe’s Jeans has a flaw which has led to tons of complaints against it.

This flaw lies with the production process, as they outsourced a majority of their jeans to substandard companies in China which are concerned with bulk production instead of quality.

Things are quite different on the side of J Brand jeans, as most of their jeans are manufactured in various in-house factories owned by the company.

This means that the company has more of its focus on quality than quantity, just as Joe’s Jeans do by outsourcing their jeans.

Final Verdict

My verdict is going to be straightforward and it favors the J Brand jeans.

I tied this decision to their involvement in making jeans that not only look good but also last long, due to their in-house production.

The price of J Brand jeans compared to that of Joe’s Jeans is affordable, as Joe’s Jeans focuses more on maintaining its position as luxury jeans rather than quality.


Finally, this is the end of this article, and, but not the end of the debate between J Brand and Joe’s Jeans.

And I hope you got enough knowledge about these jeans, so as not to toss your credit card over the counter without knowing what you are buying.

Again, my last tip is that you should do what is needed by studying the size chart of both jeans, to avoid making a regretful purchase.


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