J Brand vs 7 For All Mankind: Comparison

J Brand is a world-recognized American fashion company that is located in Los Angeles, California.

This Brand was founded in 2005 by Jeff Rudes and is owned by the Fast Retailing Group.

J Brand has attained a level of popularity and quality in the world of denim and is today considered a luxury Brand.

7 For All Mankind is more of an iconic luxury brand that came into existence in 2000 with headquarters in Vernon, California.

This brand was founded by Peter Koral, Jerome Deborah, and Michael Glasse. It belongs to a parent organization known as Delta Galil USA Inc.

What is the Difference Between Both Brands?

The major difference between both brands can be picked up from the material they use in manufacturing their Jeans.

When you pick up a Jean from J Brand and one from 7 For All Mankind, you feel the difference from there in the sense that a Jean from J Brand is lighter compared to one from 7 For All Mankind.

The layer of the denim fabric used in manufacturing Jeans from J Brand happens to be thinner, which makes it possible for you to have a continuous experience of a slim fitting but only for a limited time.

J Brand Review

We consider J Brand a luxury Brand. A lot of people who are not familiar with this brand might wonder why, and people who must have read or received whack reviews from unsatisfied customers about this same brand online and offline might think it is undeserving of the attention it is getting in the world today.

Perhaps this review will make you understand why the popularity and recommendation.

I have selected one of the best sellers from J Brand on Amazon, which I will be using for this review.

let us have a brush through the Pros and cons of a Jean from J Brand.


  • This is a denim Jean that is known for swag and trendiness
  • The fashion style is timeless
  • This gives a skinny fit, but J Brand has a lot of other options with fit in mind
  • This is very easy to maintain and can be washed with hands or a washing machine
  • Extremely lightweight


  • It will shrink when exposed to Heat


We can also pick the qualities of a good Brand from the way they make their best sellers.

With regards to J Brand, I have selected the men’s mick Skinny Jean, which is the best seller on Amazon, to use for my review which as you can see gets a tick in all the checkboxes on quality and recommended Jeans.

Now, if you have never come across any of the J Brand products, you must know how to identify them, since there are a lot of fakes out there.

When you get a Jean from J Brand, the first place for you to check before taking further steps is the button on the waist.

The button on an original J Brand product has a ‘J’ stamped on the front of the button.

You should keep this in mind as it might come in handy sometime.

7 For All Mankind Review

7 For All Mankind is a name that signifies a belief that every person should at least own 7 pairs of Jeans for each day of the week.

The level of popularity this brand has differs a lot from that of the J Brand.

Being unique is one thing that has kept this brand on the top of the chart.

We have celebrities rocking products made by 7 For All Mankind and this is because they took a turn in their products, taking the normal denim we all know and turning it into luxury wear fit for these celebrities.

For this review, I have this prime product from Amazon made by 7 For All Mankind.

let us have a brush through the Pros and cons of a Jean from 7 For All Mankind.


  • This comes with a zip fly and button closure
  • You can wash this with a machine or your hands with cold water
  • This comes as a slimy slim fit(I’ll explain more on this as the article progresses)
  • It sits at the waist and offers a true-to-size fitting
  • This is a mid-rise Jean


  • It won’t give you a skinny fit
  • Might come with excess length and you’ll have to trim
  • It will shrink when exposed to heat


Denim Jeans from 7 For All Mankind can retain their shape even after every wash, so you might as well have gotten yourself an anti-shrinking Jean if you get one from there.

This will not give you that skinny, compressing fit you might want,t so if that is what you are after, you will have to look away or get a pair and slim fit to your taste.

It is very easy to identify these anywhere. Just take a look at the back side of the Jean where you will see the 7 For All Mankind Brand’s logo on the waistband.

Head-to-Head Comparison between J Brand and 7 For All Mankind

It is no doubt that both brands are great at what they do, which is giving the world apparel to feel and look good in.

However, this is not a case of us having two winners in the same spotlight.

There are some noticeable differences that both Brands share and I have taken my time to dig them out.

I will share them with you hoping to clarify any doubt you might have on any of the two Brands, and also give you a better insight into these Brands.

Let’s get down to comparison!!

Characteristics J Brand 7 for All Mankind
Material Cotton: 90% & Above.

Polyester: 0%.

Elastane: 2% & Above.

Elastomultiester: 6% & Above.

Cotton: 90% & Above.

Polyester: 6% & Above.

Elastane: 2% & Above.

Elastomultiester: 0%.

Construction Waistband: Button, Belt loop & Zip Fly.

Pockets: 2 front & 2 back pockets with double stitches.

Watch pocket & Rivets.

Crotch Point: Normal.

Rise: Mid Rise.

Seam: Double Inseam & Side Seam.



Tight Stitching.

Waistband: Button, Belt loop & Zip Fly.


Pockets: 2 front & 2 back pockets with double stitches & Brand Tag on the right Pocket.

Watch pocket & Rivets.

Crotch Point: Normal.

Rise: Mid Rise.

Seam: Double Inseam & Side Seam.



Loose Stitching.

Fashion & Style Versatile. Versatile.
Sizing & Fitting Waist: True to Size.

Leg: Skinny Fit.

Length: Ankle.

Fit: True to Size.

Click to See Size Chart 

Waist: True to Size.

Leg: Cut Slim.

Length: Full Length.

Fit: True to Size.

Click to See Size Chart 

Durability Cotton: 5-20% Shrink.

Elastane: 10%

Elastomultiester: 5%

Cotton: 5-20% Shrink.

Polyester: Anti-Shrink.

Elastane: 10%

Quality Recommended. Highly Recommended.


Whatever similarities that these Brands share are in the table above, so also are the differences they share.

The comparison will get interesting because in this part I will be making more emphasis on the differences they share since the similarities are clear in the table.

Let’s take a look at the differences they share.


When it comes to material, J Brand uses more elastic fibers in manufacturing their Jeans which is what gives them the superiority when it comes to stretchiness over the Jeans from 7 For All Mankind.

The stretchiness of a Jean depends on the material blended to get the fabric that Jeans was made with, in this part we can see that J Brand has a higher percentage of elastic materials compared to 7 For All Mankind so if you want a stretchy Jean, J Brand is the one for you.

It is important to note that both Brands make use of an equal amount of cotton which demonstrates that we cannot separate them in this part.

They both have the wellbeing-of-their customers in mind and are after the maximum satisfaction of their customers.


The difference both brands share when it comes to construction lies in the method of stitching.

It might not be noticeable from a distance but the stitching done on Jeans from 7 For All Mankind Brand is pretty loose compared to the one done on J Brand which I believe tempers with durability but that will be discussed more in that part.

The constructors at 7 For All Mankind Brand tried to make their products unique which I must commend because if you look closely at the watch pockets mounted on some of their Jeans (Like the one used in the review part), you will see them carrying rivets as well as the main front pockets.

Also, they did well by marking their products with a brand logo on the outside for easy identification between fake and original.

Typically, what this means is that when you look at the back of a Jean from 7 For All Mankind, you will notice the Brand’s logo mounted almost unnoticeable from afar on the waistband which is a bit expressive compared to a Jean from J Brand that identifying an original from fake is a bit complex.

Fashion & Style

Styling is the foundation of 7 For All Brand.

Think about getting different designs of Jean to wear every day of the week.

Isn’t that awesome?

This can as well be a major difference that both Brands share.

The designers at 7 For All Mankind do not run out of styles to transform you every day of your life, giving you a new look and lots of comfort attached to it.

Your choices are kind of limited to J Brand even though their products are also versatile and extremely fashionable.

Sizing & Fitting

As promised, I will explain the sentence “This comes as a slimy slim fit” in this part.

Just in case it skipped your mind already, the slimy slim fit is the kind of fitting that a Jean Skinny from 7 For All Mankind will give you.

This means that you won’t get that tight compressing fit most skinny Jeans are known to give.

This will act more like a second skin, not too tight and not loose at all.

Just enough to let you have that snug look and e comfortable in it.

The slimy slim fit also refers to how flexible the fabric will feel on you. It moves when you move.

Unlike the Jean from J Brand, which is tight fitting and will compress your calf as seen in the picture above.


The presence of polyester in the fabric used in manufacturing the Jeans from 7 For All Mankind makes them capable of withstanding heat and still maintaining their normal shape and size.

The durability of a Jean deals mainly with its capacity to not shrink but stretch only when needed, which is all 7 For All Mankind is promising and they have made this clear from the kind of blended fabric they use for their Jeans.

However, it is important to not forget the loose stitching that some Jeans from 7 For All Mankind brand come with.

This is capable of tampering with the seam’s durability and leaving you with loosed Jean if care is not taken.

You will have to trust your instincts on which one you prefer the most in this aspect, you have the horse and the field!!


Quality is the foundation of these Brands, they have worked for it and we all are witnesses to the number of attestations they have both received from their customers online and offline.

However, when we consider some little things like the stitching, the durability of the materials and the construction in general then we will see that these will in fact make a difference.

7 For All Mankind makes use of good fabric but if they don’t work on their stitching system then I might take my chances with J Brand if I decide to consider how far the stitch will last.


As seen in the table, J Brand is a considerate Brand for all. The Jeans from this Brand are affordable and will cost less compared to Jeans from 7 For All Mankind.

You can, however, click on the link provided in the table for further details on how different styles and sizes of Jeans would cost on Amazon.

Keep in mind that prices will vary according to sizes and styles.

Which one is better?

I had hoped before I get here that the characteristics of individual Brands will help me choose which one is better only for me to discover that one has something the other doesn’t and the most effective difference both Brands share is how much they sell their Jeans.

As seen, a Jean from 7 For All Mankind costs almost X4 for a Jean from J Brand.

With everything that has been reviewed, my judgment I pray should not be biased.

The better Brand here is 7 For All Mankind. They have popularity because they are a well-formed brand that has attained a certain level of maturity when it comes to denim apparel and they are a better investment regardless!!

But, if you are interested in knowing which store I will walk in to get a pair of Jean for me off the records, then you should know that I’ll be going into a J Brand’s store I mean, why spend close to 200 bucks getting a single pair of Jean if I can get myself close to 4 pairs from another Brand.

This is me being me, you should spend what you can afford!!


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