Is Zara An Expensive Brand?

Zara is a fashion retail brand that has its origin in Spain. It is the flagship brand of Inditex and it owns over 60% of Inditex.

Inasmuch as Zara is popular for so many reasons, there are reasons why people think Zara’s products are expensive.

So, Yes, it is true that some of Zara’s items are expensive, especially the newly displayed items.

With further explanation in this article, you will understand why Zara seems to be a luxury brand in the fashion line.

Zara has an interesting way of presenting its items and that makes the brand one of the best fast fashion lines.

What makes Zara Expensive?

Before we talk about what makes Zara expensive, let’s briefly say what Zara is all about. Zara was founded in 1975 by Amancio Ortega.

It was initially founded with the name Zorba, but Ortega changed it to Zara because a nearby restaurant was already using the Zorba name. Zara’s vision is to bring the latest fashion and trends to the market, and to its global customers.

It is a Spanish company and it the flagship brand of Inditex. Zara has over $10 billion in sales, and 2,000 stores in almost 100 countries. Amancio Ortega became the 6th richest man in the whole world as of 2020.

Zara creates a sense of urgency

There are several factors that make Zara a luxury brand. One of those factors is that it creates a sense of urgency.

When it comes to fashion, people always want to wear the most trending stuff and no one wants to miss out on the trend.

It can be disappointing to admire a dress from a store and then return the next week to purchase it without finding it anymore.

The next time you see something you like, you wouldn’t waste time purchasing it. That’s just the impression that Zara wants to achieve.

Zara changes its display items every three to four weeks. This means that the product you found last month will not be the same as the displayed products in the present month.

Zara displays its most expensive items in front of the store

This is the basic reason people consider Zara an expensive brand.

The cheap items are at the farthest part of the store. You only get to see the expensive ones in front. And that will probably be the best-looking ones.

Zara targets a mature customer base

While making their products, they have mature individuals in mind, those who would purchase their items without thinking twice.

Zara rarely sells items for children. Its most expensive items are ones for mature adults. This is why Zara can put a price to its products without hesitation.

At the time Zara started, fashionable clothes were only available to the rich, this made Ortega identify the gap and built a brand that targets the rich.

So, it is a matter of fashion and the rich. If you want to put on fashionable clothes, you must be rich. And the rich are Zara’s greatest target. So, its items are not just expensive, they are fashionable.

Zara invests in prime locations for its brand

This is the most important thing that makes Zara a luxury brand – it invests in prime locations.

Zara always situates its stores in the main street of a metropolitan city. Wherever you find any Zara store, it is most likely in a city and in the most beautiful part of that city.

This is why Zara does not spend much on advertising. Ortega believes that the place a business is situated is a greater part of advertisement for such business.

This is what comes to your mind when you see an edifice of a store just in the middle of the city – “the items there must be expensive”.

Where is Zara Most Expensive?

Like I’ve previously said, the location of a business speaks louder than even the name of that business.

This is the most important uniqueness of the Zara brand. Zara invests so much into ensuring that its stores are in the best place.

Now, here is the deal. Zara places its most expensive items at the entrance of the store. This is where you can find the most expensive products in any Zara’s store.

These items are very attractive and you would probably skip a prioritized item on your list to purchase them. You should also know that Zara has cheap products and you can find those ones at the farthest part of the store.

So, whatever you see first in any store of Zara’s is likely expensive and you will likely purchase it because it is an item you likely admire.

Another tradition of Zara is to sell in places where rich people will likely buy.

The places you will most likely find luxury items from Zara are the cities. Zara has a luxury store in Fifth Avenue in New York.

There is also another Zara store in Champs Elysées in Paris. Another luxury store is located in Regent Street in London.

Looking at the aforementioned locations, you will agree with me that these are luxurious parts of the cities. In places as such, you should be expecting to see and purchase the most expensive items in the world.

As a result of this, the category of people Zara will mostly attract to its stores are rich people. They also do this to avoid running discounts and to also generates more traffic.

Here is another strategy Zara employs when it comes to where it locates its stores. Zara places its stores next to luxury brands like Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci.

You will most likely find another luxury brand near where there is a Zara store. This is to keep the brand up in competition.

Zara probably wants to prove that even with other expensive stores nearby, it will still attract more traffic to its stores.

So, when it comes to where to find expensive items from Zara stores, just take a glance at the entrance of every Zara’s store and go for what attracts your attention.

My 5 Expensive Zara Items (And Why You Should Have One too?)

The most expensive Zara items are in categories. We will just pick a few and see why they are expensive.

Zara Linine Blazer With Pockets

Is Zara An Expensive Brand

This blazer goes for $119 in Zara store. We all know that identifying an expensive item from Zara begins from looks. This is one of the expensive blazers from Zara.

This blazer is made very fashionable with pockets on both sides. The color itself is a mature one and that makes it more attractive. It is made for women, especially women in the professional field.

Or, let me add, rich women who like to wear expensive wear. This blazer can be worn to the office or any official function. There is this confidence one exudes when in this blazer.

Zara’s items are in-house produced. This is why it is easy for them to change display items every three weeks.

This blazer is made in the production house of Zara itself. Zara does not outsource the production of its wear.

Because it is produced by Zara, it is made to meet the need and demands of customers, especially the kinds of customer base that Zara has.

This blazer can be used with a black inner as shown in the picture above.

Zara Asymmetrical Printed Top

Is Zara An Expensive Brand

This top is priced $50 in the Zara store. It is one of the most expensive tops in the Zara store. This top is expensive mainly due to the fashion attributed to the top. It is classy and majorly worn by expensive, classy women.

Wearing this top gives women a sense of being on top of their world, in charge of their life. It breeds confidence, especially among other rich women.

The black color is probably what many women like, just perfect for work. The asymmetrical pattern is mainly for fashion and beauty.

Fashion is what is topmost on the minds of rich women and everyone wants to beat the other when it comes to the most fashionably dressed.

This top is most likely to make the first impression of great fashion, then great price. You can wear this top with nice jeans or an office skirt and shoes.

Since Zara changes its display items often, you may find this at the farthest part of the store by now. The price should not be too high for you, except you are not looking for something expensive with fashion.

Zara Ship Dress

Is Zara An Expensive Brand

This dress falls under one of the most expensive dresses in Zara store. It is sold for $90 in Zara stores.

This is your go-to 90’s dress. It is a simple but expensive dress. Much as it is simple, it is very fashionable and stylish. It is a handless dress with a tiny sleeve. This dress is most suitable for dinner nights.

The black and white dotted color is classic and universal. This is not the only expensive dress in Zara, but this seems to be the best pick.

Obviously, this dress is made for women. It is a classy dress and so, rich women will take a rush for this regardless of the price attached.

There is this sense of importance when one wears a dress that no other person in the room is wearing, especially from a particular brand.

This could serve as the best gift to that someone special, she will definitely love it. This dress is more beautiful when you wear it with heels. That is what most women wear to dinner.

I think a red heel will match better. Don’t forget that you can also get your shoes from this same brand.

Zara Extra Large Leather Tote

Is Zara An Expensive Brand

In the bag category, this tote happens to be the most expensive. Imagine me exclaiming “oh, how beautiful this bag is!” the moment I saw the bag. Zara’s items are really fashionable. This tote is priced at $149.

This happens to be the most expensive item on this list. Some people might think, “why spend so much on just a handbag?” That is not actually what the rich people who buy this think.

They don’t just buy it for the money, but for the fashion. A lot of people can afford to spend so much just to look good. And, they have the money.

This bag is made with a beautiful color combination which makes it suitable for any dress. Black and brown colors can be used for most wears. It is not only fashionable, but it is also economical. It is made in a cone-like shape.

There is hardly any chance that one receives no compliment or second glance just by using this tote. Judging from how much it is sold for, one should carry it with pride.

This bag is made for women who like to look expensive and classy. It can be used for several official functions or the office. It could be the best gift to purchase.

Zara Split Leather Heeled Cowboy Boots

Is Zara An Expensive Brand

This is the most expensive when it comes to the category of shoes. It is not surprising that women’s wear happens to be the most expensive. Women do love to wear expensive wears. This shoe is sold for $90 on Zara.

From the looks in the picture above, it is very fashionable. This is a cowboy boot that doesn’t look like most cowboy boots. The pattern is unique to Zara.

The black colour is universal and economical. This boot can be used with any color of wear.

This boot is made for women, especially the expensive-looking ones. It can be worn to the office and to any official occasion with a dress, jeans, or skirt.

You may not likely find it at the entrance of the store by the time you decide to buy it, you could just check inside the store of Zara to make your purchase.

I know you like to look expensive and stand out in the crowd with your wears. Zara can offer you that luxury.


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