Is Marshalls a Thrift Store?

Marshalls is not a Thrift store, instead, it is an off-price department store that is owned by TJX Companies.

What an off-price retailer does is that they buy a large number of goods directly from the manufacturer, this gives them more purchasing power making it possible for the prices of the items to go down.

This is one of the reasons why their items are usually very cheap.

Marshalls is actually a franchise that has over 1000 stores located in over 42 states in the US.

They have also expanded to over 62 stores in Canada as well. Marshalls is not a thrift store.

What kind of store is Marshalls?

Simply put, Marshalls is an off-price department store. Lots of people usually mistake Marshalls for a thrift.

I have already made the difference clear in this article. It is quite easy to identify a Thrift store. A thrift store is a store that deals in selling second-hand items which are usually aimed at raising funds for a church or for charity purposes.

A thrift store can also be called a charity store because it is majorly run by charity organizations. An off-price department store deals majorly on buying items in large quantities and because of that they are able to buy those items cheaper.

This gives them the ability to also sell those items to the final consumer at a very cheap rate. Do not think that the items are low quality just because they are cheap, the majority of them are actually of good quality.

This is one thing that Marshals are known for. Now that you are aware of the kind of store that Marshalls is you will not have to confuse one for the other. You can refer to Marshalls as what it actually is and not mistake it for another.

What is Marshalls Store popularly known for?

Marshalls is an off-price department store which is owned by TJX Companies and is popularly known for selling items so cheap.

Why this is possible is because Marshalls does something so unique by going all out to buy items in bulk so that they will be able to have more purchasing power.

The main purpose of bulk purchase is that it gives them the purchasing power to buy a lot of items at a cheaper rate.

When they buy at a cheaper rate they will also be able to sell the items so cheap to those who will use them.

This is why items at Marshalls are usually very cheap. When you buy items at Marshalls at a very cheap rate, you should not expect them to be of the highest quality.

This does not mean that they are of low quality, however, some of them have good quality but it cannot be compared to other brands of clothing that have really good quality.

The best time to purchase from Marshalls is if you are on a low budget and you are not looking at buying something that has a really high quality.

Marshalls still have some good quality items that you can always buy at a cheap rate at the store.

Do Marshalls sell fake stuff?

No! Marshalls do not sell fake stuff at all.

They are popularly known for selling authentic items that are generally accepted. All the items that Marshalls sell are authentic, ranging from their clothes, bags, shoes, etc.

You will be able to get value for the money you spent even though you may not be getting high-quality clothing, when you pay for a cheap item, expect a moderate level of quality and not a high-quality one.

These days a lot of people are scared of buying fake items. One of the reasons why people are asking this question is that Marshalls sell fake stuff. One of the things that led to this question of Marshalls selling fake stuff is because of how cheap the items are.

I have already explained earlier in this article why the items tend to be so cheap. People often doubt the legitimacy of an item when they see that it is so cheap.

You have nothing to worry about when it comes to items that Marshalls sell, they are authentic and you can trust the brand.

Is Marshalls better than Thrift?

Marshalls offer a better quality of clothing and items they sell, it is slightly better than Thrift store.

Marshalls may have better quality but Thrift stores sell second-hand. Thrift does more fundraising for charity while Marshalls do not.

Marshals win when it comes to a better quality because you cannot compare the quality of Marshalls to the second-hand quality that thrift sells.

Marshalls is an off-price department store while Thrift is a store that sells second-hand clothes and other household items majorly to raise funds or for charity purposes.

When you compare the main objective of the two different brands you will see that there are major differences. Marshalls make a profit while Thrift takes the profit for charity or fundraising.

Thrift has a better intention towards the monies they raise from sales of the items. If you want a better quality of clothing or items you buy, then I would advise you to go for Marshalls. They offer a better quality of clothing and other items.

Where do Marshalls get their stuff from?

Marshalls buy all their items from different types of vendors around the world. They also buy from big brands and other smaller brands that many people may not be aware of.

They buy from boutique labels as well. Another aspect that Marshalls is really good at is that they also manufacture some of the items they sell by themselves, but they sell those items in their own stores.

I like that Marshalls sell good quality items because their source also has good quality items. The items that Marshalls manufacture specifically for their stores are of good quality, and the good thing is that they are not so expensive.

With an affordable amount, you can get your favorite item at Marshalls without breaking the bank.

Why do Marshalls sell clothes so cheap?

Marshalls sell clothes so cheap because they are discounters. Also, they buy many items in bulk which gives them buying power to buy as many items even at a lesser price.

When they buy items in large quantities at a cheap rate, they are able to sell cheap too. This is why Marshalls sell clothes so cheap.

Those who are on a budget and do not want to spend so much on clothing items can always head to Marshalls store and their preferred clothing items at a reduced cost.

You can buy as much as you because you are getting it at a cheaper rate. Some may think Marshalls sell at a cheaper rate because the items are of low quality, but it is not, I have already explained that earlier in this article.

You would also be getting value for the items you buy, they may not be of the highest quality but the quality is good for the price it goes for.

Can you return Marshalls items to TJ Maxx?

No! You cannot return Marshalls items to TJ MAXX.

When you purchase items at Marshalls store you can only return them to Marshalls store and not any other store, not even the TK MAXX and other sister brands that they may have.

This is as a result of the return policy that the brand has that states that you can only return items you bought at Marshalls to Marshalls store and no other store.

This helps you know what to do if there are items you purchased at Marshalls that you want to return. You should know this because it helps makes things easier for you.

Is Marshalls the same as Winners?

Yes! Marshalls is the same as Winners. This is so because they are owned by the same company which is called the TJX company.

However, you need to be aware that Winners is a Canadian company while Marshalls is American. This is one thing that you should know about these two brands.

Can a HomeSense gift card be used at Marshalls?

Yes, you actually can. You can make use of a HomeSense gift card at Marshalls. Another amazing thing is that you can make use of it at Winners as well.

When next you go to Marshalls store and you have your HomeSense gift card with you, you can simply go-ahead to purchase the item with the gift card.


Marshalls is really a good store where you will be able to get a lot of items at a really cheap rate and still get good value for the money you spend.

If you do not want to spend too much but still get a good quality clothing item, head on to Marshalls Store and pick one for yourself. You will not regret getting items from this brand.


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