Is It Okay to Wear Shorts With Hairy Legs?

With summer lurking around, a lot of people find it necessary to wear clothes that will assure them of ventilation and convenience while they are at it.

These preceding events make shorts one of the most sorts after by people, regardless of their gender. Men and women resort to wearing shorts to feel more comfortable during this period of great heat.

But a lot of them fall in the category of people with hairs on their legs. Whether the hairs are vast or minimal, the fact that you have them and is probably planning to wear shorts is a problem for some people.

They feel it is not a fashion ideal to wear shorts on hairy legs, especially for women. In order to address that perspective, I have put together this article which is going to act as redress to some previously held notions.


So, is it okay to wear shorts with your hairy legs?

Yes, it s okay. Actually wearing shorts on hairy legs does not mean that you are less fashionable or glamorous.

As against the widely held belief that wearing shorts on hairy legs looks bad, I’m telling you that it isn’t.

The reason for my assertions is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being natural.

While other women or men out there struggle to conform to the societal standard of appearance or personality, you chose to remain natural.

And there is no crime in that, rather it means you feel good in your skin, you are just different.

Also, most people see being all smooth and flashy as time-consuming and somewhat expensive, which makes them prefer wearing their shorts without giving a second thought to whether ts bad or not.

Are Hairy Legs Attractive?

Of course, hairy legs are attractive. Although it is mostly pronounced as attractive for men, it is becoming attractive for women too.

Most ladies like men who have hair not just on their faces but also on their legs. There is a myth that it shows a man’s masculinity and his level of maturity.


But should we consider this, it will mean that other men that do not have it are less of a man, and it shouldn’t be viewed as such.

Similarly, recent testimonies and talks about women have shown that a good number of men are starting to buy into the idea of leg hairs for women.

Although the feminine gender is known for smoothness and softness, some of them do not follow these rules. The bottom line is that leg hairs are very much attractive for both men and women.

In What Ways Can You Make Your Legs Look Less Hairy?

Most people especially women are fond of keeping all the hairs on their body out of sight.

This mode of achieving ultimate smoothness and a hairless body has driven good people of them to do things that are often frowned at. And one of them is reducing the hairs on their legs.

While hairs play a major role in protecting the body from cold, some people remove them because of fashion and personal reasons. Some of the ways to make the hairs on your leg less include:

  • Use of electric trimmer
  • Use of Depilatories
  • Shaving using electric razors

Use of Electric Trimmer

Since this exercise aims to reduce the hair and not totally remove it, the use of an electric hair trimmer is your best bet.

Hair trimmers are used to cut down on the volume of hairs on your body, including the legs. An electric trimmer can be gotten in most big supermarts, and they are not that expensive.

Is It Okay to Wear Shorts With Hairy Legs

You then try to trim down the hairs on your leg, to look more yummy. You should try to check the product description of these trimmers to know if they are resistant to water or not.

Ascertain their status before taking them into the bathroom with you, to avoid contact with water.

Use of Depilatories

Those creams and lotions you see advertised to remove hair from any part of the body where they are rubbed on, are depilatories.

These creams work rather fast and efficiently because you don’t have to be sophisticated to run them up. You can go into any grocery store near you or order online, wet the preferred part (in this text – legs) with water.

Once this is done, apply the cream or lotion to the area and rub it evenly around. Leave the cream for about 20 minutes, wipe off the surface with a clean cloth and you have your hairless and flawless leg.

Shaving Using Electric Razors

The world is getting advanced and you do not need to use hand razors to remove the hairs on your body.

Since we are talking about the legs, the use of electric razors could be the best route than hand razors.

Once you turn on the razor, run it over the desired part of your legs, and shave off the hair. After that, exfoliate and moisturize the area to avoid burns or rashes.

How to Make Your Legs Look Good With Shorts?

Sleek and colorful shorts are definitely what you need to complete your beach outfit. The ladies will rather go with denim shorts that show off how sexy they are.

But all of these would only be a wish-list if you do not work towards making sure that your legs are going to appear superb in those shorts.

To make your legs look good and alluring as you wear your shorts is not a marathon. Therefore you could accomplish it with little effort, and these tips would come in handy:

  • Get fitting shorts.
  • Moisturize your legs.
  • Adopt leg workout (for men).
  • Consider the shorts’ leg openings.

Get Fitting Shorts

Nothing makes your legs look terrible when wearing shorts, than unfitting shorts. Your legs would appear stalked and bundled into the shorts if you do not do anything about it.

Thus, the first and foremost step of making your legs look good on your shorts is to et shorts that fit. It will create a relief on your leg, especially around your thigh which gets tight from wearing small-sized shorts.

Moisturize Your Leg

What does adding salt to a portion of food do, it increases its taste, right? Well, moisturizing your legs also does the same magic. After a bath, moisturize your leg to bring out its glow, whether you shave or not.

With this, you can wear your shorts with confidence, knowing that you have a glow on your legs which makes your legs appear good on any shorts you jump into.

Adopt Leg Work-out

Is It Okay to Wear Shorts With Hairy Legs

This tip is especially for men, but since a lot of women are now found in gyms I guess I don’t have to restrict it to only men.

This method works well if you think of thin legs which will be obvious if you wear shorts. Hit the gym and sweat out on your legs, hopefully, you will be back on track.

Once the muscles around your leg and thigh are built up, you will find those shorts looking classic on you.

Consider Leg Opening

Some shorts run small in the leg opening, and this is not good for your legs. If allowed to persist, it will pose inconvenience and unease of movement, and I know you wouldn’t want any of that.

Therefore, the right way to make sure that your legs are well on set is to get shorts with a wider leg opening.

Can I Pluck My Leg Hair to Make Them Attractive?

Yes, you can pluck your leg airs. The freshness of legs without hair is interesting and satisfying. This is why a good number of women try out many methods to attain a flawless leg, and plucking of hairs is one of those ways.

This is done by using an instrument known as ‘Tweezers’, or you could perform the activities using your hands.

Although plucking is a good way to remove hairs, it is detrimental as the process can cause permanent hair loss around the area.

In the process of plucking, the hair follicle could get damaged leading to issues of permanent hair loss.


Embracing your natural body despite societal backlash is another form of self-love, and those who wear shorts on hairy legs show it.

They are trying to be themselves regardless of the norms of society, and they are proving that what they are doing is good. It is entirely okay to wear shorts with hairy legs, at least nobody said it isn’t.

This article has contributed its quota to making sure that you know the intricacies of wearing jeans with hairy legs, and how to reduce leg hairs.

It has also embodied the different ways in which you can make your leg look a lot more good, glowing and sleek.


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