Is It Bad to Sleep in Skinny Jeans?

Yes, it is very bad to sleep in skinny jeans. As surprising as this might sound, skinny jeans are not only bad to sleep with, they are bad to use on a normal day.

It is medically not advisable for you to wear skinny jeans and this is because they compress your muscles and nerves and also press the veins interrupting the natural flow of blood which is bad for your health.

In this article, we will discuss the disadvantages of your wearing jeans and hopefully stop you from-wearing-skinny-jeans or minimize-making-appearances in them.

What happens when you sleep in Skinny Jeans?

Sleeping in skinny jeans is not advisable. The question about what happens when you sleep with skinny jeans leaves a very disturbing answer for both medical and physical aspects considering the disadvantages of you sleeping in your skinnies.

First of all, I’d like to draw your attention to the fact that sleeping in jeans is not totally bad or wrong as the case may be. I need to make this clear in regards to the fact that sometimes sleeping in jeans that are not skinnies can also be medically beneficial.

The jeans you should avoid are the skinnies. When you attempt to sleep in skinny jeans, you are not only compressing your muscles.

You are not only compressing your legs, your whole body is in a state of emergency as some nerves and veins inclusive will not work properly.

In the sense that, when you sleep in skinny jeans to sleep or even on a normal day to engage in normal activities, they are constrictive and affair the normal flow of blood.

They interfere with the normal circulation of nerves and also compress them which in this situation causes what we know as “Tight Jeans Syndrome”.

Tight Jeans Syndrome

This is a very serious and critical medical condition that is not wanted for anyone to face.

The tight jeans syndrome also known as meralgia paresthetica is the case whereby your legs are rendered numb due to the compression of the tight clothes you have on.

In the case of skinny jeans, as the name entails, it will grab hold of your legs making it impossible for air circulation and also temper the flow of blood.

If this happens which is definitely going to happen, you are then exposed to the Tight Jeans Syndrome which will leave your legs and possibly your whole body system numb, and also cause pain to the outer part of your thighs due to low blood flow and circulation.

There are many cases that have actually proven the disadvantage of sleeping in skinny jeans.

One of these cases is a case study of one doctor Andrew Weil, MD, he said sleeping in skinny jeans or even wearing skinny jeans can compress a sensory nerve that is called the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve which runs from the abdomen through the thighs.

The compression of this nerve can cause severe pains above the knee which is known as the Tight Jeans Syndrome.

It can also cause tingling, a situation where you feel pinches on your legs or body and this is because of the hindrance of the natural flow of blood.

Another case that occurs when you wear skinny jeans and should be taken seriously is the numbness of the legs.

Just as I have said before, skinny jeans will make your legs numb and this will really affect your walking.

You will feel tired and need not continue walking and this is because the leg lacks blood and this happens as a result of the skinny jeans you are wearing.

When should you stop wearing skinny Jeans?

In this part of the article, we will discuss and I will tell you when it is necessary that you stop wearing skinny jeans.

As much as you love skinny jeans, once it gets to this level then you will have no option but to quit and put a stop to skinny jeans.

  • Numbness
  • Tingling


The numbness of the leg is one of the early symptoms of the influence of tight jeans. At first, you will feel everything is fine and going well then you get to a level where when you sit down and want to stand up you feel your legs acting as if you are no longer in control.

After standing, your first few steps might feel awkward as your legs will not be able to carry you completely and you might end up limping for some time or for a few steps before you gain your balance again.

If you feel this way when wearing skinny jeans, you should probably stop wearing them and substitute them with some pairs of loose jeans. And if the numbness continues then do not hesitate to contact a physician.


This is the case whereby you feel a pinch or tickle as the case may be. it is however a sign that a nerve in your body has been stressed and is irritated and is sending you signals and extra signs.

When this happens, it is advisable that you stop wearing skinny jeans and substitute them with freer and lighter pants or jeans as your choice may be, in order not to make it worst.

However, in the case of a continual receiving of such kinds of signals then it is mandatory that you visit a physician.

Can a 60-year-old wear Skinny Jeans?

Yes, but it is not advisable. As a 60-year-old person, wearing Skinny jeans will do more harm to you than good.

At that age your body needs all the support it can get, so it is more advisable to wear loose clothes in order to be in accordance with your body condition.

Although it is not totally based on your age, it all depends on the fitting of the jeans. You can wear jeans even at 60 just that you need to consider the effect of these kinds of jeans, especially for the fact that skinny jeans cause muscle and nerve damage to the body.

You will tend to reduce the risk of getting yourself getting into any medical condition if you minimize the wearing of skinny jeans, and preferable avoid them at that age and wear lighter and air-free fabrics instead.

Fashion is not limited to one’s age, but it is however of your own interest and benefits if you don’t turn up on skinny jeans at the age of 60.

There are other fancy wears that you can wear at the age of 60 that will not affect your medical status in any way.

It is greatly advised that you avoid wearing skinny jeans on a regular if you don’t want to quit at all in order to not get yourself into any medical condition.

Are skinny Jeans Outdated?

No, they are not totally outdated because as of 2021 the searches for skinny jeans have increased to 77%. People love skinny jeans; they look good in them. You will stand out if you turn up in them and that’s for sure.

People love skinny jeans, it is a style that is supposed to have been lost since 2020 but a lot of people still find it hard to let go, skinny jeans tend to blend with a lot of other outfits, on a good day a skinny jean is all you need to complete a sleek look for you.

I feel one of the key contributors to the gradual fading of trendy wear is the medical disadvantage one stands to get when they wear skinny jeans.

I mean all these fashionistas and sleek looks are no way compared to your health.

Nevertheless, despite all the medical disadvantages jeans have, some women still find them trendy and still wear them even in 2022.

The search and want for Skinny jeans have gone down recently, but it appears to be a style that will not just get out of the market like that.


We have looked at the advantages of wearing skinny jeans and also the disadvantages. It is well stated and clear that you stand a higher risk of wearing skinny jeans on a good day.

Based on this article the disadvantages are much compared to the advantage which in this case is just one which is none other than looking trendy.

The disadvantages on the other hand are much, from been uncomfortable to exposing yourself to medical and health-related issues.

I feel jeans are good wears for anyone with older people inclusive, however skinny jeans are not recommended.

If you don’t want to stop wearing skinny jeans, then you can minimize turning up in them and also avoid sleeping in them.

Now in order to not be left out, research shows that the need for baggy and normal fit jeans have increased by 101% of recent.



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