Is 75 Degrees Too Hot for Jeans?

At 75 degrees, what you have is hot sunny weather that is too hot for wearing jeans outdoors.

And this is probably too uncomfortable for one to walk in during the day, but this depends on your geographical location as well.

However, for you to comfortably wear jeans at 75 degrees, then know that you will have to be conscious of your jean type, as lighter shades of jeans perform better in summer than jeans that come in dark washes.

How to wear Jeans in hot weather

Pair with crew neck shirt

Crew neck shirts are the perfect outdoor tops for summer, and you can comfortably wear them with your plain old jeans.

Don’t stress but dress with casual in mind because the weather is too hot to wear heavy-duty shirts like coats, so this shirt or polo is made to accompany you through summer to keep your body temperature normal even while in jeans.

Wear with a sleeveless top

Apart from wearing regular polos, you can also pair your favorite jeans with sleeveless ones to go outdoors or visit the gym.

This sleeveless top definitely makes a great style option to wear jeans in hot weather for that comfortable feel.

As they offer Dri-power moisture technology to help control sweat and the fabric is made of Lightweight cotton that feels soft even after washing.

Style with breathable shoes like Loafers

No shoes can feel as comfortable as a loafer. These shoes are made with breathable cotton fabric, removable memory foam cushioned insoles, and a lightweight outsole that helps fight odors and sweat all day long.

You will love wearing them with jeans as they just weigh 6 ounces making them the lightest pairs of shoes to tread the hot road as they provide that maximum comfort you want not only for your legs but your feet as well.

Wear your jeans with a sun hat

Stand out in the sun with these mesh hats that just help keep the ray off your head while wearing your jeans. Live out the idea of summer in a hat and rock your jeans with style.

And since you want to wear jeans in hot weather, a mesh cap as simple as this one will help you with transforming your overall look without looking odd.

What type of Jeans can you wear in hot weather

Ripped Jeans by I5KZ

Wearing ripped jeans is perfect for hot days like summer because the spaces on these jeans will naturally provide that extra ventilation to your legs without having to remove them.

The jeans have the same color from top to bottom designed with the fashionable high-street style in mind and it features unique ripped slim-fit jeans that match the top you wear them with.

White Jeans by Goodthreads

One trick to wearing jeans on hot days is to avoid wearing black and other darker washes because they readily absorb heat from the sun, making you sweat and feel so uncomfortable.

That’s why white jeans and other lighter shades of jeans outperform during hot days as opposed to black and dark-washed jeans.

Goodthreads Men’s Athletic Fit Jeans are a combination of 90% Cotton, 9% Polyester, and 1% Elastane that feels roomier around the hip and thigh and finally tapers in a 14.5″ leg opening.

They make good jeans for hot weather as they reflect the rays coming from the sun leaving your skin cool.

Distressed Jeans by Signature by Levi Strauss & Co.

Jeans like these are better suited for hot and warmer days, as they are made with cotton fabrics which are actually the most recommended clothes and jeans for summer.

Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label jeans are made from 88% cotton, 11% polyester, and 1% elastane, making them thinner, less stretchy, and lightweight.

Similarly, you will want to wear jeans that feel a bit lose and are more comfortable on the knee. And these jeans are made to be loose-fitting.

Jeans Joggers by Victorious

Joggers are definitely the go-to for casual slim-fit jogger jeans. They are made to be stylish and comfortable, spawn from 97% Cotton and 3% Spandex.

This added stretch offers maximum comfort and the dropped-crotch is perfect for a loose fit through the thigh.

The material of Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label jeans are soft and comfortable, feel a bit loose and the jeans finish off with an elastic tapered ankle.

Are Jeans warmer than sweats? 

Jeans are warmer than sweats, especially in cold weather conditions. Not just any type of jeans but jeans meant for cold.

These types are made heavier, thicker, and firmer with a darker shade making them offer that added insulation and water resistance.

However, cotton jeans, which are the jeans we reviewed in this post, are pants meant for hot weather. They are lightweight, breathable, and thinner but not warmer than sweatpants.

So, dark-washed jeans are warmer than sweats in both hot and cold weather conditions as their thickness adds that layer of insulation and warmth, which you will find more uncomfortable wearing in summer than winter.

Are Jeans warmer than cotton pants?

Jeans are not warmer than cotton in hot weather conditions because they are much thicker which is the opposite of cotton pants.

One quality that makes cotton warmer than jeans is the nature of its weave which present you with some warmth

If you are going to work out heavy, then you should avoid cotton pants. Thicker cotton pants, not denim, should keep you somewhat warm but it will depend on the weave of the material.

What pants should I wear in hot weather (if I don’t want to wear jeans)

Graphic Shorts by Under Armour

Graphic shorts are one of the best pants for surviving in hot weather and they make a great alternative to wearing your usual long jeans trousers.

Although they are made to be training or workout shorts, you can wear them as normal casuals as they are made with breathable materials that help release sweat and offer your legs that ventilation it needs once in a while.

And you are going to love them as the pants dry really fast.

Cargo Joggers by XYXIONGMAO

Joggers are definitely the go-to for casual slim-fit jogger jeans. They are made to be stylish and comfortable, spawn from 97% Cotton and 3% Spandex.

This added stretch offers maximum comfort and the dropped crotch is perfect for a loose fit through the thigh.

The material of Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label jeans are soft and comfortable, feel a bit loose and the jeans finish off with an elastic tapered ankle.

Chinos Pant by Amazon Essentials

They are just like Dockers Classic D3 pants made with a classic fit and wrinkle-resistant pants that stay straight even after ironing for long.

The Flat plain front makes these pants look so attractive as work wear despite being comfortable and casual looking.

They are made with 60% cotton, and 40% polyester, to limit the stretch and maximize comfort throughout the legs.

The material of Amazon Essential Chinos is soft and comfortable, feels a bit loose and the jeans finish off with an elastic tapered ankle. So, they are great pants for summer.

Cotton Jogger by Champion

Another pant warmer than jeans is this Champion Men’s joggers which are designed with 90% cotton, 10% black polyester, and 40% polyester making them generally soft and lightweight for hot weather.

These jerseys work to keep you comfortable, with the tapered leg cut featuring an elastic cuff, you stay in style and fit.

Also, the elastic waistband offers you a quick cord to adjust to your fit. So, these pants are a great option for summer.

Wrangler Authentics Men’s Cargo Short

Another pair of pants great for hot weather is Wrangler Authentics Men’s Cargo Short, and it is built for versatility and comfort.

These shorts have a relaxed seat around the waist and a relaxed fit through the thighs.

It comes with a 10-inch inseam equipped with six pockets for extra storage capacity, two side flap pockets, and two back pockets, all for easy-access storage. To store your personal items while outdoors.

Dockers Men’s Straight Fit

For a more business-casual environment, Dockers Men’s Straight Fit is the right deal.

With their wrinkle-free technology, durable buttons, and permanent crease, these cotton pants look very precise and neat for any formal setting and they are available in other colors.

They have a minimal amount of elastic thread, which is a good quality for jeans meant for summer or hot weather.

But they shrink at the waist when brought out from the dryer. So, you may need to dry on a cool or low setting and air dry later on a trouser hanger.


For you to determine how hot the weather is for jeans, then you may want to observe the weather condition around you.

For example, those that live in colder regions may not find wearing jeans at 75 degrees a good idea, as the jeans may feel hot on them.

Also, if you live in a hotter region, you may find it moderate to wear jeans at such temperature.

Anyways, for summer what you need are outfits that protect and make you feel much more comfortable.

And you have been able to see several outfits to wear in a hot temperature, from the cargo pants to the casual shorts you can alternate instead of wearing jeans.

But, if you still want to wear jeans this summer, you need to go for jeans with a light wash, ripped type, or the distressed type of jeans.


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