Invigorate Vs Wunder Train Lululemon: Which One is Better?

The major difference between Invigorate and Wunder train lululemon leggings is that Wunder train lululemon doesn’t have side pockets, instead, they come with a hidden pocket located in the waistband to secure your card and keys.               

While Invigorate leggings are designed with two side drop-in pockets and they also feature a hidden waistband pocket at the back as seen in wunder train leggings. 

Both Wunder Train and Invigorate leggings are made with Lululemons Everlux fabric. And they are specially designed for intense workouts and rigorous training like CrossFit, weightlifting, and spinning, but they are quite different in terms of fit, and style.                                     

Why this comparison?

When it comes to Lululemon leggings in general, they are grouped into about five collections which include:

  • The Align
  • The Luxtreme
  • The Smooth Cover
  • The Nulux
  • The Everlux collection

So, whether you need a minimalistic fit for everyday wear, a compressive tight fit while running, a fit for low-impact studio workouts like yoga, lightweight leggings, or a fit for a high-intensity workout, these leggings are there for you.

This comparison is quite useful for someone who is into workouts to make the best-informed buying decision, as to what fit is best for their lifestyle.

With these, you can clearly see what makes one legging stand out from the rest. And it’s on this note that we try to compare side by side the Invigorate and the Wunder train lululemon. 

Interestingly, both leggings belong to the Everlux collection, which is the ideal workout pants for intense training from the Lululemon brand. Also, because of their unique fabrications, the interior feels sleek and smooth against the skin leaving the outside with a soft feel. 

Some of the technical features used in building these leggings include the quick-drying system, that takes care of excess sweat and the unique stretchy fabrication, that enables one to move around easily. And this is what this guide contains, so keep reading to find out which leggings are your next new buy. 

History of Invigorate Leggings

Invigorate emerged onto the global scene of workout and training pants by blowing up the construction of the side pocket leggings, an unusual feature its associate, Wunder Train seems to lack.

Athletes and other great trainers who wanted something more functional couldn’t deal with the designs of Wunder Trainers, so this set came as an optional match to suffice for the existing fit. 

The leggings are 100% opaque with a fabric that is very thick and provides a lot of coverage, so you rest assured of no pant lines showing off from them.

Another feature that makes Invigorate leggings designs stand out is the Everlux fabric, which it shares with Wunder Train and is ideal for sweat-wicking and temperature regulation.

Also, they come with a hidden drawstring system inside the waistband to secure the fit, and this is very important for any intensive workouts that involve lots of jumping up and down. 

As Lululemon evolved, Invigorate became synonymous with a bold style designed to stand out. The specialty leggings’ fit, colors, and pricing are well thought out with great attention to detail so that every turn and move is worth applauding.  

History of Wunder train lululemon leggings

Wunder train lululemon is a continuation of what Chip Wilson, founder of the Lululemon brand in Vancouver, Canada started out in 1998.

Currently, a set of designers, who believe that a healthy lifestyle is supported by gears that can see you through any sweaty pursuits, are responsible for the functionality and versatility of Lululemon’s apparel. 

At first, Lululemon featured only pants for women to wear during the yoga sessions taking place in their very own studio, they are now a collection of running, cycling, and training pants for both women and men in all phases of life.   

With over 20 years of manufacturing workout pants for men and women, the brand continues to be inspired to deliver new styles of leggings every year, and an example of such promise, is the Wunder Contour fit created with extra functionality and style. 

So, whether you are looking for a perfectly curated fit, vibrant colored leggings, and a minimalistic pair with no side pockets, Wunder train lululemon is tailored to elevate your shape, boost your confidence, and support you along every training you undergo. 

Invigorate vs Wunder Train: Comparison

Invigorate Wunder train lululemon
Size Leggings are inconsistent in sizing Leggings are inconsistent in sizing
Style They come in three different closely related fit They are the most flattering pair
Leggings Quality A perfect blend of stretch makes the leggings look durable Made from premium Everlux fabrics 
Material Is a high-tech fabric that is capable of supporting high-end exercises The fast-drying system in these leggings makes them ideal for intense workouts 
Inseam Length They come in four different lengths 21″, 23″, 25″, and 28″ They come in two lengths, 23” and 25”
Waistband Quality Have a high-waisted and flattering rise The sturdy slimming panel is ideal for tummy control
Fashion Quality Available in 13 different colors in the full-length style The leggings come in several modern colors that stand the trend of the time
Build Quality It has the right amount of stretch and nice details in the stitching Made of 77% nylon and 23% lycra/ elastane
Longevity/Durability They are specially tailored with Everlux fabric which has a high tensile strength  They are designed with the non-rip feature that makes them sustainable
Pricing The leggings are sold between $88 to $128 The leggings are sold at $128 for a pair



Lululemon Leggings are consistent with their sizing most of the time but sometimes a particular style could run small and run big on another. But this is something the brand takes priority of since they come in high-end prices to offer several size selections. 

So, both the Wunder Trains and Invigorate are true to size, you don’t need to size up or down, except you are in between sizes. And these leggings in their full length reach about an inch above the ankles, which is a comfortable length for any lifestyle. Both leggings have it. It’s a DRAW!                          


Out of the three Lulemon’s newest style is the Wunder Train Contour Fit collection, which is the best option for curves. It feels roomy around the hips and thighs without compromising the strength of the waistband.

Also, Wunder leggings come in three closely related fit which includes, the Wunder Under, the Wunder Train, and the Wunder Contour fit, all of which are significantly different. 

However, Invigorate leggings are no different as they are one of the most popular leggings from Lulemon which has the right fit for every personality.

They are the most flattering, and fit amazingly well, aside from this they come in several stretch fabrics to provide maximum comfort. So, in terms of style, the Wunder train and Invigorate leggings have it. It’s a DRAW!                                                   

Leggings Quality

You will be super impressed with these leggings from the first instance of bringing them out of the package. However, the leggings quality of both styles is reflected in the perfect lift, the seamless movement, and the stretchy weaving.

So, they are made to be functional and can withstand the test of time, while being tailored in all their different lengths and colors. Both have it in terms of leggings quality. It’s a DRAW!                                                       


Both Wunder Train and Invigorate leggings are made with Lululemons Everlux fabric, because of their durability as a high-tech fabric capable of supporting high-end exercises.

They are the best for sweaty workouts and you’ll love the fast-drying system in these leggings. 

The high waistband is complemented with the thin ankle cuffs so that nothing budges out while you mid-squat.

So, looking at both leggings, you will be satisfied by the quality and stretchy fabrication they offer across the hips, thighs, knees, and legs. It’s a DRAW!                                                             

Inseam Length

Generally, Lulemon full-length leggings have a 28″ inseam length, but there are other options available in 31″ for women who desire the extra length.

But, if you have shorter legs or you just prefer the ankle-length leggings, then you should splurge on the 25″ inseam length. 

However, the styles that are available as crop leggings, and they range from 17″ to 23″ in length. While the Wunder Train leggings come in four different lengths 21″, 23″, 25″, and 28″. Invigorate is available only in two lengths, 23” and 25”. 

So, when it comes to the inseam length, the Wunder Train has it. 

Waistband quality

Most of Lululemon’s leggings are high-waisted and this flattering rise stays in place and in shape whenever you tend to move around. And for the best part, they come with a slimming panel which is ideal for tummy control. 

Although, for an even higher band, there is a super high rise cut that is available in yoga-appropriate styles, and an example is the Align Lulemon leggings and the Wunder Train Tight leggings.

Both brands have it in terms of waistband quality. It’s a DRAW! 

Fashion Quality 

The Wunder Train leggings are available in 13 different colors in the full-length style, while the cropped lengths are available in 10 modern colors.

And this is highly appreciated because of the versatile options to choose from like the vibrant magenta, a color that just sets the atmosphere for your morning training.   

Invigorate leggings are no different as they are also available in several prints and fun colors as you have with the Wunder Trains. When it comes to fashion quality, both leggings have it.                       

Build Quality

Upon first sight, both Lulemon Leggings are specially tailored in classic colors, with the right amount of stretch, nice details, and stitching that just depicts the work of high-end fashion designers. And it is this reason they are selling at a price higher than most brands. 

In addition, the pocket lining is made with 56% polyester, 33% CoolMax polyester, and 11% lycra/ elastane while the leggings are made with 77% nylon and 23% lycra/ elastane.

And this offers one with the best warm feeling from the different breathable materials.  

Both leggings have it, in terms of build quality. It’s a DRAW! 


One is willing to splurge on a pair of good training pants, only if they last long. And a lot of factors are responsible for choosing a pair that can stand the test time.

No doubt the Lululemon brand is trusted for their various workout apparel and the true value of their leggings depends on the satisfaction and comfort you get after wearing them. 

Both the Invigorate and Wunder Train Leggings can withstand frequent movement that comes from both training and normal everyday wear.

As both are specially tailored with Everlux fabric which has high tensile strength and non-rip feature that makes them sustainable. So, it’s a DRAW! Both leggings have it in terms of durability. 


The lululemon wunder train leggings cost between $88 to $128 depending on your preferred length and print. And both the 21″ and 23″ cropped lengths start at $88 while 25″ and 28″ lengths begin at $98.

However, the same is with Invigorate leggings, as they are sold at $128 for a pair. While the prices of these workout pants are quite expensive, Lululemon has been consistent in keeping their most popular leggings styles at under $100.

When it comes to pricing, both leggings have it. It’s a DRAW! 

Final Verdict

Both leggings are made for the same purpose but differ in features that are suitable to the wearer.

They are highly durable, functional, and fashionable at the same time and can be comfortably worn for any high-end sport. 

But I think I will splurge on a pair of Wunder Train Lululemon Leggings as they come in both the regular Lululemon fit and a new Contour Fit.

And this is a great alternative to try out which style feels right for you. 


While the Invigorate Leggings connotes a transformation of Wunder Train both in style and functionality, they make the best new pair of training pants for that cross-training exercise that requires a pocket to safeguard one’s valuables while on the track.  

So, whichever of Lulemon’s leggings suits the rigors of your workout, splurge on it but if you just want a minimalistic pair that can suffice for training, then go for the Wunder train leggings as they are a bit stylish too. 


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