Invigorate vs Fast And Free Leggings: Which One is Better?

A good leggings brand is needed for every active person. Whether you are working in the gym or running on the trail, you need the appropriate gear.

First, note that invigorate and fast and free leggings are both produced by the Lululemon activewear brand. This means that they both share so many qualities, like how they appear and such.

Lululemon inspires a legging brand that is breathable, sweat-wicking, comfortable, and very much available to a wide range of individuals.

Lululemon leggings are well known among the active lifestyle communities, but you may not know that this brand has many styles and materials to choose from. Every fabric feels distinctly unique and designed for a specific activity, from compressive tights for intense workouts to soft, lightweight designs for yoga.

This article would have us check out these two leggings and tell by the end which is worth our time when we go shopping. You should be able to make purchases based on your activities and preferences.

Major Difference Between Invigorate and Fast and Free Leggings 

Invigorate Vs Fast and Free Leggings

The major difference between invigorate and fast and free is the type of fabric used in their creation. Invigorate is made from a fabric called Everlux, while fast and free is made from a fabric called Nulux.

Both fabrics have unique qualities and compositions that differ from each other. This difference in the fabric also affects the features of each legging.

Another difference between the two leggings is the activities which they are intended for. Invigorate leggings are better suited for workouts, training, and bikes.

These activities differ from fast and free leggings whose activities include, training, hiking, running, thermal, casual, yoga, and on the move.

Compression is another difference between the two leggings. Invigorate leggings have a distinct compression feel once you have them on, while this compression is lacking in fast and free leggings.

They also have different levels of thickness, opacity, and moisture-wicking properties.

Invigorate is made for training, hence can handle a lot of sweaty situations during intensive workouts. With a breathable fabric, you remain cool despite your workouts.

Fast and free are perfect for running and are very lightweight. They remain smooth and handle the squat test nicely.

Brief History of Invigorate Leggings

Invigorate legging is a collection under the popular brand Lululemon, which specializes in men’s and women’s activewear.

Lululemon was created in 1998 by Chip Wilson, and the brand has been outfitting men and women with attractive, comfortable, and high-performance activewear. The brand has over 400 stores worldwide and operates out of Vancouver, Canada.

These leggings from Invigorate are specially crafted for running and high-affected activities during intense workouts.

They are made from Trademarked Everlux fabric which is ideal for wicking sweat effectively. The movement invigorate offers is outstanding with the side pockets being a very functional piece.

The fit is great, and it has an elastic waistband that makes sure your leggings stay upright all day.

Measuring up to 4-inches the waistband is wide and lined with multiple pockets for proper storage of your essentials. These pockets are placed on the outside of the waistband.

Inside the waistband, an inner elastic band is built. This adds to the smoothness and natural waistline its shows off when you have them on.

Invigorate has different inseam lengths available to its customers, ranging from 10’’, 23’’, and 25’’ offering you different choices. The leggings have 100% opacity, are very thick, and have an adequate surface area to cover you up.

They have a reflective logo behind the waistband and a leg opening with a finished hem. The leggings come with a gusset that is double-layered, and triangle-shaped.

Pros of Invigorate Leggings 

  • Squat proof
  • Compressive
  • True to size
  • High-quality fabric
  • Doesn’t peel
  • Has variable colors
  • Moisture


  • Expensive

Brief History of Fast and Free Leggings

Fast and free leggings are produced by the Lululemon activewear brand. They have wide use among yoga lovers and fitness enthusiasts. Lululemon has been in operation since 1998, and over time it has become a household name in the industry.

With its headquarters in Canada, founder Chip Wilson dedicated the brand to women as one of the most fashionable and comfortable activewear.

Fast and free leggings are a collection made under the Lululemon company. Manufactured using the patented NULUX fabric, fast and free leggings are a wonderful piece to own.

Trying them on, I discovered they had given a good silhouette to you complimenting your shape nicely. The fit was perfect and true to size.

The waistband of fast and free leggings is doubled layered and seamed and seamed at the top. With an opened hem at the leg, there is enough space for your ankles.

Fast and free leggings are high rise, sitting at your abdomen area. The waistband is lined with multiple pockets for easy storage of devices, keys, and wallets and is sewn on the outside.

Fast and free leggings are not 100% opaque. A reflective logo can be found on the extreme edge of the calf towards the left. A draw cord is embedded on the insides of the waist; this is ensuring you adjust the waist to your desired shape.

The gusset is triangular-shaped and single-layered. Throughout the leggings, flat fell seams are used to flatter and make them chaff-free.

Pros of Fast and Free Leggings 

  • Lightweight
  • Feels like a second skin
  • Soft single layer gusset
  • Quick-drying

Cons of Fast and Free Leggings 

  • Less compression

Invigorate Vs Fast and Free Leggings Comparison 

Invigorate Vs Fast and Free Leggings

Invigorate and fast and free leggings under the Lululemon brand. They are perfect for use and also have many colorful, fashionable pieces. In this article we are going to highlight and compare these two, stacking them against each other and seeing which is best.

It is very common to see folks confused about the many choices of the Lululemon leggings. So take this guide seriously. We are going to use some simple criteria to decide this comparison. Below are the comparison factors we can use.


Invigorate leggings uses the Everlux fabric from Lululemon for its leggings. The fabric feels lightweight and very compressive. Because of the high Lycra content used in its component, it stretches and keeps its shape excellently thanks to the four-way stretch Everlux.

The outer surface is smooth to touch, with a double-knit structure that keeps it cool against your skin. They feature a waistband drawstring and hidden pocket.

This fabric is very opaque and wicks sweat away at an amazing rate, it has highly durable and doesn’t peel. While it make Fast And Free using the Nulux fabric.

This fabric is stretchy and gives a naked sensation when you wear them. They are silky, soft, and lightly compressive. They feature 2 side pockets and five waistband pockets.

I love how this fabric contours to the body showing your curves, while also breathable and quick-drying. Although they are lightweight, they are not see-through.


Invigorate leggings are known for their exceptional quality. With a premium fabric used in its manufacture, you can focus on your strength as you hit your intense workout routine. Because it is designed for training, you can expect nothing less of high quality in these Invigorate leggings.

Fast and free leggings are designed for running. They are almost weightless and feel like a second skin when you wear them. Good quality engineering gives it a four-way stretch ability, passing the squat test easily.

The body is a combo of 84% Nylon, 16% Elastane Lycra and the waistband is 89% Nylon, 11% Elastane.


Invigorate leggings and fast and free leggings have a similar price range. They both can be seen costing from $50 – $128. You can find other leggings in each collection having a higher price. This is because of personal customization or limited production.


Invigorate leggings are designed for an intensive workout that involves high sweating. The fabric is very compressive, providing support for high-performance workout routines.

Fast and free leggings are lightweight and meant for running. You can cover the distance in fast and free leggings, with its sleek, weightless fabric.

Invigorate leggings are fast-drying, breathable, and combat hot, humid, and low airflow that handles the intense heat of working out. Fast and free caters to those on the track and yoga. Its lightweight nature allows you to run effectively and dries sweat.

Final Verdict

We have come to the final verdict in comparing invigorate and fast and free leggings. These two leggings are from the same Lululemon brand; they are premium quality material.

These two leggings have been compared side by side and now we have come to the final verdict.

The fast and free leggings are the better choice for me of the two. This is because personally, my fitness routine involves more free running outdoors, and Fast and Free leggings are better suited for the two.

Reasons for this include:

  • Lightweight fabrics.
  • Less compression
  • Positive squat test
  • Quality fabric.

This being said invigorate leggings may be your decision at the end of the article. But understand that leggings are purchased depending on their use.

If you are an intense workout person, then an invigorate is best for you. Having both pairs is also one way to go, for when you switch up for some alternate gym days, cheers.


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