How to Wash Levi’s Jeans for the First Time?

Levi’s are one of the iconic jeans we have today in the world. It is very important to note that this particular brand has come a long way and have been giving out the best for ages.

It is also important to note that with time, Levi’s jeans manufacturers adapted to the trend which is the production of quality denim jeans among other clothing.

In this article, we shall review some of the ways you are advised to wash your Levi’s jeans with direct recommendation from the manufacturers, the CEO himself who is known as Chip Bergh.

This is going to be in methods so you can go back to any method you feel comfortable and convenient doing.

Let’s dive in already!!

How to Wash Levi’s Jeans for the First Time? (3 Great Methods)

Method One: Turn your Levi’s Jeans inside out

This is more like a first step in whatever way you chose to wash your Levis.

The purpose for this is to make sure you don’t end up washing and making them bleed and in the process having them fade since there is every possibility of this happening considering the fact that we are dealing with denim pair of Levi’s Jeans.

Note that the turning in and out of your Levi’s Jeans is not just applicable to your denim pairs.

You can decide to turn in and out, any pair of jeans from Levi’s and frankly any other brand as this help to reduce the impact of you washing them on the exterior.

This method extends the newness of your pairs regardless of how long you have owned them.

Method Two: Do not let them soak in water before washing

Many people with me inclusive are fond of soaking their wears for a period of time before washing them.

This is cool with other wears especially clothes that are not jeans at all. soaking your jeans regularly does not only make them weak, it makes them bleed regardless of the fabric they are made of.

When washing your Levis jeans, put them for a limited time in the water, and soon after follow up with an anti-color washing detergent and wash them immediately with cold water.

Wash and rinse with cold water, this is also another format or method of washing that you can follow in order to extend the lifespan of your new set of Levi’s Jeans.

Method Three: Wash just the hem and the waistline

A lot of people always want to wash their jeans as a whole, soaking them and washing the whole thing on and on and on.

It is advisable that when you intend to wash your Levi’s jeans for the first time, you wash just the hem and then the Waistline and then if necessary take a brush and brush the knee as those are the places that are bound to get dirty after a few days’ use.

This will boost their durability, especially the fact that they are still new.

Take Note!!

Do not forget to make use of cold water as it is very important in extending the lifespan of your Levi’s jeans.

Wash with cold water and also rinse with cold water. This way you are avoiding heat which is one of the factors that always affect new jeans and also make them shrink and bleed.

Should you wash Levi’s Jeans before first wear?

Yes, you should wash your Levi’s jeans first before wearing them.

Although this is arguable, I will go ahead to discuss why it is advisable to wash your Brand new Levi’s jeans before wearing them.

Levi’s jeans as we know them are mostly made with denim jeans. This makes it possible for these new jeans of yours to have in them some chemicals that were used in manufacturing them.

When you don’t wash your Levi’s jeans before wearing them, you stand the risk of making your body come in contact with these chemicals when you sweat and some of these chemicals might be harmful to the body and might leave you having some kinds of skin irritations to deal with.

Apart from health-wise, another reason why it is important that you wash your Levi’s jeans before wearing them for the first time is to know if they will bleed or not.

This is advised in the sense that you might want to mix them with other clothes while washing and might end up ruining or staining the other clothes you mix them with for washing.

How often should you wash Levi’s Jeans?

It is recommended that you wash your Levi’s jeans once after every ten wears.

This is in order for you to be able to enjoy the value of your money and not have them fading in just a few days of wear.

Regular washing of your Levi’s Jeans is capable of reducing their durability.

Do Levi’s Jeans get loose after washing?

No, they don’t. majority of Levi’s jeans are made with Denim material that is gotten from cotton.

Cotton is known to compress further after washing and not loosen. If anything then you should try to avoid washing them with hot water as this will guarantee them shrinking or tightening more.

If you want your Levi’s jeans to loosen then this is something you will have to do yourself, there are many ways you can loosen your Levi’s jeans.

However, considering the fact that most denims are a combination of cotton and spandex, this makes them capable of stretching a bit.

Keep an eye out.

How to care for your Levi’s Jeans

In this part of the article, we will discuss ways you can care for your Levi’s jeans regardless of the amount of cotton they are made with.

The ways to be discussed here have been tested and trusted and you have a guarantee of extending the lifespan of your Levi’s jeans if you do just as I have listed in this article.

Let’s get to it!!

  • Always wash with cold water
  • Avoid washing with a washing machine
  • Line dry under room temperature
  • Avoid regular washing

Always wash with cold water

This is a very important factor in ensuring your Levi’s jeans last long as supposed.

Washing Levi’s jeans with cold water guarantees longevity and also, cold water hinders your denim from bleeding as much as it would if you wash with hot water.

With the intention of taking good care of your Levi’s jeans, you should avoid hot water and anything that will cost them heat in any form.

Avoid washing with a washing machine

Washing machine will cause your jeans to fade as soon as possible, regardless of whether you wash them after ten wears or not.

The washing machine gives them a spin of their lifetime. A beating that is done in order to be able to wash off the oil or stains and dirt that has stayed on your Levi’s Jeans.

With each spin that your Levi’s jean undergoes in the washing machine, the fabric quality is broken and this is due to the heat in the machine.

This will further damage the exterior and rid it of its initial color and also disorganize its composure making it loose its form in no time.

Line dry under room temperature

I am sure by now you know that heat is Levi’s jeans worst enemy. The more you avoid exposing your Levi’s jeans to heat the more you are able to enjoy the value of your money.

Heat makes them shrink and with this happening constantly you are going to end up losing them because they will eventually run small.

It is advisable that you allow them dry under room temperature, by so there is no chance of any complication.

Avoid regular washing

Just as discussed earlier, if you intend to make sure your Levi’s are well taken care of, ensure you don’t wash them regularly.

Wear them ten times before washing them, it is advisable that you get yourself a pair or two or more than to enable shuffling.

Should your new Levi’s Jeans be washed separately?

Yes, but only if you have discovered that your Levi’s jeans bleed.

If your Levi’s jeans are the type that bleeds, then you might want to wash them separately in order to not risk them staining your other clothes as the case may be.

However, if after the first wash you see that your Levi’s jeans do not bleed, then it is safe for you to wash them with other clothes but preferable dark-colored clothes not to play a high-risk game as jeans are to naturally turn the color of the water they are washed in.


In this part of the article, with the conclusion I am going to be giving you a bonus idea on how to ensure your Levi’s receive the best care that will sure extend their longevity.

Do not wash your jeans with detergents of any kind. Some detergents are made with high concentration of bleaching agents that are bound to wash and make your Levi’s jeans fade in no time.

Some soaps are more convenient but, an anti-colour washing detergent is recommended.


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