How Do True Religion Jeans Fit Compared to Other Brands?

The True Religion jeans brand embodies the very essence of denim fashion. It draws its design and inspiration from the classic fashion of vintage heritage and serves us with premium products.

I know a lot of you must be in a state of askance as to why the jeans from the stables of True Religion are quite expensive more than their contemporaries? But my clarification to you is that they are simply made from super quality materials and a premium denim process.

What this article will focus on is mainly a comparative expedition between the fitting of True Religion Jeans and other popular brands out there. Brace up because it will be a long drive.

How Do True Religion Jeans Fit Compared to Other Brands

The General Fitting of True Religion Jeans

From their embroidered horseshoe back pocket to their large stitching, the fitting of these jeans does not sound alike to simplicity.

Albeit the sizing and fitting argument, different pairs fit differently, and they do not bag at all. They have a pattern of always giving you a little room for breathing between fabrics.

However, if the pair you get is a stretch, then it tends to run small, unlike the full cotton ones that are 1–2 inches above normal size.

True Religion Size Chart

Size chart for Men

Size Waist Hips
28 30-31 38-39
29 31-32 39-40
30 32-33 40-41
31 33-34 41-42
32 34-35 42-43
33 35-36 43-44
34 37-38 44-45
36 38-39 46-47
38 40-41 48-49
40 42-43 50-51
42 44-45 52-53
44 46-47 54-55
46 48-49 56-57
48 50-51 58-59

Size chart for Women

Size Jeans size Waist Hip
00 23 25.5 33
0 24/25 27 34/35
2 26 28.5 36
4 27 29.5 37
6 28 30.5 38
8 29 31.5 39
10 30 32.5 40
12 31 33.5 41
14 32 34.5 42
16 33 35.5 43
18 34 36.5 44
20 36 38.5 45
22 38 40.5 46

The charts above are what you should refer to before making any purchase regarding True Religion jeans. For the men; a 28 size in jeans refers to the inseam length i.e how long the jeans are while the waist and hip refer to the fitting on the waistband.

Looking at the chart, 28inseam goes with a 30/31 waist size, which should refer but True Religion jeans often run small due to using 100% cotton in their production. Meanwhile, if it is a product made from a cotton blend that can stretch, it runs larger.

The same antic goes for the women’s chart, but it is more descriptive over there as the normal size for women all over the world is different from the size provided by TR. Either way, the trick of sizing up for full cotton and sizing down for cotton blend still stands.

How True Religion Jeans Fit Compared to Other Brands

True Religion Jeans Fit Compared to Levi’s

How Do True Religion Jeans Fit Compared to Other Brands

I am starting this list with the famous Levi’s. Don’t act like you didn’t know;

I will be starting with this prestigious brand. They are one of the oldest sojourners in the path of denim production, as they produced one of the best jeans in the world.

Levi’s was founded in 1873, and since then they have made efforts to make sure they remain in the business, with a reputable name, product, and future.

Now over to the fitting comparison; Levi’s is known for making jeans that look good and durable, plus their overly affordable price. But all these have come to a halt as most of their customers have been complaining about their sizing.

Unlike True Religion, in which you have to size up like two times before you get fitting waist size, Levi’s has been reportedly running small and skinny along the thighs and calf.

A case study is a recent complaint on how the debate on the 511s, which are marketed as slim but are skinny. If you are to take up Levi’s jeans against that from True Religion, the fitting will be a matter of being snug on your body.

True Religion Jeans Fit Compared to DL 1961

How Do True Religion Jeans Fit Compared to Other Brands

The fitting of the DL 1961 jeans and that of the True Religion brand is a case of opposite terms.

The True Religion has a record of running small and lacks in sizes around the waist region, but the DL 1961 is a brand that makes jeans that are way beyond your size. It’s almost like they present a false size chart to their customers.

You can not get your right size in their jeans if you take the size chart provided by them as a yardstick for measurement. You will end up getting jeans that look twice your size.

So, most of their customers resort to sizing down to get a not-too-perfect fit but a manageable one. Even though the jeans are amazing, the fabric used in their production easily bags out, making the jeans look saggy.

True Religion Jeans Fit Compared to GAP

How Do True Religion Jeans Fit Compared to Other Brands

Gap jeans are not to be questioned for their devotion to the quest of producing quality jeans. There is a trend of Gap jeans for women that was reviewed on Tiktok which is making waves, and these jeans are elegant.

The same goes for most True Religion jeans for women like the Becca series, measurements they’re presenting that show the sexy silhouette of a woman.

The fitting for Gap is more detailed as it carves out your body lines when you wear it, while True Religion jeans don’t. Rather, they work towards making sure that you have added comfort to your body.

True Religion jeans are more of a premium comfit-based jeans than Gap, which seeks to bring out the hotness of the body. The fitting of Gap jeans tends to switch up a bit because the jeans tend to stretch.

True Religion Jeans Fit Compared to Citizens of Humanity

How Do True Religion Jeans Fit Compared to Other Brands

Citizens of Humanity is a denim brand that most women can reckon with because it is specifically for them. Since the brand offers mainly jeans for women, I know you’re probably wondering what they are doing on a list of unisex brands.

Well, the thing is that they are good at what they do, and I see them as a potential competitor for True Religions jeans made for women. However, their jeans are made into a slimmer fit, which is different from those of True Religion.

Women’s jeans in True Religion take the shape of your body as a woman, but it does that while making sure it holds a striking appeal.

For COH jeans, the fit is great for movement because of the cotton blend used in its production; True Religion jeans are made from pure cotton or little to no synthetics.

True Religion Jeans Fit Compared to Triarchy

How Do True Religion Jeans Fit Compared to Other Brands

Here is another female-specified jeans brand, which I can put up to the ones offered by True Religion. The jeans produced by the brand are known to be plastic-free, yet stretchy, which makes their fitting on the waist superb.

They are almost as good as those offered by True Religion because they are also made from a cotton blend, which makes them stretchy; but they fit tighter on the waist because of how the fabric is cut.

True Religion Jeans Fit Compared to R13 Denim

How Do True Religion Jeans Fit Compared to Other Brands

The True Religion jeans are 1 inch higher than this brand in sizing, especially those for women. The R13 brand offers male products but mostly female types of jeans, but they run a little bit lower than the jeans made by True Religion jeans, judging from the size.

But in reality, the brand is renowned for producing jeans that run big. From their straight-leg jeans to their boot-cut and Capri cut-sized jeans, all of them have more space in-between than most brands, even True Religion jeans too.

They are also on the same pedestal as luxury jeans as True Religion, but their fitting gives them off as regular types of street jeans out there.

True Religion Jeans Fit Compared to Wrangler

How Do True Religion Jeans Fit Compared to Other Brands

This is a famous brand that receives recognition as the best in producing cowboy cut and boot cut jeans. The material used by this brand is rather sturdy than that of the True Religion jeans, which appear like raw denim.

Because of the purpose of the jeans made by Wrangler, the fitting runs a bit larger but has a promising casual design. Due to this design, the fitting comes a bit up, unlike the True Religion jeans which are lower due to the use of 100% cotton.

True Religion Jeans Fit Compared to Carhatt

How Do True Religion Jeans Fit Compared to Other Brands

I think this one brand here comes closer to your body than the True Religion jeans, which are more spacious. I studied their size chart and found out that the brand has men’s jeans that run smaller than the True Religion jeans.

While their categorization of straight fit, relaxed fit, and loose fit might sound fine, they are not as they seem. This is because their jeans hug your body tight on the waist.

The hip measurement is two times lower than that of the True Religion jeans, denoting that TR jeans have more allowance on the waist. If you are to get TR jeans with the sizing of Carhartt jeans, bear in mind you will size up to 3 times to get a befitting size.

True Religion Jeans Fit Compared to Uniqlo

How Do True Religion Jeans Fit Compared to Other Brands

This denim brand with Asian roots is one of the best out there, both in Asia and on the American scene. The fitting difference between the jeans from this brand and that of the True Religion jeans is in the waist sizing.

While they offer more tight and snug-fitting jeans, especially their slim-straight, skinny and slim-fit jeans. On the contrary, there is more room on the waist for True Religion jeans.

When sizing or making a purchase, it is pertinent to note that sizing up is a good deal because these jeans tend to shrink hard.

They are labeled as made from unsanforized denim; therefore they shrink quickly, probably after the first or second wash.

To avoid having to strangle your waist while wearing these jeans, I recommend you order a higher size that can fit well after shrinkage.

True Religion Jeans Fit Compared to Rag and Bone

How Do True Religion Jeans Fit Compared to Other Brands

Most denim brands that specialize in producing jeans for women are hooked on sizing errors and mistakes. Although the Rag and Bone brand is not to be blamed for its sizing, I think the brand should look into it.

The size chart provided by them shows that there is some kind of disparity between what they offer and that of the True Religion brands. For their size in pieces of denim, the 23-size chart for women comes a tad up like 1.5 inches in the hip and an inch up in the waist.

This shows that Rag and Bones Jeans jeans size up a bit more than True Religion so you might want to size down when getting True Religions jeans for women if you are used to those offered by Rag and Bone.

True Religion Jeans Fit Compared to Lee

How Do True Religion Jeans Fit Compared to Other Brands

Lee jeans are superb, from their multifunctional designs to their fitting, but compared to True Religion jeans they fit small. Like an inch lower in the waist, and like 0.5 lower on the hip.

Although the brand offers more close-skin-fitting jeans, which accounts for their small sizing, it doesn’t discredit its place as a top brand in the business of denim production.

For instance, they have a size chart for women which shows that the 26 (which is the number 2 size in the US) has a difference of 1 inch lower than but fits slightly closer to the True Religion jeans regarding the hip.

What I make out of this is that True Religion jeans run bigger compared to the ones produced by Lee.

True Religion Jeans Fit Compared to Kapital

How Do True Religion Jeans Fit Compared to Other Brands

Sizing up to two sizes or more is the order for Kapital jeans. You might want to go for your true size if you are super slim. But if not, you should go for a size that is twice your normal size.

As for the fitting comparison, I believe True Religion jeans are on the same page as the Kapital jeans as both are mostly made from 100% cotton and have a tendency of shrinking after two or more washes.

Although the shrinkage may be less obvious, I will still get a size or two uppers; I don’t want to need buttercream to fit into my pants.

True Religion Jeans Fit Compared to Calvin Klein

How Do True Religion Jeans Fit Compared to Other Brands

Using synthetic materials in the production of men’s jeans has been disturbing for most men who find it difficult to find a perfect fitting. This is the case with Calvin Klein jeans, which run big for their men’s jeans due to using spandex.

And this occurrence is no different from what is happening with the few men’s jeans from True Religion. Since using spandex has proven that it makes jeans run bigger, I think we might be having the same scenario with the TR jeans.

They fit just as similar as Calvin Klein, only their products are made with spandex. But because their major jeans are made from 100% cotton, I think the Calvin Klein jeans run bigger.

True Religion Jeans Fit Compared to Amiri

How Do True Religion Jeans Fit Compared to Other Brands

The sizing and fitting in the Amiri jeans are specifically for slim-fit lovers. They are made to run small, due to the kind of design implemented in their production, which only becomes obvious and fine-tuned if it is worn as skinny or slim-fit jeans.

However, the basic advice for choosing jeans if you are more of a comfort-driven denim lover is to size up. With that said, I believe we can agree that the True Religion jeans fit more conveniently than those from Amiri.

True Religion Jeans Fit Compared to G-Star Raw

How Do True Religion Jeans Fit Compared to Other Brands

When compared to the True Religion brand, G-star jeans run small. While some people argue that they are true to size, I decided to find out myself, and guess what? I did get my right size, but not until I decided to size up.

The thing with this brand is that they cut their fabric small, I don’t know if it’s for economic purposes, but somehow you will need to find a fitting fit if you size up.

Although the True Religion jeans also need a tad bit of sizing up, it is not as obvious as that of the G-star raw brand.


What have I not mentioned in this article about the fitting of True Religion jeans? Because if you can’t get your information on this article, I don’t think you will be able to get it elsewhere.

I have taken you on a journey through the sizing and fitting mysteries of one of the best denim brands around the US and the entire world.

I hope you find this article informative as it guides you through your walk in the path of wearing jeans.


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