How to Wash Evisu Jeans (in 2023)

Those work pair of jeans needs washing, but you have to have a good knowledge of the procedure before you can actualize the desired effect. Evisu Jeans are likely every other denim but stand out for their vintage look and well-crafted design.

This stretches from the threads, down to the selvage and buttons. Not excluding the labels, which represent the company’s authentic signature.

Ordering for any of the products from Evisu means you like authenticity and quality products, and as such would not want to have a feeling of dissatisfaction as a result of a loss of value.

To avoid the scenario above, I have put together a couple of topics on the washing and maintenance of the Evisu Jeans.

Why How You Wash Your Evisu Jeans Is Important?

How you wash your Evisu Jeans is very important, because it saves you from a lot of surprises from a Jean. It helps you stay with the assurance that what you just bought, or the Jean you have been wearing for some months would still be available for consequent times.

The reasons for this importance are:

How to Wash Evisu Jeans

Determines the shrink rate

This is coming as the first on this list because the shrinkage of a Jean plays a vital role in its longevity. Shrinkage determines the size and fitting of a jean even after buying them.

Assuming you bought a fitting size for you, and end up using the wrong washing method which fosters a rapid shrinkage. You will be left with either very tight or oversized jeans.

To avoid this and maintain a nice size and fitting, how you wash your Evisu Jeans becomes very important.

Preservation of Its Original Look

The Evisu Jeans brand is known for a cool vintage look and visual appeal, they boast of the best in making authentic denim jeans.

Now, for you to preserve this appeal even after wearing these jeans for a long time, you need to consider how you wash them.

To Get Value

You don’t want to feel disappointed after purchasing these jeans, do you? Well, I guess the answer is no.

How you wash your Evisu Jeans is important becomes it helps you gain value for the cost of getting them. You would save money, and won’t think of buying new jeans every time.

What Are the Different Ways to Wash Evisu Jeans?

Evisu jeans are not just ordinary jeans, they fall in the category of raw denim. As such, the washing methods of these jeans should be adhered to with caution, to maximize use and value. The different ways to wash Evisu jeans include:

  • Cold Wash
  • Warm Soak
  • Vinegar and Salt Wash
  • Sea Washing

Cold Wash

This method requires no special education to get done with. It is simple and comprehensive. This method involves the use of a washing machine and should be followed step by step, without skipping any.

  • Turn the jeans inside-out.
  • Use cold water for the washing machine.
  • Add a mild detergent to the washing machine and put them inside.
  • Proceed to hang them to dry up.


  1. Turning the jeans inside-out restricts the chances of any fades.
  2. The use of cold water reduces the indigo bleeding from the jeans.
  • Using a mild detergent helps to retain the jean’s color.


  1. The washing machine might wrangle the jeans, resulting in uneven fades.

Warm Wash

Just as simple as the first one, this method is also a no-stress activity. It is just a question of being patient for the whole process to get done.

The requirement for this method is a bathtub, don’t worry if you don’t have any, your kitchen sink can suffice. Also, lukewarm water is needed to complete the process.

  • Immerse the jeans in a bathtub filled with lukewarm water.
  • Allow it to get drenched without adding detergent.
  • Leave for at least 20 minutes and take them out without wrangling them.
  • Hang them outside to dry, enough sunlight is needed.


  1. No dye or hue is lost, due to avoidance of scrubbing or the use of hot water.
  2. Warm water holds color more than cod water.


  1. It is not ideal for washing stained or greased jeans.

Use of Salt and Vinegar

The use of salt and vinegar in cleaning also extends to washing Jeans. To keep your Evisu jeans with an everlasting look, using a solution of vinegar and salt is very essential in washing them. The process entails:

How to Wash Evisu Jeans

  • Fill your bathtub with either cold or warm water.
  • Make a mixture of plain white vinegar and salt [1 cup vinegar and 1 tablespoon salt].
  • Add the mixture to the water.
  • Submerge the Evisu jeans in the water-filled bathtub.
  • Leave the jeans in the solution for about 20-30 mins.
  • Then hang outside to dry.


  1. The plain white vinegar used contains a mild acid known as ‘Acetic acid’, which is useful in neutralizing bacteria present in the jeans.
  2. The method is implored to keep the fabric ‘tone’ true.


  1. The use of vinegar and salt only reduces the rate of bacteria in the jeans, it doesn’t entirely rid the jeans of dirt.

Sea Washing

Have you ever seen people in one of your several visits to the beach, scrubbing the sea sand on their jeans? And you probably thought, “What in the world are they doing”?

Well, this method stresses what they are doing, how you can also do that to your jeans, and why you should.

  • Just wear your Evisu jeans the next time you will be visiting the beach.
  • Get close to the banks, and get sea sand.
  • Proceed to scrub the sea sand on your jeans as you swim along, to rinse the jeans.
  • Take them off once you’re back and hang dry them.


  1. This method prevents easy fading out.
  2. The sea sand can create special faded pair of Evisu jeans.


  1. The sea sand can corrode the jeans if the method is continually used.

How to Wash Evisu Jeans for the First Time?

There’s an easy and proven way of washing the Evisu jeans for the first time, Getting new Evisu jeans is a very big flex, because of their features and design. But it doesn’t end there, the maintenance is where the problem lies.

Since these jeans are expensive, maintaining them should be a priority. There is this widely accepted way of maintaining these jeans and the secret is this simple rule, Wear the jeans for at least 2 months before the first wash. Below is a simple way to wash your Evisu jeans for the time.

  • Hand Washing
  • Wash in either a sink or bathtub
  • Wash alone
  • Use mild detergent
  • Make use of dry hanging

Hand Washing

How to Wash Evisu Jeans

This is the first step in washing your Evisu jeans for the first time. Washing by hand is advisable because it is ideal for giving your Evisu jeans their very first wash. This step enables you to pay attention to details and wash evenly.

Wash in either a sink or bathtub

There is no trophy given for washing your Evisu jeans in a bathtub or sink. But the advantage that comes with it is that you get enough space for your hand washing. Thereby, giving you enough space to pay attention to details, like the selvage, hems, and pockets.

Washing in a bathtub also prevents wrangling of the jeans, as against washing in buckets.

Wash Alone

Another tip on how to wash your Evisu jeans for the first time is to wash them alone. Do not attempt to wash it along with other fabrics like white shirts or any color that might get stained.

The reason for this is that the denim bleeds a blue hue when washed. And as it is the first time washing them, you will have to expect a lot of the hue coming out during the washing session.

Use of mild detergent

You should also endeavor to make use of mild detergent which will not try o influence the color of the jeans but would act as a preserver. These mild detergents will help retain the color tone of the jeans.

Make use of dry hanging

Dry hanging is also important to note while washing your Evisu jeans for the first time. It is also needed to maintain your jeans look after their first wash. You would not want to wear jeans with a strain of lines all over them, so use dry hanging.

How to Take Care of Your Expensive Raw Denim Evisu Jeans

Raw denim jeans especially the ones from the Evisu brand are relatively costly. So taking good care of it should be prioritized, gain value for cost and avoid abrupt spending to get new ones. Here is a list of tips on how you can take care of your expensive raw denim jeans from Evisu.

Wear Often, Wash Seldom:

Surprised at the tip? Yes! Wear your jeans as many times you want and only wash them when you think stinking shouldn’t become your thing. That way you get to preserve the jean’s essence and avoid shrinkage in its early months or weeks.

Do Not Wring Them after Wash

This rule should be adhered to if you want to achieve longevity for your expensive denim. Wrangling should be frowned at, as it limits the chances of your denim remaining as good as new. Just apply enough force firmly to release water.

Store with Little Dampness

After washing, comes storing. Therefore, you must store your denim with a little dampness. What it means is that you need not let it dry entirely, a little dampness is needed to put the texture and color tone of the denim in good condition.

How to Clean Your Evisu Jean (If you don’t want to wash them)

Most people prefer washing their jeans while others prefer other means. There are other ways to clean your Evisu jean without immersing them in water. Although the methods are not as effective as washing, they can still be used.

They include:

  • Freezing
  • Brushing


This method sounds funny but is being done by people, to clean their jeans instead of washing them. The process only requires a deep freezer or fridge ad some electricity.

It is very simple, all you have to do is to fold your jeans neatly and put them in a freeze, turn them on and leave for about 30 minutes. Take it off after the countdown and hang dry.


  1. Since bacteria tend to be inactive and reduce in size when subjected to a low degree, the freezer help reduces the bacteria present in the jeans.


  1. The freezing does not guarantee the total annihilation of the bacteria, so they are liable to mutate and reproduce rapidly, once taken out of the freezer.


There are not many technicalities in this method, just brushing off dirt from the fabric surface. This can be achieved with a brush, lukewarm water, and some mild detergent. The process is also simple;

  • Just place your Evisu jean on a bench or any flat platform and then add a small amount of detergent to the water.
  • Using your brush, scrub evenly throughout the surface of the jean to get rid of dirt.

Does Evisu Shrink? How?

How to Wash Evisu Jeans

Yes, Evisu jeans shrink. However, they do that at a reduced rate due to a process called Sanforization, which they undergo during production.

This is a process of pre-shrinking a piece of fabric before it gets used to produce any wear. This process helps to reduce the shrink rate of these Evisu jeans whenever they get washed.

Similarly, Evisu jeans can easily shrink if proper washing and maintenance are not followed. Also, regular washing of the jeans can lead to excessive shrinkage.

So, the proper washing strategies should be used and the washing rate reduced, to avoid easy shrinkage of these sleek Evisu Jeans.


Evisu jeans are authentic raw denim jeans, with a design that puts standard on their brand.

They are also one of the best jeans out there which would actually be worth your money. Washing and maintaining these jeans has been a debate and a matter to consider for a very long time.

This article posits a variety of ways to take care of your Evisu jeans and also the reasons why how you take care of these jeans are important.

The golden rule remains; Wear Often, Wash Seldom! Pay keen to the details in this article and be rest assured that you will enjoy wearing Evisu jeans.


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