How to Soften Denim With Coke?

We’ve been seeing a lot of posts lately about how to soften denim, and we wanted to jump in and share our tried-and-true method.

Dry denim can be stiff, and sometimes even uncomfortable, especially after it’s been soaked in the washing machine. Our solution?

Rubbing our jeans with a little bit of Coca-Cola (oh yeah) and then letting them air dry outside overnight can work, for real.

Ways to soften denim with coke

Have you ever bought a pair of jeans that felt stiff and uncomfortable? Don’t give up.

You can make even the toughest denim soft, flexible, and ready to wear with your favorite soft drink: Coke.

What you’ll need to soften your denim

  1. Your jeans
  2. A can of Coke
  3. About 30 minutes
  4. 1-2 tablespoons of Epsom salt

These are the steps to follow in softening your denim with coke

  • Step 1: Get the denim you want to soften and soak them in water
  • Step 2: Pour your coke
  • Step 3: Add a tablespoon or two tablespoons of salt
  • Step 4: Rinse with warm water

Step 1: Get the denim you want to soften and soak them in water

Preferably, warm water – for about 5 minutes.

After doing this, wash them with your preferred choice of detergents or soap. Rinse and dry in the dryer or hang, or you could dry them on the line. It is all up to you.

Step 2: Pour your coke

When the denim is dried, get the can or bottle of coke and pour it into the dryer to spin for about 3 minutes or 5 at most.

This particular procedure will not just soften the fabric or denim, but it is also helpful in removing the odor found in your denim.

Step 3: Add a tablespoon or 2 tablespoons of salt

If you like, of salt and spin again for some minutes. The essence of adding the baking soda or salt is to help remove any grime or stain found.

Baking soda is more effective in removing stains, hence why most people use it to brush their teeth. (Another hack you could try)

Step 4: Rinse with warm water

You should do this thoroughly, to avoid you attracting those sugar-loving insects around you.

Then, you should hang to let them dry out. You can either choose to put them under the sun or place them under a cool shade.

Once they are dried enough to be worn, check them out and see the new change your denim has. And all this was done in under 30- 45 minutes.

What role does coke play in softening your denim?

Coke serves as a buffer when added to wash to soften your cardboard denim when washing.

According to Peggy Sagers, Owner of Silhouette Patterns, she recommended adding Coke in the wash water.

She has tried it several times after getting the tip from a friend who owns a Fabric store in New York. You don’t even need to add soap or detergents to increase its effectiveness.

Just Coke and your wash water. Coke also contains Phosphoric Acid which is present in many cleaning products.

This acid is also responsible for removing rust from car batteries and removing rust as well.

Are there other denim softeners apart from coke?

Yes, there are other denim softeners apart from coke. A couple of brands out there produce quality fabric softeners that can be used in your denim to make it static-free, uncomfortable to wear, and less expensive.

Below are some examples of fabric softeners you can use on your denim.

Liquid fabric softener

This fabric softener not only helps to remove odors from your fabric but also helps to soften them without harming the fabric.

Once I tried it on my jeans and noticed sbd cleaner they looked, plus they were static-free. This is less expensive than most brands and it lasts longer too.

Seventh Generation Liquid Fabric Softener

To get your denim and other clothes not only soft but leaving them smelling fresh, Seventh Generation is your best best. It is not also Eco-Friendly, but cheaper than most Fabric softener

Grove Co. Eco-Friendly Fabric Softener

This fabric softener may not be able to extend the days, but it can definitely make your denim/Fabric soft and cleaner, too.

It is free from formaldehyde. A strong-smelling chemical. It is made up of 84% plant-based substances.

Caldrea Fabric Softener

This liquid works wonders on your fabric. It minimizes wrinkles, softens your fabric, and leaves it looking smooth, smelling fresh, and static-free as well.

Comfort concentrate liquid fabric softener

This brand is very popular for conditioning skills. It has a variety of scents and can be in concentrated form.

It leaves your denim and other clothing looking fresh, newer than before.

It is known to delay the fading look most clothes get. It is best to add a little amount when washing considering how concentrated it is.

Why what you use in softening your Jeans is important

There are so many valid reasons to use fabric softener on your clothes. A good amount of consideration needs to be put into when choosing a denim softener.

Denim can be hard and strong looking but they still need extra care when washing to keep it looking fresh, clean, and static-free.

If you use a substance with heavy chemicals, it may eventually fade your denim and can easily irritate your sensitive skin.

You also don’t want to live around with mark stains on your denim. Some people reported having bought softener, used them in their denim, only to see mark stains on them.

You should ensure the percentage of plant-based substances. The higher the percentage, the more beneficial it is to you and your denim.

Can you wear Jeans in a row?

Yes, you can wear your Jeans for many days in a row, so long they are kept clean and neat.

When you’re working hard, sometimes you forget to change out of your jeans.

You wonder, just how many days can you wear a single pair of jeans?

I looked at the data, and it turns out that you can wear your Jeans for 3 days in a row.

When you look at it state-by-state, some states are doing better than others: in Arizona, the average person only wore their jeans for 2.3 days before changing into something else.

In Hawaii, the average was almost 6 days!


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