How to Shrink Miss Me Jeans (in 2023)

Miss Me jeans are made with denim fabric which is a credible material in special consideration to quality wear portrayed in the market today.

The denim used in manufacturing the Miss Me jeans is made of a special c0ombnation of 98% cotton and then either Spandex or Elastane to increase its stretchy feature and today, this simple combination will play an important role in helping us shrink our jeans and I am going to show you how.

In this article, I will walk you through a few steps that you can take to shrink your Miss Me Jeans If the needs arise.

Best ways to shrink Miss Me jeans

  • With washing machine
  • Without washing machine
  • Other Alternatives

With washing machine

There are not many ways you can shrink your Miss Me jeans, in fact, this few ways are even possible thanks to the fact that they are made with denim fabrics which is in most cases a combination of cotton and Spandex.

With that in mind, cotton is a material that has a little amount of stretchiness in it, and also cotton has the ability to relax and be strained again which means if you can relax the cotton used in making your Miss Me Jeans then you have a chance of actually shrinking them and changing them in the sense of reduction from their initial and normal shape.

Spandex is also a stretchy material in fact, it is a key contributor to how your Miss Me Jeans remain stretchy and always tend to regain its shape even after stretching it a bit.

A theory I have and I believe is that spandex or elastane as you know it is responsible for actually holding the waist of your Miss Me Jeans together like there is this little stretchy feature the waistband of your Jeans exhibits, I feel that is spandex in action.

Nevertheless, in this part of the article, I will show you how to use a washing machine to shrink your Miss Me Jeans.

I am sure that by now you must have been wondering why I’ve just told you all about cotton and spandex right, it must feel like we have drifted from the main purpose of the article but I want to tell you that we haven’t.

In fact, it was very important that we discuss cotton and spandex from this part of the article at the beginning, so that we won’t have to mention them again.

Rather just make references to this discussion above since cotton and spandex are actually what makes shrinking possible don’t forget.

  • Put your Miss Me Jeans in the washing machine
  • Add hot water
  • Dry completely

Put your Miss Me Jeans in the washing machine

This is self-explanatory I believe. All you’ve got to do is get your oversized or baggy Miss Me Jeans together and then toss it in the washing machine.

Note that: This is just the first step, let’s dive into the second step!!

Add hot water

Now, this is the second step, after tossing the jeans in the washing machine, you should then add hot water.

Note that it is very important that you use water in this part, now you can decide to do this step first before putting the jeans in the machine, by putting hot water in the machine first or the jeans first then the water.

Whichever way just make sure that you use hot water!!

Dry completely

Step three and the last for using a washing machine.

After washing your shrunk Miss-Me Jeans with hot water, as usual, dry them. Allow them to dry under the sun, if the sun isn’t up or if it is cloudy then you can use a dryer to dry the jeans up.

With reference to cotton, this should make the cotton relax and the spandex also relaxes and by this, your Miss Me Jeans would have shrunk and reduced their shape.

Please take note: This might not be long-lasting but it is durable and worth the try.

These three steps are all you need to take to shrink your Miss Me Jeans using the washing machine.

Without washing machine

Shrinking your Miss-Me jeans without using the washing machine is also possible and this is still all thanks to cotton and Spandex/Elastane.

Now maybe some of you are wondering how it is possible, maybe some of you are used to and are familiar with the washing machine technique, but I will show you how to go about it without the washing machine.

  • Soak in hot water
  • Apply Fabric shampoo
  • Dry completely

Soak in hot water

Since this time we are not using the washing machine, you will boil your hot water and then soak your Miss-me jeans in them.

It is advisable that you put the jean in the bucket or whatever you are using, it should be something that can hold water, first of all, so that you can pour in the hot water in order not to injure yourself or get burnt by hot water in the process.

After this, let the jeans soak, and when it gets warm, you can then remove the jeans from the bucket.

Apply Fabric shampoo

After you must have soaked it, you should already start witnessing some changes in the sense that the hot water will start making the jeans shrink.

We need to make this change permanent or at least long-lasting right. This is where the use of shampoo comes in.

The fabric shampoo should be applied to the Soaked jean using a spray or paintbrush to make sure the shampoo gets through the jeans thoroughly.

After the application of the Fabric shampoo thoroughly, we move to the third and final step.

Dry completely

This is the last and final step.

If you are sure you did the first two correctly, then you dry it under hot temperature. If the sun is not up, then make use of the dryer.

Please take note: You need to be patient and not rush things in all these steps, and also you need to make sure you don’t tamper with the water you are using especially for the methods that do not concern the Washing machine.

It is safer to put the jeans in the bucket first, then pour the water in after that.

Other Alternatives

There are other alternatives you can take to shrink your jeans and unlike the steps mentioned above this one will remain permanent, you have a guarantee on this and assurance.

For instance, none of the steps mentioned above will last longer. They will eventually stretch back to their initial baggy or oversize form.

But to try something permanent and long-lasting with an assurance that they won’t resize or reshape, then this alternative is the one for you.

For you to resize your Miss-me jeans to more fitting size, and then make sure they remain so for long, simply seam them or take them to the tailor for reshaping.

This is one and the only way to ensure your Miss-me jeans remain the same after you shrink them in other words resize them.

You can have the tailor take your measurement just to be sure of the particular inches he/she is to seam off.


Please be aware that constant usage of the washing machine method might leave your jeans fading or washing away, they will shrink to your size but will eventually turn baggy and oversize again.

Also be aware that apart from standing a chance for your Miss-me jeans to not remain shrunk for long, a repeated act of trying to shrink them will reduce their lifespan. In the sense that they will not last long as expected and this is due to the activity done on them.

In all the steps mentioned, I have confidence in taking it to the tailor, it is sure and permanent with no side effects unless of course if you increase in body size again.

Why do people want to shrink their Miss Me Jeans?

Well, if you look at the Miss-Me jeans you will notice that it makes more sense and looks classier when it hugs the body and gives a tight fit from the Waist down to the Knee level.

With regards to this, there happen to be two main reasons why people shrink their Miss-Me jeans, and these are

  • To ensure they fit tighter than usual
  • To return them to their normal shape

To ensure they fit tighter than usual

This is done with the aim of trying to make them fit tighter than how they do initially. Just like we have discussed earlier, most people want their Miss-Me Jeans to grab hold of them tightly and strongly from the waist down to the knee level. =

This sort of brings out the beauty of the jeans.

So when some order their Miss-Me Jeans and it gets delivered, they fit it and see that it is not really giving them that fitting they desire and then they decide to improvise.

That is one of the reasons I believe you will want to shrink your Miss-Me Jeans.

To return them to their normal shape

In other cases, people just want to bring back their regular fitting. One thing about jeans is that there are situations where they might turn baggy or even stretch out of shape and size.

So, in a case like this, you just want to ring them back to the shape they were and then you resort to shrinking them if it will work.

When trying them with hot water and dryer doesn’t work, that’s when you decide whether to take them to the tailor or seam them yourself to make them a perfect fit for you.

Frequently asked Questions

In this part of the article, we will answer some of the frequently asked questions relating to the Miss-Me Jeans and also how much the shrinking of jeans can last.

Will a 60’C wash shrink Clothes?

Answer: The answer to this question is Yes. A 60’C wash can and will shrink your clothes. This is a perfect temperature for killing bacteria and also removing stains from your clothes in general.

This temperature also kills viruses and it is recommended for the washing of towels and bedsheets.

However, it is only in rare cases that this washing can actually shrink your jeans, especially jeans like the Miss-Me Jeans.

This is because the Miss-me Jeans have a bit thick texture for 60’C washing, nevertheless, it is worth the try.

How much will Miss Me jeans shrink in hot water?

Answer: Soaking Miss-Me Jeans in hot water or washing them with hot water will leave them shrunk by about 10% and that is mostly after the first time.

The percentage at which your Miss-Me Jeans will shrink in hot water will keep decreasing, more like a count down after the first wash.

There is every possibility that even after shrinking like this they will still regain their shape with regular wear as this shrinkage is only temporary.

How much does Miss Me Jeans Shrink at the waist?

Answer: The Miss-Me Jeans will shrink a percentage by 4% at least. the Miss-me jeans will not shrink like the body and this is because it is much thicker so the shrinkage won’t be too much.

But, I believe it will be just perfect as needed considering the fact that most pants do not come with an oversize waist bigger than 2 inches so this shrinkage will serve and since it is going to remain elastic it will be just perfect.

Do Miss Me Jeans Shrink anytime you wash them?

Answer: Yes, they do shrink anytime you wash them. the shrinking percentage however reduces as you wash them progressively.

The Miss-Me Jeans shrink just like every other jean whenever you wash them but then I feel it will get to a certain level where even If you wash them they won’t shrink and this is because they have reached their shrinkage level.


Miss Me Jeans are iconic and have come a long way, it is no longer a thing of secrecy that most people prefer their Miss-Me Jeans to tight fit them which is where this article comes in.

If you follow the instructions here carefully you too should be able to shrink your Miss Me Jeans to a shape you prefer.


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