How to shrink LuLaRoe leggings: the main guide

Periodically, people need to shrink their leggings. This can happen for various reasons; however, one question remains, how to shrink my LuLaRoe leggings?

how to shrink lularoe leggings

Why do you need to do it?

Before proceeding to the study of the question, it is necessary to determine the appropriateness of the shrinking technique. You have to understand that the leggings that are on the market can be made from different materials. Therefore, the shrinkage of leggings depends on the number of fibrous materials in the composition.

If the composition of the leggings does not combine cotton and spandex, it is difficult to get shrinkable leggings.

Before starting work, it is recommended to study the label to understand how to properly care for leggings.

Many women wear leggings, which are very comfortable for every day, and suitable for sports. They are combined with almost all positions in the wardrobe and support the figure. Soon the leggings begin to stretch, especially in the shin and ankle area.

If earlier leggings were tight-fitting, soon they sag. Leggings can stretch if you wash them frequently. Therefore, their shape can be restored using the shrinkage process.

The best ways to achieve results

Getting shrink leggings is quite easy, even at home. You can hem the leggings to make them smaller. This is one of the oldest methods of getting shrink leggings. The shrinkage of leggings is possible due to heat.

To obtain shrink leggings, and restore their density, it is necessary to heat the fabric. After all, under the influence of heat, the threads are shortened. To do this, you can wash the leggings in the hottest setting, dry them (air dry or in a clothes dryer), or iron them.

How to get shrink leggings with different methods?

There are several ways to get shrink leggings.

Washer and dryer

Leggings can be shrunk using a washing machine and a clothes dryer.

Washing in hot water

As soon as you throw the leggings into the washing machine, you should select a high water temperature.

The same recommendation applies to rinse cycles.

Hot water shortens the threads, which causes the garment to shrink. The washing process at high temperatures increases the friction of the fabrics in the water, so the leggings shrink.

A high-temperature wash cycle is appropriate if you want to get shrink clothes that have been used extensively. If you run a cycle at high heat, you can add detergents to the washing machine. The shrinking process of leggings should not be disturbed.

Washing in hot water: method #2

For washing leggings, you can use both hot water and boiling water. Fill a metal container with water and place over medium heat. Bring the water to a boil, and toss the leggings into the water. In this case, the average fire should remain unchanged. The process takes about 10 minutes. You can move the leggings around the pan with tongs.

Using the longest wash cycle

You can set the longest wash cycle in the washing machine. Thanks to this, they stay in hot water longer, which positively affects the process of shrinking leggings. If you set a long wash cycle, it includes a pre-soak.

Thanks to this, leggings stay in hot water for quite a long time.

The longer the clothes stay at high temperatures in the washing machine, the faster the shrinkage of the material occurs.

Heat drying leggings

As you know, shrink leggings can be obtained as a result of proper drying. If you put your clothes in the clothes dryer, the moisture is removed. However, contact with heat is maintained, making the entire shrinking process of the leggings more efficient.

It is recommended to run the clothes dryer at a high temperature. On average, this takes 10 minutes. Many people worry that shrink leggings can be damaged during drying. In such a case, you can place them in a pillowcase or mesh bag. Don’t forget to tie a mesh bag or pillowcase. This keeps the structure.

You can use a mesh bag before putting the leggings in the washing machine. This also helps preserve the structure of the material. You need to understand that it may take up to 10 washing cycles in the washing machine to get shrinkable leggings.

If this is your first time shrinking leggings with a washer or tumble dryer, you should follow the entire process. It is important to follow exactly how the shrinkage process goes.

Using an electric iron

You can use an iron. You can use this method even without a washing machine.

Iron heating

It is significant to preheat the iron. Set up your ironing board in a convenient location. Do not set the temperature too high, medium heat is enough. This recommendation is relevant if the leggings contain nylon or polyester. After all, high temperatures spoil the structure of the material.

Take the leggings out of the pan and lay them out on the ironing board. Place a towel on top so that the synthetic material does not deteriorate. If you are wearing cotton leggings, you do not need to cover them with a towel.

The process of ironing leggings

To get shrink leggings, you need to alternately iron the sections. Try to apply some pressure on the leggings to help the moisture evaporate faster. Air drying is required afterward.

Do not leave the iron on the leggings for a long time, because the fabric may be damaged.

No need to set the iron to a high temperature with steam mode. As you know, steam provokes reverse shrinkage. Air drying removes any remaining moisture.

Many people use a hair dryer to shrink their leggings. You can use a hair dryer if you don’t have an iron. In this case, you do not need to put a towel over the shrinkable clothing. In this case, the process is longer.

Procedure without washing

If you want to avoid washing your leggings, you can soak them in hot water overnight. This is the best solution if you would like to make your workout leggings smaller. You can also fill a spray bottle with water and spray on your workout leggings.

Reducing the waistband of leggings

If you would like to reduce workout leggings only in the waist area, you should first moisten them and lay them on a flat surface. After setting the high temperature of the hair dryer, start warming up the wet area. If you use an iron, the elastic waistband made of synthetic material may be damaged.


When it comes to how to get shrink leggings, many questions can be asked.

How do you make leggings tighter?

You need to toss the leggings into the washing machine and run the machine on high heat. Under the influence of hot water, the threads are shortened, which contributes to shrinkage. While most leggings are pre-shrunk, you can recover with a combination of heat, water, and friction.

What to consider when shrinking leggings?

Regardless of how you get your shrink leggings, there are several factors to consider. First, read the instructions on the label. More details about all the factors that you should pay attention to will be discussed below.


It is essential to determine what material leggings are made of. This determines exactly how you can get shrink leggings. There are options from pure cotton, and there can also be leggings made of mixed materials. Such options are more flexible.

All types of fabric react differently to heat as well as cleaning products. Therefore, it is easier for you to decide on the method of shrinking leggings.

Features of care

The label tells you how to properly care for your leggings. There are recommendations for washing, ironing, etc. That is, according to the instructions, it is easier for you to understand how to fit leggings to your figure. Most of the models are designed for washing in cold water.

So, if you throw them in the washing machine in the hottest setting, the leggings shrink. If the leggings can be washed in warm water, they likely have to be washed in boiling water. Only high temperatures can shrink the fibers of the fabric.

Is there a way to shrink Lulu leggings?

Almost all leggings from this brand are distinguished by the presence of pre-shrinkage. Therefore, it is highly likely that they do not sit down at all. Even if you wash them in hot water and dry them at a high temperature, shrinkage rates do not exceed 2%.

How do you shrink polyester leggings that are too big?

If you intend to get shrink leggings made from polyester, they need to be washed and dried at high heat. Try to do everything right so that the leggings serve for a long time.

Does it matter what material the leggings are made of?

It must be understood that to obtain shrink clothing, one should focus on the material that is part of the composition.

Shrink nylon legging

You can get shrink nylon leggings as a result of washing in a washing machine. You need to set a high temperature to speed up the process. If you are afraid that the shade deteriorates, you can add a little ammonia to the hot water.

Then place the nylon leggings in the clothes dryer, and set the medium heat. The drying process should be about 30 minutes. If the high temperature is kept for too long, the fabric of the nylon leggings will be damaged. Lay your shrink clothes out on a flat surface and wait to dry.

Spandex leggings

If your spandex leggings need to shrink, put them in the washing machine. Set the temperature to high, and there should be little water. Thanks to this, the process of shrinking spandex leggings is much faster.

Then put the spandex leggings in the dryer and dry them on high heat for about 10 minutes. It is not recommended to increase the time, because the synthetic material may be damaged.

Spandex and polyester leggings

The main purpose of polyester is to make leggings strong and durable. Spandex makes your favorite yoga pants stretchy and comfortable. The material shrinks easily.

Clothes should be washed at high temperatures, with a minimum amount of water. Then fold the leggings into a special bag and send them to the dryer. First, you need to dry the leggings for about 10 minutes in a dryer, then send them to air dry.

Lycra blend

Lycra leggings are durable, so getting shrink leggings from this material is quite difficult. If the composition contains impurities of cotton, polyester, or spandex, shrinking leggings is quite simple. You can put the clothes in the washing machine and run the cycle at high heat.

The whole drying process in a special machine should be about 10 minutes. Prolonged contact with high temperatures can damage Lycra.

Cotton leggings

The easiest way to get shrink leggings is if they are made from cotton. The composition contains cellulose, which quickly absorbs moisture. Cotton leggings shrink quite well, even with minimal contact with heat. The water thickens the fabric.

Run the washing machine at high heat and set the cycle to the longest. You also need to dry at high temperatures.

Shrinking yoga pants

If you are into yoga and train every day, over time your favorite yoga pants stretch and lose shape. However, you can return them to their original form with simple methods. Put cold water on the stove and boil it.

Throw leggings into boiling water and boil for a few minutes. Next, put the yoga pants in the washing machine and add some detergent. As soon as the washing machine begins to wring out the water, they should be removed and placed in the clothes dryer.

To evenly distribute heat, place the leggings in the dryer along with a pillowcase or sheet. Set the temperature to high, and wait until the end of the entire drying cycle.


As you can see, shrinking leggings is quite easy to achieve. In most cases, washing and drying at high temperatures help. Be prepared to repeat the procedure several times to achieve the best result.

I am confident that you will find the best way to help you achieve the desired result. Moreover, I offered you many methods, each of which I, personally, tested. If you have your own secrets, I will be glad to know about them in the comments.

Also, if you have already tried some methods, write about how they helped you. I would be grateful for any feedback on this topic.

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