How To Make Dickies Waist Bigger?

Have you ever bought your favorite Dickies brand and found that you can’t wear it because the waist is too small for you? Worry no more. If you still have those pants follow the suggestions in this article to make the waist bigger.

How To Make Dickies Waist Bigger

4 quick-fire ways to make your dickies waist bigger

Leverage soaking your pants in the water

First, here is a tip from Dickies website on how to make the pants waist bigger.

  • Pour warm water into a bowl
  • Soak your pants in it
  • Stand on the hem and pull them upwards
  • Soak the pants again in warm water
  • Stretch the hem again by standing on it

If you want the waist to be bigger you can add this hack.

  • Get plastic bags, plenty of it
  • Stuff the waist with bags and leave it until the pants are dried
  • Leave the pants to dry at room temperature

Letting the pants dry at room temperature is best because a higher temperature will cause the fabric to shrink again.

So if you are trying to make the waist bigger on your Dickies avoid drying them on a radiator or in the tumble drier.

Using Your Hands To Stretch Your Dickies Pants

Since most Dickies Pants are made of cotton or polyester, you can always get creative with making the waist of your pants bigger.

Below is a little variation on how you can make the waist bigger on your pants.

You will need warm water and a spray bottle for this hack.


  • Fill a spray bottle with warm water
  • Spray the band of the pants with warm water
  • Pick your pants up and pull the band apart with your hands


  • Avoid pulling on the belt loops so they don’t come off
  • Don’t pull on the pants when they are buttoned

Using Your Legs To Stretch Your Dickies Waist

Get even more creative with achieving a stretch in the waist of your Dickies pants. If you try your hands and you experience difficulties that means you need more muscle, try this method.

  • Soak your Dickies pants in warm water for 30 minutes
  • Take it out and squeeze some of the water out of the pants
  • Place it on the floor, trap the seam under your feet and pull

When using this method make sure your pants are not buttoned and avoid pulling at the belt loops.

It is best to hold the pants by the two sides of the flaps and place your feet where the seams meet at the back of the pants.

Adding An Extension

If all else fails, take the road less traveled, and get an extension. This is the most effective way to make your Dickies pants bigger at the waist.

You will either need an expert tailor to do this or watch a video that helps you do it yourself.

  • Begin by cutting a slit along the side seam from the top of the waistband in a V shape

How To Make Dickies Waist Bigger

  • Cut a matching fabric from somewhere that is twice the length of the one you cut from the waistband

How To Make Dickies Waist Bigger

  • Stretch the place in the band as far as you want it to go and tack it in place with pins

How To Make Dickies Waist Bigger

  • Sew a zigzag stitch along the joints with a sewing machine. And you can also use thread and needles to achieve neat sewing.

How To Make Dickies Waist Bigger

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Putting in an extension into the waist of your Dickies has never been possible. I admit that it would take some ingenuity. But now you know you don’t have to ditch or trash pants that don’t fit your waist.

Do All Dickies Pants Run Small At The Waist?

Yes, All Dickies pants run small at the waist. So, when buying Dickies, you need to buy two sizes bigger than you generally would.

Better still step into a Dickies store or anyone where they are sold and measure up to get your perfect size.

Dickies fit really nice on your figure. If you are used to the pants you’d have noticed how the small waists and proper length make them look on you.

You’d have noticed the way the legs look big and almost disproportionate to the waist. Of course, this is part of Dickies being stylish and all.

And this is why everyone can wear Dickies no matter what their sizes are, men and women. If you use to wear 34 for other pants, best believe you’d be needing a 36 when you switch to the Dickies.

The length would be perfect, but the waist would need some adjustments. So the point here is, if your regular size is 34, add 2 to that when you want to buy Dickies pants. Don’t worry about the length.

Examples of Dickies that run small on the waist

Dickies Painter Relaxed Fit Work Pants

This Dickies run small in the waist, obviously. The inseam is 32 inches with a regular length. The pants legs are loose cut and wide at the bottom.

These pants make wearing boots comfortable, and they are great work pants. These are extremely durable pants with tripled stitched seams and extra large back pockets where you can keep essentials while at work.

The pants are made of 100% cotton so you can enjoy easy maintenance. You can break them in with minimum wear and wash. Go here to see price and sizing information for these Dickies pants.

Dickies Loose Fit Double Knee Work Pant

This Dickies pants also run small – 32inches – in the waist with a regular length.

If you are purchasing this pants you should add size up to 34 or 35, depending on if you have an especially small waist too.

To make your purchase easier, walk into a clothes store or measure yourself using tape in order to increase accuracy. These pants feature loose-fitting legs that allow you to wear boots.

You get a generous amount of room around the thigh and the seat of the pants. Because these are work pants the pants have reinforced knees.

The fabric is 65% polyester and 35% cotton. It is stain and wrinkle-resistant. The waistband is secured with a hook and bar closure. To buy this Dickies, go here to find your size and price.

Dickies Original 874 Work Pant

This Dickies comes with a 32 inches waist and a wide bottom. This is also a work pant with allowance in the thighs which is what you need for the work environment.

This is Dickies original, the earliest design of the brand. The waist on these pants is small while the length is perfect.

Maintaining these pants is not a hassle since the fabric is wrinkle-resistant and comes with a permanent crease. Check here for sizing and prices before making a purchase.

Dickies Flat Front Pant

This relaxed-fit pant is small on the waist at 32. It however features the signature large legs and bottoms.

The pants have a roomy fly and thigh area. It resists wrinkles and stains. It also comes with a permanent crease so you don’t have to worry about constantly ironing the pants.

The casual, snug waistband makes it possible for it to be worn without belts. The fabric is 100% cotton which makes it one of the best work pants you can buy. Buy this pair here where you can also find the sizing information.

Dickies Poplin Work Pant

This lightweight Dickies is wrinkle-resistant and slim straight cut with a permanent crease on it. The pant comes with a label that prescribes a machine for care.

For men who are too laid back to iron press their pants every day, this one is easy to maintain. The fabric is 65% polyester and 35% cotton. It can be worn for leisure and casuals, or with shirts for formal outings. This versatile Dickies be purchased here.

Dickies Pants That Run Big?

Dickies also come big at the waist but most of them are not work pants. The following are Dickies that run big.

Dickies Regular Fit Flex Khaki Pant

This Dickies pants run big and sit below the waist as you can see in the photo. You are probably going to need a belt for these pants if you buy your exact size.

The fabric flexes for proper movement around the crotch area. Its thigh area is wide enough for freedom when you dip your hands in the wide pockets. It stretches but retains its shape.

This is a work pant with a difference. It combines comfortability and functionality. The fabric is 68% cotton and the rest comprises other fibers. The care of these pants requires a machine wash.

Dickies ’67 Slim Fit Straight Leg Work Pants

This straight-cut Dickies runs big in the waist. The sizes for these pants are offered up to size 50 for the waist. It is 65% polyester and other fabrics.

It comes with enough room for your hands in the pockets, is resistant to wrinkles, and can be worn casually. This is ideal for work and weekend outings on the town.

Styling these pants is super easy. They can be dressed in t-shirts, polos, and formal shirts. You can buy these pants here.

Dickies Men’s Pro Cordura Pant

With a 36 waist, the pants run big if you are not so much into snug-fitting wears. Some men have wide waists so they would prefer pants that allow them to dress without belts.

The pants come with military-grade fabrics, 74% cotton, 24% Cordura nylon, and 2% spandex. It is water repellent, has a reinforced hem, and has double knees.

The pants is suitable for work and for life outside the workplace. Its reflective accents make it easy to style with shirts of differing fiber and other work shirts.

You can machine wash the pants and enjoy wrinkle-free use. Go here to make a purchase at an affordable price and best fit.

Dickies Slim Skinny Fit Twill Work Pant

I call the pants the hybrid Dickies. The pants let you enjoy the best of both worlds. It’s a twill work pant made of 98% cotton and 2% spandex. It runs big and sits below the waist, has a slim seat, and has skinny legs.

It is a versatile pant that allows you to style it outside work for every casual event. It can be worn with work shoes and sneakers.

The construction provides ease of movement while at work and a roomy walk outside it. You can machine wash the pants too without showing wrinkles.

The pants come in different waist sizes from 36 to 38, each with its prices.

Can Dickies Be Altered?

Yes, Dickies can be altered. However, where you will encounter difficulty is in the tiny seam allowances.

So if you’re are going to make them bigger you won’t be getting plenty of room. You can skip this part by simply purchasing a size or two bigger.

You could get some room in the hem if you want your Dickies pants to be longer. All you have to do is open up the seam, iron it straight then measure how much length you went to get.

You can mostly get a 1-inch extension at the hem.

Bottom Line

Dickies are mostly work pants that don’t stain or wrinkle. They are some of the best for any workplace. They also make great casual wear.

You only generally have to break them in and you are ready to rock them. If your Dickies have a deep cuff you just might be able to get more than 1 inch of extension.

Recently Dickies made a comeback as the go-to work pants. One of the reasons you should get a Dickies is their durability.

The ones that have spandex and polyester in the fabric also constitute some of the most comfortable pants for casual and work.


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