How to Iron Dickies Pants (A Detailed Guide)

Dickies Pants are environmentally friendly pants that are usually made of cotton and polyester.

The individual threads are very tightly woven with reinforced seams, making them last the longest when compared to other pants. It also makes them resistant to tears and rips.

They require less water to wash and less energy to dry too.

How can you Iron Dickies Pants well to get out creases

How to Iron Dickies Pants

Creases are defects on your fabric shown as a break line or fold. Some pants naturally come with creases that run in the middle of the pants.

It’s best to leave them that way and just maintain them. Other unnatural creases appear when the fabric is distorted in a way that it is stretched beyond its elastic limit.

Creases could be caused mostly by mishandling clothes and not following general guidelines for the care of those clothes.

Creases can be especially hard to iron out of pants, however, this article is going to guide you step by step, to iron your pants and never look shabby out in public again. That said, let’s get right to it.

  • Step 1: Gather everything you need
  • Step 2: Check the labels
  • Step 3: Keep the spray bottle handy
  • Step 4: Placing the pants
  • Step 5: Start Ironing
  • Step 6: Now you’re done

Step 1: Gather everything you need

The last thing you want to do while ironing is put the iron down and run towards the kitchen to get water, come back later, and remember to get the hanger in your bedroom.

You’d probably end up burning your pants and maybe your house as a bonus. So remember to get everything together.

These are the things you’d need: Your rumpled or creased pants – Be sure that it was very well washed before putting them on the ironing board.

Fabrics absorb excretions from our skin and can stain them. If it was dirty in any way, ironing it will make the stains a lot more visible.

So, be careful with trying to iron pants that you’ve worn once or twice and pants that were washed but not properly washed. Inspect thoroughly.

A clean iron – your iron has to be clean especially if you would use the steam function and even if you wouldn’t.

Leaving it dirty with rust and dust could damage your pants especially if it’s light colored. So you should check how clean it is by ironing a small piece of white cloth before use.

Next thing is to get your ironing board ready – Ironing boards are designed to absorb heat and moisture and to provide a soft surface for the proper ironing of your clothes.

Avoid using surfaces that are flammable. Remember to set it to a comfortable height so you don’t give yourself back pains and ruin your posture.

You’d need a spray bottle filled with water – This is an alternative to using a steam iron.

If you use a steam iron, you could just pour some water in the container provided on the iron and use the steam when needed. If not, you need a spray bottle with enough water.

A piece of damp cloth or tea towel is important as well – You’d have to place this over your pants to iron. This is used especially if you’re unsure of the right amount of heat to use on your pants or if they feel like they’d burn easily.

Step 2: Check the labels

The labels inside of your pants give information that is important to know. Check the label on the inside of your trousers and read what it says.

Some pants require ironing, some don’t. Some pants have a certain temperature which is best to iron them. Look out for these laundry symbols and recommended iron settings.

If there are no set temperatures, the fabric will say what type of fabric was used, whether wool, cotton, polyester, a blend of polyester and cotton, and so on.

Stop ignoring labels and use the information on it to adjust the temperature accordingly and lengthen the life of your cloth.

Step 3: Keep the spray bottle handy

Water helps to soften clothes so keeping a spray bottle nearby will help you with the stubborn creases and straighten them out.

Remember, that if you use a steam iron, you don’t necessarily need a spray bottle anymore and they serve the same function – releasing moisture on the clothes.

Step 4: Placing the pants

Lay the trousers flat along the length of the board. Position one leg over the other. Put the seams against each other and let the seams be in the middle.

Using your palms, smoothen out your pants. Do this carefully so you don’t create additional creases on them.

Step 5: Start Ironing

Now that everything is ready, you can plug in the iron and turn the switch on. Then, follow these guides:

  • Start with the pockets. Pull them inside out and iron them. This will avoid making extra creases because of the crumpled pockets. Remember to iron out the front and back pockets, then put them back inside.
  • Move on to the waistband next. Iron the waistband and the area around it by lifting and dropping the iron on every part of the waist, applying pressure when you drop. Be careful to avoid buttons and belt loops.
  • Place a damp towel over the pants and iron. Iron by firmly placing the iron firmly on it and moving it over the piece of cloth. Use the push and slide motion or forward and backward motion.
  • Iron one leg at a time. When you’re done, flip the first leg over and iron the second. Focus on small sections instead of trying to iron everything at once and take care to keep the seams all lined up.
  • Carefully lift and turn the trouser over to avoid adding unnecessary wrinkles and repeat, ironing with the damp piece of cloth. Remember the first and second parts. Don’t leave your iron in one place for a long time, unless they’d burn.
  • For stubborn creases, put a cloth over trousers and spray water on the affected area. Iron until the cloth is dry. Spray again if it’s not completely gone. Alternatively, release some steam from the iron and iron till dry.

Step 6: Now you’re done

After ironing your pants and being satisfied with your hard work, you should allow your cloth to cool before putting them away.

After they are cool, you can put them on it place them gently on a hanger if you’re not ready to wear them. If you’re going to fold them, fold them neatly. Although it’s always advisable to hang them.

Turn the switch off and unplug the iron from the socket. Allow cooling in a standing position before putting it away.

Dismember the ironing board and put it away. Or just move it to the side, against the wall.

How do you get Wrinkles out of Dickies Pants?

How to Iron Dickies Pants

People try hard and go to lengths to avoid having wrinkles on their faces and bodies, as such, nobody wants wrinkles on their clothes either.

If you get wrinkles on your pants, however, you can take them out using the methods that will be listed here.

Clothes made of cotton-like your dickies pants contain a substance called cellulose which contains hydrogen (an essential component of water).

When it is used to make your dickies pants, the particles attract and form a strong hydrogen bond. This gives your pants form and shape as well as helps to maintain that shape when you wear, fold or sit on them.

When your pants come in contact with water through sweat, being in a humid environment,  spilling liquid on them or when they’re washed, it wrinkles.

The hydrogen bonds present in your pants react with the water, causing it to bend out of shape and wrinkle.

These are different ways to get wrinkles out of your dickies pants:

  • Ironing
  • Washing and shaping
  • Using a washing machine
  • Allow your Clothes to Completely Dry
  • Use Heat
  • Use an Anti-wrinkle Spray
  • Blow dryers
  • Wear fitted pants


Follow the steps outlined in this article to properly iron your clothes well to minimize and flatten out the creases or wrinkles you create on them.

Washing and Shaping

Recall that the bond in your cotton pants breaks when wet, using this knowledge, you can wash your pants or get them wet with warm water.

Then, pull at the affected areas to reshape and release the wrinkled fabric back to it’s original shape when it’s dry.

Using a Washing Machine

If you wash your dirty pants by using a washing machine, never overload the machine.

Put only a smaller load of clothes in the washing machine. They need space to move around freely.

Overloading then would encourage crumpling and wrinkling as the clothes toss and turn. Also, choose a mild and gentle washing setting for your dickies pants.

Allow your Clothes to Completely Dry

Fabrics wrinkle most easily when they are wet or even the slightest bit damp. Don’t immediately wear any fresh laundry that just got dried.

Be sure they are completely dried and leave them to cool until room temperature before wearing them.

Use Heat

Heat helps to loosen wrinkles so putting those pants in the dryer will help.

Heat helps loosen wrinkles by loosening the fibers on the clothes and allowing them to reshape when cool. Remember to dry the clothes in small quantities.

Use an Anti-wrinkle Spray

Anti-wrinkle sprays aren’t exactly as effective as ironing but they do what they were made to do loosen wrinkles.

Spray on affected areas and use your hand to smoothen them out.

Spraying with Starch or Fabric Finish Sprays: While ironing or after ironing, you can lightly spray your dickies pants with Starch or fabric finish spray.

This will increase your jean’s crispness and hold their shape all day long. Use as directed on the container.

Blow dryers

Remember what we said about heat’s ability to lose wrinkles? Blow dryers can also be used to loosen wrinkles as well.

Simply hold a blow dryer about 10 inches away from your pants and set it on low. Don’t hold in the same spot for long as it could burn your pants.

Wear fitted pants

It is very important to wear the right size of clothing. Wearing baggy jeans has a tendency to bag and fold easily causing rumples and wrinkles to appear.

Wearing too-tight pants will create wrinkles as well, one that will reappear every time you wear them. So get the right fit for you.

Why is ironing your dickies pants important?

How to Iron Dickies Pants

There are several reasons ironing your pants is important. These reasons include:

  • To destroy microorganisms
  • Enhance the beauty of your Dickies pants
  • Ironing removes wrinkles and shrinkage in the pants
  • Ironing your pants would guarantee a long life span
  • Ironing your clothes will boost your self-confidence
  • Ironing reduces chemical smell on your dickies pants
  • Ironing also protects dickies pants tread
  • Ironing helps brings factory faults to light

To destroy microorganisms

After washing clothes, while they dry, they can come in contact with bacteria. Ironing clothes are perfect for killing these germs with heat, especially thermophilic bacteria, and fungi.

Ironing remains the most suitable means of destroying any existing microorganisms present in the pants.

Enhance the beauty of your Dickies pants

Ironing enhances the appeal of the pants, giving them a fresh or stylish appeal. It boosts the quality of your pants.

The creases that are naturally created in the middle of your pants give you a more stylish and enhanced look.

Ironing removes wrinkles and shrinkage in the pants

Over time, regular washing and wearing make our pants begin to shrink. Regular ironing will strengthen and toughen the fibers, thereby preventing shrinkage.

Ironing your pants would guarantee a long life span

Pants, especially Dickies pants are designed to last longer. Maintaining them by proper ironing would serve this purpose.

Ironing your clothes will boost your self-confidence

This enhances your self-esteem in public settings. Even though clothes don’t show or reflect the exact worth of a person, it is a key social factor by which people are generally judged.

While working at a corporate environment, looking very neat and sophisticated can get you open doors. It shows you have pride in yourself and in your work and exhibits professionalism.

If you’re applying for a job, for instance, your interviewer will make judgments of you in a short time, be rest assured that if you dress in rumpled pants, looking haggard, you will likely leave the gate with your head hanging down.

Ironing reduces chemical smell on your dickies pants

Sometimes, after washing, there are leftover smells from the detergent or bar soap used.

Ironing then will put an end to all smells. Chemical smells used in the manufacturing and production of your pants can be removed through ironing.

Nowadays, there are many fresheners that you can add while ironing to give your freshly ironed pants a lovely scent.

Ironing also protects dickies pants tread

Ironing your pants regularly will prevent the threads in them from loosening and making your pants become threadbare with time.

Ironing helps brings factory faults to light

Sometimes, errors are made while washing, some stains or marks are left behind, some buttons unfastened and zip spoilt. Ironing will bring all of these to the limelight.

Let me leave you with this…

Dickies pants are similar to some of your work pants. Except that they are built to last the longest if properly maintained and cared for.

Creases can occur in our pants when we wash them, wring after washing, tumble dry, pile in the washing machine, or put them in a pile after drying.

They can distort the natural shape, form, and size of our pants. These creases can be difficult to remove but is possible with the use of iron.

Proper ironing will remove all creases from our clothes. Remember to gather all you need, check labels for laundry symbols and recommended iron settings.

Keep a spray bottle nearby or invest in a steam iron, correctly place the trouser on the ironing board, actual ironing of your pants, allowing to cool and placing on a hanger.

Wrinkles can also be formed on clothes with cotton such as our Dickies pants when the hydrogen bonds react with water or moisture and break, bending it out of shape and causing wrinkles.

Wrinkles can be removed in various ways, including the use of heat, allowing pants to dry completely, using an anti-wrinkle spray, watering fitted pants, washing smaller quantities at a time, using starch or fabric finishing spray, and ironing them.

Ironing may not make it to the top 5 list of favorite chores for a lot of people but it is very necessary. Not all clothes require ironing, thankfully.

The ones which require should be ironed. It boils down to a number of reasons, like confidence boost, enhanced appeal, longer-lasting pants, killing germs that didn’t go away after washing, shrinkage prevention, and protection of the lining of your clothes.

Knowing all of these benefits might just be the motivation you need to iron your pants more regularly without grumbling or asking if it’s okay to wear without ironing.

If it wasn’t enough motivation, you always have the option of paying dry cleaners and spending a significant portion of your hard-earned money there.


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