How to Clean Dickies Pants in 2023 (A Guide)

Dickies pants are quite a necessity to many people either for work or for special occasions.

These pants are primarily made of cotton or cotton blend (with polyester), so they are long-lasting if taken with proper care.

Knowing the basics of how to clean your Dickies pants will help to make them good and long-lasting for a couple of years and you know the best part? It saves you from spending on a new pair.

There are two methods in which you can clean your pants

How to Clean Dickies Pants

  • By washing machine
  • Washing by hand.

Ensure to follow this guide with special attention and care.

Clean your Dickies pants in a washing machine

  • Set your washing machine to a gentle cycle
  • Fill in the washer with cold water
  • Turn your pants inside out
  • Put your pants in the Washing machine with similar fabric or colors
  • Line dry the pants

Set your washing machine to a gentle cycle

To keep your pants looking the same just as you first purchase them, wash your pants on in a gentle cycle.

This will help reduce the wear and tear on your pants, and also will make the fabric and colors stay intact.

Use a friendly mild detergent when you wash your pants. Don’t use bleach or any detergent containing bleach.

You can also make use of a fabric softener if you want your pants to be a bit softer.

Fill in the washer with cold water

It is not recommended to wash your dickies pants in hot water. Lukewarm water is preferable when washing your pants.

Know that hot water can shrink the fabric of your pants, making them a bit smaller than their normal size, it can also cause the fabric to lose its color, especially darker pants.

Turn your pants inside out

Washing your pants can be abrasive to its fabric, not only do clothes rub against each other, but the detergent alongside the buttons, zippers, and snaps can be quite harmful to the color and fabric.

Read the label on your pants to check if there are any specific washing tips that you should follow. Some pants should be washed alone on the first wash or washed occasionally.

Ensure to follow the provided instructions.

Put your pants in the Washing machine with similar fabric or colors

One of the factors to consider while washing your pants is to not wash them too often because doing so will make them lose their colors.

Washing your pants with other lighter-colored clothes will dye everything in your wash. To be on the safer side, wash all your pants separately.

Line dry the pants

Tumbling your pants in the dryer will cause shrinkage. So you should avoid over-drying your pants to prevent them from shrinking and

If you wish to dry your pants in the dryer, tumble them on low heat.

Washing your Dickies pants with your hands

  • Wash your pants in the sink, tub, or bowl
  • Only wash your pants when necessary
  • Spot clean stains
  • Roll your pants up in a towel
  • Lay out the pants to dry
  • Iron your pants
  • Hang up your pants

Wash your pants in the sink, tub, or bowl

Washing your pants by hand can keep the colors and reduce the wear caused by the abrasive action when using a washing machine.

Fill the tub with cold or lukewarm water. Add a mild detergent. Turn your pants inside out, then lay flat in the tub or sink don’t wrinkle, allow them to soak for a bit.

Run them through under the water to rinse out the foams. Hang up to dry.

Only wash your pants when necessary

Do not wash your pants every now and then after everywhere because this will help the pants to easily fade out or dye out.

It is recommended to wash your pants after 2-3 wearings.

Spot clean stains

This can be done using water and a rag to remove any stains on your pants instead of throwing them into the washing machine.

You can also spot clean with water, Daly, and any cleaner of your choice, lemon or lavender preferably. Soak the stain in room temperature water then, add salt straight on the stain and allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes.

Rinse out the salt and add the cleaner to the parts. After this process, lay a paper directly on the stain, allow it to sit for an hour, then rinse off the spot where the stain was.

Roll your pants up in a towel

Lay the wet pants into a clean, dry towel. Do not dry your pants in the dryer. Roll up your pants into the towel.

Gradually squeeze the rolled-up towel to take off the excess water from your pants, after doing this, take the pants from the towel and place the pants on a drier side of the towel.

Do this process again and again until all the excess water has squeezed out from the pants. This whole process can be done within 5-7 minutes.

Lay out the pants to dry

Lay out the pants to dry. Lay the plans on a flat surface, ensure the surface is without Staub and nothing will let be on top big the pants.

Be patient enough to allow them dey completely and iron or store right away

Iron your pants

You can iron your pants or give them to a professional to do the work for you. Turn the pants inside out and begin ironing from the pockets.

Then, turn them back and iron the rest parts. Make a crease in the front by ironing the inseams. Hold the iron 3 inches away as you steam through the edge of the inseams.

Hang up your pants

Ensure to hang up your pants after every cleaning. You can hang your pants across a hanger if your pants have pleats, if there is none, simply fold in half in the hanger.

Doing this gives room for no wrinkles. Avoid hanging in a very humid area. Keep them in a place that keeps 40-50% humidity level.

The Do’s of cleaning Dickies pants

In a way, your clothes give a volume of who you are, especially your pants. It is a great thing to slip into something comfortable and stylish.

Sliding into a wrinkled pair of pants just doesn’t feel cool. Don’t think about it too much.

It all takes a bit of extra effort to both improve and optimize how you clean your pants. We have put together a few tips on what you should do and not do.

Sort your pants before washing them

Cleaning or washing your pants seems to be a big mixing game. You may want to throw all your clothing into the waterfall at once, but this isn’t the right way to do it.

Instead, sort your pants by color, and as well as how dirty they are, this helps to prevent extra grime from sticking to your less soiled pants.

For example, separate your heavy-duty pants (working pants) from your casual pairs.

Check the care tag on your pants

The care tag helps guide you through the washing process especially when you are in doubt ok how to go about cleaning your pants.

The tag tells what fabric your pants are made of, how you should clean it, and how you should dry it.

Use cold water settings

Select the cold water temperature settings to avoid shrinkage

If the pants are not soiled, you can use a damp cloth to remove any dirt or dust.

You can mix a bit of water and vinegar to remove stains

Stains are easier to remove when they haven’t been set into the fabric.

Be sure to rinse the mixture off your pants soaked in water and vinegar before letting them dry properly. You can mix salt into the vinegar if you want it to clean more thoroughly.

Use baking soda too

You can also use baking soda and water on any stubborn stains, let them sit overnight before washing the pants in cold water.

Mild detergent also works

Use a mild detergent to avoid damaging your pants like other chemicals detergent would.

Wash your pants inside out to prevent fading

Allow your pants to air-dry once they are out of the washer.

Don’ts of cleaning your dickies pants

Don’t wash them too much

Only wash when you have to. If there is no stain or smell, you’re good to go for second wear if not three or four, we don’t mean you shouldn’t wash your pants, laundry is inevitable.

If you want to properly clean and care for your pants, baby washing them too often means you are washing them too much and can make them easily fade out.

Don’t wash your Pants in hot water

Don’t use too much detergent

This makes your pants stiff and dull over time. Don’t go overboard trying that.

Don’t use bleach or chlorine on any Dickies pants

Don’t wash your pants with towels or other textiles

This can cause the color to rub off others. This is why sorting is required.

Don’t put your Dickies pants in the dryer too often

Hang them for quick-drying, or lay them flat for the same effect.

Avoid storing your pants in places like the storeroom, basement, or bathroom

These places can increase bacteria to grow and damage them.

How frequently should you clean your Dickies pants?

The main factor that determines how frequently you should clean your Dickies pants is the type of pants; the fabric they are made of, what activities you do when you wear them, and how many times you have worn them.

For your dickies pants, you can wear them up to 3 times before cleaning them again. Pants like dickies are usually only worn to office work or formal events.

They don’t actually get sweated in too much that will require you to wash them every now and then.

Like we said above, what activities you do when you wear them also determine the frequency at which you clean them, for heavy-duty work, some people may need to clean them after every wash but this will often shorten the life of the pants.

Remember after washing, your pants should be air-dried. It is recommended to wash in cold or lukewarm and use a mild detergent. Take care not to rub too much when washing.

How many times can you wear your Dickies pants before your first wash?

Dickies pants are made of 100% cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester, which means that you will be able to wear them 2-3 times before they need to be washed.

This also depends on how active you are. Heavy activity will cause the pants to get dirtier faster than if you are light on your duty and will require you to wash often.

Machine wash your dickies pants with cold water and with Colts and fabric like using a gentle cycle and a mild detergent or soap.

Can you clean your Dickies pants without washing?

Definitely, you can. Dickies pants materials are lightweight, which makes them great to be cleaned without washing rigorously.

It’s also easy to clean them without washing when they are dirty, just spot clean with a damp cloth and dry them on the clothesline.

For more extensive stains, start with a moist cloth and dry the area with a towel, once it’s dry, apply water and sprinkle some salt or baking soda on the stain.

Let it sit for an hour before washing with cold water and air dry them. If you want to wash your dickies pants, simply use cold water on a gentle cycle.

That’s all there is to all of these! Cleaning your dickies pants doesn’t need to be difficult, so give these a try next time you need to wash your favorite pair of dickies.

Parting words

In conclusion, your dickies pants will be with you for months if not years if you can properly clean and take care of them.

If you actually do, we are certain you will get enough wear out of them. Whether you choose to wash with a washing machine or to wash by hand, it is entirely up to you, but ensure you take the Do’and Don’ts of cleaning them too.

They will remain comfortably stylish leaving you in a state of happiness.


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