How Can You Tell If Girls Jeans Are Boys Jeans?

There is that desire in most people to try new things. However, some new things to you are just normal things to others.

Would I choose to wear a girl’s or a boy’s jeans? Why would I prefer one to the other? How do I manage what I have if that’s the only option I have?

You probably just got a jean, as a girl, and are worried about how you’ll look in them. How would I look in a guy’s jeans? Is this unisex? Is it weird to wear a guy’s jeans?

It’s probably alright…. Not totally, though. You might want to tell the difference between male jeans and female jeans, just so you don’t end up looking weird.

How To Tell If A Girl Is Wearing A Boy’s Jeans

The following are ways to tell if a girl is wearing a boy’s jeans:

  • The position of the fly
  • The sizing system
  • The cut and shape
  • Length of the jeans and waist

The position of the fly

One of the major differences between boy jeans and girl jeans is the Fly Opening. Most manufacturers seemed to have agreed to put the fly openings and buttons on the right for the guys and on the left for the girls.

If you check out the female jeans, you will find the fly opening and the button on the left side. Once you find the button on the right side, then she’s definitely wearing a guy’s jeans (Unless all other parts fit in as male jeans, which is unlikely).

The sizing system

One more thing to note is the men’s pants are generally labeled with the waist size and length while the women’s pants are usually indicated by numbers (- 4, 8, 12….)

The cut and shape

A more obvious difference to note, which I consider to be minor, has to do with the appearance.

While I have seen reviews like ‘Girls look horrible and shapeless in men’s jeans’, there are girls who look totally beautiful in the male jeans.

Men’s jeans are officially made as straight cuts but appear wider. Women’s jeans, on the contrary, have a curvy cut, with respect to the wide hips, slim waist, and long leg length.

A girl will definitely look better in the female jeans, as they are made to bring out the shape of the body, while that of the men might appear masculine.

Length and waist

However, there are also nice denim jeans for the female, which might appear wide and with a straight cut like the male jeans.

These types of jeans still appear feminine because they retain the slim waist and ONLY appear with a straight cut, while not actually straight.

The DIFFERENCE between these jeans and the male jeans is seen in the leg length. These jeans come a bit shorter than the legs while the male jeans cover the legs completely.

The slim waist and the slight slant appearance from the wide hips give it enough feminine look

In a nutshell, you can tell that a girl is in boy jeans when the fly opening and button are on the right side when the size is represented in numbers, when it appears straight and long, and when it has a wide waist. YES! Female jeans should not have a wide waist size.

Just so you know, jeans were actually created for the men in the first place. When the slim fit and carrot-sized jeans began to exist, then the idea of female jeans was adopted.

Can A Boy Wear A Girl’s Jeans?

Your girl probably took your jeans and you want revenge so you take hers. It is totally fine but you just might be sorry you did that…. But, honestly, it is totally fine.

As mentioned earlier, girl jeans have extra room for their hips to fit in. If a guy can find the right size, then wearing female jeans is totally fine. It might feel strange though since the cut was made for the female shape.

Remember the female jeans are just like the carrot-sized jeans of the male. The extra modifications of the female jeans help it to fit better on the female legs.

For a guy with thin legs, you might end up looking feminine. The male jeans are created to cover up all of that.

There are also denim jeans, as mentioned earlier. Most denim jeans are said to have the Unisex vibe, since most come as a slim fit. It brings out the shape of the female body.

As long as the girl has nice ‘female’ legs, they look alright in these jeans. When a guy puts this on, he feels totally fine, as the hips are not unnecessarily wide and the leg lengths are not created for the female fit only.

How Can A Boy Style A Girl’s Jeans?

Jeans are more of a masculine fit as they’re loose, so they’re more geared towards the men’s fits, but the fact that there are types accepted as unisex jeans without any problems or discrimination is perfect.

There are male celebs like Zac Efron, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Joey Essex, Jared Leto, and more who wear women’s skinny jeans and they are definitely helping the case, as so many more men now are rocking the super skinny fit and heading to the women’s department for it.

But men’s brands are catching onto that, as you know and have created the super spray-on styles so they fit like women’s. An example is Levi’s 501 Jeans.

Enough with the unisex jeans. How does a guy style a girl’s jeans and look good in them? Girl jeans can appear in different ways.

Some girl jeans are totally not recommended. However, there are ways to still style the same jeans and look good in them. While a girl can style boy jeans by rolling up the hem of the jeans till it’s a little above the ankle, there are female jeans that are created this way.

They appear as straight cuts and the trouser sleeves don’t cover the ankle. A guy can wear these jeans but must make sure to have his ankles covered to avoid giving himself a round shape.

In other words, the jean must be owned by a taller girl

Since the sleeves must not be down to the ankle while you must be shorter since the sleeves must cover the ankle.

There are other female jeans that will definitely feel uncomfortable on a man’s legs but usually, it’s just for the first few times it’s worn.

Female slim-fit jeans with wide hips and thin long leg lengths can also be worn by men

Men also have hips, these days, so wearing these clothes can flaunt the lower body muscles. For a sporty person or a bodybuilder, wearing a body hug or a sweater jacket over these slim-fit women’s jeans will look great and totally alright.

For the earlier mentioned jeans that appear to be straight cut, the girl jeans usually have a slim waist so it is advisable for a guy to wear a shirt that covers the waist, so you don’t end up appearing childish.

With the weird slim waist covered and the hems unfolded (covering the ankles), you avoid getting the feminine round figure and you are good to go.

7 Girl Jeans Boys Can Wear

Here is a list of similar jeans to the ones mentioned earlier and, also, some nice female jeans that have been rocked by male celebrities.

Paige Hoxton Jeans

This is one nice female jeans that can be worn by men. As a guy, you definitely won’t want to be wearing something as tight as leggings so this provides just what you need.

It has a sufficient leg opening to cover the ankles, rest on the feet, and avoid the legging look. Just like most of the jeans on this list, it has a good fly length, but with a minimally useful pocket depth.

Hudson Barbara Jeans

Another nice jeans for the female- that definitely works for the male too. The Hudson Barbara’s are likely to have faux front pockets as part of their designs.

It’s considered a girly feature and you might want to avoid ones with faux front pockets but they can be worn if covered with a longer jacket.

J-Brand Maria

Zac Efron has rocked these jeans. It’s a nice one. Most of the J-Brand Maria’s have somewhat small rear pockets that could be noticed.

I’d recommend wearing a longer sweater or jacket with them if the pocket size is a concern. It should be a concern. Just like the faux pockets, it’s girly.

AG Farrah

The AG Farrah’s are nice female jeans too. They have embroidered rear pockets, however, they are the same embroidery that AG uses on their men’s jeans so it can be overlooked.

Paige Margot

This and the next jeans on this list have slightly higher rise and longer inseams which work best for the taller guys.

It is said to be 90 percent made of cotton, consequently maintaining the traditional denim feel on your legs. It has a long and comfortable fly length. With a correct fit, you are good to go.

Citizens of Humanity’s Carlie

The Carlie’s have long and comfortable fly lengths, just like the Paige Margot jeans. It has a denim feel too, made of cotton.

The Carlie’s happen to have pretty deep functional front pockets, compared to other female jeans. These ones are fine and perfectly built for you.

Madewell High Riser

These are nice female jeans that can also be rocked by men. Some washes come in multiple inseams. Just in case premium brands are outside your normal price range, Madewell is a decent lower-priced alternative.

Other options include Citizen of Humanity’s Rocket, Diesel Jeans, and many more that have been rocked by famous male celebrities.


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