How Short Can Your Shorts Be?

Shorts are one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing there is, with their assuring convenient and air-penetrable lengths.

Their versatility is the reason why most people subscribe to them, despite their preference by people at certain times of the year.

You see shorts on men and equally on women, and none of them looks that bad or unfashionable from wearing them.

Instead, it gratifies a woman’s feminity making her look more desirable than before, and equally edifies a man’s elegance, composure, and masculine flair.

But, all the finesse attached to wearing shorts could get ruined if you make the wrong choice of shorts length and fitting.

To digest that and point you in the right direction, I’ve put together subjects that relate to your concern with shorts. And hope to not only inform but also shed more light on the fashion side of wearing shorts.

How Short Can Your Shorts Be

Speaking of how shorts your shorts can be, your shorts should not be as short as 2 or 3 inches inseam, and you should take note of that. This means that the shorts are just 2 or 3 inches down from your waist, and has a tendency of exposing your bum cheeks.

Whether you are a man or woman, your choice of shorts should reflect a standard degree of social morality.

Since the length of shorts is measured using the inseam length, it is only wise if you take to your measuring tape when buying shorts. Or betters still, refer to the product description before getting shorts.

How Short Can Your Shorts Be

Shorts that are as short as 3inches inseam length is not advisable as it gets very tight around your thigh, resulting in serious medical implications like urinary tract disorder and can equally cause unease of movement.

So, your shorts can only be as short as 3 ½ or 4 inches inseam length, anything below 3 is not going to come out good on you.

What Length of Shorts Is Too Short for a Man?

There is a known categorization of shorts for men, that also applies to women and I am going to share that with you.

This method of grouping is that of inseam length, and shorts are grouped into 4 inches, 5 to 7 inches, and 9 to 11 inches inseam length.

However, shorts for men become too short if they are worn below the 4 inches inseam length, which is rather too short already.

So, the 4 inches inseam shorts length or anything lower than that, is regarded as the lowest point of wearing shorts for men.

To buttress this point further, wearing a 4 inches inseam length or fewer shorts to the park, on a hot summer afternoon is not an entirely bad idea but you are at risk of getting advice from people to change into something longer.

So, it answers our question of what length of shorts is too short for men.

What Length of Shorts Is Too Short for a Woman?

Deciding a short’s length for a woman is different from that of a man. Women tend to style clothes to look presentable, sexy, and appealing.

So, wearing a shorter shorts length than men is not a taboo, but wearing anything below 3 inches inseam length is not appropriate.

How Short Can Your Shorts Be

It means that the person is crossing the boundaries of decency. So when choosing a short length as a woman, try to consider some societal values before jumping into those sleek shorts.

Are 7 Inches Shorts Too Short?

No, they are not. Shorts which fall into the 7 inches category are not short, instead, they are what the average male out there wears.

It is the universal length of men’s shorts, which scrapes it off from being the length of short shorts.

The 7 inches inseam shorts length sits just 2 inches above the knees and is commonly seen on athletes.

This is because of the type of convenience and freedom it affords them. Again, these shorts are ideal for slim men who are slightly above average in height.

How Short Can Your Shorts Be for School?

If your pair of shorts as both a male or a female falls on your mid-thigh when you wear it then it’s shorts for school.

Similarly, if you wear shorts that hang above your fingertips when you stand and place them beside you, then they are also short.

Most schools prefer shorts to be at the knee length and also spacious, therefore wearing shorts that are 2 or 3 inches above your knee is seen as a violation of the dress code.

How Short Can Your Shorts Be

While some institutions observe this, others tend to turn deaf ear to it. For instance, most college institutions in the US and other developed countries do not have such strict rules, but they are observed in high schools.

How High Should You Wear Shorts?

You should wear your shorts as high as your normal waistband, that way they stay intact and go down as their normal inseam length.

Meanwhile, some people especially women make the error of wearing their shorts up to their navels, and this practice is not good. Similarly, a standard short should be approximately as high as 2 inches above your knee.

This is because at that length you are trying to kill two stones with one stone. First, you will be getting a lot of comfort from that length, as any length less than that appears absurd.

Secondly, you are getting yourself the benefit of looking trendy, so you now get the logic.

On another note, knowing the right inseam length of your shorts will help you determine how high you should wear them. I will be talking about the trend part of wearing shorts in the next subtopic, read on.

Are Shorter Shorts Still in Style?

How bad I want to yearn about this, shorter shorts are very much in style. The fact that wearing shorter shorts as a man might look absurd, it is not terrible to try it out.

Recently, the fashion aspect of wearing shorts for men has graduated from knee-length shorts to the game of showcasing ‘thighs’.

How Short Can Your Shorts Be

Also, reviews and campaigns have shown that the sexiness and masculinity of wearing shorts for men now, is in wearing shorter shorts.

These shorts are capable of showing off your athletic body and muscled thighs, which sounds sexy, right?

That means that shorter shorts are still in vogue, besides this is not the early 2000s when wearing knee-length shorts seemed to be the best shorts practice.

What Is the Fingertip Rule of Shorts?

The fingertip rule for shorts advocates that for a short to be certified morally fitting, then the hem or the cuff of the shorts should be at least three inches below the tops of your fingertips just as you stand firm and place your hands by your sides.

This rule is prevalent in schools, especially high schools to measure and determine the right shorts according to the school standard.

A lot of people, even I can attest to passing through this test in school, as both males and females were subjected to its judgment.

Students who fail to pass this test were either sent home or subjected to punishments to caution them.

Should You Size up or Down for Shorts?

Choosing the right shorts to buy or order over an inline retail mall, goes past deciding the short length. You should also consider the sizing of the shorts.

A lot of people end up purchasing shorts that are one size up or down, so I will be pointing out the right to size your shorts before you pass money over the counter or hit the enter button to make an order.

I think sizing your shorts up is a better way of sizing your shorts. These reasons for this are to aid convenience and to enable proper fitting on you.

To Aid Convenience

One of the reasons why it is important and right to size up your shorts before purchasing is because of convenience. When you size up your shorts, you are securing comfort for yourself.

Because getting your normal size or a lesser size could impose inconvenience and unease of movement around the thigh region.


Most shorts do not normally fit in well when the exact size is bought, especially when it’s denim shorts.

Because of the case of shrinkage in pieces of denim, it is better to size up to achieve the right fitting once shrinkage takes place after the first or second washing.


The summer season normally witnesses the hike in demands for shorts, from both men and women.

You do not want to be caught looking all stuffy on your full-leg jeans, which might get uncomfortable on you due to sweating and summer heat.

For you to enjoy the bliss of wearing shorts in times like that, you have to be able to know which shorts length would fit perfectly.

And also one that will give you the level of convenience you seek to achieve. I know you have been enlightened by this article, thus don’t forget to implement the tips mentioned here because they will come in handy.


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