How Long Do American Eagle Jeans Last?

American Eagle Jeans, just like most regular jeans will last about 2 to 4 years, depending on how you take care of them.

American Eagle jeans have the potential to last longer if you do not wear them often. This is the reason you shouldn’t just have few pairs of jeans.

You can have as many as you can so that you can sparsely wear each pair. But, by the time you wear a pair of jeans much often, they may not even last you more than a year.

Another way to make your jeans last longer is to take care of them very well. 

American Eagle Jeans

How To Make Your American Eagle Jeans Last Longer

How then do you ensure that your American Eagle pair of jeans last longer than the guaranteed number of years? These steps will help in ensuring that if you follow them.

Cold water wash at first purchase

You will probably see this instruction in most pair of jeans you buy from American Eagle. You are required to wash your newly acquired jeans with cold water before you begin wearing them.

This way, you are already preparing the jeans to withstand every factor that might want to limit its duration. This means that you should probably handwash them at first, rinse and line dry.

This action alone will prevent your American Eagle jeans from shrinking since they are made of a percentage of cotton. You should really do this, especially for the ones that are 100% cotton. 

You can use liquid fabric softener

This is when you are washing your American Eagle jeans. This option is not just for the first wash but also for subsequent washes.

Add the liquid fabric softener to the water in order to prevent your jeans from coming out stiff after wash. When your jean is always stiff, it is prone to tear and wear. And, you might not be comfortable in it. So, this will help your jeans a lot. 

Wash them inside out

This is more like a general rule for most jeans. Before washing your American Eagle Jeans, ensure you turn them inside out and wash them that way. Also, when putting them in the dryer, they should be turned inside out.

This way, the fabric of your jean will retain its freshness and it will still look new. This method also prevents washes on other jeans from staining the fabric of your American Eagle jean, especially when it is in every other color aside from black.

So, always wash and dry your American Eagle jeans inside out.

Don’t use high heat to dry them

I understand how fast you want your jeans to dry and how in a haste you are to use them. But, you shouldn’t dry your jeans in the presence of high heat. This is crucial when you put them in the dryer.

You can use “Delicate” cycle with low heat. You can also set your dryer to “air dry” or “tumble dry low” when drying your American Eagle jeans. With this practice, you are sure to have your jeans with you in a good condition for a longer time.

Excess heat damages jeans faster than any other thing and you need to be careful when it comes to applying heat on your American Eagle jeans. 

You should store your jeans hanging

I’m sure you didn’t see this coming. Another way to ensure that your American Eagle jeans last longer is to store them hanging. Let them be kept in hangers where nothing will tamper with the lines of the jeans.

By the time you keep folding them to store in a box, the folded lines might easily tear. So, it is important that you store your American Eagle jeans by hanging them on hangers if you are keen on having them for long. 

Wash them after several uses

Here is where some people will not agree with me and most people will agree with me. If you want to have your American Eagle jeans for a longer duration, you need to stop washing them every day.

This is what I do personally. I wash my jeans after at least three times of wear. You can wash yours after two times or four times of wear, depending on how you used them.

If I was out on an adventure that would make me dirty, I’ll put on the jean that I’d already worn once, so I could wash it after the second wear. By the time you keep washing your jeans after every wear, you will easily damage it.

So, if you want a long-lasting American Eagle jean, wash it after several uses. 

Wash them separately

This is another essential thing you need to do when washing your jeans. If you are putting tons of clothes in the washer, it will be a mistake to add your American Eagle jeans with other clothings at the same time.

So, you can put just your American Eagle jeans in the washer and also dry them differently in the dryer. Already, the dryer procedure for American Eagle jeans is different, so you shouldn’t place them in the dryer with other clothes if you want to have them for a long time.

Lastly, no bleach

This is one of the wash instructions you may probably see when you newly purchase your American Eagle jeans. Avoid adding bleach to your jeans if you really want to have them for a longer time. 

3 American Eagle Jeans That Last Longer Than The Others

Even if all American Eagle jeans are lasting enough, I am going to recommend just 3 American Eagle jeans you should get now.

1.American Eagle USA Women’s Skinny Jean

This American Eagle jeans for women is one of the most long-lasting ones. It is skinny fit and you should get this if you need a skinny fit pair of jeans.

This jean is made of cotton, polyester, viscose and elastane. With the combination of all these materials, the jean is made stretchy and durable. Because it is stretchy, it is very comfortable to wear and when you pick the right size, the skinny fit won’t feel tight on your body.

The jean is in low rise style and that is what most women prefer. 

The fabric of this jean is soft and that makes it flexible. You can find this jean in many washes and you will have the chance of selecting your favourite wash.

This jean is stylish just as it is comfortable. I really recommend this jean if you need a stylish, durable jean from American Eagle. This jean is very affordable as you can get it between $32 to $39 on Amazon store. 

2. American Eagle USA AE ’90s Flare Jean

If you want to taste what it felt like to wear jeans in the 90s, then you should get this American Eagle jean. It is made of 100% cotton and it is stretchy also.

The jean is in high rise style and the leg style is flared. This jean is breathable and it is stretchy at the waist, and rigid in other parts.

The colour of this jean is black charcoal. If you really wanna look good in this jean, you can cool iron them if necessary.

This 90s jean has a perfect fit on women of all sizes. It is made available in many sizes and you can select your size before ordering. Do ensure you follow the size chart to pick your size. 

This jean can best serve as a gift to that girlfriend or spouse or daughter and you will have them cherish you the more.

Because it is American Eagle jean, it is durable and happens to be one of the most durable American Eagle jeans. It is very much affordable and Amazon sells it for just $39. 

3. American Eagle USA Women’s Skinny Jean

This may seem like it’s just women’s jeans that are the most durable. That’s not totally true as there are men’s jeans that are durable as well. This women’s jean is made of cotton and elastane.

It is designed in the skinny leg style and the fit is also skinny. The jean has a lot of stretch and that makes it comfortable and well fitting. The jean is flexible as well as and you can wear it to do anything you wanna do. 

The sizing is right and you can find them in different sizes. Endeavour you follow the size chart when ordering them so that you can pick a fitting size for yourself.

This can also be a very nice gift for your daughter, girlfriend, or spouse.

 This jean is quite affordable and Amazon offers them cheaper. This jean is stylish and fashionable. It is long lasting as well and you will enjoy wearing this jeans. 


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