How to Keep Dickies Pants From Fading

The perfect way to keep your Dickies pants from fading is to clean them as little and gently as possible or better still don’t wash them too often because the water and friction from agitation, the laundry detergent, and the drying process all add to making the bright and beautiful color of your pants fade.

Now, you just got a cute pair of Dickies pants that give you the feeling of getting all comfortable when dressed.

Yet, you aren’t certain if the color of your pants will last longer and you keep wondering if these great pants will turn out into a faded pair like the ones on your wardrobe.

7 ways to keep your pants from fading is with these tips below:

How to Keep Dickies Pants From Fading

  • Wash dark pants together
  • Turn pants inside out
  • Check out the care label
  • Don’t stuff the washer
  • Wash your pants in cold water
  • Wash your pants in cold water
  • Don’t over-dry

Wash dark pants together

Sorting your clothes before you wash them is a great hack that helps prevent them from fading, arrange your pants in a correct pile and check the care label instruction.

If you ever wash your dark pants with the lighter ones, know that the darker ones will likely fade away. To help prevent your dark-colored pants from fading, wash like colors together.

Turn pants inside out

Turning your pants inside out helps prevent piling that dulls the appearance of the fabric.

Most of the wear and tear that occurs on your pants fan be avoided by turning your pants inside out before washing and drying.

Remember the whole process of washing and drying your pants can be rough to the outside of your pants. It is also crucial to turn your pants inside out when you hang them outside to dry.

While the sun can serve as an excellent and reliable drying tool, it is also bad for your pants as it will wash the color right off your Dickies pants.

Check out the care label

This won’t take much of your time so don’t see it as a big task. Checking out the care label will save you from a lot of trouble whenever your pants are being washed in the washer or dryer.

Simply check the instructions which might indicate you to wash in cold water only, or with colors alike. So always don’t forget to read the drying instructions too.

The label might say that the pants need to be dried on low heat, or drip-dried.

Don’t stuff the washer

Stuffing the washer makes the washer work harder with a lot of drawbacks like how it becomes tougher on your pants.

When you stuff the machine, the detergent and water for rinsing will not be circulated properly, and your pants won’t come out as clean when it is stuffed into the washer.

Likewise, your pants will take a while longer to dry when the dryer is stuffed. Allow the pants to move freely by making the machine a bit spacious.

Wash your pants in cold water

We all know that washing your pants in cold water is one of the best pieces of laundry advice.

Not only does it prevent your pants from shrinking, but it also helps prevent colored pants from fading as hot or warm water can do the reverse.

Don’t over-dry

You can see that letting your pants over dry can be quite fast and easy, but this is bad for all laundry especially for dark and bright-colored pants.

Drying your pants too much will cause them to fade. Simply set a timer so you don’t forget about your pants.

Your pants should be slightly damp whenever you pull them from the dryer and because drying makes friction and heat to the process, it is better to dry your pants on the clothesline to retain the colors of the fabric.

Just remember to turn your pants inside out to avoid them from fading from the sun.

Add vinegar

Vinegar doesn’t have the smell you would like, but adding a drop or a cup to your washing sink or machine will make your pants’ fabric softer and also prevent it from fading.

Use a gentle detergent

If you want to be sure of your pants not fading, there are different detergents on the market that are formulated to prevent fading and color loss.

Wash your pants infrequently, use mists instead of washing on occasions, let your pants air-dry when possible and keep away from direct sunlight will also help to keep your Dickies from fading.

Why do Dickies even fade?

Earthly glory will always fade. No matter how attractive and long-lasting the fabric, the pants will always fail.

But, why do they even fade? Kindly stick around while I appease your curiosity.

Excessive use of hot water

If you wash your pants in hot water, you are increasing the risk of fading. Your pants exposed to hot water will cause the dye to release from the fabric.

Your pants will not necessarily change to white after washing them in hot water. But rather, they will fade to a lighter tone if you keep washing them in hot water.

To avoid this, wash your pants in cold water. Contrary to what most of us believe, cold water is more effective to remove stains than hot water wash.

The difference is that washing in cold water doesn’t lead to fading.

Excessive use of bleach

A small amount of bleach will turn your pants into a lighter color. If you are trying to remove a stain from your pants, spot clean the affected area with a fabric stain remover or you can also try spraying a bit with vinegar and water solution.

The most interesting thing is, both will give the same effect as bleach but they won’t make your pants fade away.

Sun exposure

The sun with its ultraviolet light is a leading force from nature that makes your clothing, including Dickies pants fade.

If you wear a pair of Dickies pants almost every day, they are likely to fade, too bad it’s not what you can quickly prevent.

The only way you can avoid this is if you stop wearing them outdoors, you can also prevent this by wearing pants of high quality.

Using cheap detergent to clean

Cheap Detergents will not only give you low cleaning power but also increase the risk of your pants fading.

As you use them, you will gradually see them in a lighter color. You must spend on high-quality laundry detergent.


This shouldn’t be a surprise. Dirty pants are more prone to fade than clean ones of the same fabric.

When your pants are exposed to dirt, the sediment rubs against the fabric, making the dye release, and subsequently, your pants fade.

Too much ironing

There’s nothing wrong with ironing your pants to take out the wrinkles and creases but you should not do it too much.

Ironing your pants any time you want to wear them will damage the fabric. The damage may not occur immediately but the outer layer of the fabric will surely become singed leading to a lighter and faded color.

If you are going to iron your pants, use the low heat setting. Also, only iron your pants when they are wrinkled, you shouldn’t do it if they are not because you will only increase the risk of it fading.

Low-quality fabrics

Your pants Kay be losing bits of color because they are made of low-quality fabrics. Not all pants are made equal anyways.

Some brands make use of cheap fabrics and the finished product is a pant that 8s likely to fade.

Ensure that you invest your money in premium fabric, so that you won’t worry about your pants losing their colors anytime soon.

How can you restore faded Dickies?

It is quite frustrating to buy a pair of Dickies pants only to see it fade immediately after one wash.

You don’t have to worry, there are some ways you can restore the vibrant color of your pants with these two methods:

  • Restoring with salt
  • Using Vinegar

Restoring with salt

Pour some high-quality detergent into cold water

With a high-quality detergent, place your faded pants in the washer, the detergent may be the cause of your pants fading.

That is why it’s recommended to get a superior one, and adding salt to it can help fight that detergent builds up, ensuring your pants look new again.

Add an amount of salt to the washer

After placing your pants in the washer with the detergent. Pour a reasonable amount of salt into the wash cycle.

This step can also stop new pants from fading at first, also know that salt can also remove stains especially from sweat and blood.

Dry your pants as usual

After your pants are finished washing, remove them and check if you are satisfied with the color, if you are not, you can air-dry or place them in the dryer in low heat.

Using Vinegar

Add a small amount of white vinegar to your washing machine

You can do this by pouring the vinegar directly into the washing cycle or you can simply drop it into the fabric softener dispenser if there is a front-loading washer.

Adding a dash of vinegar to your pants helps prevent detergent or minerals that is left behind on your pants, leaving them with a brighter color.

Wash your pants on a normal cycle

After adding the vinegar, add your faded pants into your washing then add a detergent and turn on the washer.

Most times all you have to do is soak your pants in vinegar then wash, that is all it takes to get your pants looking their normal appearance. Wash on a normal cycle as the fabric of your pants is made of cotton.

Air-dry your pants or use a dryer

After the vinegar has washed out of your pants during the rinse cycle, which also shows that your pants will not have to smell like vinegar.

Simply hang the pants on the clothesline to air-dry or use the dryer on low heat, and it also depends on the guide written on the care label or how you prefer to dry your pants.

If your pants still look faded, the dye just has washed out totally, all you need to do is dye the pants instead.

Dickies that do not fade fast

Dickies is known for its valuable and long-lasting pants and below are some of the best pants that do not fade quickly:

Dickies 874 work pants

How to Keep Dickies Pants From Fading

This particular pair of Dickies is reliable and also a solid mix of coloration, style, and durability that can be used for most office jobs, and won’t show wear and tear over time, alongside its fading resistance.

Just be informed that when Dickies’ 874 work pants hits, they do it hard. If you just started the Dickies game, there’s no need to panic as the pants are exactly what you need.

This made is made up of the brand’s known signature of cotton and polyester, making it durable guaranteed. The leg is quite loose, giving you enough space.

Conversely, if you prefer a part with a narrower leg you can walk up to a store to check it out.

Dickies Men’s Tough Max Duck 5 Pocket Pants

How to Keep Dickies Pants From Fading

If you want tough, you’ll surely get tough with these Dickies Men’s Tough Max gives a higher performance when you most need it.

The fabric has a max optimal strength and comfort so can not easily fade away. It is twice as durable and stronger as any regular cotton fabric.

Dickies Men’s Regular Straight Twill Cargo Pants

How to Keep Dickies Pants From Fading

This pair of hard-wearing cotton twill will see you through any hard times. The fabric is a combination of fade-resistant and durable.

It also gives higher flexibility and tears resistance, with Dickies will cargo pants, all eyes will be ok you as it will leave you looking professional as the pockets also come in handy.

These pants are 100% reliable for maintenance and comfort guaranteed.

Dickies Men’s Loose Double Knee Pants

How to Keep Dickies Pants From Fading

When you think about luxury, this pair is one of them. The plush texture material is popularly known for its durability.

Dickies men’s loose fit has a wrinkle and fade-resistant fabric made of 65% polyester 35% cotton. Basically, they are a combination of classic style and long-lasting comfort.

Dickies Men’s Relaxed Fit Carpenter Jean

How to Keep Dickies Pants From Fading

You’ll have quality if you go for these pants. Dickies relaxed-fit carpenter denim gives extra room in the thigh and seat. It also has a tapered leg that for properly over your boots.

The triple-stitched seams add durability and its brass rivets prevent tips at stress points making it long-lasting too.


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