How to Hide Bow Legs in Jeans (3 Great Tips)

If you want to hide bow legs in jeans, you can simply make use of Legi. Legi, which is pronounced as (leggy) can help you to hide bow legs in jeans.

Leggi is an authentic trademarked orthotic that does the work of correcting how your bow leg looks under tight jeans or pants. Legi basically looks like the shape of a calf muscle.

How to Hide Bow Legs in Jeans

Because of how it is shaped, it makes it very easy for you to be able to wear it on your calf when you want to put on your jeans, when you have it on for long, it works to hide your bow legs in jeans.

One good thing about Legi is that it is made with a material that is to be extremely elastic, this material is Lycra.

It is flexible and also lightweight, this means that when you wear it you will not feel like it is so heavy when you wear it.

How do you dress if you have bow legs? 3 Simple Tips

It may be quite difficult to cope with bow legs, especially if you are a fashionista and you always want to stay up to date or try the latest trending outfit. Your bow leg may be a hindrance either as a male or female. However, there are ways you can dress to help conceal the bow legs.

Take a look at the 3 great ways you can dress if you have bow leg:

  • Wear-free dresses(for females)
  • Avoid shoes with long straps (for females)
  • Wear loose-fitting jeans or pants(for men)

Wear free dresses(for females)

How to Hide Bow Legs in Jeans

I am sure you saw a friend wear a short or tight skirt and you really loved how it looked on her. Remember you have bow legs and you do not want to draw attention to the bow legs all the time.

The best way to not draw attention to the bow leg is by wearing free dresses that flow and also go below your knee.

With that, you will not expose your bow leg and the dress will be able to cover the be leg, making you more comfortable and confident. Avoid tight-fitting skirts at all times, remember the goal is to draw attention away from your legs.

Avoid shoes with long straps (for females)

How to Hide Bow Legs in Jeans

If you have bow legs, the type of shoes you wear also determines if your leg will be concealed or not. Since you do not want the bow legs to get too obvious, what you need to do is to avoid shoes that have long straps that wrap around your lower legs.

This only makes your bow legs conspicuous.  You should wear flats often, wedges or shoes with low heels. This would conceal your bow leg as long as you wear them with the right outfit.

Wear loose-fitting jeans or pants(for men):

How to Hide Bow Legs in Jeans

For males with bow legs, you need to do yourself the favor of not wearing tight or skinny jeans. Wearing tight or skinny jeans only makes your bow leg prominent.

The best way to go about this is to wear loose-fitting jeans or pants that would make it difficult for people to know you have bow legs.

The loose-fitting jeans do not wrap around your legs like skinny jeans. You should stick to loose-fitting jeans or pants as a guy with bow legs if you want to conceal it and make the bow leg inconspicuous.

Which jeans are best for bowleg? (3 great Jeans)

Take a look at these jeans that you can wear even though you have bow legs, they look good on you and will definitely fit you well, and most importantly, conceal your bowleg, making it less conspicuous.

Amazon Relaxed fit men’s jeans

This is one of the best types of jeans you need to wear if you have a bowleg. This is a relaxed fitting jean that is neither tight nor too loose at the leg area.

With this jean, you can comfortably wear go out even with bow legs and it will not be obvious that you actually have bow legs, this is because the leg of the jeans is wide enough to cover your leg.

There is an excess fabric that runs from the knee downwards that makes the jeans look big and somewhat baggy. This is what you ought to wear when if you have bow legs.

This particular jean is made of cotton which is also a good material build that will last really long for you. Another good thing is that the jeans is machine washable.

You will be able to wash it with a machine if you do not have the time to wash it with your hands. Especially in situations where you come back from a place so tired, you can simply take the jeans off and toss it in the machine for it to complete the washing.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Machine washable
  • Durable
  • Relaxed fit
  • Classic 5 pocket style


  • It does not come in black color

Final verdict

I like the relaxed fit of this jean, it gives you the liberty to move freely with comfort. The button closure makes the Jean tight enough and fits around your waist when you wear it.

This jean is really worth your money, you should consider it if you how bow legs. Own downside that this jean has is that it does not come in black color. If you want to purchase one for yourself, you are only stuck with the blue color that is offered.

The classic 5-pocket style is also not left out in this jean. You can carry as many things as you can in the pocket as long as it can accommodate it.

Levi’s Women’s 70s Flare jeans

Flare jeans are made to be straight cut from the waist down to the knee, then from the knee down to the ankle you will notice a different type of cut.

From the knee down to the ankle of this jean you will see that it has a flare, this flare gives you that 70s vibes.

The flare is a very good way to hide your bow leg, it is wide enough and also has excess cloth material that is big enough to hide your bow legs.

As a woman who has bow legs and still loves to look good in any clothing, you should desist from wearing tight or skinny jeans that will expose your bow legs which could make you insecure.

A better option is to get this flare jeans and ensure that you add more than one pair of this type of flare jeans and if there is any other style of flare jeans, you can still go-ahead to get it.

The idea is to wear flared jeans that is wide from the knee down to the ankle, giving enough room to hide your bow leg, yet looking good and fashionable.

You can wear this flare jeans to any occasion and you would still look like you do not have bow legs.


  • Vintage flare style
  • Comfortable fit
  • Durable
  • High rise


  • The inseam length may be too long

Final verdict

This flare jeans is highly recommended for women with bow leg. You would be looking stylish and at the same time you would be covering your bow leg.

When you are able to cover your bow leg while you go out, it can help increase your confidence to an extent. Desist from wearing tight or skinny jeans and embrace flare jeans like this particular one and you will see how good it will look on you.

The type of clothing you wear out is a contributing factor to how confident you will be. That is why you need to wear what will and you feel confident all day long.

LZJN loose Florian fitting dress

This is one of the easiest a woman who has bow legs can wear comfortably without the fear of her bow legs being exposed.

This loose-fitting floral dress has the ability to hide your bow leg to the max and it will not be obvious at all that you have bow leg.

This dress has enough covering all over even from your shoulder down to your ankle, that is why I suggest you wear this dress.

This is quite different from the flare jeans or the relaxed fit jeans I reviewed earlier, this one is loose from the top of the dress down to the ankle.

This dress is made of polyester which is still a good material build for a dress like this. As much as you want to make use of a machine to wash this dress, probably because you may not have the luxury of time to wash with your hands.

You should note that this dress does not support machine washing, it is best you wash with your hands in order to maintain the quality of the dress. Making use of a machine could be too harsh for the dress.

I also like that this dress is versatile, you can wear it to a wide variety of social gatherings and still be comfortable in it all day long.


  • Comfortable flare dress
  • Versatile
  • Unique design
  • Side pockets
  • Cotton lining


  • Not machine washable

Final verdict

Aside from the fact that this dress is not machine washable, every other thing about the dress is really good.

If you need a loose-fit flare dress to conceal your bow leg, this one is a good option for you.

Is bow leg normal?

Yes, Bowleg is normal, especially in the growth and development of babies and toddlers.

The majority of children usually outgrow bowleg around 28-24 months of age. Note that it is not in any way painful and it does not interfere with the way the learns how to walk, run, or even how the child plays.

You should not panic if you notice your bag has a bowleg, babies and toddlers usually experience it in their early stages of growth. As the child grows older, his legs start to straighten and you will notice that the bow legs will start to disappear.

However, if you notice that the Bowleg is still present even after the child is above two years old, you need to contact your doctor because there may be a slight possibility that the Bowleg may be a result of a metabolic disorder like Rickets.

Rickets can happen as a result of deficiency of Vitamin D in the diet of the child. When there is not enough Vitamin D, it weakens the bones of the child, causing the leg to become a bow.


I am sure that this article has been of great help to you if you are looking for ways you can cope with a bow leg as a fashionista.

It is not usually easy to keep up with the latest fashion trend especially if you have a bowleg, this is because there are a lot of these new fashion trends that would not look good on you or would not suit you properly because of your now legs.

I mentioned an orthotic solution which is called Legi. This can help get your bowleg in shape after some period of time.

Also, if you just want to look good, there are jeans and different types of outfits that I have already recommended for you.

These outfits will help make your bowleg inconspicuous and you will be able to walk confidently without having to worry if your bow leg is prominent or not.

The type of shoes you wear also determines if the bow legs show, if you are female with bow legs, it would be best you wear flats or wedges.

These help to conceal the bow leg, not just these shoes but make sure you wear these shoes with the right type of clothing.

Avoid short skirts or tight clothing as a female, and for more loose clothes. This will help conceal the bowleg and increase your confidence.


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