How to Get Factory Smell Out of Jeans?

Your new jeans smell weird because of the chemicals used during their production.

Having your interest at heart, the producers of your jeans put some chemicals in them to prevent certain bacteria and microorganisms from impacting your jeans.

The chemicals used also prevents your jeans from fading away, molding, and even tearing easily. They give you jeans a more pleasing look.

In so much that your jeans smell like chemicals from the factory, you can make them smell neutral or even better using Lemon Juice.

Household cleaners like distilled white vinegar, Baking soda, Borax, Castile soap, and special detergents can also help you tackle the smell.

Ways To Get Factory Smell Out of Your Jeans

Use Smell Removers

For denim that can be washed, employing smell removers is one of the best ways to eliminate its awful smell.

You can use certain detergents to clean them. In this case, the detergents and household cleaners can serve as disinfectants.

Use Baking Soda

This method is quite easy since Baking Soda is easy to get and it does the work effectively.

All you need to do is to put some water in a container, add not less than 2 full cups of Baking soda, put your jean into the mixture and allow them to soak.

Leave in till the next day, then after washing, add a few spoons of Baking soda into another container and rinse your jean in it.

Use Borax Cleaner

Removing weird factory smell from your jeans with Borax is not difficult.

This technique is super easy. If you desire to use it, add more than half a cup of Borax powder into your sink of water and wash. When your jeans dry up, they will have a neutral smell.

Use Castile Soap and Wash with Hand

Castile soap is another way of eliminating the factory odor emanating from your jeans, this soap does not make your jeans fade too.

To engage this procedure, add close to one cup of Castile powder soap to a bucket of water, allow it to work for 30 minutes, then hand wash. After washing, rinse the jeans, leaving no foam on them.

Saturate your jeans in white vinegar

Vinegar contains Acetic acid and this acid neutralizes the smell in your jeans.

To employ this method, fill a container with cold water and add at least two cups of pure vinegar. Allow your jeans to soak in the mixture for an hour and thirty minutes, then rinse properly and allow to dry.

Use Oxygen Bleach

This bleach is safe, it won’t alter the color of your jeans. Just like Oxiclean, this bleach can unravel those hidden chemicals in your denim and neutralize their effects.

All you need to do is to put a scoop of oxygen bleach into a cold. bucket of water, allow it to soak throughout the night, and then wash.

You can add a little quantity of purified white vinegar to your rising water for a more effective impact.

Wash your jeans

Washing is very important to eliminate the smell from your jeans. Although, you will need to add some vinegar, special detergents, or certain cleaner when you wash.

To wash, use a normal water cycle.

You can add detergents like Persil, Tide, or any sports detergent. Stimulate further by adding half a cup of baking soda or Borax to your machine or as you wash by hand.

First step

For Machine users:

Fix your laundry machine properly. Add some cold water to prevent it from washing away and turn it on.

For Hand washers:

Get your bucket of cold water ready and a small bowl or container for sprinkling.

Second Step

Put the jeans into the laundry machine or bucket with a full cup of laundry detergent that suits your jean’s color. You can also include a half cup of Baking soda as you wash.

Third Step

Pour a cup of distilled white vinegar into your laundry machine or bucket and begin the rinse cycle. As you rinse, add some vinegar.

Vinegar is another popular agent that will get your jeans out of any smelly factory condition it is in. They have no adverse effect on your jeans.

Fourth Step

After rinsing, dry the jeans as you normally would. You can spin or sun-dry your jeans. Anyone you choose.

After these processes, your jeans will smell neutral.

Presoak your jeans

Washing your jeans may not entirely eliminate the smell or it may take a long time, so you can employ the method of soaking your jeans for at least two hours before washing with Baking soda or white vinegar

How to get Factory Smell Out of Jeans Without Washing

Using Baking Soda

This is a powerful weapon against smell if only you can apply it properly.

Arrange your smelly jeans on a hanger. Put some Baking soda in a garbage bag and pull it over your jeans. For some days, permit the Baking soda to be in the bag to haul over your jeans smell.

Use Ultra Violent Rays

This is a simple way to take away the factory smell from your jeans using a dry method.

Lay your jeans on a hanger inside out under UV until the smell evaporates.

Spray With Vodka

Aside from taking vodka as a drink, you can spray your garment with a mix of water and vodka, then allow it to dry. When your Jeans get dry, it will smell neutral.

Use Coffee Grounds

Put coffee grounds on a brown sheet. Then, bind your jeans in tissue paper and put them into the bag.

Allow the Coffee Grounds to permeate the jeans for a few days, then bring out your jeans without a factory smell.

Hang your Jeans

You can also hang your jeans outdoor under the light wind to remove the factory smell.

What is the factory smell in jeans?

In Jeans, the factory smell refers to the smell that remains with the pant after the manufacturing process. This terrible smell is a result of the chemicals used to put the jeans together.

From the factory’s end, their aim is to use these chemicals to protect and preserve the quality of the jeans.

But the repercussion, on the other hand, is that as a result of the woolen component in the jean, some stinking chemicals hide and this makes it smell.

Some of the chemical used in the production processes includes:


This is a neutral chemical substance with an intense pickle odor. During the creation process, when an equipment emits formaldehyde, the process is known as off-gassing.

The temperature of the production room is heated in that the chemicals become gaseous and they form The Volatile Organic Compounds which permeate your jeans.

Concentrated chemicals like Sulphur

This is also added in the production cycle and this contributes largely to its factory smell. If there is hydrogen sulfide contained in the water used, the compound smells like a rotten egg.

Why Does my Black Jeans Smell?

Multicolored, black, blue jeans all smell, but regular black denim smells worse.

Black jeans smell as a result of the dyes used to tint them. They are usually dyed severally to get the perfect dark color and in the process, the denim’s cotton tends to soak in different concentrated chemicals, that make them smell.

In addition to the dye applied is a chemical preservative that is added to protect the denim’s black tint, this explains its Sulphur scent.

Although the preservative added prevents bacteria, and certain harmful microorganisms and prevents the jeans from spreading and tearing up, it is not natural, this heightens the awful odor.

The horrible smell from your jeans is set off by the formaldehyde chemical. Chemicals such as aminomethyl phosphate, hydroxy-polycarboxylic acids, sodium polyphosphates, other substances, and shrinking agents are used to produce preferred dark-colored denim.

Your black jeans smell because the chemical elements used in the manufacturing process are centralized with a pungent smell.

There are other chemicals used to dye black jeans, but the odor of Sulphur always stands out.

The formaldehyde substance used to soak the jean also contributes to its weird smell. To leave an impression of a rich dark tone, dyes are applied over and over again.

Also, the water used to put together your jeans has Sulphur in it. This chemical causes your jeans to smell in an offensive manner.

Practically, your black jeans smell terrible as a result of the chemicals used in their production and the tons of dye used to tint it.

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