How to Dry Jeans in Dryer without Shrinking? 4 Simple Ways

Drying my jeans using the dryer is a pretty fast way to get my jeans properly dried without air drying them as air-dry may probably take forever.

As much as I love to use the dryer, I would not want my precious jeans to shrink, most people do not really know how to dry jeans in a dryer without the jeans shrinking and so they end up shrinking their jeans until it doesn’t fit anymore.

There are actually ways you can do this and they are simple to carry out, I would share with you some techniques I use in drying my jeans using a dryer without them shrinking at the end of the day, and yes you can wash and dry your jeans without shrinking them.

How to Dry Jeans in Dryer without Shrinking?

If you want to dry your jeans using a dryer without your jeans shrinking, then you must ensure you keep the setting of the dry on low heat.

When your dryer is set on high heat, the heat may likely shrink and damage your jeans.

Turn your Jeans inside out just right before the throw-in

If you do not want your jeans to shrink after drying in the dryer, then always turn your jeans inside out before you throw them into the dryer.

Some people feel that setting your dryer to a high heat level will make your jeans dry fast. Yes, that is true, but it will also make your jeans shrink at the end of the process due to the high level of heat the dryer would apply to the jeans in a few minutes.

Reduce the heat levels on your Jeans

In order to prevent your jeans from shrinking in the dryer, don’t let the jeans heat for too long. You should dry your jeans in the dry for about 30 to 45 minutes, after which you can remove them from the tumbling heat.

This will not let them shrink because the heat would not be too much on the jeans. You can also dry your jeans in the dryer one at a time, do not put a lot of jeans in the dryer at a time, two or three pairs would do.

By doing this, all the heat would be absorbed by just a few jeans. Try to take them out as soon as possible, don’t let them stay in the dryer for too long.

A smart way to prevent your jeans from shrinking after drying in the dryer is to dry them until damp. To get the best result, you should half-dry your jeans so that they are a little damp instead of fully drying them.

This means that your jeans should not be in the dryer for too long, it takes about 2 ½ hours to dry 10kg of load, if I need to half-dry my jeans then I would need to run the dry for about an hour.

Let your dryer run for 20 minutes

If I want to dry a pair of jeans, I would need to run the dryer for about 20 minutes. Another way to dry your jeans in the dryer without shrinking them is by trying not to over-dry them.

When you over-dry your jeans, the fibers of the jeans get tightened up and this will lead to shrinking which you may not be so pleased with.

Lastly, you should finish off drying naturally

This should take place after half-drying them. You can hang your jeans outside on the line for natural air to complete the drying process.

After air-drying your jeans, you can put them on and check them out. These processes can be carried out using just a pair of jeans to get the process right before using it on more than one jeans.

How to dry your Jeans without a dryer

Using a dryer is not the only way to dry your jeans, they are other simple ways to do so and still get properly dried jeans.

You can use your door frame, a line outside, your iron, and so on. Let’s check out the procedures to do so.

You can dry your jeans on a line outside

While doing this you must ensure you hang the jeans from the hemline so that the waist which is the thickest part of the jeans can dry quickly.

Using a towel before air drying is also a good method. After washing your jeans, you can spread a clean towel on the ground and lay your jeans on top of it.

Gently roll the jeans inside the towel from one end to the other. You can squeeze out the water as much as you can, this would help to absorb the moisture and fasten the drying time.

Once you’re done squeezing, air-dry the jeans outside so that they can have maximum sunshine and air.

What if the weather is terrible and there’s no sun to dry your jeans or if it starts to rain a few minutes later. A nice place to dry your jeans indoors is the door frame.

It is a good place to dry your jeans especially if you are not in a hurry. You can also count on other heat sources to save the day.

You can hang your jeans on a chair close to a radiator but be careful not to start a fire. Keep turning the jeans until it dries out completely.

Iron is also a method of drying your jeans fast

This would only take 15 minutes of your time or more, though it only works if the jeans are not soaking wet.

The first thing to do is to take out the jeans from the washer and wring out any extra water from them.

The next thing to do is to get a towel and fold it carefully to fit into the leg of your jeans.

After placing it in, turn your iron to the highest heat which is suitable for jeans. Start to iron and don’t stop pressing till your jeans brighten up to its normal color.

Repeat the process for the other leg and continue till your jeans is dry enough to wear.


This guide explained different procedures you need to carry out if you need to dry your jeans in a dryer without them shrinking.

We also gave a detailed explanation of how to dry your jeans without using a dryer, apparently, they are other methods you can simply carry out without using a dryer.


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