How Does Ksubi Jeans Fit? Here’s What We Know!

Ksubi jeans come in several styles of fit such as the relaxed fit, straight fit, loose, and the popular slim fit. These jeans feature a relaxed taper from the knee down to the ankle, leaving your body with a nice impression.

Also, they are known for their consistent mid-rise cut and the natural fit is a true reflection of jeans with good fitting. Ksubi jeans are available in different body sizes for men and women, including kids.

So, these jeans run true to tag size only in some jeans cut like the relaxed fit which doesn’t require you to go a size up or down. But the skinny fit will require such as they stretch with time.

Does Ksubi run true to size? 

Ksubi jeans do not run true to size. Although they claim so via their size chart but the Jeans run a bit small.

They give the exact jeans fit but they are not consistent throughout the other pairs.

And this continues to be a major dissuading factor for some individuals to buy these sets of jeans online, as what you see sometimes might not be what you eventually get at your doorstep.

Although mistakes in the form of selecting jeans with an incorrect sizing happen, it does not justify the inconsistent sizing of Ksubi jeans.

That’s why one important step to take while buying jeans is to cross-check the brand’s size chart for the details about their sizing measurement.

Truth is as a brand that produces high-quality jeans, Ksubi jeans are tailored using the correct measurements taken from the body size of average-sized individuals, to help limit the chances of one buying ill-fitting jeans.

So, whether or not Ksubi jeans run true to size, what really matters is that

Does Ksubi jeans run small?

Ksubi jeans do run small, that is why sometimes it is recommended you size up from your normal size.

But this depends on the jeans cut, as a slim fit won’t require you to size up because of the amount of stretch in it while a relaxed or straight fit will.

Otherwise, you can order your exact size as they are true to size most of the time. Ksubi jeans are tailored to run generously along the thigh and knee without compromising comfort and fit by feeling tight.

The width of the thigh is taken 1″ below the crotch and that of the knee is 13″ down from the crotch, and then measured directly across both edges.

Also, the front rise is nicely lower than the back rise complementing the jeans tapered cut which prevents that bell-bottom look.

However, the Monkey fit version of Ksubi jeans runs big though comes with a higher mid-rise, which is what sets it apart from the other types with similar thigh, knee, and tapered cuts.

That’s one of the reasons these jeans fit perfectly well on different individuals whether petite or tall.

Ksubi jeans, just like any other denim that runs small, are usually designed based on the sizing measured from average guys.

So, the jeans will look great on you, as they are measured to fit your waistline without requiring a belt.

Should you size up in Ksubi jeans? 

Yes, you should size up in Ksubi jeans as they run small and will feel incredibly tight on you.

Most times why sizing up is important is because of the type of cut your jeans of choice are tailored with. Some of their jeans are available in several styles and the cuts of the jeans are no different.

For example, the Ksubi relaxed-fit jeans are a reflection of jeans containing no percentage of spandex which means that these particular jeans will not stretch so, you don’t need to size up as they fit your exact shape.

Although you can select your exact waist size and still feel comfortable for a more skinny fit, sizing up when necessary is wise so as to avoid the regrets of buying ill-fitting jeans at the end.

Another reason why you may need to go a size or two up is that these jeans actually look fitted and most times a bit tight on the model featured, making it tempting for one to buy the exact size up.

However, you may decide to take your normal size and it could fit perfectly around the waist but slightly tight.

So, before deciding to size up you need to check the product description of these jeans to know the exact jeans cut it is designed with. Doing this while investing in a pair of Ksubi jeans, will aid your decision-buying process.

What is size 31 in Ksubi jeans?

Size 31, is the same as size 13 in Australian (AU) jeans, while it is size 9 and size 43 in US and EU jeans respectively.

But it is good to note that on their website, the sizes for Ksubi denim range from 28 to 40, which means that you will have to experiment with these sizes to find the size that fits you closely.

The size 31 also comes in a classic blue wash and it is available in the slim-fit cut tailored to look good on slim-fit guys. In addition size 31 comes in stretch denim making them a must-have comfy pair of jeans that just sits on your legs forever.

Just like the other pair of Ksubi jeans, they make the classic set of jeans, style simply with a white shirt and high-top sneakers.

And the retail price on their website is $195 but sells at $132 on Amazon featuring that five-pocket styling that covers all your storage needs.

The jeans are tailored to look great on you, without requiring the belt loop feature to complement the fit on your waistline.

What is size 30 in Ksubi jeans?

Size 30, is the same as size 12 in Australian (AU) jeans, while it is size 8 and size 42 in US and EU jeans respectively.

This is an approximately perfect size for a 120-pound woman. With that said, another fact about Ksubi jeans is that they are available in several colors like the faded green which features some distressed look and is inspired by vintage styles.

The size 30 is also included in a mid-rise cut tailored with their traditional denim colors, making them fashionable to match with any color of tee you pair them with.

The mid-rise style offers more versatility, as you can tuck the hem of your shirt in or out. And with a nice leather jacket and Ksubi sunglasses, you have curated the best out of your outfit.

Ksubi jeans are mostly available in Australia that’s why their size chart looks a bit challenging but they are tailored using the sizes measured from the body size of average-looking guys.

However, the sizes range from 28-40 in several styles such as the dark wash which you can seamlessly rock on any occasion.

So, size 31 is the same as size 8 for your US size jeans and size 42 for similar-looking European size jeans.

Ksubi jeans size chart

What you need to know about their size chart is that it differs according to the jeans cut, so the size chart for a skinny fit is different from that of the boyfriend cut. And the plus-size chart guide features a size range from 14 with 22 being the largest size.

Front rise, waist circumference, and inseam length are the important parameters used while taking the measurements of the jeans.

And you can do the same at home prior to buying their jeans so that you don’t get stuck on finding the correct fit which you desire for your body size.

However, on Amazon, their sizing ranges from 28-38 for the men’s Ksubi jeans.

Here is a quick glance at what their size chart looks like for all jeans sizes except for the plus-size:

Size Waist Front Rise Inseam
1 25 1/2 8 1/4 29
3 26 1/2 8 1/2 29
5 27 1/2 8 1/8 29
7 28 1/2 9 1/4 29
9 29 1/2 9 5/8 29 1/2
11 30 1/2 10 29 1/2
13 31 1/2 10 3/8 29 1/2


These denim are tailored basically with the sizing measured from average guys, this will reduce the chances of jeans will look great on you, as they are measured to fit your waistline without requiring a belt.

Ksubi jeans size charts highlight the various jeans sizes that run true to tag size making it easier for you to shop for their jeans online.

For the perfect fit, you need to visit their stores and experiment with different sizes. And as high-quality jeans they offer minimal shrinkage upon first wash.


Ksubi jeans are uniquely made to follow the natural traces of your legs and you are guaranteed most of the time to find the correct fit. Although inconsistency may happen but its not common with these jeans.

However, Ksubi jeans are available in several washes and jeans cut to satisfy and meet your standard of dressing all the time. They have that ready-to-go casual distressed look which is great for almost any event.

Also, if you don’t want to go about doing the maths on their size chart, just use your US or EU waist size to decide on the pair you are about to buy. And a

Ksubi jeans run true to the size on their tag but you need to size up to get the perfect fit as they run small and because they are not pre-shrunk at the mill, you will experience minimal shrinking as proposed, and stretch as well.

Ksubi jeans, are one of the most loved and worn denim today because of the quality and nice fit they offer.

Designed with the correct measurements from average body-sized guys these jeans offer nothing less than a well-structured look.


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