How Do Kapital Jeans Fit? Here’s What We Know!

Kapital jeans run small, so you may need to size up from your normal size.

These jeans fit closely to the thigh and knee as the width of the thigh is taken 1″ below the crotch and that of the knee is 13″ down from the crotch, and then measured directly across both edges.

Also, the front rise is nicely lower than the back rise complementing the jeans tapered cut which prevents that bell-bottom look.

However, the Monkey fit version of Kapital jeans comes with a higher rise, fuller seats and thigh, and a slightly tapered cut.

But just like other jeans cut, this particular pair will also fit perfectly well over a pair of boots without looking odd. Kapital jeans, just like any other denim are usually designed based on the sizing measured from average guys.

So, the jeans will look great on you, as they are measured to fit your waistline without requiring a belt.

Does Kapital Jeans run true to size?

Kapital jeans are true to their tag size, but you may need to double-check the size chart for Kapital jeans for clearer details about sizing before buying.

And because of how high quality and highly-priced these jeans are, the measurements are cautiously taken from the body size of average-sized individuals, to help limit the chances of one buying ill-fitting jeans.

In addition, to this they actually run small, meaning that Kapital jeans are not sanforized and the jeans will shrink to a large extent after the first wash so you need to size up from your normal US denim size.

And the weaving process of their denim continues to be a unique trade secret with Kapital.

However, the best way to guess correctly for the perfect fit, especially while shopping online, is to observe the jeans for the type of wash used, the cut, the material weave, and then the brand. All these factors help one to choose the correct sizing of jeans.

Kapital denim jeans are available in three gorgeous indigo colors for the indigo-obsessives. And they include American Indigo, Japanese Indigo, and Natural Indigo. Each of these jeans runs true to the exact size on the chart guide.

Should you size up or down in Kapital jeans? 

Kapital jeans run small, so you need to size up rather than down. The reason is so as not to get ill-fitting jeans later on.

One thing about these jeans is that they are not pre-shrunk from the industry, rather they are unsanforized and they will shrink.

So, the wise thing to do is to size up appropriately so that you can compensate for the quantity of shrinkage that these jeans give after the first wash.

Unlike jeans made from sanforized denim, they are pre-shrunk at the mill, so you don’t have to size them up as they will fit exactly while buying your jeans.

That’s why many denim lovers prefer sanforized jeans because of this reason. However, Kapital jeans are made from 100% cotton.

And cotton is a natural fiber whose stretch occurs naturally,  that’s another reason to take the smaller size as cotton extends upon frequent wear, drying, and wash.

What type of clothing is Kapital? 

Kapital clothing are inspired by American denim and vintage clothing generally.

The brand incorporates the historical process of weaving, dyeing, and stitching ancient American jeans with Japanese techniques and fabrics into the making of their clothes.

The fundamental fabric of Kapital’s collections is Indigo denim, a contributing element to how these clothing portray that genuine distressed look.

Although they are made brand new, they look like second or third-hand garments already worn. And the fun part of the story is that the raw materials for Kapital pieces of clothing are sourced from the US to give that jaw-dropping result of wild denim and style.

They are very simple and unique pieces of clothing, that can be stylishly worn without additional accessories to elevate one’s outfit.

Kapital garments feature a lot of patterns and combinations of fabrics that beats consumers’ range of choice and taste.

Some of their clothing features use of ornaments, dyes, and detailed stitching to highlight and give more texture to them so that you can easily select the best match amongst the rest.

The garments are made with the intention to complement your overall look in essence in a more subtle way than the usual fashion trend.

Kapital clothing are made of a medium-weight material except for the bandana and other paraphernalia this company makes. Making them have more structure and fit.

What are Kapital jeans made of?

Kapital jeans are indigo denim made from robust unsanforized 12.5oz. Japanese denim, meaning that they will shrink to about 10% upon first wash.

That is one major reason to size up, also they come in straight-leg cuts and fit to body size.

These jeans feel a bit medium weight, just like any other denim with such weight as the material is made from heavy-heavyweight raw denim that has proven to withstand the test of wear and time.

And for those obsessed with denim, they make the ideal all-year-round jeans since they fall under jeans with weight ranging from 13 to 16 oz.

However, Kapital jeans can be hand washed which is the ideal care for any pair of jeans and they are quite heavy and hard to the touch.

But the good thing is that they are high-quality jeans that don’t give into fading, and they feel a bit warmer during winter and fall. They are also made from 100% cotton meaning that there is no stretch and the denim will last for longer.

Also, Most raw-denim jeans usually shrink but sometimes it’s inevitable and definitely normal for it to happen. But a few tips to keep your Kapital jeans for longer is to always hang and never fold.

Don’t machine wash unless contraindicated and ensure to quickly repair when you start noticing the threadbare is having a hole.

Where are Kapital jeans made?

Kapital jeans are currently made in Japan and it started out as a brand in the 1980s by Toshikiyo Hirata, a karate teacher in the United States whose love for American denim-inspired the very production of Kapital jeans.

By 1984, Toshikiyo opened his first factory, featuring his very own denim, and later on, the company had its Headquarters in Kojima, Okayama Prefecture, which is now led by Kiro and Toshiyoko Hirata.

Kapital brand is currently one of the most respected clothing labels in Japan, with an array of selected overseas retailers distributed across  Japan with their various collections and stores.

Each retail company store is designed with a unique concept, entirely different from the rest, this makes it possible for the brand to draw inspiration from the traditions of its surrounding region.

The brand has gained a lot of western attention as a result of its high-quality denim which is an unsanforized 12oz. dyed denim assorted with indigo dye and nice sashiko-style stitching.

Also, their fabric is available in several fits, colors, and styles which completes the pair of five-pocket jeans, slim-tapered fit, and a button fly and cinch back fastening.

Kapital jeans size chart

The perfect-fitting jeans actually do exist but it’s always hard to come by for both men and women.

But that shouldn’t be a problem, as this jeans size guide will guide you:

  UK/US 32 UK/US 34 UK/US 36 UK/US 38
Waist 31.9 31.9 31.9 32.3
Rise 41.7 42.5 43.2  
Inside leg 11.4 11.8 12.2 12.2
Outside leg 30.7 33.1 34.6 37
Leg opening 14.2 15 15.7  

This is the size chart for Kapital jeans and they are organized based on basic measurements like the waist, and rise, as seen above.

And the various jeans sizes range from 32-38, but this is an overview on their website about the various jeans sizing.

The size chart is an indication of the various jeans available on their sites and how the measurements are taken.

So, even if you are confused about how to find the right size, they already made it clear that you should size up from your normal US jeans size, just as we explained earlier.

Another thing to note is that Kapital is very detailed when it comes to their sizing and for their jeans selling online you will find the best description that would aid your buying process.


So, to get the correct fit, you may need to experiment with the different sizes to decide what size fits you best. But also measure your waistline and length so as to get closer to getting the correct fit.

Now you already know that Kapital jeans run true to the size on their tag but you need to size up to get the perfect fit as they run small and because they are not pre-shrunk at the mill, you will experience minimal shrinking as proposed, and stretch as well.

A good trick is to soak your unsanforized denim prior to your first wear so that it is your right fit.

Kapital jeans, just like any other denim are usually designed based on the sizing measured from average guys. So, the jeans will look great on you, as they are measured to fit your waistline without requiring a belt.


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