How Do Kancan Jeans Fit Compared to American Eagle?

Kancan Jeans are typically cut with a tight fit. This is different from American eagle jeans which are out with a looser fit. The quality of the jeans is much better.

The fabric is also softer, which makes them easier to wear. The only downside is that they are a bit more expensive than American eagle jeans.

American eagle jeans are more comfortable to wear because it breathes easier than other types of fabric. Kancan jeans, on the other hand, are denim rather than cotton – so they can stretch out over time.

Both are amazing brands and the sizing of both are amazing, they both have an adequate amount of stretch in them so they will be perfect on every woman.

One significant difference is that Kancan Jeans are stretchable, you may need to size down as they may be a little bit bigger than American Eagle’s jeans, so you should choose one size down with Kancan jeans.

Otherwise, everything is perfect.

Kancan size chart

Women’s Jeans (Waist and Hips)

This figure-flattering denim is available to all petite shapes.

Size Waist Hips
0/23 23” 34”
1/24 24” 35”
3/25 25” 36”
5/26 26” 37’
7/27 27” 38”
9/28 28½” 39½”
11/29 30” 41”
13/30 31½” 42½”
15/31 33” 44”



You’re ready to go for every season with Kancan’s denim shorts, skirts, and overalls.

XL means Extra Large, S means Small, M means Medium, L means Large, XL mean Extra Large.

XS 24
S 25
M 26-27
L 28
XL 29


Tops and Jackets

Rocking the Kancan women’s tops and jackets brings out the confident and bold woman in you with its soft premium denim, you’re just so beautiful.



35” 33”


37” 35”


39” 37”


41” 39”


43” 41”


Women Plus Jeans

This pair will bring out the confidence in you. You can easily slide on through the hips and thighs area.

The “W” is another way of saying plus size, and plus-size jeans for women begins at 16. The big “W” tells us that jean is okay for women with fuller curves. If you wear a petite size, the letter “W” is a no-go area.

16W(1XL) 36” 43”
18W(2XL) 38” 45”
20W(3XL) 40” 47”
22W(4XL) 42” 49”


Plus Tops and Jackets

1XL 48” 47”
2XL 51” 50”
3XL 54” 53”


Men’s Denim

You cannot go wrong in choosing Kancan’s men’s denim as it helps your fashion sense in track.

30” 30”
31” 31”
32” 32”
33” 33”
34” 34”


Do you size down in Kancan jeans?

Kancan jeans are a slim fit. The size depends on the type of jeans you purchase.

Kancan jeans are made with stretchy material, so some people may be able to go one size down from their usual America Eagle jean size.

However, it is more likely that you would need two sizes down in Kancan jeans. We all know Kancan jeans are a popular brand of jeans that are designed to have a snug fit.

They are typically labeled as skinny jeans, meaning they are tight around the legs. However, some customers may think the sizing is off and then size down for this reason.

Sizing can vary from style to style, even within brands. For example, some customers may find that kancan jeans are true to their size while others might find that they need to size down after trying on different styles.

This is because design details like knee openings, the rise of the jean (distance from waist to crotch), thigh circumference, and the amount of fabric in the leg can vary slightly by style.

What is special about Kancan Jeans

The reason Kancan jeans are so different and special from other brands is that the brand had created a special fit for all shapes and sizes.

What they do at Kancan is to make sure you get the perfect jeans and the perfect size that fits you best. Irrespective of your shape or size.

The brand is pretty much concerned for everyone and they know everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their jeans and with themselves. It won’t be a surprise if you say your favorite jeans are Kancan jeans.

Kancan jeans are high-quality, durable denim that gives you the perfect amount of stretch. They are also comfortable because they are made with an innovative fabric that is breathable and stretchy.

Other features that you can really find amazing about them is how they can be worn practically on any occasion, whether it’s a day at the office or a night out on the town.

And you would love that they come in such a wide range of colors and sizes – from petite to plus size.

Kancan jeans come with all the bells and whistles, you should expect these from this great pair of jeans:

  • A flattering fit
  • A button fly
  • Reinforced back pockets
  • Double stitching along seams

Do Kancan jeans stretch out?

Kan cans are a type of denim, and they do stretch out. It is a stretchy material that can accommodate most body shapes.

The jeans are not just comfortable but also durable thanks to the cotton, elastane, and spandex. And thanks to the softness of the fabric, the jeans will stretch out over time.

In general, they will stretch out from the waist to the leg opening. They will also stretch a little bit in the thigh area.

If you’re considering buying a pair of Kancan jeans, you may want to try them on in-store before purchasing them online.

This is because they will most likely not fit exactly like they did when you first tried them okay the store. Many people find that their Kancan jeans get too loose after only one or two months of wear.

It’s important to know that Kancan does stretch out over time so it’s best to buy your size accordingly if you want to be certain that they won’t become loose after just a few wears.


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