Hoop Skirt vs Petticoat: Comparison

The major difference between the Hoop skirt and the Petticoat is that the hoop skirt does not require a lot of fabric layers when it is being made, whereas the petticoat has a lot of layers.

They are both comfortable but the hoop skirt feels more comfortable in summer while the petticoat feels very comfortable during winter.

They are both fashionable and can be seen as undergarments for women and girls.

They possess more features which I would explain in the latter part of this article.  

Let’s take a glance at each of these.

The First Glance of The Hoop Skirt And The Petticoat 

Hoop skirt Vs Petticoat

Let’s look at their features starting with the hoop skirt.

Hoop Skirt

  • Flexible 
  • Lightweight 
  • Mobile 
  • Nylon 
  • Several stitching
  • Fashionable 
  • Comfortable 

This is an undergarment worn for the purpose of holding the skirt in a fashionable shape. It is very mobile and made of light materials.

The undergarment is sewn with channels that are designed to act as casings for some stiffening materials like rope and steel.

It is also called “Hoop petticoat”. This is a garment with the frame of whalebone or osier basketwork. It was used basically during the Victorian era.

During that period, women used it to manipulate their figure and as well exaggerate their appearance. The hoop skirt is usually worn under a gown to give a nice shape.

This garment was mostly worn by women far back, who have to work and walk in long gown for so many hours both at home and in the fields. It is made of nylon and several stitches to hold the gown. 


  • Separate skirt
  • Fashionable 
  • Light 
  • Cotton 
  • Silk 
  • Tulle 

A petticoat is also an undergarment that is meant to be worn under a dress or a skirt.

It is a separate garment that hangs from the waist. It is not meant to be underwear but a separate skirt. It is a skirt-like undergarment usually worn for warmth.

It can also be called an underskirt. In the 18th century, petticoats were worn with elegant silk dresses.

In the Victorian era, petticoats were fashionable and associated with health, wealth, and the higher class.

Women wore petticoats under an overskirt because it made them look fashionable. The idea of this was to compliment the bust and make the waist look smaller.

It is usually made of cotton, silk, or tulle. It comes in different fabrics like organza or chiffon.

It is usually light and loose and hangs from the shoulders or the waist.

Petticoat comes in two styles; the A-line and the cupcake style. 

Comparison Between Hoop Skirt and Petticoat 



We would be comparing Hoop skirts and petticoats to know which is better for lady’s fashion. Below are some technical features we can consider.

Features  Hoop skirt Petticoat 
Durability  It holds its shape well It is usually deflated
Storage  It is easy to fold and pack Can be stored by hanging
Comfort  Very comfortable in summer  Very comfortable in winter for extra warmth
Obtaining  Not so easy to get  Very easy to get in different colours and from different stores.
Price  It is cheap It is a bit expensive
Layer  It does not have layers  It has a lot of layers


Hoop skirt holds their shape pretty well. This is because they are made up of rings.

The only disadvantage with them is that if you’re rough with them or don’t wear them correctly you can end up opening the rings.

To sit comfortably on a hoop skirt or to ensure they last pretty long, you would need to sit down by first lifting the bottom of the rings up to help you sit with ease.

They do not lose their fluff or flatten out over time. Hoop skirts tend to maintain their shape for a really long time.

A wire called flattened steel wire is used in making the hoop skirt. The rings or wires are durable enough to withstand multiple wears and can as well give a certain amount of elasticity.

The steel wire made the hoop skirt light and as well strong.

Petticoats are usually deflated. This means that in order to get that perfect A-line or cupcake shape, you may need to end up buying a new petticoat or you can stack up a few of your deflated ones to get the shape.

At some point, they can lose their fluffiness. It is made of a durable and washable poly-cotton fabric.

Petticoats are durable too but not as durable as hoop skirts. You can starch your petticoat once in a while to make it stiff and hold its shape better.


A hoop skirt can easily be stored by hanging with a hanger. But the Hoop skirt can be folded flat and be stored as you wish.

It can easily be stored in a bag after being folded flat. Hoop skirts are easy to fold, pack and carry around. You can store it in a small box or suitcase and carry it about if you need to.

You can also tie it using drawstrings and keep it safely in a drum bag. 

Petticoats can easily be stored too by hanging with a hanger.

You can also fold it in half with the length, then roll it in the form of a sleeping bag.

You can go further to roll it up into a small bag. You can fold it up lengthwise and get some strings to tie it up with, then store it on your top shelf.

You can hang it inside out, this is to help retain its puffiness.

You can also store them in a box. To protect the fabric of the petticoat, you should keep it inside a full-sized plastic cover. 


Hoop skirts are very comfortable to wear especially in hot weather conditions.

If it’s really hot hoop skirts are the best as you would not get stocked in them and sweat. Hoop skirts are great for really hot weather.

This is because it keeps the fabric away from the body and allows for cool and better air circulation.

Hoop skirts are made of steel wire which made the material lightweight and also very comfortable to put on.

Petticoats do have an extra lining layer on the inside. These extra linings do cause itching which usually comes with wearing a petticoat.

It has a lot of layers and wool that can be helpful during winter.

This is because the layers of fabric produce heat which is good for cold weather. Petticoats are also easy to walk in and very easy to take care of.

Petticoats are also incredibly comfortable. you can wear them underneath any skirt or dress of your choice.

You must make sure you feel very comfortable in whatever type of petticoat you choose, this means that your petticoat shouldn’t be too loose or too tight. 


Hoop skirts are not so easy to get and the length can be sometimes confusing. You can draw your pattern and make your hoop skirt yourself. You can easily get it on Amazon.  

Petticoats are very easy to get. You can go to any lady’s store and get one for yourself.

They have the advantage of being more obtainable. They also come in different styles and colors which you are looking for. 


Hoop skirts are quite cheap. They are very cheap because of the fact that they do not use too much fabric.

If you are looking for a fluffy skirt that is quite cheap and also affordable, then a hoop skirt is your best bet.

It is also not expensive to make a hoop skirt if you choose to make yours yourself. 

Petticoats are a bit expensive. Pure fabric is used in making it which is quite expensive. It is also quite durable. Natural materials are used in making petticoats because they come in direct contact with your skin. 


The hoop skirt does not have so many layers. It does not have layers of fabric like the petticoat. It is usually meant for people that do not like their fabric touching their legs. 

Petticoat has a lot of layers. Its layering creates a rich and illusory atmosphere.

You can even have multiple layers of the same length.

Research has shown that a petticoat should have about 2 to 8 layers, but you can still add more layers to get extra fluffiness.

Why You Should Buy Hoop Skirt 

The hoop skirt gives a stylish and extensive shape. It is suitable for wedding dresses, prom dresses, and cocktail dresses.

It is worn to avoid tripping off the skirt. helps to keep the skirt from sticking to the legs, especially in warm weather conditions.

The garment helps women in the past to stay comfortable while working for long hours. Hoop skirts were worn to give a fashionable look or shape to gowns.

It makes your skirt look fluffy and thick. You should buy a hoop skirt because it would give a beautiful look to your favorite gown.

Another interesting thing about the hoop skirt is that it is light weighted, flexible, and enables you to sit as you like.

Hoop skirts are quite flexible and help to sit normally without any form of discomfort.

You can also squeeze your hoop skirt when you want to walk through a door, you can pick one side and hold it diagonally as you walk through the door.

It has become a cage skirt in the 21st century. You can get any hoop skirt of your choice on Amazon.

The Best Hoop Skirt to buy

  • Vemee full hoop skirt
  • Yuluosha women’s hoop skirt
  • Mojonnie 6-hoop skirt

Why You Should Buy Petticoat

They help to give structure to the skirt and provide warmth to the body. You can think of the petticoat as a skirt under a regular skirt.

You should buy a petticoat as it can make your skirt or dress fly out in an attractive way.

It would make your skirts and gown appear full and very attractive. It would also make your waist look smaller than t actually is and give you a nice shape.

It usually has the A-line and the cupcake shape so you have the liberty to pick whichever suits you.   

The Best Petticoat to buy

  • Cezom A-line petticoat
  • Kumeng vintage petticoat


I would like to end this article by saying that the hoop skirt is the best of the two.

Hoop skirts tend to hold their shape quite well and it is also very easy to pack, fold and carry around.

It is usually comfortable during summer and does not require a lot of layers of fabric. You can get a hoop skirt from Amazon at a very affordable price.

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