Hollister vs American Eagle Jeans: Comparison

Putting on Denim for a casual event, lectures or any outdoor event is another smart way to dress, especially when you wear contemporary jeans like Hollister or American Eagle.

Both jeans look nice and appealing to their target audience which is youngsters. They are made in a similar range of sizes, but Hollister jeans are designed for proper fit, while American Eagle designs small or sometimes, slightly too long jeans.

Examining their quality, American Eagle jeans are designed more excellently than Hollister’s, this makes them last longer and feels better when worn.

First Glance/Style

Hollister jeans

Hollister provides simple, classic jeans with fashionable styles for young people. They have jeans for girls and boys.

Hollister Jeans for Girls

They are designed to fit comfortably through their slim or loose jeans. They have numerous varieties of wide, straight, open legs to fit you in any season.

Their shapes include; properly or tightly fitted, curved, ultra-high, and high rise jeans. Some are available in full length while most are not. They are designed in different colors and can suit a wide range of your clothes.

Dad and Straight jeans

They look loosed and suitable at the same time. They are loosed so that you can move freely in them.

Curvy High Rise Mom Jeans

They have a curvy style that accommodates the waist gap for a lankier look at the hip region. Around the waist, there is a band for broader space. They look relaxed and ripped from the knee downwards.

Skinny Jeans

These jeans look slim and comfortable from the abdomen to ankle

Mom jeans

The legs look skimming with a taper at the ankle region.

Boot and Flare

At first glance, they have a wider cut from knee to ankle.

Curvy Jeans

These Hollister girls’ jeans have extra space around the hip area only, but other gaps look tight.

High Rise Ripped Baggy Jeans

They look very comfy, with a baggy fit from hip to ankle and high extended waist.

Dad Jeans

The hip region looks comfortable. Their thigh looks a little bit tapered. At a glance, they look rigid, dark with a style of five pockets at the front and one at the back.

90’s Slim Jeans

They look slender, modeled after the 90’s style.

American Eagle Jeans

If you put on American eagle jeans from morning till night, you will still feel comfy in them. Their high waist variety feels super comfortable and their mom jeans fit very nicely.

American Eagle also designs slim jeans and jeggings. They have elegant styles like Mom, wide jeans, curvy jeans, cropped jeans, flare, bootcut jeans, skinny jeans and so much more which are versatile. They have models for females and males.

Some include;

Mom Jeans

They have a tall waist which feels loose around the upper leg region.

Boyfriend Jeans

They feel fit in the hip area which feels loose throughout the leg. American Eagle looks stylish and feels comfortable with its straight limb design.

Bootcut Jeans

Slim knees with fits at the limb opening. They are set tightly in your waist region.

Curvy Jeans

This jean is America’s Best pick when it comes to curvy jeans. Their styles are skinny with a high waist which fits tightly, drawing attention to the wearer’s curve.

American Eagle Next Level Ripped Low Rise Flare Flex

They hold their shape properly with a soft feeling inside out. Designed with eco-friendly materials, they are light in weight.

American Eagle Stretch Curvy Mom Jeans

These jeans are high-rise. They have an unlimited waistband specially designed for curves. They are eco-friendly and reliable for everyday run-arounds.

Airflex 360

This variety of American Eagle is absolute flexibility and feels stretchy.

Athletic Jeans

These jeans have an extra space in the right region for flexibility and comfort.

Slim Jeans

These jeans are narrow. They are simple and hardly stretch.

Comparison between Hollister and American Eagle jeans

Hollister vs American Eagle jeans: Quality

Hollister and American Eagle do not manufacture the same kind of jeans since American Eagle jeans are produced with more quality.

Hollister jeans stretch, but because they are made with reduced quality, they don’t shrink exactly to their original size.

American Eagle jeans have the tendency to stretch more and they are designed to be thicker than Hollister jeans, this makes them more enduring.

Hollister vs American Eagle jeansComfort

Hollister jeans feel quite relaxed when you put them although, unlike American Eagle jeans which feel remarkably comfortable as they fit your butt and limbs flawlessly.

Hollister vs American Eagle jeans: Cost

When it comes to Hollister and American Eagle jeans, Hollister jeans are overpriced.

Hollister vs American Eagle jeansSize

Hollister jeans fit perfectly while American jeans do not run true to size.

Hollister vs American Eagle jeans: Construction

Hollister jeans are made of Fabric and Cotton. For some varieties, the Fabric materials overshadow the cotton.

This makes the jean hardly shrink to its actual size while for categories like Distressed jeans, the jean is 89% cotton and 11% polyester to enable it to shrink back to its original size with ease.

A new technology of INVISTA’s COOLMAX® ALL-SEASON technology and LYCRA® fiber has been introduced for both sex. This style has increased the versatility of the jeans for all-weather use. This innovation makes the jeans super comfortable.

American Eagle Jeans fabrics are designed with the amazing technology of reused fibers. The production process, tint processing, and yarn curling are done by robotics.

The jeans are made to feel comfortable inside out by using 100% cotton fiber. Sustainable eco-friendly materials see used to design American Eagle jeans.

Hollister vs American Eagle jeans: Material

Hollister jeans are made with leather and cotton materials. Other elements such as Elastane and recycled cotton. Fiber is a new technology that has been added to the materials used to design the jeans.

Although the company claims to use eco-friendly materials to design its jeans, it has been confirmed that most of the elements used are not natural.

American Eagle jeans are manufactured with excellent quality. The materials used are eco-friendly. The producers conserve water, they also use renewable and quality sourced cotton with converted polyester.

They are organized with cotton, polyester, recycled cotton, and water, depending on the variety of jeans.

Hollister vs American Eagle jeans: Stitching

The female category of Hollister Jeans have different stitching styles. Some have frayed seams, let it down stitches, others have cuffed edges. They all look neat.

The male variety, they have moto stitches around the knee region. They also have other similar designs in form of contrasting stitches and embroidery on the pocket at the back of the jean.

American Eagle Jeans frequently have fray stitches. American Eagle uses different stitching patterns on the end of the jeans.

For the men’s jeans, the pattern of the posterior pocket while for the women’s jeans, the stitching is thicker with a distinct pattern.

For some other varieties, the back of the jeans has a coil stitch, the design runs down the sides of the jeans.

Hollister vs American Eagle jeans: Pocket Placement

Hollister Jeans pockets are positioned by the two edges of the front of the jean. Hollister Dad jeans have Cargo pockets.

Other categories of Hollister jeans like Low-rise Y2K Dark Wash Pocket flat jeans have very comfortable stretchy pockets at the front area with buttons on them.

The super skinny jeans variety has suitable pockets to prevent extra spaces that will alter the jean’s shape while the skinny 5 pocket Zipper fly pants have 5 pockets comprising of a coin pocket at the right area of the jean with a nice stitched pocket at the back.

Most of the American Eagle Jeans pocket designs are oversized. They are usually placed by the sides.

Hollister vs American Eagle jeans: Durability

Hollister jeans are lasting, but not as much as they should because of their poor quality.

Since they do not shrink exactly to their original form, they tend to diminish in quality as time goes by.

American Eagle jeans are a quick fashion variety that promotes the quality of their jean so, they design the jeans with sustainable materials. American Eagle jeans look fine, they are tough but don’t, retain their shape.

A pair of these jeans can last for at least 5 years. Although built with outstanding quality,  they are comfortable and not costly.

Pros of wearing Hollister Jeans

Hollister jeans are made in diverse varieties, high and low, ripped and skinny for teens. They are not difficult to get because they are available in many physical stores.

They are designed in many fashionable styles. Hollister jeans shrink back to their sizes, when they stretch, even though not perfectly.

The jeans have delicate stitches to hold the materials firmly together. They are made with superior innovation, this makes them improve over time. Hollister jeans fit perfectly, giving you a suitable look.

Cons of wearing Hollister Jeans

They are costly to purchase. They are not convenient for persons who wear wide sizes because they mainly design small and regular-sized jeans.

Sometimes, you hardly find certain varieties of jeans that are trendy among young people. These jeans do not stretch exactly to their original size because they are made of inferior quality.

Pros of wearing American Eagle Jeans

They are made of excellent quality, this makes them shrink easily and fit better. They have a vast range of jeans which sells for fair prices.

Most of their varieties are rigid, and made with complete cotton materials so, they don’t stretch easily.

They have space in specific spaces and extra rooms around the high and hips for ladies with curves. Made in classic styles, they look attractive and fashionable.

These luxurious jeans are made in standard quality in a whole range of sizes.

American Eagle jeans are designed with sustainable materials, this makes them last longer. They also feel comfortable and snugly when you put them on. These versatile jeans are suitable for almost all your outdoor activities.

Cons of wearing American Eagle jeans

They are not designed to fit properly. They are too long most of the time, this makes them uncomfortable to wear. Because they are not true to size, the roomy hip cut may be too spacious.

Overall Verdict

Hollister and American Eagle jeans are luxury jeans for young people. Their major essence is not just to design well-fitted jeans, but to produce fashion trends that interest young people.

They both mostly produce dark colored jeans to suit their target audience.

American Eagle jeans are designed with more attention to detail and materials used while Hollister jeans are made with materials possessing lesser quality.

Although, when it comes to fitting, Hollister jeans are better, they are made to fit perfectly unlike American Eagle jeans which may have one imperfection or another either in the hip space or the length of the jeans.

When it comes to getting well-designed curvy jeans, both high waist, low, mom or dad jeans, American Eagle is one of the choicest brands to get them.

They design high-quality curvy denim in a wide range of sizes with a band that fits tightly to the waist so the curve serves as a point of enticement.



American Jeans wins. However they don’t always fit snugly, their quality makes them standard.

They have an extensive range of carefully modeled denim such that an average teen can purchase American Eagle jeans and enjoy maximum comfort, unlike Hollister jeans.

When it comes to comfort, American Eagle jeans give you satisfaction as your legs flex comfortably in them.

The high waist variety keeps you confident as they grip your waist properly, giving you a comfortable feel as you sit or work with or without putting on a belt.

They look relatively appealing at first glance, but they are much more versatile, providing you with numerous models to pick from.


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