High Waisted Jeans Bunch up When Sitting: Why Do This Happen?

I’ve heard so many people complain about their high waist jeans bunching up whenever they sit. Bunching occurs when excess fabric forms in one area, this could happen due to some reasons which we would discuss in this article.

Your high-waisted jeans will bunch up when sitting because your tummy relaxes and will need more space when you are seated.

The pants usually have a tight high rise which may be too tight when you sit. Sometimes, these pants may not be so comfortable around the waist or may be too high-waisted for you, so they may bunch up whenever you want to sit.

If your high waist jeans are not the perfect size for you, they may bunch up. You should pick a pant that would fit comfortably and would not bunch up due to the extra fabric.

If your high waist pant is a small size, you may feel comfortable only while standing or before eating, sitting down may make you feel uncomfortable as the pant would fit tighter and smaller.

Your pants should not be too tight or too loose but they should be loose enough to give you enough room to wiggle.

What do I do when my high-waisted Jeans bunch up when sitting?

If your high-waisted jeans usually bunch up when you sit, then you should follow these tips carefully. These tips will show you what you can do to be comfortable in your jeans while you sit. Let’s get right to it.

Get fitted jeans

Having ill-fitting jeans can be so torturous. When your jeans don’t fit right, it tends to make you uncomfortable and stops you from doing things freely.

A pair of fitted high waist jeans will make you comfortable and boost your confidence. Your high waist jeans shouldn’t be too high for you, as there would be a possibility of your jeans bunching up while you sit.

High-waisted jeans can be so uncomfortable when they don’t fit well.

Avoid wearing too tight or too loose high waist jeans

Your high waist jeans should be roomy but not too loose. It should have just the right amount of room for you to move. At the same time, it shouldn’t be too tight as this can cause some lines or marks on your body.

Opt for a pair with a comfortable waistline

If your waistband keeps rolling over itself, you’ll definitely not be comfortable in those jeans. I suggest you go for jeans that have a very comfortable waistline.

Your waistband is expected to sit on your natural waist. Your natural waist is between the top of your hip bone and the bottom of your ribs.

Know your body type

Knowing your body type will help you know the perfect jeans to get. You should know your body type to know if you should get flared jeans or skinny jeans.

For instance; if you have rounded hips, then you should consider getting high-waist skinny jeans and if you are tall then you should go for high-waist flared jeans.

How do you sit with high-waisted Jeans?

Your high-waisted jeans should complement your waistline and as well elongate your lower body. It should sit above your belly button and you should feel comfortable whenever you sit.

There are times we put our high-waisted jeans on and don’t feel like standing up or contorting our bodies in some way to make sure the jeans fit just right.

This is where your sitting posture matters. This is because the way you sit would determine how comfortable you’ll feel when you put on your high-waisted jeans. High waist jeans can feel very uncomfortable if you don’t sit properly when putting them on.

How do you sit when you have your jeans on? There are a few different ways to sit down when you put on your jeans. These sitting postures will help you sit comfortably whenever you put on your high-waisted jeans. Read on to know-how.

Sit by crossing your legs

This will keep the jeans from falling down when it’s not tight on your waist. There is no way your jeans will fall or make you feel uncomfortable when you sit and cross your leg.

This posture keeps the jeans tight from your thigh downward even if it is not so tight around your waist.

Sit by keeping your feet flat on the ground

This will help to take some of the pressure off your back. You can also put a pillow or cushion between your feet on the ground for extra comfort.

You can as well sit with your legs apart or you can decide to put one leg over the other. This posture will help you sit comfortably and freely as they’ll be no room for discomfort here.

Sit by tucking one leg under the other

I usually sit with my legs apart when I’m on my jeans, but I sometimes use the first way, which is crossing my legs if I’m wearing a dress or a skirt (it’s more cultured for a lady to sit this way though). My husband usually uses the third way. He says it’s more comfortable for him.

The fourth and final way to sit is by putting both feet on the ground and sitting up straight. This is the most common way to sit, as it’s the most stable and will actually help you avoid embarrassing falls.

Make sure to keep your back straight and your shoulders down, as this will help reduce the amount of stress on your back.

How to style high-waisted Jeans?

If you have a high-waisted jeans or you’re planning on getting a pair but not sure of how to style them, then read on. We have identified six ways to style your high-waist jeans and make them feel sophisticated and fashionable whenever you put them on.

High-waisted jeans + tucked-in top + high heels

A tucked-in fitted top will helps showcase your outfit’s cinched waist. This style is perfect for a formal look. Your shirt should be button-down and tucked in neatly into your jeans.

Your heels will help complement your look. To give more style to your dressing, after tucking in your top into your high waist pant, try to raise your arms over your head. You can also front tuck your top, this is to visually create a waist.

The middle part of your shirt’s hem should be tucked tightly into your high waist jeans, then you can loosen the tuck a little while the side and back stay untucked.

When you front top your shirt, it brings eyes to your waist. I got to know that when you pair high-waisted jeans with a tucked-in top and heels, it is one of the easiest ways to give you a polished and refined look, especially for business-casual events.

High Waisted Jeans Bunch up When Sitting High Waisted Jeans Bunch up When Sitting

High-waisted jeans + Crop tops + high heels

A crop top goes perfectly with a high-waisted skinny jeans. The high-waisted jeans will help balance out the shortness of the crop top.

You can as well pair this with high heels. This style works perfectly for a nice party look or a casual look. You can also match them with nice jewelry. In fact high waisted jeans are made for you to showcase your crop tops.

It is a good way to wear your crop top and would help too. This style is a very versatile combo that is great for just about any classic occasion.

High Waisted Jeans Bunch up When Sitting High Waisted Jeans Bunch up When Sitting High Waisted Jeans Bunch up When Sitting

High waisted jeans + sleeveless T-shirt + Leather jacket + ankle boots

This outfit is a classic combo. Toping your look with a sleeveless T-shirt and leather jacket gives you a quite classy look, finishing it with your high-waisted skinny jeans from Vipones and throwing on some ankle boots from Vodmxygg is the perfect style for a smart casual look.

You can fully tuck your sleeveless shirt into your jeans and finish it up with a leather jacket to cover your shoulders or you can just go ahead and throw on your ankle boots.

This style would be nice during winter or if you want an edgy look. This style would give you a look like this.

High Waisted Jeans Bunch up When Sitting High Waisted Jeans Bunch up When Sitting High Waisted Jeans Bunch up When Sitting

High-waisted jeans + tank top or shirt + sneakers or flats

For a casual look, this style is usually perfect. The flat casual look you can have with this style combo is to pair your high-waisted jeans with a nice tank top from Laslulu and white sneakers from Puma. This is a classic but casual look.

It can also serve as party wear for some people too. Another style you can get from this combo is put on your high waist jeans a nice shirt and throw on some flats from Dream pair. This can serve you a smart-casual look.

It can also be seen as a formal outfit as it gives a smart look. You can also style your high waist with a white tee and white sneakers.

Alternatively, you can pair it with a tank top and black flats, this is also a nice outfit. Moreover, flats work best for people with long torso. So if you are in this category, go get some flats to style your high-waisted jeans with.

With this style, you should get a look like this image below:

High Waisted Jeans Bunch up When Sitting High Waisted Jeans Bunch up When Sitting High Waisted Jeans Bunch up When Sitting High Waisted Jeans Bunch up When Sitting High Waisted Jeans Bunch up When Sitting

High-waisted jeans + long sleeve shirt + slip-on

This is another cool and casual style. Your Jenn ardor low slip-on would go well with a long shirt tucked in halfway into your high waist jean.

This style is good for warm weather as slip-on shoes are usually good for warm weather. It is a very simple and casual style for an outing or evening walk as the outfit is comfortable and smart. This style would give you a look like this.

High Waisted Jeans Bunch up When Sitting

High-waisted jeans + vintage t-shirt + heeled sandals + leather jacket

Our last style for this article is the combination of your high-waisted jeans, vintage t-shirt, heeled sandals, and a leather jacket which is optional.

This style is very casual and smart especially when you want to go out with friends or family or when going shopping.

This style is also cool as the heeled sandals help to add to your height and make your legs look longer, nice benefit there right. This style can be both formal and casual.

You can tuck in your shirt halfway or fully into your high-waist jeans and don’t forget to put on your leather jacket for a chilly date night to add to your casual look. This style will give you a look like this.

High Waisted Jeans Bunch up When Sitting High Waisted Jeans Bunch up When SittingHigh Waisted Jeans Bunch up When Sitting


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