Gymshark Faulty Item: What to Do?

Gymshark is one of the largest growing brands which produces sportswear and athletic gear for both men and women.

The brand which started as a small venture in the United Kingdom has emerged to be a stronghold to be reckoned with, in the industry of athletic wear.

The brand now boasts of having several branches all over the world, including in Asia and North America in less than a decade of operation.

However, the brand has a flaw that exists among many clothing companies and it is the flaw of customer service.

Just like other brands, Gymshark has its share of poor customer service and awkward return policy.

This article will give answers to most of the questions asked by a lot of Gymshark customers concerning receiving faulty items, how to go about it, and other returns-related queries.

Gymshark Faulty Item

What Do You Do When You Receive a Faulty Gymshark Item?

Shopping at Gymshark can be a very exciting thing to do, with all the variety of products and quality of athletics you can never get bored of doing business with the Gymshark brand.

However, all that nice and groovy experience can turn sour for you if you get a faulty item instead of a good, perfect, and quality item that you requested and were expecting to receive.

This is the part it gets frustrating because you might have waited for too long to receive the package or have it shipped to your location and when it finally comes, it comes as a faulty item.

So, you now start to ask, the in God’s name should I do with this item(s)? How do I get the company to grant me a refund or at least exchange the item(s) for a better one which matches what I ordered?

You are not alone in this problem because I’ve been there so this is what you should do if you receive a faulty item from Gymshark.

P/S: The following guidelines conform with the company’s standards and rules.

For you to make a statement or report the collection of a faulty item, you are expected to provide the following details:

Get Your Order Number

Gymshark Faulty Item

This is the number generated by a computer, which indicates that your purchase is valid.

It is usually attached to your delivery package and is an indication that you ordered an item and it has been sent to you.

To locate your order number on your package, you have to pull off the perforated section of the packing slip, turn it over and you will see the order number written on top.

Get Your Item Name

The item name is the name of what you ordered. If you ordered a swimsuit from Gymshark or a pair of running leggings, you have to indicate it too.

This will help the company to identify the nature of the goods which you are laying a complaint.

Take Photos

This is pretty much the last thing that you should do and it encompasses a whole lot of information and relevance.

You have to take clear shot images of the package you received and also some detailing which should be clearly shown.

The detailing which should be properly shown includes:

Capture the fault

The first image should be able to capture the fault of the product you are talking about.

This can be a ripped crotch in a legging or a pair of sweatpants. Other faults can include uneven stitching on some parts of running shorts, or even something as sublime as a missing side pocket in a pair of sweatpants.

You have to make sure this photo in particular does not come out blurred because that would be a big blow on your side if you didn’t capture the fault.

It might even lead to a delay in a refund or no refund at all, depending on the nature of the goods and their value.

Take a Full-length photo of the item

Gymshark Faulty Item

Another image that you should provide is a full-length image of the item inside the package.

This image should also be clear as possible as a failure in capturing a clear image might deter your opportunities of having your returns received and considered for a refund or exchange.

Get The Gymshark logo and label

Gymshark Faulty Item

The Gymshark logo is the last thing you have to provide an image for because it is a validation that you really got the item from Gymshark.

Just as you provide an image for the logo, you should also take a shot of the label on the item. The label is often attached to the inner garment of the item, o you just have to pull it over and take a clear shot.

After you have all of these requirements at your disposal, proceed with further arrangements by sending this through an email through their main customer service at

This email will contain all of the aforementioned details and make sure to avoid any picture that appears blurred, because like I said before, it may deter a fast response to your request.

After sending the request, wait to receive a response and do not try to return the items. Just wait for further instructions from their customer care services.

But due to the occurrence of too many requests, the response can take up to 5 days depending on the nature of the item and how concise your details are.

Are Gymshark Returns Free?

Yes, Gymshark returns are free. But there are exceptions to this benefit because Gymshark restricts its free returns privilege from some countries and allows it in other countries.

The countries which receive the free returns privilege from the Gymshark brand include most countries in Europe like the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, and Finland.

Other countries include those in North America, like the United States and Canada.

The brand also extends its free returns privilege to other countries, in Europe, like Australia and New Zealand.

But to receive this free return, you must make sure that you follow the returns guidelines in every step.

Aside from the above-mentioned countries, Gymshark does not offer free returns to any other country, in any place in the world.

All these other countries are expected to pay a small token to cover their returns.

What Is Gymshark Return Policy?

A return policy refers to a guideline that stipulates the instructions and requirements which will foster the return of any goods purchased from them that you deem unfit for you.

The returns policy is the company’s element of returns, and the Gymshark brand of athletic clothing has theirs.

The following is the return policy of the Gymshark brand, which you should adhere to before sending your requests to avoid taking the whole year to respond.

Select Country

Before you send out your returns to the Gymshark company, make sure you indicate the country which you are sending the return from.

To this notice, returns from Canada should only be identified as Canadian and not American.

The 30 days Returns Window

The next policy of return stipulated by the Gymshark company is the one that regulates the time frame within which you are expected to send in your returns.

I discovered that the Gymshark brand has amended their window frame to 30 days, as against the previous 90 days’ window on which they have been operating.

This means that all your returns should be done within 30 days of receiving your package or when the shipping gets to your location.

If you fail to do this within the timeframe then you risk leaving your refund or exchange at the mercy of the company.

Products must be Intact

This return policy states that the items which you intend to return must be in their original form. You are not expected to return a worn or used item either for a refund or an exchange.

You should also return the items in the box or pack which they came in with, and possibly with their tags still intact.

If you fail to find a tag on your item when you receive it, do not panic because the new Gymshark packaging policy eludes the use of tags. It is in line with the company’s sustainability policy.

Items You Can Return

The return policy also covers the list of items that you can only return. Items like face masks, men’s swimwear, and final sale items are not allowed to be returned.

But you can return women’s swimwear if its hygiene seal is still intact, including socks if they are sealed in their original packaging.

Does Gymshark Have a Guarantee?

Yes, they do. Gymshark gives you a guarantee which allows you to receive a refund or an exchange if you request a return.

The company promises to receive your returns in good faith and also respond to them accordingly.

Similarly, the company makes sure that you are refunded with the same method of payment that you used in making payments for the order.

All orders paid for using a credit card are refunded in the same way, likewise those paid with cash.

Any order that is paid with a gift card is also refunded with a Gymshark gift card coupon or voucher which can be redeemed by purchasing a product.

Exceptions to the Guarantee:

There is an exception to the guarantee provided by the Gymshark company and this relates to all purchases made from a pop-up shop.

A pop shop is an event shop set up by a brand to further push awareness for its products.

The exception implies that if you buy any products from a Gymshark event, you only get refunded with store credit in the full amount.

There are no cash refunds for products gotten at events.

How Long Does Gymshark Take To Refund?

The average time window which the Gymshark company takes to send a refund is 7 days.

But according to the company’s notice, the time might exceed the given time due to enormous orders and refunds handled at that time.

The company suggested that the refund might take up to an additional 5 days to be done. This sums up the refund time to roughly 14 days.

So, within this time window, you are expected to receive your refund from Gymshark, for either a faulty item, wrong-sized product, or a misplacement of an item.

As usual, the time for the refund might last longer than expected due to some factors. Some of these factors are relative to what I earlier said about the return policy of Gymshark.

Therefore, if you lose out in making a clear statement about your returns, say you misplaced numbers in the order number, you provided a wrong item name, or did not capture a clear and descriptive photo of the fault of the item, or the brand logo.

Then your chances of receiving a quick refund would be very slim, as you did not follow the guidelines provided.

To this end, the refund might take a few weeks or you will have to contact customer care for more clarification.


In a bid to wrap up this article, I would like to reiterate the need for you to follow guidelines just as I have provided them.

It will save you from a lot of drama from the ever-unserious customer care of the Gymshark Company.

Do you want to avoid long and multiple calls without answers? Then you have to do as I have instructed you and then wait for a response.

Failure to do this will lead to drama that might leave you with a broken heart or worse, cost you a refund which you deserve.

This might even stop you from doing business with the Gymshark Company, which will, in turn, translate to a loss of customers and a decline in sales on the part of the company.

Again, if you received a faulty item, do not be too fast to send it back because you might be violating the brand’s policy.

Follow the procedure provided in this article and send the company a message stating your complaint via their customer care email address:


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