Guys Wearing Tights With Shorts (Why We Love it!)

The trend of guys wearing shorts on tights is not really new. Guys do this for so many reasons. I personally admire seeing guys dressed that way and it is just so cute.

I have seen a lot of ladies who do not like seeing guys wear shorts on tights. They think it’s not cool. Also, there are guys who do not admire that style and they do not even want to dress that way.

So, what’s the deal? Is it cool that way? Is it really fashionable? Is it expensive to dress that way? We are about to find out all of these in this article.

Is it cool for guys to wear tights with shorts?

It is very cool to dress in shorts and tights. I find it a fashion that most men should venture into, especially sportsmen.

It is kind of embarrassing for a man to be running around with the bulge of his junk showing, at least that is to many people.

While some people take pride in letting their junks visible, many others view it as not decent enough. And, I actually think it is not decent to let it show. So, for decency, many men wear shorts on tights just to cover the bulge of their junk.

This style of dressing also boosts the self-confidence of some men. Many men count modesty as a great deal and it makes them feel good to be stylish and then modest. Also, some men are more comfortable dressed that way.

I actually think that most men do this for the fashion of it. Wearing shorts on tights has become a trend that most men do not want to miss out on. Just like I said, I find it fashionable and cute.

So, it is definitely cool to dress that way if you admire that style. Some men dress that way to stay warm. Whatever your reasons may be, it is cool to dress that way.

Is It Expensive to dress in tights and shorts?

Wearing shorts on tights is not expensive in any way. In fact, you do not need to buy special tights or special shorts for this pattern. You can start by using the tights and shorts you have already before you can think of getting a new fashionable match.

It is not going to cost you more than the normal amount it will take in buying tight and a short separately. This style may only be expensive if you buy from expensive brands or from expensive stores. Aside from that, it is quite affordable to rock your style.

10 Tights with Shorts Style Inspiration for Guys

Round neck shirt + short + tight + air force sneakers

Guys Wearing Tights With Shorts

Here is a young man who has rocked this style so fashionably. This can comfortably be worn with nice shoes and a cute shirt. If you are looking for style inspiration, I think that this should go a long way in guiding you.

The dressing above is totally affordable and then stylish. Think about the places you could wear this to. I think this will actually work well for men who party a lot.

You can change your style of dressing to this and you will have the whole ladies drooling over you.

I actually love this all-black style, but you can decide to choose any other color and rock your style. I think that this is best for a party or a picnic outing. You can as well wear this for an evening walk.

Short sleeve shirt + long sleeve shirt + short + tight + school bag + sneakers

Guys Wearing Tights With Shorts

This is a perfect example of a casual outfit suitable for shorts on tights. You can see how cool this looks and how fashionable it looks.

This very pattern can be worn to anywhere, even to school.

I specifically recommend this style to college guys who want to step up their fashion style and rock the campus.

Trust me, girls will literally be trooping your way. This style is not so expensive to achieve.

With a moderate budget, you can get this rolling. I like the matching colors of the shorts and the short sleeve shirt.

And then, the long sleeve shirt is a matching color of the tight. This should be a great idea for you to try on. With this style, there is no argument on how cool wearing shorts on tights are.

Sweatshirt + short + tight + sneakers

Guys Wearing Tights With Shorts

Here is something for the lover boys. This is when you want to go matching style with your girlfriend. Instead of wearing just tight, just as she is wearing, you can decide to wear short on tight.

This will enable you to look modest and cute. Wearing that with a sweatshirt is a great style inspiration for you to try on. You may not only wear this for a date, but you might also just wear it for shopping or an evening walk with a friend.

This is so cool and no one will see this as absurd. I am certain that this will not cost more than you can afford. So, if your girlfriend has ever suggested you go on matching wears, then you can choose this pattern.

You will both look cool and cute together. This is not only for a date, you can rock it solo and look cool.

T-shirt + short + tight + sneakers

Guys Wearing Tights With Shorts

There may be times that you just want to stay warm while at home. And, being fashionable is not out of the picture. So, if that’s what you want to achieve, you can go for this style just to have a cool day at home. This is also recommended for people who work from home.

You can work from home and still look fashionable and stylish. This is a cute way to show that, especially if you’re having visitors over. Wearing shorts on tights with a nice t-shirt is just so cool and simple.

If you like to be simple in your fashion, then this should be your pattern. And, it won’t have to cost so much to achieve this.

People who enjoy their solitude in a quiet place could also rock this and not lag behind when it comes to fashion. You can use leverage any color combination that you want.

T-shirt + short + long stockings + sneakers

Guys Wearing Tights With Shorts

The first place I actually saw this fashion was in the sports arena. Footballers, especially are known to wear shorts on tights while playing the ball.

And, for whatever reasons they do that, people seem to admire it and integrate it into normal everyday fashion wear.

Another reason for wearing shorts on tights is to help with muscle pain and fatigue. And, that is the major reason sports artists wear them.

So, something that started as an injury-controlled method is now a style in the fashion industry.

I am sure that fashion houses will begin to produce exclusive designs for shorts on tights. So, I will strongly recommend that you use this style if you are engaging in any sports activity.

It might be an exercise in the gym or on the field. This will not only help your fashion sense, but it will also protect your muscles from pain. It is not expensive and it is easy to wear.

Suit jacket + t-shirt + short + tight + sneakers

Guys Wearing Tights With Shorts

Already, fashion houses are incorporating this style and this is just an example. It seems like many men are already beginning to dress this way in the workplace.

And, if this fashion eventually gets to offices, then there is just no place men can’t wear this to. If you are a suit guy, this is a way of rocking your tight with your suit short.

Some men actually love wearing shorts everywhere. Maybe, they can begin to add tight under it for this style and that will enhance the fashion and style that they project.

This is actually for fashion designers to coin more style from this. The trend is changing and in no time, many men will begin to dress this way as their everyday wear and that will become a norm.

So, it is better to be among the first users of this fashion. This pattern is actually cute and I admire this so we’ll.

Short sleeve t-shirt + short + tight + backpack + sneakers

Guys Wearing Tights With Shorts

Okay, I added this here in case you needed to see some celebrity who might have used this style already. So, here is Dwayne Johnson that has rocked this style and it look just so cool on him.

The actor is confident enough in wearing shorts on tight for the public eye. This goes to show that, many men are accepting this fashion and many more will still accept it.

This could be a cute way to appear in the gym or to just run in the park. You can even afford to wear this for shopping in the neighborhood. Some designs are just so cute depending on how you wear them.

This is actually not expensive to style unless you want to wear designers from top brands which are equally cool if you go expensive. If you are still hesitating on rocking this style, this celebrity should inspire you.

Sports t-shirt + short + tight + sneakers + hand gloves

Guys Wearing Tights With Shorts

So, this is to say that whatever game you are into, you can rock this style and still look good in it. Are you thinking of running, jogging, hiking, and every other sports activity and exercise, this very pattern can conveniently fit into them.

You can go with matching designs just as in the photo and you can still mix the designs as you have them. But, I think it will be cuter if all the stuff you wear from the t-shirt to the shorts, to the tight is from the same brand design.

That alone adds style to the fashion. It can even go down to even the shoe you wear. I think that wearing shorts on tight is mainly beneficial to sportsmen because they stand to gain a lot when they dress this way.

That is why I am dishing out more inspiration in sports.

Pullover + face cap + short + tight + sneakers

Guys Wearing Tights With Shorts

This is another casual wear inspiration style that you could go in just to stay at home or to have a stroll to the park. This looks like something you can wear to hang out with friends and have fun, especially in the day time.

You can also decide to wear this just at home and that will be cool. This style will be very suitable for the winter period. Because, at that time, you need to stay warm and cute.

So, even while spending your time outdoors, you are kept warm and you are made to look cute. Not only will the upper part of your body be kept warm by a sweatshirt, but the lower part can also be kept warm by short on tight.

You can actually use this with any color of your choice. I believe this will be affordable to recreate and rock comfortably.

Shorts + short tight

Guys Wearing Tights With Shorts

This is the only option I am having a short tight here. The obvious pattern is to use shorts on long tight. Short tights are majorly used by women.

But, in this fashion, men can use short tights to rock with shorts. And, that is cool as well. Just that, you might only wear this for sports, gym or running.

You may not want to wear this around town as it doesn’t look cool for that. So, you can consider this style if you are basically going to use it for any sporting activity.

I guess that this should be the most affordable to recreate. You might as well just wear this at home if you need the extra warmth and comfort.


I saw this trend long ago among sportsmen and I didn’t think it could get into everyday fashion. But today, a lot of men are rocking this in town, and those who know how to rock it get admiration from other men and women.

While some wear it for the protection of the muscle and prevention of fatigue, a lot of others wear it for modesty, self-confidence, and the fashion of it.

Whatever reason you wear it for, I think this style is cool and that is why I have given you some style inspirations that you can recreate.


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