Gap Jeans vs Banana Republic: Which Is Better?

The Banana Republic makes jeans of high class and uniqueness while GAP jeans give a simple and less-busy kind of look, more casual styles, and are made of sturdier materials. They always fit well and last longer.

Also if you’re contemplating on which one of the two to opt for you should be sure to have enough money in your purse as the Banana Republic has way more expensive jeans than the GAP.

As the case may be in some stores the cheapest banana jeans may be more expensive than the costliest GAP jeans.

What is the Banana Republic Brand?

Gap Jeans vs Banana Republic

Formerly called “Banana Republic Travel and Safari Clothing Company”, the Banana Republic was founded in the year 1978 by Mel and Patricia Ziegler.

The Banana Republic is a higher-end brother of GAP and depicts luxury and more upscaling.

Originally, the company sold items to complement a safari and travel lifestyle.

They periodically traveled and collected surplus clothing outfitting the store and soon they were awarded for their unique travel-oriented catalog which was called “Travelogue”.

In 1983, GAP purchased the company and changed its name to Banana Republic.

It was further rebranded to achieve an upscale clothing retailer image.

In the present day, Banana Republic has about 700 retail locations around the world.

Even till now, their clothes are timeless and ever in vogue, having a modern twist for adventures of any taste.

If you are the one who loves a more fashionable wardrobe, then Banana Republic is where to go.

They offer modern accessories and clothing for men and women including shoes, handbags, clothing, eyewear, jewelry, fragrances, and luxurious materials.

What is the GAP Brand?

Gap Jeans vs Banana Republic

Founded In 1969 by Donald and Doris Fisher, GAP Stores Inc. has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. The company has six primary brand divisions – GAP, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Intermix, Hill City, and Athleta.

Today, GAP  is known worldwide for its clothing and accessories retailing in America and beyond.

Ever since 1969, GAP Inc. has been run by the powerful idea of making pairs of jeans that complement commitments to do more.

Fisher initially made his first store a suitable place for Californian youngsters to buy jeans. It was similar to the American apparel and the urban outfitters, not looking like the present GAP Inc.

Some years later, GAP began merchandising their own brand of T-shirts and jeans in San Francisco.

Soon, over 400 GAP retail stores were established in America and their reputation grew fast as one of the best places to buy cool youngsters’ basics.

As the GAP’s youngsters were growing up, the company made more business-like and career-fitting dresses for their loyal customers.

In 1983, GAP Inc. bought Banana Republic Travel and Safari Clothing Company after which they changed its name to the Banana Republic.

Today, GAP is known for designing, developing, marketing, and selling a wide range of men and women apparel, footwear, personal care, and accessories products.

GAP Jeans – Pros and Cons


Gap jeans are easier to travel with, weigh less, are really stretchy and comfortable. You don’t have to worry about being overloaded on your next trip.

Plus, they are good to go without washing many times a week. You can get a pair of gap jeans or two with a pretty moderate budget. Ladies can be very picky when it comes to choosing the jeans to wear on occasion.

It’s amazing how gap jeans beautifully fit in at the right angles while not being too tight like leggings.

Finally, even Moms can have a favorite pair of jeans!


Unfortunately, GAP is fast deteriorating in the aspect of customer care service as recent reviews and feedback from customers have shown displeasure in how long it takes for them to get a refund for wares returned.

Almost 60% of customers have given a 1-star rating to the brand complaining that there is extremely poor response to their emails and messages.

A number of customers complained of being debited twice or not receiving their ordered goods due to canceled requests.

To make things worse for the online customer base, there have been experiences of massive and unpleasurable differences in the quality and design of the clothes displayed online and the goods delivered to them respectively.

A considerable number of customers have also reported GAP as terrible because their jeans fade and shrink after one or two years.

Really, GAP might lose a lot of customers due to “incompetence and poor management” – as a customer described.

Banana Republic Jeans – Pros and Cons


With its massive popularity, Banana Republic undeniably has cool styles with a sort of wide range and variety of sizes that can be difficult to find with other brands of Jeans.

Their slim-fit jeans leave enough space for someone with larger thighs. Amazingly, for the online customer base of Banana Republic, there are offers of free shipping and offers of free 45-day returns and exchanges.


Well, a number of male customers have reported their displeasure in the rather wide legs of the slim-fit jeans style.

They say it looks like a flat, and feminine, sort of, at the bottom. Well, there are some others who like it perfectly that way too!

The fact that Banana Republic has a pretty small and narrow variety of denim Jeans might also be not-too-good.

Differences between GAP and Banana Republic

Although both brands make jeans that are made of 100% cotton, there are notable differences between GAP and Banana:

Higher Cost

Now, as a matter of fact, Banana Republic Jeans are much more expensive than GAP’s. Averagely, GAPs should just cost a little more than 50$ or a little less. Unlike the Banana Republics which has its average Jeans costing over 100$.

Well, none is a bad idea, anyways…

Financial buoyancy merged with personal taste and choice determine which one to go for.

Banana Republic has more quality

Relatively GAP is of more quality and has their jeans made of more study and materials making it just the most perfect for on-site jobs and long trips.

On the other hand, Banana Republic dishes out more sophisticated and chic tastes of casual jeans.


Strictly a mid-level Jean brand, Banana Republic is more upscale than GAP but not so ideal for professional and career outfits as they have a very casual and “cool” look.


Now, this is one major difference between the Banana Republic and GAP jeans.

As pointed out earlier, Banana Republic is definitely not the type of jeans you should wear for heinous tasks which have a level of rigorousness above average.

If you’re the kind of guy who has to stand and move and bend and squat as part of his job, just acknowledge the fact that Banana Republic isn’t for you – GAPs are the best!

Similarities between GAP and Banana Republic

The two brands make Jeans that are always comfortable and feel good on the skin!

Not to forget that both brands of Jeans produce varieties of size and colors. It would be no big deal to find black, brown, white, red, blue, and blue colors of both jeans.

From the smallest to the largest size, it’d be fascinating to see the beautiful denim, the high-waisted ones, the wide-legged jeans with flay beneath, and the stretchy or non-stretchy varieties.

Why you should buy GAP jeans

GAP jeans would never go out of style – not in this generation nor in the next to come!

With a pair or two of GAP jeans, don’t worry about being in line with the trend because you would always be!

GAP is rugged and affordable, and this combination makes the brand one that everyone wants to buy.

Considering their value and what they are worth, it wouldn’t be bad if they were worth double their actual price.

Why you should buy Banana Republic Jeans

Considering the reviews from customers, Banana Republic has an overview of 3.21 stat-rating. This indicates that most customers are satisfied with their purchases.

Banana Republic is currently 27th in the rank of General Apparel Sites in the States.

You surely want to be comfortable in your favorite jeans so Banana Republics are one of your best bets!

GAP vs Banana Republic Jeans: Which is better?

Now, given the points and pros and cons above, there’s a final verdict!

Though the Banana Republic isn’t bad either, the GAP jeans would be bagging it. No one wouldn’t want a pair of jean pants as nice and as affordable as GAP’s.

Personally, I prefer the style of fashion and professionalism of their jeans as well as the varieties and different colors and sizes their brand offers.

For someone who doesn’t like to chase fashion trends like me, sticking with GAP is the best move. Their jeans never go out of trend and as usual, are always in vogue.

Although there’s the issue of their unsatisfactory customer services, offline customers don’t have to face all those troubles.

Nevertheless, it’s up to every individual to make a specific choice – different tastes differ in different people.


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